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Fresh on the market, the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair was introduced at the end of 2016. It has many top-of-the-line features like SL-Track, foot rollers, shoulder-to-toe air massage, and a six-roller system. Plus, it’s specifically designed to fit taller and wider built users comfortably. Even so, it’s lack features you expect for the price like 3D rollers and massage intensity settings.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Smart body scan
  • SL massage track
  • 2D six-roller system
  • Heat therapy
  • Zero Gravity
  • Chromotherapy LED lights


  • No 3D massage
  • No built-in speakers
  • No calf rollers
Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Taller and wider built users. However, for the price, it lacks features like 3D rollers and massage intensity settings.

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The Kahuna SM7300 massage chair is a new model introduced at the end of 2016. It’s outfitted with popular features like a combination S-Track and L-Track, mechanical foot rollers, and a six-roller system.

But what separates it from other massage chairs is its wide design — inches wider than the standard chair. Even so, is it worth the $6,000 price tag? In this Kahuna SM7300 review, we’re taking an in-depth look at all of the features to find out!

Features of the Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair

Smart Body Scan

An image of Kahuna SM7300  in Zero Gravity position

Massage chairs over $2,000 should feature some sort of body scan technology. Without it, during massage programs, the rollers move in a fixed range based on a standard height. And since no standard height exists, the rollers hit too low, high, or don’t provide enough coverage for many users.

The other alternative is to position the rollers manually each time you want a massage. Both ways can be cumbersome, especially if you want your massage chair to do most of the work — and do it well.

Fortunately, the Kahuna SM7300 features a smart body scan. During the scan, the rollers move up and down your back and determine your height before automatically adjusting to give you a custom-fit massage. The scan on the Kahuna SM7300 is fairly straightforward and doesn’t locate pressure points or bones but is good at locating your neck and shoulders.

SL Massage Track

An image of SL Track in Kahuna SM7300

A massage track is what the roller heads move along as they massage. Massage tracks vary in length, but there are two main types: S-Tracks and L-Tracks.

S-Tracks typically extend from the neck to the tailbone and are “S” shaped to contour to the natural shape of the spine. The shape allows the rollers to keep consistent contact and pressure in curved areas like the neck and lower back.

Because, after all, your back isn’t a straight line from top to bottom. S-Tracks are the most common type of massage track and should be expected on any high-quality chair.

L-Tracks, however, are not as common but are very popular. L-Tracks are “L” shaped and extend from where S-Tracks leave off at the tailbone into the seat of the chair adding 15 or more inches of massage range. L-Tracks allow the rollers to treat under the buttocks and thighs — two places S-Tracks can’t.

On the Kahuna SM7300, they combine S-Track and L-Track to create an SL-Track — a unified track that extends from the neck to the buttock.

2D Six-Roller System

Along the track moves a feature not often found on massage chairs: a six roller system. So instead of having the usual four rollers, the Kahuna SM7300 features two sets of three.

The roller massage is based on shiatsu therapy, a traditional Japanese method used to bring balance to the body’s energy (called “Qi” or “Chi” in Chinese and “Ki” in Japanese) to encourage mental, physical, and spiritual healing and wellbeing. “In Japanese, shiatsu means ‘finger pressure,’ and techniques include massages with fingers, palms, and thumbs for joint manipulation, stretching, and mobilization,” explains Kahuna.

On the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair, the rollers are “2D,” which means they move in two ways: vertically and horizontally. Since they only move up and down and side to side, the rollers don’t provide the same level of penetrating pressure as 3D rollers.

With 3D rollers, intensity (the depth of protrusion of the rollers) is adjustable — an important feature for those who want deep tissue massage. Not to say that the roller massage on the Kahuna SM7300 is weak by any means, but the level of intensity customization is less than what you can find on other similarly priced chairs.

Air Massage

In addition to roller massage, the Kahuna SM7300 features air massage technology. Airbags are a go-to component for massage chair manufacturers because they can go where rollers can’t — the arms and sides of the body. They also perform differently than rollers.

Since airbags are dependent on air, their movements are limited to inflate and deflate, press and release. So, whereas rollers provide a variety of kneading, tapping, and rolling massages, airbags provide compression massage.

On the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair, the airbags have been redesigned to reduce the overall number, while increasing the surface area.

With fewer airbags, the chair is quieter, more energy efficient, and since it has less moving parts, more mechanically sound.

Let’s take a look at the air massage areas on the Kahuna SM7300…

  • Shoulder airbags squeeze the sides of the shoulders and help hold the body against the backrest during roller massage and stretch programs.
  • Arm and hand airbags treat the top and bottoms of the forearms and hands. The arm and hand massagers are lined with rubber points that stimulate the skin as the airbags massage.
  • Hip airbags located in the back and side of the seat inflate and deflate independently to twist and stretch the lower back and hips.
  • Calf and Feet airbags line the ottoman to compress the legs and feet and hold the lower body in place during stretch programs.

