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The WES41-700S is a mid-range massage chair with a limited feature set, plenty of customization, and a basic quad roller system. It’s ideal for people who prefer building their massages in manual mode and for those who want back pain relief.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Zero Gravity Seating for enhanced comfort
  • Extensive massage track for comprehensive massage
  • Lumbar heat feature for back pain relief
  • Memory profiles for personalized settings
  • Ample customization options in manual mode


  • Expensive considering features offered
  • Older quad roller system may affect massage quality
  • No heat or rollers in the footwells for complete relaxation
  • Lack of airbags in the hips and shoulders may limit massage coverage

Relaxation is paramount in today’s busy world, but paying for a masseuse is expensive.

That’s why massage chairs are becoming a popular way to relieve stress at home. But the challenge is wading through the market to find the one meant for you.

In our Westinghouse WES41-700s premium massage chair review, we take a close look at a standard model with a mid-range price. Is it worth the splurge? Read on to find out!

Westinghouse WES41-700S Design Overview

Westinghouse is an electric appliance company that isn’t well-known in the massage chair market. The company has been around since 1886, when electricity was a new concept.

They have been manufacturing a diverse range of electronic products for decades. So when we saw the WES41-700s-black massage chair, it piqued our curiosity.

It certainly doesn’t look like other contemporary chairs on the market. Instead of the trendy futuristic pod-look, the WES41-700s is designed more like a conventional recliner chair you’d see at grandpa’s house.

WES41-700S massage chair with black PU upholstery and exterior, dark silver highlights, and a pouch for the remote

Now right away, we could tell that it’s a basic massage chair, meaning you’re not going to get all of the bells and whistles that you would with well-known brands.

This is surprising since the WES41-700s costs between $2,500 to $4,000. That’s considered mid-range, so we would expect a fairly decent amount of luxury features.

But it does have a cushy seat and backrest encased in faux leather. And the footrest can extend to different lengths to accommodate varying heights.

It is a heavy chair weighing 200 pounds, and it’s not easy to maneuver through a door with dimensions of 47.24″ x 30.31″ x  55.11″. You’ll need to plan where you want to put this bad boy and then keep it there…forever.

We were pleased to see that it includes space-saving technology and can recline fully with 4” of clearance from the wall. That is above average, as the best chairs on the market do 5” or less.

However, for its large size, it can only accommodate a max weight of 250 pounds. It is suited for average body types, leaving out the large/tall crowd.

The big question, though, is what this ergonomic recliner can do? We’ll get into that next in the features section!

WES41-700S Features

To be honest, we expected a little more pizzazz for the price, but a couple of popular therapeutic features are included with the WES41-700s. Let’s dive in.

Quad Rollers + Extensive Track

Illustration of a man sitting on the Westinghouse WES41-700S and the chair's track that starts at the neck

The massage track and roller system are arguably the most important parts of the chair since this is where you’re going to experience the quality and precision of the massage technology.

We feel that the WES41-700s falls short here. And that’s because we’ve seen much more affordable recliners on the market with more advanced systems consisting of 3D and 4D rollers.

The WES41-700s does have an extensive track that starts at the base of the neck and travels down underneath the seat to massage the thighs, so the body coverage is excellent.

But quad rollers are older technology, and we definitely would’ve expected at least 3D rollers for the price.

The difference between quad and 3D/4D is that quad rollers only move up, down, and horizontally along the track.

While quads can perform many techniques, it doesn’t come close to feeling like real hands compared to 3D/4D rollers.

That’s because 3D/4D rollers can move up, down, and away from the track (in and out).

You can adjust the depth of the rollers to receive an intense deep tissue massage, and 4D rollers will automatically speed up or slow down when they sense any tension.

Zero Gravity Seating

Illustration of a man sitting on the WES41-700S in zero gravity recline with the legs elevated

The WES41-700s offers a Zero Gravity function, which considerably boosts the therapeutic appeal. But what is it?

Zero Gravity is a reclined angle that makes the user feel weightless. It’s a concept inspired by NASA and the release of gravitational pull against the body.

The user feels deeply relaxed in this position, with tension melting away from the spine and joints. Blood circulation improves, and pain in the back melts away.

It is one of the most sought-after features on the market today, so you’ll see plenty of chairs that offer it. The key with Zero Gravity is the number of positions the chair performs.

The WES41-700s only has one position, which is the bare minimum you’ll see on low-range chairs that cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000.

Mid-range to high-end chairs typically offer 2-3 positions, which is what we would’ve expected from the WES41-700s for how much it costs.

But one position is still beneficial if you suffer from chronic back pain, especially when your spine is pressed firmly against the rollers for a deeper massage.

Lumbar Heat

Westinghouse WES41-700S massage chair with glowing orange on the back area, indicating extensive heat

Heat is also a fan favorite because who doesn’t like that tantalizing warmth soothing sore muscles?

