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The Human Touch Navitas massage chair is loaded with advanced technology like 4D rhythm massage technology, AcuPoint Optical scan, and 3D calf rollers. And for the price, you’d expect it to be. But combine the technology with its 36 auto programs, 60 massage techniques, and robust customization options, and the Navitas over-delivers — in a good way.

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Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Packed with high-end features (4D massage, 3D calf rollers)
  • Abundance of massage programs and techniques
  • Comprehensive manual mode options
  • Technologically advanced


  • Not the most stylish design
  • Higher price compared to some competitors
Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who has the money for a luxury massage chair loaded with advanced technologies from a reputable brand.

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In this Human Touch Navitas review, we’re looking at everything this massage chair offers to see whether or not it’s worth the high price tag. First, we’re giving you some information on the Human Touch company and then we’re explaining each feature — and there are many. Let’s get started!

A Quick Look at Human Touch and the Navitas

Human Touch is a massage chair company based in Long Beach, California. For 35 years, they’ve been producing innovative massage and wellness products with an emphasis on aesthetics — combining therapeutic benefits and modern design. They’ve already received numerous awards for their designs.

Also, they are the only massage chair company recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractic for producing credible supplements to back therapies. Customarily, their massage chairs are designed and engineered at their headquarters in California, although the chairs are manufactured in China.

The Navitas, however, is unlike any other Human Touch model. And at first glance, you’ll see why. Instead of looking like a luxury recliner or executive chair like most Human Touch models, it looks like, well, a massage chair. A big, what-you-might-see-from-Osaki massage chair. That’s because the Navitas massage chair was designed in Japan — not California like Human Touch’s other models.

Incorporating some of the most advanced Japanese massage technology, the Navitas mostly throws “modern design” out the window for one of the most comprehensive therapeutic massages available. Hey, not a bad trade off if you ask us. Even so, is it worth the $5000 to $6000 price tag? Let’s get into the features to see.

Features of the Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair

AcuPoint Optical Scan

AcuPoint Optical Scan is Human Touch’s name for body scanning software. Albeit, it’s more advanced than many others you find. Unlike other types of body scan, the AcuPoint Optical Scan not only measures the length of your back (your height). It also measures the contour of your neck and shoulders and key pressure points to treat during your massage.


Without body scanning software, there are no automatic roller adjustments for your height, width, or shape. So the roller range is often adjusted using a set of up and down arrows on the remote — if it can be adjusted at all.

The AcuPoint Optical Scan begins after you select a massage program. Once it’s finished, the massage head rollers automatically move into position to provide you with a custom-fit massage. But the Navitas’ system isn’t only automatic.

It also lets you skip the scan and manually adjust the massage rollers using the “Adjust Shoulder Position” screen. Plus, it takes the customization one step further by letting you adjust the width of the rollers as well as the height.

4D Rhythm Massage Technology

The Human Touch Navitas features 4D massage technology.

So what is 4D massage?

The “4” in 4D denotes the number of dimensions, and the “D” represents, you guessed it, the dimensions. Together, 4D tells us that there are four dimensions of movement. On a massage chair, that means the massage rollers move in four ways. For 4D massage, the four dimensions are vertical (up and down), horizontal (side to side), pressure (penetrating inward), and rhythm (alternating patterns of intensity).

The fourth dimension, rhythm, shifts the massage experience from mechanical to human-like. This is by replicating the fluctuating intensities and movements you would experience with a massage therapist. A massage therapist, after all, doesn’t just move his hands up and down and side to side with constant and equal pressure.


He does, however, vary his pressure and movements to create a distinctly human “rhythm” to the massage. And that’s what you experience with the Human Touch Navitas massage chair: an additional dimension of massage realism.

The 4D massage system uses “dual-motor robotics for revelatory deep tissue massage that loosens multiple layers of muscle tension,” explains Human Touch. It offers a level of precision rarely found on massage chairs: 2mm of movement for pinpoint accuracy.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

In addition to 4D roller massage, the Nativas features Cloud Touch technology — Human Touch’s term for air massage. There are 21 strategically placed air cells (airbags) throughout the chair. This includes the seat, upper back, shoulders, under the legs, and in the armrests.


