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The Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair has a combination of features you rarely find altogether (or in an affordable chair), including rocking technology, inversion therapy, zero gravity, and calf rollers. Add it’s eye-pleasing aesthetics and 100% leather upholstery and it’s an all-around compelling chair. It’s not perfect, though — some users might find the lack of air massage to be a major setback.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Quad rollers with 27-inch S-Track
  • Rocking technology with three recline options
  • Inversion therapy
  • Zero Gravity recline
  • Heat therapy
  • Affordable price


  • Lacks air massage and intensity controls
  • May not have all the advanced features found in higher-end massage chairs
Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for an affordable chair that has rocking technology, inversion therapy, zero gravity, and calf rollers.

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Unfortunately, the Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Cozzia EC366 Massage Chair Review.

If you want to learn all there is to know about the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair, you’re in the right place. In this review, we’re walking you through each and every feature, the manual mode options, customizations as well as giving brief comparisons to how those features compare to other massage chairs. Let’s get started!

About Infinity

The Infinity Therapeutic massage chair line was launched in 2009 by Infinite Therapeutics, a division of Infinite Creative Enterprises.

Although relatively new to the massage chair market (compared to companies like Inada and Panasonic), Infinity brings a level of modernism to their models with additional features like apps and tablets as well as luxury aesthetics like 100 percent leather upholstery.

For a “young” product line, the Infinity massage chairs offer a set of features you don’t often find altogether and it’s what sets them apart from other brands.

Infinity massage chairs are manufactured in Taiwan, not China, so you’ll see a few differences in terms of design when compared to popular Chinese brands like Osaki. For example, the handheld controller on the Infinity IT 9800 is large and square, almost like a tablet.

The Infinity headquarters are located in Seabrook, New Hampshire. They have a US-based customer service team that offers live technical support — good news if you need to speak to a real person about technical issues.

Today, we’re reviewing the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair, the most affordable of the lineup, that retails for $4,595, though it can be found discounted on sites like Amazon.

Features of the Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair

Optical Body Scanning

Body scan technology is a common feature on high-end massage chairs, but much less so on affordable models. So the fact that the Infinity IT-9800 massage chair has such a quality body scan is impressive.

The scan on the Infinity IT 9800 is called Optical Point Body Scan. The scan detects your height, shape, and acupressure points. During the scan and before any massage program begins, infrared sensors create a digital map of your back before automatically adjusting the massage rollers to fit your unique profile — knowing where and where not to treat.

Quad Rollers with 27-inch S-Track

Once the body scan completes, quad rollers get to work massaging. Quad is a common massage chair term and it describes the number of roller heads, which is four. Another name for quad rollers is dual rollers — both have two sets of two rollers positioned on either side of the spine.

The rollers move along a 27-inch S-Track.

So what is an S-Track?

A track is a mechanism which the rollers move along as they massage. An S-Track is a curved track that’s designed to mimic the natural shape of the spine. Other massage track types include straight tracks and L-Tracks.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair S Track - Consumer Files

Unlike an S-Track that’s “S” shaped, straight tracks are linear from top to bottom. And since they’re not curved (like your back naturally is) they’re known to lose contact and pressure in curved areas like the neck and lower back. L-Tracks, on the other hand, are extended tracks that pick up where S-Tracks end (typically at the tailbone) and continue into the seat of the massage chair to treat the buttock and thighs.

Back to the S-Track on the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair…

The 27-inch S-track extends from the neck to the tailbone on most users and provides good coverage to tall users who often have difficulty finding massage chairs that fit. In fact, the Infinity 9800 massage chair is rated to comfortably treat users in the 5’0” to 6’4” height range.

For reference, massage chair tracks range from 24 inches to 32 inches, which puts the S-Track on the Infinity IT 9800 right in the middle in terms of overall length.

Calf or Foot Roller Massage

A unique feature you rarely find on massage chairs — especially affordable ones — is calf roller massage. In fact, there are only two other non-Infinity massage chairs that we know of that feature them: the Apex Ultra and Human Touch Navitas Sleep Chair.

