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The Pharaoh S II massage chair is a high-range luxury model with innovative technology and auto programs designed to deliver immense therapeutic benefits. It’s ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain, foot/calf pain, and severe anxiety.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Advanced S/L-track, 4D rollers, XD system for precise massages
  • 24 varied automatic programs
  • Customizable Zero-G seating and heat for comfort
  • Unique “Brain Massage” feature for stress relief
  • Premium genuine leather for durability
  • Ideal for chronic back and foot pain relief


  • High cost may limit accessibility
  • Not suitable for larger body types
  • Too large and heavy for small spaces
  • No footwell heating, reducing comfort
Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who like luxurious aesthetics such as genuine leather, nano-coated shell, and brain massage function.

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I think we can all agree that one of the things that makes massage therapy so enjoyable is that you lay down on that table and get pampered.

It’s enough to make you feel like a king or queen…

And that’s precisely what our Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II review brings to the table. We look closely at an impressive massage chair that costs big bucks but is designed to make you feel like royalty.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh Massage Chair Design Overview

The Bodyfriend brand is well-respected for its luxury massage chairs, with designs that are attractive and out-of-the-box.

Even their massage programs are developed by a special team of medical doctors, which shows how seriously they take quality and customer satisfaction.

The result is a line of highly therapeutic recliners, with one that stands out as the gold standard of home massage.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Massage Chair with dark brown genuine leather upholstery & gold hard shell exterior

The Pharaoh S II is prestigious enough to make a drab living room sparkle with life. This massage chair is coated in gold shine nano-coating with plush burgundy quilted padding inspired by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Could that be why the Bodyfriend Massage Chair Pharaoh price is over $9,000? Keep reading to find out!

Yes, friends, this is a top-tier ergonomic recliner encased in genuine leather, a rarity in a world full of synthetic leather models. It’s durable, provides insulation during the cool and warm months, and is resistant to stains.

The Pharaoh S II dimensions are 61 in x 33.5 in x 47.2 in, and it weighs 335 pounds, so this is one HEAVY piece of furniture. You’ll have to measure out a spacious spot for the Pharaoh, taking the adjustable leg rest and reclining into consideration.

Bodyfriend did help by incorporating Space Saving Technology, which allows the chair to fully recline with only 4” of clearance from the wall. It helps, but small apartment dwellers- you may want to look at smaller models.

We were surprised that it only holds a max weight of 220 pounds for such a big chair. This is below average for a massage chair and not what we expected for the price.

At least the Pharaoh S 2 caters to the tall crowd with its extendable leg rest. It automatically adjusts up to 8, accommodating a height of 6’3”.

We also love that it’s not a springboard design, like with many other chairs. Automatic functions mean less work for you and more time to relax.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh 2 Features

This is where you begin to see how Pharaoh S II sets itself apart from other massage chairs. The technology is state-of-the-art, meticulous, and highly therapeutic, starting with the track and rollers.

S/L- Massage Track + 4D Roller System + XD System

The Pharaoh S 2 massage chair is equipped with the latest massage technology on the market, thanks to the extensive S/L-track and 4D roller system.

The S/L-track is a combination of the most popular track systems. The S-track begins at the base of the neck and follows the curve of the spine before ending at the lumbar region.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Massage Chair with gold hard shell exterior and model name in silver on the side

The L-track extends underneath the seat to massage the thighs and glutes. With both, you get a full-body massage that covers every area with precision.

High-tech 4D rollers glide along the track, kneading into muscle tissue to relieve chronic back pain.

What makes 4D rollers different from other types of rollers is the ability to speed up or slow down automatically according to the amount of tension. They replicate the expert hand movements of a masseuse for the most realistic massage experience possible.

Bodyfriend did us one better and added their one-of-a-kind XD technology. This function allows the user to choose between 2 rollers or 4 rollers that move up/down/front/back along the track. There are also five positions to adjust your comfort level.

This broadens the experience by allowing the rollers to perform new techniques at different angles that are impossible with many other chairs on the market.

As if it couldn’t get any better, high-quality massage balls are strategically placed at the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and glutes to further enhance deep tissue kneading.

Auto Body Scan

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Massage Chair with gold hard shell exterior and black base

Automatic-anything gets an A+ in our book, and that’s exactly the case with the Pharaoh’s auto body scan feature.

