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The Cozzia EC336 is one of the only massage chairs available with a seat raising function. It makes it incredibly easy to use, especially for users who have difficulty moving from sitting to standing. On top of that, it’s loaded with therapy-oriented features, a great selection of automatic programs, and a wide range of customization options. Overall, it’s a great chair for the price and could be perfect for the right person.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Dual massage rollers for effective massage
  • Auto scanning for personalized massage experience
  • Full body air pressure massage for comprehensive coverage
  • Heated backrest for added comfort
  • Seat vibration for relaxing sensation
  • Adjustable footrest length for convenience


  • No Zero Gravity feature for weightlessness
  • No full arm massage
  • No chromotherapy lights for ambiance
  • No foot rollers for foot massage
  • No shoulder air massage
  • No built-in music for entertainment

The Cozzia EC366 massage chair doesn’t have the same flair and pizzazz modern massage chairs often do. But that doesn’t mean you should pass it up for good. And why not? Well, thanks to a unique feature rarely found on massage chairs, the Cozzia EC366 is one of — if not the most — accessible chairs on the market. So if you or the person you’re shopping for has trouble getting in and out of chairs due to age, frailty, or disease, the Cozzia EC366 might be a perfect choice. Read our Cozzia EC366 massage chair reviews to see why…

Features of the Cozzia EC366 Massage Chair

Dual Massage Rollers

The Cozzia EC366 uses what’s mostly become the industry standard in massage roller systems — dual rollers. With two massage heads on either side of the spine, you receive double the amount of rubbing and kneading action to loosen up tight, sore muscles very efficiently.

Enhancing the overall massage experience, the dual rollers’ strength, speed, and width are adjustable. This allows you to customize the feel and action of the rollers to suit your needs as they change from day to day.

Using the rollers, the Cozzia EC366 offers six impressive massage techniques including Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, clapping, tapping, and Swedish. These techniques are utilized in the chair’s automatic and manual massage programs.

Auto Scanning

Auto scanning further enhances the effectiveness of the dual massage rollers by adapting the position of the rollers to your unique height and shape. Here’s how it works:

When you start a massage program, the massage rollers automatically move up and down, scanning and mapping your back. Then, using the scan information, the chair sets the vertical height the rollers will travel to match the height of your shoulders. This ensures that throughout the massage program, the rollers contact all the right places for the most therapeutic effect.

Full Body Air Pressure Massage

Along with roller massage, the Cozzia EC 366 offers full body air pressure massage. 30 airbags are located throughout the chair massaging the back, seat, arms, legs, and feet.

Air massage is different than roller massage in that airbags are flexible and can massage areas that rollers simply can’t reach. Airbags also provide a type of massage treatment called “compression massage,” particularly on the arms and legs.


Compression massage is performed when the airbags move through specific cycles of inflation and deflation, where the muscles are gently but firmly squeezed and released. This is known to have positive effects in increasing blood flow to the massaged areas, while at the same time significantly reducing tension and stress in the muscles.

Arm Air Massage

The arm massage system of the Cozzia EC366 proves to be an outstanding but slightly awkward feature. Most massage chairs that offer arm massage do so with armrest massagers integrated into the chair’s design, but unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Cozzia EC366.

Instead of an elegant, integrated design, the arm massagers of the Cozzia EC366 appear to be an afterthought. They’re simply attached to the chair’s armrests and are limited in their massage range, only offering massage for the forearms — not the hands. It’s a design that has much room for improvement, and although it will give your forearms a decent compression massage, it’s not ideal.

This is one of the only negatives going for the chair and is often glossed over in most Cozzia EC 366 massage chair reviews. So if high-quality arm massage is important to you, this chair might not be the best option.

Leg and Foot Air Massage

The chair’s leg and foot air massage system does not suffer from the same design flaws as its arm massage system. It’s a relatively straightforward and common leg ottoman design, lined with airbags that massage the calf muscles and feet. While this design isn’t revolutionary, it works well and gives an excellent compression massage.