But what separates the calf massage on the Infinity IT 9800 from all other massage chairs is that it lacks airbags. That’s right, there are zero airbags on the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Foot Massage - Consumer Files

Another difference is that rather than having a foot portion, the ottoman on the Infinity IT 9800 is open-toed. Which means you can have a calf or foot massage, but not both simultaneously.

Here’s how it works…

Once you deploy the ottoman, rotate it to reveal the calf and foot massager. Continue to rotate until the foot and calf massager is facing up, not outward, Place your feet into the massager and now you’re ready to enjoy a foot massage. In this position, the calf rollers become feet rollers and perform reflexology-style massage to the sides and bottoms of the feet.

When you’re ready to switch to a calf massage, rotate the ottoman until it’s facing outward. Then, insert your legs into the massager and now you’re ready for a calf massage.

While the lack of simultaneous calf and foot massage may be disappointing to some, if you’re tall, it might be a welcome feature. Here’s why…

Since there is no “end” to the ottoman, there’s no height restriction. Your feet can extend as far out of the ottoman as they need to without compromising comfort or losing the correct massage areas. However, in the foot massage position, if you need a little extra room, you can adjust the position of the ottoman up to an additional 7, 8, or 10 cm.

So how does the roller calf massage on the Infinity IT 9800 compare to the usual air calf massage?

In general, the calf rollers provide a deeper, more targeted treatment. And unlike most airbags that only inflate and deflate to perform compression massage, the rollers on the IT 9800 offer multiple massage techniques and speeds. Choose from kneading, swing (which gently moves your calves from side to side) or an auto massage program as well as three levels of speed.

Rocking Technology with Three Recline Options

Another unique feature on the Infinity 9800 massage chair is rocking technology. That’s right, it’s a robotic rocking chair. The only other massage chair (that we know of) with rocking technology is the Inada YuMe.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Rocking - Consumer Files

During a rocking session, the chair reclines and inclines to simulate the movement of a rocking chair. You can add rocking to any auto or manual massage program to enjoy roller massage and rocking.

There are three rocking options to choose from, including deep recline without rocking, medium recline with rocking, and deep recline with rocking. So you have control over the range of motion.

Inversion Therapy

The same technology that makes rocking on the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair possible also makes inversion possible. So what is inversion therapy exactly?

Have you ever seen those tall boards people strap into before flipping backward to hang upside down? Those are inversion tables and they are used to help align the spine, create space between vertebrae, and relieve pinched nerves and back pain.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Inversion - Consumer Files

Like those tables, the Infinity IT 9800 reclines backward beyond 180 degrees to bring your head closer to the ground while elevating your feet above your heart. While you won’t be put into a completely vertical position like you would on inversion table, you will experience mild inversion therapy and spinal traction that can help with circulation and spinal alignment among other benefits.

Zero Gravity Recline

Additionally, the Infinity IT 9800 has Zero Gravity recline.

Zero Gravity is a bit of a buzzword in the massage chair industry… So what is it about?

The Zero Gravity position was originally designed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the gravitational stress of take off. In this position, the back is reclined, the legs are elevated at or above the heart, and the body’s weight is shifted to the backrest. Since vertical pressure is removed from the spine and the majority of the body’s weight is taken off of the lower body, the Zero Gravity position can create a sense of “weightless.”

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Zero G- Consumer Files

Zero Gravity also offers a massage chair specific benefit: as your weight is shifted to the backrest it holds you against the rollers for a more powerful and deeper massage.

Stretch Programs

Along with its other recline programs, the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair also features stretch recline programs. During these programs, the chair adjusts its backrest and footrest to stretch and pull the body. There are two stretch programs: Lumbar Stretch and “V” Stretch.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Black Side - Consumer Files

During Lumbar Stretch the body is positioned almost parallel with the ground and the legs are slightly elevated to stretch the lower back. During the “V” stretch program, the body is positioned at a 60-degree angle or “V” with the back slightly erect and the feet pointed upward to stretch the thighs, calves and pelvic area.

