The Takeaway:

1. Our Pick: FDC’s Snow & Ice Melt Pellets

2. Runner-Up: Household Essentials Two-Pack

3. Also Great: Airboss Odor and Moisture Eliminator

Usually, we use electric dehumidifiers to keep the dampness out of various areas of your home and keep mold from becoming a problem, but is there another alternative? Yes, there is! Calcium Chloride is a great, natural way to extract moisture from damp parts of your home, and regarding the best Calcium Chloride dehumidifier, our top pick is FDC Snow & Ice Melt Pellets.

The reason? Simpler is better. You don’t want or need it mixed with anything; plus, there are enough pellets in the bucket to last you a lifetime! We’ll go into more detail about this and other solutions just below.

Our Pick: FDC’s Snow & Ice Melt Pellets

An image of FDC’s Snow & Ice Melt Pellets
FDC’s Snow & Ice Melt Pellets

FDC’s Snow & Ice Melt Pellets is ultimately what you want. The crystals are 96% pure. It is essentially road salt, which is what calcium chloride is primarily used for. It’s not mixed with much of anything, which heightens its effectiveness.

If your primary concern is finding a product that will extract maximum moisture from your room, and you don’t want to pay for features you don’t necessarily need, look no further. These pellets will absorb water equal to 46 times their weight!

And the five-pound bucket means you won’t have to go out and order more every few months. This investment will last you years in all but the most humid climates.

Runner-Up: Household Essentials Two-Pack

First, let me say right up front that there’s nothing technically wrong with the Household Essentials Moisture Absorber; however, you’re paying extra for the lavender scent and don’t get much product for your money.

If you’re looking for a cheap solution or adding a scented alternative is important to you, this should be your top choice, but in our view, scented material is unnecessary.

best calcium chloride dehumidifier
Household Essentials Two-Pack

Note, however, that this two-pack won’t last you forever, so you’ll probably want to stock up. For these reasons, while effective and worthy of being on our final list, this product could not be considered our top pick.

Also Great: Airboss Odor and Moisture Eliminator

The Airboss Odor and Moisture Eliminator is a simple and efficient calcium chloride-based dehumidifier with the twist that it adds charcoal to the crystals to help eliminate odor. In the overwhelming majority of cases, odor elimination isn’t going to be a deal-breaking or deciding factor in selecting which product to use, so really, all this does is add to the cost of the product without offering you anything that helps it dehumidify more efficiently or effectively.

If you absolutely must have a calcium chloride-based dehumidifier that also fights odors, but doesn’t want any fancy scents, then this is the product you want. 

We couldn’t name it as our top pick, though, because not everyone is going to want, need, or be concerned about any faint odors that may arise, so while this solves the problem, it adds features (and charges you for them) that not everyone is going to need necessarily.

Honorable Mention: Damprid 4-pound Tub

The DampRid Moisture Absorber is a good product that came close to being our top pick, but suffers from one small problem that our top pick did not. Hands down, the most efficient and effective calcium chloride-based dehumidifiers have the highest purity content.

Anytime you add scent or charcoal for odor elimination, you will reduce the product’s effectiveness. That said, odor elimination is an important consideration for some people looking to buy a product like this, so we certainly can’t call this a bad product; it’s just not the best in class at doing the job it was designed for.

What Is The Best Calcium Chloride Dehumidifier?

Chemically, all sodium chloride products are the same. Differences in various products arise in the extra charge for additives you may not want or need. Purity matters, and that is the reason we made our recommendation. The product with the highest purity content will be the best calcium chloride dehumidifier.

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