Heated Backrest

Beneath the synthetic leather upholstery of the chair, two built-in heating pads provide soothing and therapeutic heat therapy to both sides of the lower back. Heat therapy can be enjoyed during any automatic or manual massage program or on its own with the chair turned off.

Seat Vibration

Inside the seat of the Cozzia EC366, a pair of vibration plates perform vibration massage for the buttocks and thigh muscles. Like heat therapy, vibration can be enjoyed during any program or on its own.

Vibration massage, while entirely different than a roller or air massage, can have a very calming effect and is known to ease joint pain, alleviate tiredness, and soothe osteoarthritis.

Powered Backrest and Footrest

Being in a comfortable position in which to completely let go and relax is key to a great massage session. And thanks to a fully powered backrest and footrest, reclining and elevating your feet is incredibly easy. Just press a few buttons on the remote, and the chair will automatically move into position.

Bottom Wheels

Since the chair weighs upwards of 200 pounds, moving it around the house can be quite a chore — even if you have help.

Luckily, the manufacturer had some foresight into this issue and installed a set of wheels on the bottom of the chair to make moving it much easier. Just tilt the chair back, and you can glide the chair along the floor.

Automatic Adjustable Footrest Length Adjustment

Since it’s difficult to get comfortable if you’re feeling cramped, the footrest of the Cozzia EC366 is programmed to adjust to your unique leg length automatically or manually

Automatic footrest adjustment is activated with a single button on the remote, that when pressed, extends the footrest fully, then slowly retracts until it contacts the soles of the feet. Alternatively, the footrest can be manually adjusted with a set of easy to use controls.

LCD Remote with Graphic Interface

When we get into the massage programs and customization controls of the Cozzia EC 366, you’ll see why it’s so important that the chair has such an intuitive remote.

Larger than most, the remote of the EC366 allows for every function and feature of the chair to have its dedicated button.

And to keep track of all the active programs and settings of the chair, the remote features a large LCD screen that displays a graphic interface.

A body diagram shows the location of the rollers. Other smaller graphics show the strength, speed, and width settings of the rollers along with the specific massage techniques selected and the duration of the massage session.

Under a flip-open cover on the right side of the remote is where you’ll find all of the chair’s manual massage controls. These buttons allow you to tap into the chair’s full potential by creating a massage program that’s completely customized to you.

Remarkable Accessibility Feature — Seat Raising Function

And here is that special accessibility feature that got us so excited about this chair — a raising seat!


While most users won’t find this feature particularly useful, for elderly users or those suffering from osteoarthritis, having a raising seat is a total game-changer. It’s surprising that more massage chairs don’t offer this feature considering the benefit and physical relief that users as mentioned earlier can receive from massage chairs. Here’s how the seat raising function works:

  • There’s a small red button on the inside of the right armrest that when pressed, slowly raises the seat up and forward to help the user move from sitting to standing more easily. It takes approximately 30 seconds for the seat to raise entirely, and after it reaches the top, it automatically lowers back down.

It’s no surprise that Cozzia is perhaps the only massage chair manufacturer to incorporate a raising seat into a massage chair. In addition to making massage chairs, Cozzia actually produces a series of unique mobility lift chairs. While these chairs don’t have as many massage features as the Cozzia EC366, they have tremendous value for those who need some extra help getting up.

For some reason, most Cozzia EC366 massage chair reviews skip over this great feature, but we think it makes the chair what it is!

Automatic and Manual Massage Programs of the Cozzia EC 366

Now that we’ve covered all the components of the Cozzia EC366, let’s dive into how they are used in the chair’s massage programs.