Heat Therapy

In the lower back portion of the Infinity 9800 massage chair are heating pads that radiate warmth to the lumbar area.

Heat has long been revered for its therapeutic benefits like increased circulation and relaxation. When a body area is heated, the blood vessels in that area dilate, increasing circulation which in turn increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients. As more oxygen and nutrients enter the area, they work to repair damaged tissues — good news if you commonly suffer from lower back pain or soreness.

Heat also has a massage enhancing benefit: it relaxes the muscles which allows the rollers to penetrate deeper for a more effective massage.

You can add heat therapy to any massage program or manual massage or turn it off altogether. There are three heat timer settings: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes.

Arm and Seat Vibration

Under the buttock and thighs and in the armrests on the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair are high-frequency massage plates that vibrate to stimulate the muscles and microcirculation (the movement of blood through the smallest vessels) in the area.

The vibration massage has four different vibration cycles to choose from — each with its own pattern. You can add vibration to any auto or manual massage or use it on its own.

100% Leather Upholstery

On the outside of the Infinity IT-9800 massage chair is 100% genuine leather. The leather is soft and supple and gives a luxurious look and feel to the chair. Plus, leather easily matches most home decor, so you won’t have to worry about your massage chair looking too out-of-place.

Today, most massage chairs use a leather-like upholstery that’s made from polyurethane. The benefit of which is that it’s highly stain and abrasion resistant. And the downside of which is some have been known to flake or crack. Both genuine leather and poly-leather are easy to clean and only require a wipe with a water-based cleaner.

Handheld LCD Remote

Perhaps the most massage chair looking feature on the Infinity IT 9800 is its remote control. Like we mentioned above, it doesn’t look like any other remote out there. Rather than a slim handheld remote or a tablet-like pedestal remote, it falls somewhere in between.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Controller - Consumer Files

It’s square and big with an LCD screen that makes it easy to keep track of the active programs and settings. It only has a few buttons which are clearly labeled so you don’t have to worry about memorizing their position or the user manual. With the remote you control every aspect of the massage chair, including the backrest recline and footrest recline (which can be adjusted individually) as well as the rotation of the ottoman.

Massage Techniques and Auto Programs

Now, that we’ve looked at all of the massage components, let’s see how they come together in massage techniques and programs.

Massage Techniques

Since there are no airbags, the Infinity IT 9800 is first and foremost a roller massage chair. So the techniques the rollers use are important to pay attention to since they’re the main massage components on the chair.

Other Infinity IT-9800 reviews will tell you there are four techniques, and at first glance, it would seem so. But upon further investigation, the Infinity IT 9800 actually has six techniques — two of which are sub-tapping techniques.

The six techniques are:
  • Kneading –  Uses small circular motions to pull and stretch the muscles on either side of the spine.
  • Tapping – Uses light rapid tapping strokes on either side of the spine.
  • Flapping –  A quick, rhythmic tapping technique.
  • Knocking – A fist-like tapping technique.
  • Multiple – Uses a combination of the kneading and tapping techniques.
  • Shiatsu – Uses firm “finger pressure” to press into the muscles.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are two techniques for the calf rollers: kneading and swing.

Auto Massage Programs

On the Infinity IT 9800 there are eight (although technically 12 auto massage programs). Why? Because one of the auto programs called “Relax” has multiple programs based on massage time. The massage time you choose determines the type of massage you get — each uses a different recline angle and combination of massage techniques.

Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair Taupe Front - Consumer Files
Let’s take a closer look at the eight programs…
  • Full Body Massage – A full body massage that uses the back rollers and calf rollers simultaneously.
  • Regional Massage – An area-specific massage that focuses your treatment on a zone of your back — you can control the location using a set of arrows on the remote.
  • Fixed Point Massage – Another area-specific massage that focuses your treatment on a point. You can control the point which the roller focus on using the arrows on the remote. This massage is great for pinpoint treatment of knots and tension.
  • Head to Neck Massage – Focuses your massage on your head and neck.
  • Upper Back Massage – Focuses your massage around your shoulder blades and upper back.
  • Lower Back Massage – Focuses your massage on your lumbar area.
  • Shiatsu –  A full back shiatsu-style “finger pressure” treatment.
  • Relax – 38, 30, 15, 10, or 6-minute full-body massage programs.