While 21 is a not-so-surprising number of airbags for most massage chairs, for a Human Touch massage chair, it’s a substantial amount. Since they typically avoid using components like airbags to preserve the aesthetic appeal of their massage chairs, many Human Touch models lack air massage capabilities. But once again, Human Touch has broken the mold with the Navitas by introducing full-body Cloud Touch capabilities.

3D Calf and Foot Massage

A feature that sets the Human Touch Navitas apart from every other massage chair on the market is its 3D calf and foot rollers.

Typically, Human Touch chairs that have calf and foot massagers feature their FigureEight technology. This technology uses rubber-like paddles to massage the calves and feet in a wave-like motion. The Navitas, however, features something entirely different: 3D calf and foot rollers.


The calf rollers aren’t just your run-of-the-mill spinning nodules. They are the equivalent of back rollers but on the sides of your calves. These are what separate the Human Touch Navitas from every other massage chair on the market.

The only other massage chair that has calf and foot rollers is the Apex Ultra, but its rollers are more like rotating discs compared to the Navitas’ programmable 3D rollers.

On the Navitas, you can select where on your calves you want the massage to focus and choose from four massage style groups that offer 15 unique techniques. This has the most robust calf and foot massage options we’ve seen, which we’ll go into more detail later in the article.

Additionally, the calf and foot massager has heating pads located in the foot portion that radiate warmth to bottoms of the feet. The heating pads work together with the foot rollers and can be added to any massage program. And last but not least, the ottoman is fully powered and can be adjusted to accommodate different leg lengths with a few clicks of the remote.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a reclined chair position originally designed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the stress of take-off. In Zero Gravity, the body’s weight is evenly distributed across the backrest, and the legs are slightly elevated above the heart.


Zero Gravity removes vertical pressure from the neck, spine, and lower body, which allows the body to decompress and relax, giving a sense of being “weightless.” Since the weight shifts to the backrest, the Zero Gravity position — and gravity itself — increases the effectiveness of the massage by holding the body against the rollers.

On the Human Touch Navitas massage chair press and hold the ZeroG button, and the backrest and ottoman automatically reclines into position.


The leather-like material on the Navitas sleep chair is Human Touch’s patented Sofhyde. Made from polyurethane, Sofhyde is designed to mimic the look and feel of genuine leather. It is abrasion resistant, breathable, and stain resistant. Also, it’s soft and pliable enough to allow the massage head rollers to move freely without losing pressure on the body. The Human Touch Navitas massage chair comes in three Sofhyde colors: stone, earth, and onyx.

Handheld LCD Remote with Side Pocket Storage

You might expect to find a big screen remote with its own pedal stand on the Navitas, but you won’t. Instead, the Navitas features a handheld remote with an LCD screen. Thus, for such an advanced massage chair, it’s remarkably simple. Although packed with functions, the remote has few buttons — you can access nearly all controls through the display screen. There are fewer than 20 buttons for perhaps a hundred different programs, settings, and adjustments.




Auto / Manual / Sleep

Located under the screen and give you quick access to all of the chair’s massage programs

Up and down arrows

Navigates through the display screens and make selections


Returns to previous screens


Easily adjusts the settings of a massage program


Puts you in Zero Gravity position


Gives you quick access to the massage intensity settings

“+” and “-”

Adjusts the backrest and ottoman


Extends and retracts the ottoman

Removable Padding

To customize your massage intensity further, there are two removable pads. The head pillow can be flipped behind the chair to increase the intensity of the neck and upper back massage. And a second pad, located in the backrest, and can be removed to increase the intensity of the full back massage. If you misplace a pad, you can purchase an additional one from Human Touch.

Massage Programs and Techniques on the Human Touch Navitas Sleep

Now that we’ve covered the massage technology, it’s time to take a look at the massage programs and techniques.


Massage Techniques on the Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair

The Navitas has one of the most comprehensive collections of massage techniques — 60 to be exact — thanks to its 4D technology and 2mm precision massage. You’ll find techniques like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, rolling, compression, pulse, swing, and twist to name a few.

Massage Programs on the Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair

For most massage chairs in the $5000 to $6000 price range, you can expect anywhere from six to 12 auto programs. But on the Navitas, there are 36.

