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The Mynta Massage Chair is a low-range model with a limited feature set. It’s ideal for hobbyists who want a reliable chair to help them relax or for those with chronic back pain who can benefit from the Thai Stretch and lumbar heat.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Affordable price
  • S+L Hybrid track with 3D roller system
  • Thai Stretch feature for added flexibility
  • Accommodates taller/larger body types
  • Arrives fully assembled for immediate use
  • 3 Zero-G positions for comfort


  • No heat in the footwells for added relaxation
  • Limited auto programs compared to other models
Mynta Massage Chair

Recommended For: Value seekers and hobbyist users. Can only accommodate users who weigh up to 260 pounds.

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If you’ve begun your search for that perfect massage chair, you’ll soon find out that the market is vast and the prices can be steep. The good news is, there’s a recliner for everyone.

You don’t need to spend a ton to find the model of your dreams. There are plenty of budget-friendly options that promise therapeutic bliss. Our Mynta massage chair review is a good starting point for inspiration! Let’s dive in.

Mynta Massage Chair Design Overview

According to the brand MYNT,  their goal is to design products that “rejuvenate and revive.”

We have to say, they do a pretty good job with their low-range Mynta recliner that makes at-home massage affordable for many.

But bear in mind that you get what you pay for. The Mynta is limited in what it offers but reliable. This makes it a suitable choice for hobbyists.

Mynta Massage Chair with black faux leather upholstery and its dimensions when  sitting upright and when fully reclined

The dimensions of this chair are 51.18 x 45.28 x 31.5 inches, and it weighs 199 lbs. One thing we can say is that it’s lighter than many chairs on the market, and the fact that they included two wheels on the base makes it easy to maneuver.

They also incorporated space-saving technology into the design, with a smooth 6” clearance from the wall when fully reclined. For comparison, the best chairs on the market offer 5” of clearance or less, so Mynta is right up there with the top runners.

To make the deal even sweeter, the Mynta arrives fully assembled at your doorstep, so all you need to do is plug into a power source and start relaxing.

We were also surprised by the max weight capacity of 260 lbs and height max of 6’3”. That’s because it’s rare to find chairs that cater to the taller/larger crowd. But Mynta took this into consideration to ensure everyone can have a chance to enjoy the art of massage.

Though this is a low-range chair, it looks luxurious with its contemporary pod-like design and extendable footrest. It comes in black, with quilted padding for an elegant touch.

You can connect your smartphone to the premium Bluetooth speakers and listen to your favorite playlist while getting a rubdown. The connected remote features a basic button control panel, which can take some time to master. Luckily, you don’t have an overwhelming amount of features to navigate through.

Mynta Massage Chair Features

Budget-friendly chairs typically offer a minimal feature set, and the Mynta is no different. While it includes some advanced technology to boost the therapeutic value, don’t expect fancy accessories like air ionizers or LED lights!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

S+L Hybrid Track/ 3D Roller System

An illustration of the S+L Hybrid track of Mynta Massage Recliner Chair
An illustration of 3D massage rollers massaging a man's back

This is probably the best feature Mynta has to offer. The massage track and roller system is key to ensuring a phenomenal massage experience, and that requires the latest cutting-edge tech.

We’re happy to report that the Mynta has an advanced design, which means you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

It sports an extensive 51.8” S+L hybrid track, which is industry standard. This track follows the natural curve of the spine so that the rollers can more accurately hit the pressure points in the back and neck. The track also extends underneath the seat so that the rollers can massage the thighs and glutes.

The roller system is top-notch and also rare to find with most low-range chairs. The Mynta uses 3D rollers, which closely mimic the movements of human hands for a more lifelike massage.

The 3D rollers accomplish this by being able to move up, down, and away from the track for deeper kneading. You can also adjust the depth and width of the rollers to finetune the intensity of your massage.

Zero Gravity Seating

Mynta Massage Chair in zero gravity recline, with leg ports elevated above the heart

A popular recliner feature beloved by hobbyists and those with chronic back pain is Zero Gravity Seating.

Inspired by NASA, this is a special recline angle that elevates the legs above the heart to induce a feeling of weightlessness. The joints and spine are relieved of pressure, which is beneficial for improving blood circulation and relieving pain.

While reclined, users with back pain can experience an even deeper massage, with their spine pressed more firmly against the track and 3D rollers.

The fact that the Mynta massage recliner chair has three Zero-G positions is stunning. Low-range chairs either have only one position or nothing at all. It’s even hard to find mid-range chairs with three positions.

If you suffer from back pain, then this is a therapeutic gem that gives you more options to find the most comfortable fit for your needs—at an insane price.

Lumbar Heat

Illustration of Mynta Massage Chair's heating coils in the lumbar area

Once again, if you have back pain, then this is a feature just for you.

Heat adds incredible therapeutic value to the massage experience by melting away soreness when combined with the gentle kneading of the rollers.

The Mynta incorporates heat into the lumbar region, reaching 125 degrees within three minutes.

It would’ve been nice to see heat in the footwells too, and you can find affordable chairs with both lumbar and footwell heating, but this is really only necessary if you suffer from foot/leg pain.

Mynta Massage Chair Massage Programs

A woman on the Mynta massage chair with arms outstretched

Slim massage offerings were expected from the Mynta, as it is with all lower-priced massage chairs. Variety is definitely not a selling point here. But you can expect an exceptional massage due to the advanced track and 3D roller system, so relaxation is all yours with a push of a button!

