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The Bodyfriend Palace 2 Massage Chair is a high-end model that costs thousands. Still, you get what you pay for: innovative features, 25 auto programs, and manual settings that provide incredible therapeutic value for those who suffer from chronic pain.

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Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • 4D roller system + XD system for life-like massage
  • Zero Gravity Seating with adjustable angles
  • Brain Massage feature
  • Multi-function foot/calf massage
  • 25 auto programs and numerous manual settings


  • Expensive price tag
  • No heat in footwells or full-body heat
  • Large, heavy chair
  • Not suitable for small apartments
  • Does not accommodate large body types
Bodyfriend Palace II Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who suffer from chronic pain and value innovative therapeutic features.

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When you’re on your feet for long hours during the day or sitting upright at a desk, the aches and pains come home with you. Isn’t there a way to get relief without splurging at the chiropractor?

As a matter of fact, there is.

Luxury ergonomic recliners provide incredible therapeutic benefits, and our Bodyfriend Palace II review looks at a model that delivers an exceptional massage experience with breakthrough technology. Let’s get started!

Bodyfriend Palace Design Overview

Bodyfriend is a brand that has quickly gained a reputation for its therapeutic prowess in the massage chair industry.

This South Korean-based company takes its technology so seriously that it has its own team of medical doctors and designers that play a pivotal role in developing new massage programs.

That technology shines through with their high-range Bodyfriend Palace 2 massage chair, which utilizes cutting-edge XD rollers, a foot/calf massage that targets swelling, and a Brain Massage for stress/anxiety.

Just by looking at this thing makes your heart skip a beat. You can’t wait to sit down! It’s plush and futuristic- there’s nothing frumpy about this recliner!

It’s sure to be a conversation starter at all of your family gatherings. But beware- this isn’t your grandpa’s La-Z-Boy recliner. The Palace II costs around $8,000, making this an expensive investment.

Size is another matter, though. The Palace II dimensions are 66.5 in x 35.5 in x 49 in, and it weighs 324 pounds. It’s a heavy chair, so you’ll want to plan your installation carefully and ensure you have enough space in your home.

Luckily, Bodyfriend incorporated Space Saving Technology, so the chair reclines with only 4” of clearance between the wall and backrest.

That’s good news for cramped quarters, although apartment owners should still be wary about the amount of room this Goliath takes up.

One of the design elements we appreciated was the automatic leg rest that extends up to 8” long. This is a blessing for taller folks ranging up to 6’3” in height.

Palace II Massage Chair Specifications

Many chairs on the market have an extendable footrest, but it’s typically a springboard where you must manually apply pressure with your feet. The automatic system enhances the relaxation factor, so Bodyfriend did well here.

Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of Palace II is that it only accommodates a max weight of 265 pounds. That’s average at best, leaving out larger body types that could benefit from the therapeutic bliss it provides.

Nonetheless, this is still a high-caliber recliner with miracle-performing features to spare. Let’s delve deeper into what Palace II can do.

Palace Massage Chair Features

Next up, we take an in-depth look at the features of the Palace 2. In this section of our Bodyfriend Palace II review, we note that the company steered clear of packing this recliner with luxury features and focused, instead, on introducing new therapeutic concepts and more manual variety.

S/L- Massage Track + 4D Roller System + XD System

Palace 2 Massage Chair S/L Massage Track

When a massage chair costs this much, the first thing you want to look at is the massage track and roller system.

High-range massage chairs aim to replicate a masseuse’s hand movements for a life-like massage, as this makes all the difference in the experience.

Thankfully, the Palace II boasts some serious massage technology to make the price worth it.

It comes equipped with an S/L-track that runs down the length of the backrest and underneath the seat to massage the glutes and thighs.

Massage track is considered to be the industry standard. But Bodyfriend takes it one step above by giving the user the option to choose the type of track they want.

For instance, you can focus solely on your back by selecting the S-track. The rollers will follow the natural curve of your spine, stopping at the lumbar region. The same goes for the L-track, or you can combine both.

The roller system is also considered top tier, with 4D rollers that move up, down, front, back, and away from the track. The rollers speed up or down depending on the amount of tension in the area. You can also choose your intensity level for a deeper massage.

Palace Massage Chair XD System

You also get the cutting edge XD system that lets the user select if they want to be massaged with 2 or 4 rollers, with five different positioning levels to choose from.

The positioning levels open the doors to more massage techniques, allowing the rollers to work multiple angles around the shoulders and back that you wouldn’t experience with most of the chairs on the market.

Bodyfriend perfected their massage therapy by placing massage balls at the shoulders, waist, arms, hips, and calves for a multi-sensory extravaganza.