4 Full Body Auto Programs

If you like the idea of climbing in the chair, pressing a single button, and receiving a thorough massage, the full body auto programs are for you. Each of the four programs offers something unique, giving you plenty of variety to accommodate any massage needs you might have. They are:

  • Healthcare — This program provides a vigorous and intense back massage using roller techniques which include tapping, kneading, clapping, and shiatsu in various combinations. During the program, different acupressure points on the back are stimulated to alleviate tense muscles and revitalize the body.
  • RelaxFeaturing gentle roller massage techniques and air massage functions, this program offers a softer, slower massage experience. Continuous rolling, tapping, and kneading soothes and eases the muscles, helping you achieve a state of deep relaxation all throughout your body. It’s perfect for helping you wind down before sleep.
  • Smart — This is a program specifically targeting the feet and legs, while at the same time offering upper body massage. Air compression massage is used in the legs while the footrest is extended to stretch the calves and knees. It’s a great program for improving blood circulation in the lower body.
  • SPA — This program is designed to replicate the experience you might have at an exclusive spa. All of the chair’s massage features are incorporated into the program, including roller massage techniques, full body air pressure massage, vibration massage, and heat therapy.

Point Navigation Feature

Point navigation is perhaps exclusive to the Cozzia EC366 — we haven’t found this feature offered on any other massage chairs. It’s a particular function used during the chair’s automatic programs that give you an extra degree of control over the position of the massage rollers — similar to a manual massage. Here’s how it works:

When you press the “Point Navi” button on the remote, the massage rollers will stop at certain pre-programmed positions along the back. There are eight of these positions in total and each press of the button cycles through to the next place in succession.

So while the automatic programs are full body programs by default, using the Point Navigation function gives you a quick, easy way to focus in on certain parts of your back without going through all the steps involved in setting up a manual massage.

Localized Auto Programs

In addition to the full body automatic programs, the Cozzia EC366 offers two localized auto programs. These programs allow you to focus the massage on specific zones of your body. They don’t offer as much control as a manual massage, but they make it very easy to enjoy a quick massage for a particular part of your body. They are:

  • Full Back — When this localized program is selected, you can choose from two different body zones in which to experience automatic massage: Neck/Shoulder and Back/Lumbar.
  • Lower Body — This localized program activates air massage on the seat and in the leg ottoman. It’s a quick way to enjoy an automatic massage for the lower body. It can be combined with the Full Back localized program for a whole body automatic massage that’s different than the four full body automatic massage programs.

Manual Mode Massage Programs

The manual massage controls of the Cozzia EC366 are incredibly robust, giving you the freedom to dial in the exact massage settings you’d like to experience. To give you an idea of what’s possible, let’s go through the process of creating a manual massage program:

  • Climb in and get comfortable. Use the backrest and footrest angle adjustment controls to find the perfect body position. Use the automatic or manual leg length adjustment controls to find the ideal footrest length to accommodate your height.
  • Choose from the chair’s six roller massage techniques. Kneading, tapping, clapping, shiatsu, rolling, and Swedish. Unlike most chairs, each roller technique of the Cozzia EC366 has two modes to choose from, e.g. kneading 1/kneading 2, so in essence, it’s like there are actually 12 techniques available!
  • Adjust roller strength. Available only with the kneading massage technique, the force of the rollers can be adjusted with 3 levels available.
  • Adjust roller speed. When using the tapping, clapping, and shiatsu techniques, the speed of the rollers can be adjusted with four speeds available.
  • Adjust roller width. When using tapping, clapping, shiatsu, and rolling, the width of the massage rollers can be changed — narrow, medium, and wide. This allows you to cover more or less area on your back and reach sore spots further away from your spine.
  • Choose a massage mode — Full Body, Spot, or Partial. By default, the manual massage techniques operate across your entire back. But if you’d like more focused treatment, Spot mode keeps the massage rollers in a particular place without moving. Alternatively, Partial mode operates the rollers in a smaller zone up to 3 inches wide. In both Spot and Partial modes, the massage rollers are moved around the back using a set of up and down arrow buttons. Spot and Partial modes are not available when using the rolling technique.
  • Activate air pressure massage.  After you get the massage rollers working, it’s time to turn on the air massage in the area of your choice. You can activate all air massage zones simultaneously using the “Auto” option, or you can turn on each zone individually including arms, back/seat, feet, and calves.
  • Adjust air massage intensity. Four levels of air massage intensity are available. However, the intensity of all the airbags must be adjusted simultaneously. For example, you can’t have the arms at a level 3 while the legs are at a level 1 — all airbags are connected.
  • Turn on heat and vibration. At this point, you’ll be enjoying a customized blend of the roller and air massage. Now’s the perfect time to add heat therapy and vibration massage to your session. While heat can only be turned on and off, there are two modes of vibration available and four vibration speeds available.
  • Finish your massage with Stretch Mode. A manual massage program can last as long as you’d like and an excellent way to finish is with a quick stretch. When you press the “Stretch” button, the airbags in the leg ottoman will inflate, holding the legs in place. Then, the leg ottoman will extend and straighten, creating a gentle stretch throughout the muscles of the legs.
  • Use the seat raising function to exit the chair. When your manual massage program is complete, and you’re ready to leave the chair, the seat raising function can be a great help. Just press the red button on the armrest, and the chair’s seat will slowly raise to help you move from sitting to standing.