To sum it up, it makes life easier. Sensors scan the body, picking up on the main pressure points in the back. Then, the 4D rollers align themselves with the user’s unique dimensions for improved accuracy while massaging.

An auto scan is an upgrade from the older technology requiring the user to adjust the rollers themselves manually the rollers themselves.

Still, this newer technology has its imperfections, and you can’t expect the scan to be 100% accurate all of the time. Therefore, some might require manual tweaking after all.

Zero Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity Seating is one of the most coveted features on the market, but it’s not rare. The majority of modern recliners have it now.

This NASA-inspired concept makes you feel weightless, which offers many benefits, including pain relief, relaxation, and improved blood flow.

The Pharaoh S 2 massage chair’s Zero-G setting reclines to 170-degrees until the legs are slightly elevated above the heart. This releases pressure off the spine and joints for a comfortable, pain-free experience.

Typically you’ll see massage chairs with 1-3 Zero Gravity positions, but this is where the Pharaoh distinguishes itself as a high range recliner. It gives users the freedom to adjust the angle without limits to find the most relaxing position.

Lumbar Heat

Heating is always a welcome element that helps loosen tension and melt away pain.

An illustration of the Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Massage Chair's SL track that starts at the neck & ends under the thighs

While lumbar heat is divine for people who suffer from lower back pain, we are a bit disappointed that the Pharaoh doesn’t offer more heating elements. Generally, chairs that cost this much have full-body heat or at least heat in the footwells.

One detail we do love, though, is that you can control the temperatures with three different levels up to 140 degrees.

With most other chairs, you’re stuck with just one temperature, and you have to cross your fingers and hope it feels good for you.

Pharaoh S II Massage Chair Accessories

While some luxury massage chairs aim to dazzle users with a bounty of accessories, Bodyfriend keeps it simple and instead focuses on providing a high-quality massage experience as you’ve never had before.

You do get the accessories that make the operation a bit easier. Bluetooth connectivity and premium sound speakers allow users to connect their smart devices and plug-in their favorite tunes.

A Smart Remote Controller is clear and easy to follow for one-touch massage activation.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Massage Programs

There’s nothing like discovering that perfect massage program and Bodyfriend gives you all of the auto programs and customization options in the world to achieve that goal.

You get 24 auto programs that let you push a button and jump right into relaxation. Each one incorporates kneading, tapping, chopping, combination (kneading & tapping), rhythmic, and acupressure techniques.

Immaculately designed (by medical experts, no less), there’s literally a massage for any time of the day, whether you’re waking up in the morning, need an afternoon refresher, or want to clear your mind before bed.

Here is a full list of the 24 auto programs:

  • Waist-Focused
  • Neck/Shoulder
  • Recovery
  • Stretch
  • Rest
  • Refresh
  • Auto Upper
  • Auto Lower
  • Office
  • Hip-Up
  • Athlete
  • Adolescent
  • Adolescent
  • Lymphatic
  • Low Lymphatic
  • Digestive
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Feel Your Breath
  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • Heal Your Mind
  • Full Of Hope

Switch to manual mode, and the variety available to customize your massages seems limitless.

You can adjust the massage width by choosing narrow, medium, or wide. There are 6 intensity levels, and the speed can also be adjusted according to the intensity level.

There’s also Massage Spot, which lets the user choose the area of the body they want to be massaged. This includes:

  • Full: The entire body is massaged from head to toe, including Palm Shiatsu with magnetic reflexology for the hands.
  • Partial: The rollers travel up and down covering one particular area.
  • Fixed: The rollers focus on one specific spot until pain and tension are relieved.

Next, let’s take a look at the Pharaoh’sspecialty massage programs. Each one delivers incredible therapeutic value.

Air Massage

When you don’t feel like getting kneaded down to your bones, then an air massage is just the ticket.

It’s less intense than deep tissue massage and can be likened to getting a bear hug from a fluffy cloud.

It really provides a compression massage that relaxes the user, facilitates blood circulation, and stimulates the skin.

The Pharaoh is outfitted with quality airbags located at the shoulders, waist, hips, calves, arms, and feet. There are five intensity levels to choose from.

It’s a standard airbag setup that we’ve seen with many other chairs, but it does feel relaxing, so not much to complain about here.

Foot/Calf Massage

Bodyfriend came through with their leg wells design, except they forgot one important element…the heat!