In other words, you will be in heaven as those 4D rollers and balls melt away tension, pain, and muscle tightness.

Auto Body Scan

Bodyfriend Palace Auto Body Scan

The auto body scan feature is convenient because it automatically adjusts the rollers to the user’s dimensions by locating the pressure points of the back via sensors.

It is important because it improves the accuracy of the massage, so the user receives the most relief possible, no matter their body type.

Honestly, this is a common feature on the market, so nothing special here. Be ready to manually adjust the rollers because sometimes this scanning technology isn’t 100% accurate.

Zero Gravity Positioning

Bodyfriend Palace 2 Zero Gravity Seating

Imagine feeling weightless, as if you’re floating in outer space. Without the pressure of gravity, your muscles and joints can “breathe,” and pain is minimized.

That’s the idea behind the popular Zero Gravity Seating feature, a concept inspired by NASA.

It works by reclining to an angle that elevates the legs slightly above the heart. Besides soothing away pain and fostering a state of relaxation, blood circulation is facilitated throughout the body.

As you can tell, this isn’t a new feature either, and most massage chairs have it. What sets the Palace II apart from the competition is that it reclines to 170 degrees. The user has all of the power to adjust the angle as desired.

Typically you only see recliners offering 1-3 Zero-G positions, so this type of freedom is rare and a major upgrade.


Bodyfriend Palace 2 Heating

This is one of the Palace II’s features that we aren’t super amped about. Heating is a small yet powerful therapeutic function that aids in loosening muscles for pain relief.

It’s effective for people who suffer from chronic back pain or play sports and want a recovery massage.

We aren’t impressed with the heating function on the Palace II because it only covers the lower back. There are high-range chairs that provide full-body heat or heat in the lumbar region and footwells.

Thankfully, Bodyfriend did make it possible to adjust the temperature between three levels up to 140 degrees, which displays their penchant for variety and is a rare detail to find on the market.

Bodyfriend Palace 2 Chair Accessories

Palace II Massage Chair USB Port

The Palace 2 massage chair has a few accessories to enhance the overall massage experience. After all, relaxation is more than just kneading- you’ve got to get into that tranquil mood.

Bodyfriend accomplishes this by equipping the Palace with a Bluetooth connection and a premium speaker system. The Bluetooth feature allows the user to connect their smartphone and enjoy the playlist of their choice while receiving a massage.

Furthermore, there is a handy USB port for charging devices and soothing Chromotherapy LED lights on the side panel.

A Smart Remote Control comes with the chair for easy access to every feature and setting.

Bodyfriend Palace II Massage Programs

The massage programming of the Palace II is a shining example of Bodyfriend’s therapeutic ingenuity.

It’s packed with 25 auto programs designed and tested by their elite medical staff.

Each program allows the user to choose a massage that corresponds with their physical or mental needs, including techniques such as kneading, tapping, chopping, combination (kneading & tapping), and acupressure.

Palace 2 Massage Chair Features

The 25 Auto Programs include:

  • Waist-Focused
  • Neck/Shoulder
  • Recovery
  • Stretch
  • Rest
  • Refresh
  • Auto Upper
  • Auto Lower
  • Office
  • Hip-Up
  • Athlete
  • Adolescent
  • Rejuvenate
  • Lymphatic
  • Low Lymphatic
  • Digestive
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Feel Your Breath
  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • Heal Your Mind
  • Full Of Hope

There’s a manual mode that lets you customize your massage with a smorgasbord of settings, which, in our opinion, is one of the most diverse menus we’ve seen.

The rollers operate at 23-36 kneads per minute, with the ability to adjust the speed. An auto-timer lets you choose between 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes for your massage duration.

You can also choose the area of the body you want to be massaged as follows:

  • Full body: Rollers and airbags massage the entire body, including Palm Shiatsu with magnetic reflexology on the hands.
  • Partial: The rollers move up and down a specific area.
  • Fixed: This mode targets a specific spot on the body.

There are three specialty programs that we’ll discuss next: air massage, calf/leg massage, and brain massage.

Air Massage

Palace II Massage Chair Front View

Air massage is found with many massage chairs, offering a full-body compression massage using inflated airbags.

This compression stimulates the skin, relaxing the body and boosting blood flow. It’s a great low-intensity option for when you aren’t up for a deep tissue roller massage.

The Palace II has a standard air massage setup, with bags located at the shoulders, waist, arms, hips, and calves. There are five intensity levels to choose from.

