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The Osaki OS-PRO First Class Massage Chair is moderately priced, yet packed with luxury features and advanced technology that make it a therapeutic gem for those with chronic neck/shoulder pain. It’s also suited for petite/average body types.

Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Affordable price
  • L-track and 3D roller system
  • Independently controlled airbags
  • Excellent foot/calf massage
  • Unique neck/shoulder massage
  • 23 auto programs


  • No footwell heat
  • Suited for petite/average body types
Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair

Recommended For: Petite/average body types and those with chronic neck/shoulder pain.

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Browsing through luxury massage chairs may have your wallet sweating. For such an expensive price, how can you make the best decision for your needs?

Here’s a secret: You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end recliner to get an exceptional massage.

In our Osaki OS-Pro First Class massage chair review, we look at a mid-range model with plenty of therapeutic value for the price. Ready to get started?

Osaki First Class Design Overview

Osaki is quickly becoming a respected brand in the massage chair industry for producing quality chairs at affordable prices. 

They hit the mark by staying on top of the latest therapeutic technology and thinking outside the box to target unique areas of the body besides the back, calves, and feet.

Osaki First Class massage chair in Dark Grey facing half-way to the left

One of their standout models, the Osaki Pro First Class, is what we’ll be looking at today. This mid-range chair, released in 2019, offers an impressive array of features enough to rival even high-end models.

The Pro First Class looks luxurious with its sleek pod shape and faux leather upholstery. The dimensions of the chair are 63 x 30 x 46.5 inches, and it weighs 353 pounds.

Now, this is a massive chair, so it may not be best suited for smaller apartments. But, Osaki incorporated Space Saving Technology to give it a 1.5” wall clearance when fully reclined.

For reference, the top chairs on the market will offer under 5” of clearance, so you’re getting the best bang for the buck here.

One of the small downsides to this design, though, is the max weight capacity of 240 pounds. The Pro First Class is built for petite to average-sized users, so larger body types may not be able to benefit from its therapeutic benefits.

Still, Osaki went out of their way to make it adjustable for the perfect fit. The footrest is extendable up to 5.5” and you can even reposition the calves, which is a small function we haven’t seen in many other chairs. 

You can also adjust the shoulder width, which also lends to this chair’s impeccable shoulder/neck massage (we’ll touch on that later).

Beige variant of the Osaki OS-Pro First Class massage chair
Black Beige variant of the Osaki OS-Pro First Class
Black Beige
Brown Beige variant of the Osaki OS-Pro First Class
Brown Beige
Dark Grey variant of the Osaki OS-Pro First Class massage chair
Dark Grey

Alright, let’s jump right into the features and see what this thing can do!

OSAKI PRO First Class Features

It’s time to go behind the upholstery to see the meticulous inner workings of the Osaki First Class massage chair. For a mid-range recliner, we will say upfront that what it has to offer is top-notch. 

You get a state-of-the-art system rarely found in mid-range chairs, and extra accessories that are typically for chairs in the high-range club. Excited? You should be. Let’s dive in.

L-Track + 3D Roller System

An image on the position of the L-track position in the Osaki First Class

This is where the OS-Pro’s power lies, in the extensive L-track that covers the entire spine and reaches underneath the seat to massage the glutes and thighs. 

It’s not uncommon to find the L-track on mid-range chairs, but just know that this is the industry standard- so you’re getting the best.

The rollers on the OS-Pro are also world-class. You get 3D rollers, which offer the most lifelike massage experience. It accomplishes this by giving the user full control over the rollers’ intensity, speed, and depth.

  • 5 levels of intensity
  • 3 depth adjustment levels

On the OS-Pro, the rollers move up, down, side-to-side, and in/out to mimic the hand movements of a professional masseuse. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Auto Body Scan

Automatic body scanning isn’t anything special- it’s a common feature found all over the market. The chair will initiate a 3D scan of your body before a massage, taking note of your main pressure points in the back and shoulders.

Next, it adjusts the rollers along the track to line up with your pressure points. This is supposed to increase the accuracy of the rollers according to your body, but beware that you may need to manually adjust them further to get it just right.

Zero Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity Seating is another popular feature that you’ll see with many recliners on the market. 