The auto-massage programs are designed by Human Touch’s wellness council — a group of chiropractors, sleep experts, naturopathic doctors, and other wellness professionals.

14 of 36 programs are sleep-specific and are why the chair is named the “Navitas sleep massage chair.” The auto programs are divided into two categories: Sleep and Auto.

Sleep is where all of the sleep-specific programs are located, including:

  • Energy
  • Slumber
  • Release
  • Rise
  • Pre-Sleep
  • Awake
  • Decompress
  • Alert
  • Pre-Sport
  • Retreat
  • Diffuse
  • Immerse
  • Rev
  • Launch

Auto is where you’ll find the more general wellness programs and is further divided into four sections:

  • Feel Better Therapy programs are full-body sessions designed to help you feel better and focus on specific goals like relaxing or stretching.
  • Memory stores up to eight of your favorite auto programs with all of the settings you’ve customized.
  • 4D Experience programs use 4D rhythm massage technology and focus on full or partial body areas.
  • Targeted Massage programs focus on specific areas like your lower back or feet.

Build Your Own Massage with Memory Settings


On the Navitas massage chair, you can create and customize your own massage programs using memory settings. How does it work?

  • First, you select a massage program or a combination of techniques.
  • Then, you adjust the settings like intensity, speed, and location.
  • Once you’ve dialed in the perfect massage, save it with the memory settings.

Now, the next time you use the massage chair you don’t have to remember your settings, you can just select the massage from the memory screen. Let’s now take a look at the customization options available for the auto programs.

Auto Program Massage Adjustments

Typically, you have manual mode options that control manual techniques with few customization options for auto programs. The Navitas, however, gives you full control even over the auto programs. Using the “Intensity” button, you can adjust the intensity of your back, calf and foot, and air massage during any auto program. There are five intensities for the back, four for calf and foot, and three for air massage.


You can also configure a variety of other settings, including:

  • Deep Spot holds the massage on a particular spot.
  • Tapping lets you add percussion to any massage.
  • Leg Stretch allows you to add leg stretching to any massage.
  • Heat enables you to add heat to any massage.
  • Calf & Foot lets to turn the calf and foot massager off and on.
  • Button Sound turns off the sound of the buttons.
  • Calf Massage Area allows you to adjust the vertical calf massage range.
  • Air Massage lets you individually add arm, shoulder, and thigh air massage.

Manual Mode Options on the Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair

The manual mode options on the Human Touch Navitas are some of the most robust we’ve seen — not many massage chairs let you customize auto programs. But it doesn’t end there. The Navitas also has a wide variety of manual mode options for their manual massages.

To access the manual mode options, select the “Manual” button. From there you can choose from Back, Cloud Touch, Calf, Foot, and Heat.

Manual Mode Option



Lets you choose your back massage location from one of six areas from full back and a single point. You can choose from nine different types of massage movement — knead, tap, shiatsu, etc. — and from 60 massage techniques. There are five levels of intensity adjustments.

Cloud Touch

Lets you choose from five air massage movement types including compression, pulse, tap, swing, and twist that offer 23 different techniques. There are three levels of intensity adjustments.


Lets you select your calf massage area from one of four ranges. You can choose from four massage movement groups including knead, shiatsu, roll, and combo that offer 15 unique techniques. There are four levels of intensity adjustments.


Lets you choose from two rolling and two rubbing foot massage techniques. There are four levels of intensity adjustments.


Lets you add heat to your foot massage.

Human Touch Navitas Sleep Specifications and Dimensions

Chair dimensions (reclined)

72″L X 29″W X 37″H

Chair dimensions (upright)

56″L X 32″W X 46″H

Recommended maximum user weight

285 lbs

Recommended user height

5’3″ to 6’5″

Required Recline Clearance


Power Consumption


Chair weight

230 lbs

Human Touch Navitas Review Final Thoughts

The Navitas packs itself with high-end features like 4D massage and 3D calf rollers – and for the price, it should be. But its overabundance of massage programs, techniques, and manual mode options set this massage chair apart from other similarly priced massage chairs. The Navitas simply does it all. And although not the most stylish Human Touch massage chair, it more than makes up for it in technology. We hope our Human Touch Navitas review made your decision process a little easier.

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