Calf and Foot Massage

You’ll often see massage chair ottomans with nodes or some sort of protrusion that applies pressure to the bottoms of the feet. However, these don’t quite compare to the real thing: mechanical foot rollers. Without them, the feet simply don’t get the treatment they deserve.

Fortunately, besides air bags, the calf and foot massager ottoman on the Kahuna SM7300 has mechanical foot rollers. These rollers aren’t your standard spinning foot rollers. They perform three massage techniques at once: a roller massage on the ball of the foot, gliding massage on the arch, and pressure point massage on the sole.

You can also have two intensity levels to choose from. If both are too strong, a thick pair of socks is an easy way to lessen the intensity.

The calf and foot ottoman on the Kahuna SM7300 also comes with removable and machine-washable covers. To clean the covers, unzip them and toss them in the washing machine — simple as that!

Heat Therapy

In the lower back portion of the chair is a heating pad that radiates warmth to the lumbar area. Heat therapy is a common massage chair feature because it has a distinctly massage-enhancing benefit. This one causes the muscles to relax which allows the rollers to give a deeper, more effective massage.

Heat also dilates the blood vessels, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients. As new oxygen and nutrient-rich blood reach the lower back, damaged tissues are repaired. And, of course, heat also has a cozy effect that comforts and soothes the mind and body.

Zero Gravity

An image of Kahuna SM7300 ln zero gravity state

Another favorite therapeutic feature on the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair is Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity is a reclined chair position originally designed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the gravitational stress of taking off. In Zero Gravity, the body is reclined, so its weight is shifted to and evenly distributed across the backrest. Also, it elevates the legs at or above the heart.

Think about it: At all times gravity is pressing down on you. There’s no way to escape it, which means there’s constant vertical pressure on your body. But thanks to Zero Gravity, you can at least shift some of that weight to the chair so your spine and body can relax and decompress.

Zero Gravity also has a massage-enhancing benefit: by positioning your body, so it’s held against the backrest, it uses the power of gravity to its advantage to push you on the rollers for a more intense massage.

Space Saving Design

Unlike many massage chairs that require 12 to 15 inches of space to recline fully, the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair only requires 5 to 6. Thanks to its space-saving technology, the SM7300 moves forward as it reclines back cutting the space needed behind it in half. Good news if you’ve been unsure about whether you can fit a massage chair in your house. With the Kahuna SM7300, you get the big massage chair, without the big footprint.

Chromotherapy LED Lights

An image of Kahuna SM7300 showing Chromotherapy Led Lights

On the sides of the Kahuna SM7300 are LED chromotherapy lights. Chromotherapy is a form of color therapy that uses specific colors to stimulate healing in the mind and body. The lights cast a soft hue on the walls surrounding the massage chair in a dark room.

Wider Shoulders and Seat

A standout feature on the Kahuna SM7300 is its larger build. It’s 2 inches wider at the shoulders and 1 inch wider in the seat than standard massage chairs. It’s also a large chair in general and can fit users up to 6 foot 5 and 320 pounds.

While that’s a compelling feature for larger users, if you’re petite or have a narrow frame, the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair might not fit as comfortably as you’d want. And since the shoulder airbags aren’t adjustable, you won’t get the same level of contact as wider-build users would.

Handheld LCD Remote

The handheld remote controls all of the auto programs and manual mode options. A bright LCD screen at the top of the remote displays all of the active programs, so you know always know which settings are selected. Under the screen, a “Quick Relaxation” button gives you easy access to a short full-body massage program.

A “Menu” button lets you adjust the manual settings like speed, width, and intensity. And an “Auto” button gives you access to all of the auto programs.

There are four arrows and an “OK” button in the center of the remote for navigation. And at the bottom, four buttons control the backrest, footrest, and Zero Gravity. That’s it!

Massage Programs and Techniques on the Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair

The Kahuna SM7300 doesn’t have as many massage techniques as many other similarly priced massage chairs. However, what it does have covers the fundamental (and perhaps most effective) movements you’d expect, including:

  • Tapping. Uses rhythmic and rapid-tapping strokes.
  • Kneading. Uses small circular motions to compress soft tissue against itself or underlying bone.
  • Tapping and Kneading. Combines the small circular motions of kneading and the quick strokes of tapping.
  • Rolling. Moves the rollers up and down on either side of the spin
  • Shiatsu. Uses pointed “finger pressure” to stretch and press the muscles.

The massage programs on the Kahuna SM7300 use a combination of the above techniques and are divided into two categories: signature programs and other programsBoth are fully-automated massage programs, but it seems Kahuna likes to highlight a few as “signature.” There are nine total auto programs, five of which are the signatures.