The WES41-700s has heating pads in the backrest, giving people with chronic back pain another reason to smile.

We are going to be picky again and ask why they didn’t throw some heating pads in the footrest like other recliners we’ve seen, but heat is still a welcome luxury that enhances the quality of the back massage.

Massage Programs

This is where we feel the WES41-700s truly shines, particularly with the number of manual options on the menu.

Five auto programs come in handy when you’re not in a creative mood and just want to relax ASAP.

The five auto programs are:

  • Comfort
  • Relax
  • Decompress
  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Back and Waist

These programs are a special combination of the five massage techniques that the WES41-700s can perform: Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, and simultaneous kneading and tapping.

Now, this is where it gets fun because you can also build your massages with these techniques in manual mode.

There are three intensity levels (low, medium, and strong), three width adjustments, and three speeds.

Best of all, the WES41-700s features memory mode with three memory profiles to save your adjustments. This is pretty rare to find on the market, and it’s a nifty function, so you don’t lose or have to reprogram your preferences. Big brownie points scored here!

Air Massage

Illustration of a man sitting on the Westinghouse WES41-700S and the chair's rollers and airbags

We were happy to see that the WES41-700s has an air massage mode, which gives users a choice between a full-body roller massage, compression massage, or both at the same time.

Compression massage is incredibly relaxing, with massage enthusiasts likening it to being in the center of a cloud sandwich.

Compression feels less intense than deep kneading rollers, invigorating the surface muscles and loosening tightness.

This is accomplished with airbags, and the WES41-700s has them situated at the arms, legs, and feet.

They did skimp a little, as we are used to seeing mid-range chairs with airbags at the hips and shoulders for an authentic full-body experience.

At least they give users three airbag massage modes, so you can isolate air compression to the arms, feet/legs, or opt for full body.

WES41-700S Pros vs. Cons


  • Zero Gravity Seating
  • Extensive massage track
  • Lumbar heat
  • Memory profiles
  • Ample customization in manual mode


  • Expensive for what it offers
  • Older quad roller system
  • No heat or rollers in the footwells
  • No airbags in the hips and shoulders

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the WES41-700s is a solid chair, and the company behind it has been in the electric appliance business since, well, the discovery of electricity. That does say a lot for the quality and innovation.

However, we do feel that the WES41-700s is overpriced for what it offers. There are many other models on the market designed by brands dedicated solely to massage technology.

You can at least find an S/L-track or L-track setup with high-tech 3D/4D rollers and a much more sophisticated foot/calf massage with acupressure rollers, airbags, and heat.

The other drawbacks are minor, but the massage technology should be more advanced for what you’re paying.

The WES41-700s does offer some therapeutic benefits for people with back pain due to the Zero Gravity position and back heat. But, again, you can find more affordable therapeutic-based chairs on the market designed to relieve chronic pain.

We recommend the WES41-700S Massage Chair for…

  • People who can afford it
  • People who suffer from back pain
  • People who prefer manual mode to build their massages

Westinghouse WES41-700S Premium Massage Chair Warranty

Westinghouse offers a limited one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This covers manufacturing faults and defects. You can read more in the WES41-700s user manual.

Comparable Products

If you’ve made it this far in our WES41-700s review, then you might be curious about how it stacks up against other massage chairs in the same price range. We’ve listed other highly-rated models below for you to consider.

Osaki OS-4000LS Massage Chair

The chair can accommodate taller individuals with broader shoulders better than the OS 4000 or the OS 4000T.

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For a little more than $2,000, the Titan Chair offers a robust feature set that includes an auto body scan, two Zero Gravity positions, 24 airbags, and six massage styles.

Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Taller and wider built users. However, for the price, it lacks features like 3D rollers and massage intensity settings.

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This brand is renowned for its therapeutic features at an affordable price. You get 3D rollers and a nice variety of auto programs, including the divine Yoga stretch. The Kahuna chair also accommodates up to 320 pounds, making this suitable for larger body types.

Real Relax Favor-03 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists looking for a good deal on a standard recliner or for those who suffer from foot/leg pain.

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The Favor-03 doesn’t have the most advanced back roller system, but we love it because of the impeccable foot/calf massage it offers with foot rollers, airbags, and heat. It also costs less than $1,000. It is ideal for someone who suffers from chronic foot/leg pain.

Westinghouse WES41-700s Premium Massage Chair Review Conclusion

When it comes down to it, the WES41-700s has a limited feature set for a high price. Not only is it limited, but the massage roller technology is a bit outdated compared to other models that cost around the same.

To conclude this Westinghouse WES41-700s premium massage chair review, this recliner does have perks, such as  Zero-G positioning, manual mode, and memory mode. But as far as therapeutic value and luxury features go, other chairs offer more bang for your buck.

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