Instead, they focused on the technology by incorporating four different functions for the ultimate pain relief.

The chair’s calf roller focuses on reducing swelling in the legs, while the calves and feet are also getting compressed by airbags. The sole roller applies a fantastic acupressure massage that pinpoints high-stress areas of the feet.

To complete the experience, the 3-step foot roller uses 18 magnets to soothe and strengthen muscles.

People on their feet for long hours during the day will appreciate the Pharaoh’s foot/calf massage program, but the heat would’ve made it top-notch. For the price, we expected more.

Brain Massage

Bodyfriend includes a Brain Massage program, which is something you won’t find with other massage chairs.

It works by playing healing music combined with binaural beats. A binaural beat is also known as the “third sound” that occurs when two sounds with varying wavelengths enter each ear.

The binaural beat positively affects brain waves, ushering in a sense of calm, boosting moods, and sharpening concentration.

It is especially beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and can even help people with sleep disorders calm down and decompress before going to bed.

Pharaoh Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Genuine leather upholstery
  • S/L-track + 4D rollers + XD system
  • Adjustable Zero-G seating
  • Adjustable heat up to 140 degrees
  • Plenty of customization options
  • 24 auto programs
  • Breakthrough Brain massage for mental health


  • Expensive
  • No heat in the footwells
  • Does not accommodate larger body types
  • Large, heavy chair that may not be suitable for apartments

It’s difficult to find faults with the Pharaoh S II massage chair, and the few it does have are not major. Pharaoh II is a meticulously designed recliner with everything you need to get relief from chronic back and foot/calf pain.

The Brain Massage is especially impressive, venturing into new territory that is rarely seen on the market. Now people with severe anxiety and stress can find relief right at home, with programs specifically designed for a sound mind.

The 4D rollers + XD system is also top-of-the-line, enabling the user to experience new techniques and massage angles that other recliners offer. Add in the robust selection of manual settings, and it just might be possible to perfect your massage.

The biggest gripe we have with the Pharaoh is the expensive price tag. The reason is that other Bodyfriend massage chairs, such as the Palace II and the Phantom II cost less, but have almost identical features.

As far as we can see, the differences are purely aesthetic, but the technology and massage programs are the same.

Still, this chair will live up to your expectations with its design, variety, and advanced massage technology, making the price worth the splurge.

We recommend the Pharaoh S II massage chair for…

  • People who suffer from chronic back pain
  • People who suffer from chronic foot/leg pain
  • People who suffer from stress/anxiety
  • Large households with plenty of space
  • Average body types
  • Anyone who can afford it

Bodyfriend Pharaoh Warranty

All parts, labor, and framework costs are covered in Bodyfriend’s generous 5-year-limited warranty.

Parts and labor are covered for three years, and the framework is covered for five years. You can read the fine print in the user manual.

Comparable Products

If you’ve gotten this far in the review and are still questioning if the Pharaoh S II is the massage chair for you, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of high-range recliners with similar features to see how the Pharaoh stacks up.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists who want an Alexa-capable smart massage chair equipped with an Altec Lansing sound system.

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This is another high-end massage chair designed by one of the leading brands in the industry. You get 3D and 4D rollers, Zero Gravity Seating, and 38 wellness programs for around the same price as the Pharaoh. Alexa is built into the chair so that you can control everything by voice.

Bodyfriend Palace II Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who suffer from chronic pain and value innovative therapeutic features.

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We mentioned that Bodyfriend has models with similar features but cheaper than the Pharaoh, and the Palace 2 is a shining example. You get the same 4D + XD roller system, Brain Massage, 24 auto programs, and a USB charging port and LED lights for around $8,000.

Luraco i7 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for one of the most technologically advanced massage chairs that money can buy today.

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Manufactured in the USA, the Luraco i7 Plus gives users supreme relaxation and convenience with a touchscreen remote controller, a quiet motor system, and tons of customization options to build your massage.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II Review Conclusion

The Pharaoh S II massage chair is an expensive luxury model that provides ample therapeutic benefits with its sophisticated 4D roller system, diverse massage programs, and quality genuine leather exterior.

To conclude this Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II review, this chair is suitable for those who suffer from chronic pain. Still, you can also find very similar features with a less expensive Bodyfriend model, such as the Palace 2 or the Phantom 2. It all boils down to personal style and materials, but know that the massage quality is top-notch.

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