Calf/Leg Massage

Palace II Massage Chair Calf/Leg Massage

The calf/foot massage on the Palace II massage chair is meticulously designed to deliver therapeutic benefits for people who suffer from chronic pain.

The footwells are outfitted with four functions that reduce swelling while massaging pressure points. There are three intensity levels to choose from.

  • Calf Roller: These special rollers work over the calf muscles, targeting swelling.
  • Airbags: Inflated airbags embrace the feet and calves with stimulating compression.
  • Sole Roller: Acupressure rollers hit the main pressure points of the soles to relieve pain.
  • 3-Step Rollers: Located underneath the feet, these rollers use 18 magnets to massage and soothe.

This is an excellent design if you suffer from foot/leg pain, as many chairs on the market might have rollers or airbags in the footwells, but not a detailed combination such as this.

The only big drawback is that there is no heat! There are quite a few chairs with heated footwells, which greatly adds to the therapeutic value. Bodyfriend could’ve done better here!

Brain Massage

Bodyfriend Palace 2 Backfront

The patented Brain Massage is one of Bodyfriend’s standout features because it’s rare to see a massage chair offer techniques for mental health.

But how does it work?

There are multiple Brain massage programs to choose from, where healing music is infused with binaural beats. These beats are the third sound that occurs when two different sounds enter each ear at the same time.

Binaural beats positively impact brainwaves, boosting moods, sharpening concentration, and relieving stress/anxiety.

It can also calm the mind before going to sleep, making it a suitable program for those who suffer from sleep disorders.

Palace II Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • 4D roller system + XD system delivers a life-like massage.
  • Zero Gravity Seating with adjustable angles.
  • Brain Massage.
  • Multi-function foot/calf massage.
  • 25 auto programs.
  • Numerous manual settings.


  • Expensive.
  • No heat in the footwells or full-body heat.
  • Large, heavy chair.
  • Not suitable for small apartments.
  • Does not accommodate large body types.

Bodyfriend came through yet again with another technological marvel that ups the therapeutic game. There’s no doubt about it- this is a phenomenal massage chair.

You get the quality, versatility, and precision that you’d expect from a chair that costs thousands, plus technology that focuses on balancing both physical and mental well-being.

The S/L- Massage Track and 4D roller system are superb, especially since you can choose the type of track you want. Bodyfriend added their XD system, which gives you more techniques and angles to work with for an improved experience.

They made sure to include every feature that is vital for health, such as Zero Gravity Seating, heat(although they could’ve added more heated areas), and airbags.

Our favorite part of this chair, though, is the massage variety. You get 25 auto programs, including Brain massage and a multitude of manual settings.

The drawbacks are few, but the two dealbreakers, in our view, are the price and the weight capacity. Not everyone can afford a high-range chair like this.

The Palace II is suitable for…

  • Anyone who can afford it
  • People who suffer from chronic back pain
  • People who suffer from chronic foot/leg pain
  • People who suffer from stress/anxiety
  • Large households with plenty of space
  • Average body types

Palace 2 Massage Chair Warranty

Bodyfriend offers a stellar 5-Year-Limited Warranty on the Palace II massage chair. It covers all parts and labor for three years, and the framework is covered for all five years. You can read the fine print in the user manual.

Comparable Products

If you’re wondering how the Palace II stacks up against other high-range massage chairs, we’ve included a shortlist of models with similar feature sets and a mid to high price range.

Bodyfriend Phantom 2 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who suffer from chronic back/leg/foot pain and severe anxiety.

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This is another Bodyfriend creation sporting an almost identical feature set. The aesthetic design is different, inspired by first-class seating on an airplane. If you don’t care for the rounded look of the Palace II, you might prefer the Phantom 2 instead.

Luraco i7 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for one of the most technologically advanced massage chairs that money can buy today.

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Manufactured in the US, this recliner has one important element that the Palace II doesn’t- full-body heat. You also get an innovative Twist Stretch, 3-layer foot massage, and unlimited, customizable massages.

Kahuna is another brand with a respected reputation in the industry, especially when it comes to therapeutic value. This recliner offers 15 unique programs and an extensive 51” massage track. Best of all, it’s perfect for larger body types, accommodating up to 330 pounds.

Bodyfriend Palace II Review Conclusion

The Palace II massage chair is a serious model with an expensive price tag, but you get what you pay for. All of the features, from the 4D/XD roller system to the Brain massage, are focused on delivering therapeutic benefits that transform well-being.

To conclude this Bodyfriend Palace II review, we recommend this recliner to people who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety/stress. Even though it’s expensive, it may help you cut down on chiropractor visits, and you’ll make back the money you invested in due time.

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