But what is it?

Inspired by NASA, this recline angle elevates the legs above the heart to induce a feeling of weightlessness. 

The Osaki First Class Massage Chair in a Zero Gravity position

It supposedly has many health benefits, since it releases all weight pressure from the joints. This includes back pain relief, improved blood circulation, and stress relief.

This feature is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from chronic back pain because while elevated at this position, your spine is pushed firmly against the L-track and rollers for a deeper massage.

If this is important to you, what you want to look for is how many positions are offered. 

On average, you’ll see only one position (which you’ll still reap the benefits of Zero-G), but some mid to high range chairs will have 2-3 positions, and this provides the most flexibility.

The OS-Pro has two different positions, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the most bang for your buck here. 

Lumbar Heat

Nothing feels more divine than a deep tissue massage working out the kinks while heat melts away tension and pain. 

Heating is a powerful therapeutic element that the OS-Pro incorporates into the lumbar region of the backrest. 

While this ensures that people with chronic back pain will get the relief they need, it’s still below average compared to other chairs on the market.

Many chairs offer heating in the lumbar and footwells, boosting the therapeutic value of the calf/foot massage. Sadly, the OS-Pro doesn’t have heat in the footwells.


The Osaki OS-Pro has a surprising number of accessories for a mid-range chair, with a couple of indulgent extras that you typically only find with expensive models.

Touchscreen LCD remote of the Osaki First Class massage chair

It comes with Bluetooth speakers in the headrest, so you can listen to your favorite soothing nature sounds while having a massage. There is also a handy USB port to charge your devices without worry.

One neat feature is the Air Ionizer vent built into the armrest. It’s supposed to provide Negative Ion therapy, which is an experimental treatment for depression.

Everything can be controlled through the touchscreen LCD remote

Its large screen looks like a tablet and is easy to navigate. This makes the OS-Pro a user-friendly recliner to operate. It’s rare to find chairs on the market with a tablet-like device, so this is advanced tech for the price.

Osaki First Class Massage Chair Programs

Since the Osaki OS-PRO massage chair boasts such a high-tech design, you can count on any of the massages on the menu to soothe away pain and help you de-stress.

There are 5 massage techniques: Swedish, Grasp, Knead, Flap, and Shiatsu. We were excited to see that it offers two advanced techniques (Swedish and Shiatsu), which you normally don’t see with low and mid-range chairs.

If you just want to sink into the OS-Pro, hit a button, and start relaxing then there are 23 auto programs to choose from. This is an above-average menu for auto programs, and Osaki even divided them up into categories to make locating them easier.

For those who love to build massages from scratch, you’ll probably love the number of manual options available with this chair. You can choose from any of the techniques above and then adjust the roller position, speed, intensity, and roller width.

After you’ve finished your custom creation, there are three memory profiles where you can save them for next time. Note that this is a feature normally found with expensive, high-range chairs.

Another rare function is the ability to adjust the intensity in the middle of a program any way you like. This is different from other chairs, where you can make minor adjustments mid-session, but the settings will default once a new technique begins.

Air Massage

Osaki OS-Pro First Class massage chair's 2 heating pads

The Pro First Class comes equipped with 24 airbags that are spread throughout the chair. They’re situated at the shoulders, arms, lumbar region, calves, and feet to deliver the most thorough full-body compression massage.

Compression massage feels like being kissed by a cloud. Your body is soothed by inflated airbags, boosting blood circulation and melting pain.

Osaki takes it one step further by giving users total control over the airbags. Each bag can be operated independently, with three intensity levels to choose from. That’s a rarity on the market with air massage!

Foot/Calf/Knee Massage

Although there’s no heat in the footwells, Osaki more than makes up for it with a new technological design that caters to the calves and knees. So for those who have painful knees…this is an excellent model to consider!

Choose the calf kneading massage to work those sore tired muscles after a long run. You can either let the program do its thing or go into manual mode to customize the intensity.

As well, you can position the calves with a separate function to raise or lower them, and there’s a massage dedicated to the knees- something that you won’t typically find on the market. 