The first six massages are accessed by selecting the “Auto” button on the remote, while Shiatsu and Relax have their own buttons. The most defining characteristic of an auto massage is that it’s automatic — the chair customizes the settings for you. But, if you want to customize the settings yourself, you’re better off using the manual massage programs, which brings us to our next section…

Manual Massage Programs

Ok, here’s where it gets a little tricky… since the Infinity IT 9800 offers recline programs, stretch programs, auto massage programs, and manual massage programs… it’s sometimes difficult to know which does what. So let us explain…

There are two stretch programsthree rocking positions, as well as Zero Gravity, inversion therapy, and Lie Down positions during which you can enjoy a manual massage.

In other words, there are a myriad of position options available on the Infinity IT 9800 in which you can enjoy a manual massage.

Here are the six manual massages you can choose from:

  • Full body Massage
  • Regional Massage
  • Fixed Point Massage
  • Head to Neck Massage
  • Upper Back Massage
  • Lower Back Massage

Look familiar? The massage areas that are treated during the manual programs are the same ones treated during auto massage… the difference is that during a manual massage you can adjust the massage techniques, width (for the tapping technique only), and roller speed up to six levels. During the auto programs, however, the width, speed, techniques are automatically adjusted for you based on the data of the optical body scan. So if you like having more control over your massage, start with the manual programs.

To access the manual massage programs, press “Con./Rep.” on the remote. With each press of the button, you cycle through one of the manual programs. So the first press is the Full Body program and the sixth press is Lower Back. From there, you can select your massage technique, adjust the width, and change the speed of the rollers.

Customizations and Manual Mode Options

We briefly touched on some of the manual mode options and customizations on the Infinity IT 9800, but let’s bring it all together so you can see at a glance what’s available…

Customization Options


Auto TimersSet your manual massage to run for 5,10, 20, or 30 minutes.
Calf and Foot Roller SpeedChoose from three levels of roller speed.
Eight recline positionsChoose from zero gravity, lie down, inversion stretch, “V” stretch, lumbar stretch, and three rocking positions.
Extendable OttomanAdjust the length of the ottoman an additional 7, 8 or 10 cm.
Heat TherapyTurn heating pads off or on or add to any program.
Massage TechniquesChoose from six massage techniques.
RestoreAutomatically restore the massage chair to the upright position.
Roller PositionAdjust the position of the rollers during regional and fixed massage programs.
Roller SpeedChoose from six roller speeds.
Roller WidthChoose from three widths from narrow to wide during tapping massage.
Vibration MassageChoose from four vibration cycles.

Who is the Infinity IT 9800 Massage Chair For?

If you want a solid massage chair that excels at back and calf roller massage, are in need of inversion therapy as part of your wellness regimen, or perhaps want the benefits of daily stretching, the Infinity IT 9800 is a great option. If, however, you want a massage chair that’s fully encompassing meaning you want to feel like your whole body is getting treated, the Infinity IT-9800 with its lack of air massage (AKA no arm, hand, outer hip or outer shoulder massage), might not be the best option.

Infinity IT 9800 Inversion Therapy Massage Chair Specifications

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 45″H X 33″W X 60″L
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 34″H X 33″W X 72″L
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs
  • Recommended user height: 5’1″ to 6’4″
  • Power Consumption: 260W
  • Chair weight: 285 lbs
  • Colors: Dark Brown, Black, Taupe

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

The name of the game for the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair is roller massage and recline. With eight therapeutic positions to choose from, including inversion therapy and rocking, there’s always a new way to experience your massage.

And although lacking features like air massage and intensity controls, with the Infinity IT 9800, you get a combination of features you rarely find altogether — calf rollers, rocking, vibration massage, inversion therapy, and heat therapy, etc. — especially on an affordable chair.

Whether you go with the IT-9800 or not, we hope our review gave you the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

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