If you like the idea of pressing a button and letting the massage chair take care of the rest, automatic programs are what you want. Each program is designed around a certain theme or benefit, for example, pain relief.

The auto programs are:

  • Yoga Stretching – Uses a combination of massage techniques and air massage to pull, twist and stretch the body and is designed to help eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Athlete – A full-body massage that helps proactively avoid muscle injury and reduce soreness after physical activity.
  • Relaxation – A soft full-body massage intended to gently relax the muscles.
  • Pain Relief – A gentle massage intended to ease muscle aches and speed up recovery.
  • Fast Recovery – Uses sports therapy techniques to flush lactic acid and help muscle recovery.
  • Office Person – Concentrates on the neck and shoulders.
  • Senior Mode – A gentle, full-body massage.
  • Golfer Mode – Concentrates on the lower back, hips, and legs.
  • Dynamic Sport – An invigorating massage to refresh and revive the muscles.

Or, if you’d rather skip the auto programs and customize your own massage, the manual mode options give you control over settings like technique, intensity, and location.

Let’s take a closer look at the customization options on the Kahuna SM7300 Massage chair.

Customization and Manual Mode Options on the Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair

Although the Kahuna SM7300 does have quite a few customization options, it’s not as much robust as you’d expect for the price. Here’s what’s available:

An image of Kahuna SM7300 showing Options
  • Air Massage Intensity. You can adjust the air massage intensity up to three levels.
  • Massage Roller Speed. You can adjust the speed of the massage roller heads up to three levels.
  • Massage Width Settings. You can customize the width of the rollers — how narrow or wide they fit your spine — up to three levels.
  • Spot Massage. You can focus your massage on a particular area.
  • Position Adjust. You can adjust the position of the rollers.
  • Foot Roller. You can turn the foot rollers, on, off, or add them to any massage program.
  • Adjustable Timer. An adjustable timer lets you add time to any massage program in increments of 10 up to a 30-minute maximum.
  • Removable Padding. There is a removable pad located behind the head that increases the intensity of massage when removed.

Color Variants of Kahuna SM 7300

A smaller image of Kahuna SM7300 in Black color
A smaller image of Kahuna SM7300 in Dark Brown color
Dark Brown/ Black

Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair Specifications and Dimensions

Chair dimensions

65″L X 35″W X 52″H

Recommended maximum user weight

320 lbs

Recommended user height

5’0″ to 6’5″

Required Recline Clearance


Power Consumption


Chair weight

247 lbs

What’s Missing on the Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair

If you’re shopping in the $6,000 massage chair price range, you have a lot of options. So it’s important to know the Kahuna SM7300, while equipped with some popular features, lacks a few you might expect or want, including:

No 3D Massage

Like we mentioned above, the Kahuna SM7300 is a 2D massage chair. So its rollers only move up and down and side to side. There are no adjustments for roller massage intensity or depth, which limits how much you can customize your massage.

For the price, we’d expect 3D (or more) massage capabilities, plus the accompanying intensity customizations. There are other similarly priced massage chairs like the Apex Regal and Human Touch Navitas. These chairs retail for $5,000 and $6,000, respectively and are both equipped with 4D massage rollers and a robust set of massage programs and techniques.

No Built-In Speakers

Another common massage chair feature you won’t find on the Kahuna SM7300 is a sound systemNo built-in speakers, no aux inputs, and no Bluetooth connectivity. While that doesn’t affect the actual quality of your massage, it’s a massage-enhancing feature that many users enjoy.

No Calf Rollers

Calf rollers aren’t a very common massage chair feature. In fact, only two massage chairs (that we know of) have them: the Human Touch Navitas and the Apex Ultra. And out of the two models, only the Human Touch Navitas has real calf rollers. On the Apex Ultra, they’re more like spinning nodes. The Human Touch Navitas massage chair, however, has rollers that move up and down the calves like back rollers. These even come with their own techniques and intensity settings which make them 3D calf rollers.

Even though they’re uncommon, massage chairs in a similar price range as the Kahuna SM7300 have them. So if you’re looking for a massage chair that can provide you with the most comprehensive calf and foot massage possible, check out one of the chairs above.

Additional Considerations

Two Year Warranty

While many massage chair companies offer a one-year full warranty, the Kahuna SM7300 comes with a two-year full warranty. This includes all parts and labor and covers frames, springs, inclining, reclining, heating, motors, vibrating mechanisms, and the internal metal framework. Of course, you can always purchase additional coverage.

Final Thoughts on Kahuna SM7300 Massage Chair Review

With popular features like SL-Track, foot rollers, air massage, and six rollers, the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair delivers on quality and performance. If you’re tall or have struggled to find a massage chair that fits, the Kahuna SM7300’s wider build might be the answer to your struggles. However, it lacks in intensity adjustments for the rollers and other customization features you’d expect for the price. Even so, it still makes a solid massage chair — especially if you can find it on sale.

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