There are 7 automatic modes for the days when you don’t want to think—just sink into the chair and descend into tranquility.

The auto modes include:

  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Waist & Hips
  • Thai Stretch
  • For Him
  • For Her
  • For Senior
  • Rest & Sleep

It’s nice to see that the Mynta offers a decent amount of customization to finetune your massage as you see fit. You can adjust the speed and intensity of the rollers with three levels, as well as the shoulder width.

We were impressed to see that the Mynta offers Partial and Spot massage options—not typically seen with low-range chairs.

Partial massage allows you to focus on one area instead of the full body. Spot massage allows the user to target a specific point mid-massage, and the rollers will work on that area until you’re ready to move on.

Air Massage

Mynta Massage Recliner Chair's airbags located at the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet

The Mynta recliner gives users the option of a full-body air massage, which uses airbags to compress the muscles instead of rollers, or you can enjoy an indulgent combination of both.

This type of massage is invigorating, as airbags are inflated at different intensity levels to loosen any tightness and pain. The Mynta has a total of 32 airbags located at the neck, shoulders, back, hips, thighs, and feet.

There are three levels of air pressure intensity to choose from, which is standard for budget-friendly chairs.

What makes the Mynta stand out, though, is that you can independently choose the airbags you want to use by selecting the “air pressure location adjustment” in manual mode. This is something rarely found on the market and adds considerable value.

Foot/Calf Massage

Mynta Massage Chair's features that include Bluetooth speakers, lumbar heat, foot rollers, and footwell extension

The Mynta’s foot/calf massage is administered through double rows of mechanical rollers underneath the soles and airbags in the footwells.

We weren’t too impressed with this setup, as it may not offer anything exceptional for those with chronic foot pain. There are similarly priced models to consider if this is a priority for you.

It is relaxing, nonetheless, and not a deal-breaker if you just want a quality full Shiatsu massage for a great deal.

Thai Stretch

Illustration of a man hovering above the Mynta massage chair in recline

One of the highlight features of the Mynta is the Thai Stretch, and honestly, this alone adds incredible value.

First of all, it’s not often we see the stretch feature, let alone more than one advanced technique with standard chairs.

Second, the stretch function feels heavenly. It works by holding the muscles and pulling, using a combination of rollers and air compression. It’s especially therapeutic for back pain or if you’ve just finished an intense workout.

Pros & Cons of Mynta Massage Chair


  • Affordable
  • S+L Hybrid track
  • 3D roller system
  • Thai Stretch
  • Accommodates taller/larger body types
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • 3 Zero-G positions


  • No heat in the footwells
  • Limited auto programs

The Mynta recliner is a bare-bones model, giving you the minimum when it comes to fancy features but ensuring you have the top-of-the-line setup where it counts.

This includes the S+L Hybrid track, 3D rollers, and three Zero-G positions. It’s the same type of technology you’ll find in mid to high-range chairs but for a much lower price.

We were especially pleased to see the number of manual options available, including a multitude of airbags that can be independently controlled.

And the Thai Stretch? That’s a luxurious treat you don’t usually see in this price range and is definitely a standout feature for the Mynta.

There are some drawbacks, such as the lackluster foot/calf massage and only 7 auto programs.

The auto programs aren’t that big of a deal since the technology is advanced to deliver quality, but people with chronic foot/leg pain may not benefit as much from this chair. There are plenty of more therapeutic options on the market if this is your priority.

We Recommend the Mynta Massage Chair For…

  • First-time buyers who want a solid chair to begin with that doesn’t cost a ton
  • People with chronic back pain

Mynta Massage Chair Warranty

Users get a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

Perhaps the Mynta massage chair isn’t tugging at your heartstrings. No worries, we’ve compiled a list of similar budget-friendly massage chairs that may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Real Relax Favor-MM650 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists or casual users who are not looking for therapeutic benefits.

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This is another low-range option with a similar feature set to the Mynta. You get the world-class S+L Hybrid track and 3D rollers, plus an automatic body scan. Another perk is that this recliner accommodates a weight of 400 lbs.

Forever Rest FR-6KSL Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists looking for relaxation or for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

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Forever Rest is known for its high-quality, affordable chairs. This one is a customer favorite, with a quiet motor, foot rollers with a Shiatsu scrape technique, and an extensive L-track.

BestMassage EC 06C Massage Chair

The chair is loaded with features that you’d find on a higher-priced model. But from a quality standpoint, it’s likely that the chair under-delivers.

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For those who spend long hours on their feet, this chair makes up for Mynta’s lack of foot/calf relief. You get a full sole roller system with airbag compression, and heat in footwellsall for under $1000.

Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair

Recommended For: Petite/average body types and those with chronic neck/shoulder pain.

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If you’re willing to pay a bit more for a mid-range recliner, we highly recommend checking out the OS-PRO. It could be categorized as a high-end chair for the number of features it offers. The variety is top-notch. Plus, it has special technology for a calf/knee massage that is superb.

Mynta Massage Chair Review Conclusion

To conclude this Mynta Massage Chair review, remember you’re not going to get fancy features and innovative technology with this model. But you can rest assured that it’s a reliable chair with solid industry-standard tech to enjoy a lifelike deep tissue massage.

We recommend this model for hobbyists on a budget who don’t have serious therapeutic needs for pain relief or for people who suffer from back pain, due to the high-tech track/roller system, lumbar heat, Zero-G seating, and Thai Stretch.

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