That’s all there is to it! While it might seem like a lot of options to sort through, the remote is laid out intuitively and making selections is easy.

What’s it Missing?

When considering a massage chair for purchase, it’s important to know what you’re getting. However, it’s also important to know what you’re not getting. Let’s take a look at where the Cozzia EC366 comes up short…

No Zero Gravity

While the chair does offer a fully powered backrest and leg ottoman making reclining easy, there isn’t a Zero Gravity option. Zero Gravity is a position in which the bulk of your body’s weight is shifted to the backrest of the chair, placing you in a cradle-like position. In the position, much of the vertical stress placed on the body is alleviated, allowing the spine and muscles to decompress and deeply relax. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve this therapeutic position with the Cozzia EC366.

No Full Arm Massage

We briefly mentioned that the arm massagers of the Cozzia EC366 are not ideal. They will massage the forearms, but that’s about it. Compared to most arm massagers that cover the entire arm and wrist, the EC366’s are very limited.

No Chromotherapy Lights

Similarly, you won’t find any LED lights on the Cozzia EC366. Chromotherapy is the practice of using color for therapeutic and healing purposes. Many massage chairs today have special lights either on the outside of the chair or inside the headrest, as is the case with the Cozzia EC 618.

No Foot Rollers

As covered, the leg ottoman of the Cozzia EC366 is lined with airbags that provide compression massage for the calves and feet. However, the chair doesn’t feature mechanical massage rollers as many of the best massage chairs do.

No Shoulder Air Massage

There are airbags in the upper portion of Cozzia EC366’s backrest that contact the shoulders, but these are more geared towards providing comfort than actual massage therapy.

Many other massage chairs feature special airbags that wrap around the shoulders, but you won’t find these on the Cozzia EC366.

No Built-In Music

Admittedly, music isn’t directly related to the physical act of massage, but it’s worth mentioning that the Cozzia EC366 doesn’t have built-in speakers or an MP3 system.

If you’re interested in a quality massage chair with a built-in music system, plan on either spending thousands of dollars more or settling for a lesser quality chair with a music system.

Cozzia EC 366 Warranty

Cozzia massage chairs come with a standard warranty that is quite good compared to other manufacturers. When you purchase the Cozzia EC366 you’ll receive one year of qualified in-home repairs, and two years of parts replacement or repair. For a complete overview of the Cozzia EC336 warranty, please check out the Cozzia EC366 manual:

Cozzia EC366 Massage Chair Reviews Conclusion

Beyond the high-quality, therapy-oriented massage features, programs, and customization options, the Cozzia EC366 massage chair comes highly recommended for this simple fact: it’s one of the only massage chairs available with a seat raising function. So if you struggle with moving from seated to standing, this is the massage chair for you.

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