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Burris Scopes are quite popular in the shooting industry, and there is some confusion to where they are made.

Where are Burris Scopes made?

Well, the Philippines produce the parts and assemble most of the optics, but a few are still assembled in the United States.

Burris was started by Don Buriss, a former Redfield optic employee. Don contributed greatly to the rifle scope industry and was responsible for innovations like 4-12x and 6-18x power optics.

He also helped created a non-magnifying, centered reticle that is used in almost all magnified scopes. Burris would be constantly at the forefront of optics technology up until this day.

The most popular optic in their line is the Burris Fullfield 2. The Fullfield 2 is a variable magnification scope that is extremely popular with hunters. The reason being is that it’s a premium scope, at an excellent price.

When compared to other popular optic options the Fullfield 2 performs just as well as comparable brands, but comes in at a lower price. Plus, you get the Burris Forever warranty, which gives you peace of mind when spending a few hundred dollars.

The Fullfield 2 uses premium high-grade optical glass and is combined with a Hi-Lume multi-coating that provides a clear and consistent picture. The addition of steel on steel adjustments allows the user to maintain repeatable accuracy in the field on the range.

It is also waterproof, nitrogen-filled, and shockproof. The tube is a one-piece design that withstands whatever else you can toss at it. It’s an excellent scope and priced affordably enough.

Things Keep Getting Smaller

An Image of Burris FastFire Red Dot for Where Are Burris Scopes Made

In 2007, Burris changed the game with the Burris Fastfire.

The Fastfire is an incredibly small red dot optic that actually helps spawn the use of red dot sights on handguns. Initially, an ultra small red dot was commonly used as a backup optic.

When paired with a magnified scope, the user will have the ability to instantly switch to a close range optic. The concept was, and still is popular with action shooting sports and tactical operations. However, the Burris Fastfire proved itself to be the perfect size for a handgun.

Fast forward to nearly a decade and the idea of miniature red dot sights on handguns is no longer just for open class competitors with highly tuned race guns. These days they are finding acceptance with shooters of all types, including concealed carriers.

The Burris Fastfire now has a total of three generations and remains one of the most popular options for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It’s a tiny optic that weighs less than an ounce without any mounting hardware.

It also allows a handgun to work with almost any holster already available for your handgun. It’s faster than iron sights, more accurate, and makes longer range shots easy.

Then they Got Bigger!

An Image of Burris 200116 Eliminator for Where Are Burris Scopes Made

Burris changed the game again with the creation of the Burris Eliminator. The Eliminator was designed for long to medium range rifles and was built with the quality you expect from Burris. It provides a clear picture, variable magnification, excellent reticles, and a durable nature.

What sets this rifle scope apart is the fact it features a built-in laser range finder. This makes looking through the scope a heads up display, and not just a sight picture.

An Image of Eliminator® III for Where Are Burris Scopes Made

The Eliminator is capable of accurately choosing range from 750 yards on a non-reflective target, and 1200 on a reflective target.

To make the most of the Eliminator you need to use Burris’ website and software to custom calibrate the Burris Eliminator to your specific rifle, load of choice, muzzle velocity, bullet type, etc. You can dial all of this information into the easy to use software.

It’s a simple step-by-step process, and all the information you need can be found with a Google search.  At the end, you’ll have all the information you need to program your scope, and a link to a PDF if you don’t know how to program said scope.

This is probably the easiest way to ever shoot past a thousand yards. The Burris Eliminator proved to be more than a gimmick and showed that technology and optics can be combined to achieve something greater.

Tactical Options

An Image of AR 332 for Where Are Burris Scopes Made

In the recent years, there is no denying the tactical rifle market has exploded. ARs, AKs, G3 clones, Tavors, and more are extremely popular. None more than the AR 15. Burris saw an opportunity and an opening in the market.

In general, tactical optics for the AR 15 fall into two categories: cheap junky stuff, or extremely high-end optics. Burris found a spot in the middle and planted their flags. Their mid-priced line of AR 15 optics made it near impossible to compete.

Their optics are not just simple red dots, but actual magnified optics. They are complete with ballistic reticles or bullet drop compensators. These allow the shooter to accurately place shots out to 600 yards without much effort.

The AR 332 is a 3 power optic and the AR 536 is a 5 power optic. Either of the two gives the user a magnified tactical option for their AR 15. Both are also outfitted with a few small sections of Picatinny rails. This allows the mounting of a smaller optic, like the Fastfire.

The Burris Solution

Burris makes a very wide range of optics and covers nearly everything optically related. Even though the optics are built in the Philippines they are still high quality. The Philippines has a long tradition of weapons manufacturing and optics are just a step in the same direction.

An Image of AR15 Rifle Scope for Where Are Burris Scopes Made

The idea of the Philippines producing cheap crap is a myth. They do produce high-quality products, and Burris is a testament to this.


  1. Arthur V. says:

    Where can I buy this nice elimination 3? Do we have store in the Philippine that sales the unit?

    1. Consumer Files says:

      Hello Arthur.
      We believe Amazon ships to The Philippines. Here’s the newest model: https://amzn.to/2IKvTdb
      Thanks for stopping by!

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