Osaki First Class massage chair's three spinning reflexology massage rollers

There are three reflexology rollers at the acupuncture points under the feet to stimulate the muscles, while the airbags enhance the relaxation factor.

You’ll also feel rollers behind the calves, working deep into the tissue while the Ankle Grip holds the feet firmly in place

It’s a meticulous system that we haven’t seen with many chairs and we think people with chronic foot/leg pain and athletes may fall in love with it!

Neck/Shoulder Massage

For those who sit in the office for long hours, this is the massage for you. The highlight massage of the OS-Pro is its “Frozen Shoulder” program, which is perfect for a tense, painful upper spine or even for migraine relief.

When activated, the rollers use a unique “Grasp” technique, which places the rollers against the sides of the neck so they don’t miss a single spot.

The rollers will also move clockwise and in reverse to tackle and loosen knots in the muscles. There are five intensity levels to choose from, and you can activate the airbags too, for added relief.

This is the first time we’ve seen a massage chair that offers a specific technique and auto-program that targets the neck and shoulder area so effectively, beating out even some high-end models.

Osaki Pro First Class Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Affordable
  • L-track
  • 3D roller system
  • Independently controlled airbags
  • Tons of manual settings
  • Excellent foot/calf massage
  • Unique neck/shoulder massage
  • 23 auto programs
  • User-friendly LCD tablet remote


  • No heat in the footwells
  • Suited for petite/average body types

We’ll just go ahead and say it: the Osaki OS-Pro First Class is like a high-end model with a modest price. As you can see the pros greatly outweigh the cons because there’s so much this chair can do!

Osaki OS Pro First Class Beige Front

It’s an incredible recliner because of the variety it offers, as well as the therapeutic quality. Not only does it feature the most advanced tech on the market, but there are tons of extras to enhance your entire experience.

The L-track and 3D roller system ensure a full body deep tissue massage, and you can adjust the speed, depth, width, and intensity of the rollers however you like.

For those who suffer from back pain, you get two Zero-G positions to finetune your recline, and you can add the lumbar heat and airbags to completely take the edge off.

While there isn’t heat in the footwells, the foot/calf massage tech is innovative and powerful. Osaki made sure that the knees and calves aren’t left out, with specialized rollers and massage programs just for this area. 

We especially love the shoulder/neck massage, which anyone who works at a computer can benefit from. Osaki paid attention and branched out from the back and legs to design a chair perfectly suited to those who need that extra upper body TLC.

We recommend the Osaki OS-Pro First Class for…

  • People who suffer from chronic back pain
  • People who suffer from chronic foot/calf/knee pain
  • People who suffer from shoulder//neck tension or migraines
  • Those who are shorter than 6 ft. and weigh less than 240 lbs.


As if it couldn’t get any better, users get a 5-Year Warranty from the time of purchase. This includes 3 years of free labor and 5 years of free parts. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

This recliner is a little bit cheaper than the First Class, but offers a bounty of features that give it a great bang for the buck. This includes 11 massage techniques, heat in the lower back and footwells, and relaxing LED lights.

This is another massage chair designed by a brand with a reputation for therapeutic excellence. You get plenty of customization options, three Zero-G positions, and an affordable price tag.

Yitahome Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who want advanced massage technology at an affordable price.

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If you’re not into fancy features and would rather have a standard chair with a quality massage for a low price, then this may be the one for you. YITAHOME gives you an S+L-track, 3D roller system, Chromotherapy LED lights, and air massage for a little over $1000.

For the bigger crowd, this chair will accommodate a max weight of 300 pounds, with advanced technology and FDA recognition to deliver a phenomenal massage. Note that it is more expensive than the First Class.

Osaki OS-PRO First Class Massage Chair Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a great deal on a luxury massage chair, you can’t beat the OS-Pro. It offers a feature-rich massage experience, with innovative and advanced technology you won’t see with other chairs. 

We especially like how they focused on body parts that don’t normally get the spotlight, including the knee massage and shoulder/neck massage.

To conclude this Osaki OS-Pro First Class massage chair review, unfortunately, this isn’t suited for the bigger crowd, but petite and average body types can benefit from the therapeutic benefits it offers. It’s an affordable option for those who suffer from back, shoulder, neck, and leg pain.

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