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If you’re looking for a massage chair that offers inversion therapy along with popular features like S-Track massage, Zero Gravity recline, full body air massage, and foot rollers, check out the US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair. However, at an extremely high price, we aren’t convinced that the USJ 9000 is worth it.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Inversion therapy recline
  • Zero gravity recline
  • S-shaped massage track
  • Body scanning system
  • Full body airbag massage
  • Triple reflexology foot rollers


  • Expensive price
  • Weak music system
  • Clunky remote control
  • Limited massage programs and customization options
US Jaclean (Daiwa) USJ 9000 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a massage chair that offers inversion therapy plus more. However, at an extremely high price, we aren’t convinced that the USJ 9000 is worth it.

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These days, high-end massage chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Among the many options out there is the US Jaclean USJ 9000 massage chair, and with many rave reviews, it’s definitely worth checking out.

But one thing that might keep you from clicking “buy” is the extremely high price of this chair.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder — “Is the USJ 9000 really worth $7,000!?”

To help decide for yourself, this USJ 9000 massage chair review fills you in on all aspects of the chair. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not this is the right chair for you.

Let’s dig in!

Features of the Massage Chair USJ 9000

Inversion Therapy Recline

Perhaps the most defining feature of the USJ 9000 is its inversion therapy capabilities. Instead of simply reclining back to horizontal, the USJ 9000 reclines back beyond horizontal bringing your head lower than your upper body and legs.

While in the inverted recline position, your spine is alleviated of the gravitational pressure it’s always under. This allows your spine to completely decompress and helps to create space between the individual vertebrae of your spine. Additionally, while in the inverted position, the muscles surrounding your spine can relax completely in order to release tension.

Other benefits of inversion therapy include increased blood flow to the brain, relief of sciatic nerve pain, and decompression of herniated discs among many others.

To further utilize the inversion therapy functionality of the chair, the USJ 9000 massage chair has a special inversion stretch feature that creates a deep stretch in the lower back. During the inversion stretch program, the chair lowers into the inverted position followed by the legrest of the chair bending downward to produce a stretch from the legs and into the lower back.

If you’re looking into buying a massage chair for therapeutic or health reasons, it’s hard to compete with the inversion therapy features of the USJ 9000. Particularly if you have spinal issues or back pain, spending time in the inverted position in the USJ 9000 could have tremendous benefits for your health.

Zero Gravity Recline

In addition to inversion therapy recline, the USJ 9000 massage chair also features the more common Zero Gravity recline functionality.

Two Zero Gravity positions are offered on the USJ 9000 with the second position being more deeply reclined. In both positions, the backrest and the seat are maintained at an optimal 30-degree angle. With your body reclined while positioned at the 30-degree angle, you feel like you’re being cradled and your body weight is evenly distributed. It’s this even distribution of body weight that gives you the “weightless” feeling associated with Zero Gravity recline.

S-Shaped Massage Track

Like most quality massage chairs currently on the market, the USJ 9000 features an S-shaped backrest and massage track. This S-shape allows the massage rollers to maintain contact with the back throughout the entire range of the massage.

While the S-shaped track of the USJ 9000 is beneficial from a massage therapy standpoint, given the chair’s extremely high price, we would expect it to have longer L-Track. L-Tracks extend into the seat of the chair to provide roller massage for the glutes and thighs, providing an overall more comprehensive massage experience.

Regardless of the chair’s lack of an L-Track, thanks to the S-shaped track, you can expect to receive a high-quality and every efficient roller massage from the USJ 9000.

Body Scanning System

To make the roller massage capabilities of the chair even more effective, the USJ 9000 features a body scanning system that customizes the location of the massage rollers according to the user’s size.

Before a massage program begins, the chair runs a body scan that systematically maps the unique shape and contours of the user’s body. Then, during the program, the measurements gathered through the scan are used to automatically adjust the position of the massage rollers. This allows users of various heights and sizes to climb into the chair and receive a custom-tailored massage experience.

Full Body Airbag Massage

Along with roller massage, the USJ 9000 also features a full body airbag massage system.

Unlike massage rollers, as airbags inflate and deflate, they perform what’s known as compression massage which has many benefits, the most prevalent of which is increased blood circulation.

Airbags are located all throughout the USJ 9000, providing compression massage to the most important parts of the body including:

  • Neck 
  • Outer shoulders 
  • Arms and hands 
  • Back
  • Hips and thighs
  • Seat
  • Calves
  • Feet

Seat Twisting Massage Function

In addition to providing basic compression massage actions, the airbags of the USJ 9000 are also used for special functions such as seat twisting.

During the seat twisting program, airbags in and around the seat of the chair inflate and deflate in specific rhythms to swing the hips back and forth in the seat. At the same time, the hips are also gently twisted, to relieve stiffness and tension in the pelvis, buttocks, and thighs.

Power Stretch Combo Function

Another special feature in which the airbags of the USJ 9000 play a great role is called “Power Stretch.” This unique program is essentially a combination of inversion therapy, heat therapy (which we’ll cover later), and outer shoulder compression massage.

The result of all these functions operating simultaneously is a highly effective massage program that targets and relieves lower back pain. The heat therapy softens the tissues in the lower back, the outer shoulder airbag compression holds the upper body in place, and the inversion therapy helps decompress the spine.

All three of the functions accentuate and amplify each other for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Triple Reflexology Foot Rollers

While many of the features of the USJ 9000 massage chair are focused on the upper body and spine, the lower body isn’t left out. In addition to the airbags in the legrest, the USJ 9000 has triple reflexology massage rollers to massage the soles of the feet.

These specialized foot rollers are designed to activate and stimulate nerve endings in the feet while relieving tension and improving circulation. To make the foot rollers even more effective, the footrest is equipped with special grips that hold the ankles in place to ensure the feet stay in contact with the rollers.

In addition to the ankle grips, the foot wells are lined with airbags that inflate and deflate to massage the tops of the feet while providing extra downward pressure onto the foot rollers.

A common complaint users have when using a massage chair with foot rollers is that the intensity of the foot massage can be too much to bear. The USJ 9000, however, solves this problem by including foot pads that can be added or removed to regulate the pressure of the massage rollers as needed. So if you have sensitive feet or typically find foot roller massage to be too intense, the USJ 9000 might solve your problems.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

As mentioned above, the USJ 9000 has heating pads in the lower portion of the backrest that provides heat therapy — a critical component of the Power Stretch Combo program.

But beyond Power Stretch, the heat therapy functions of the USJ 9000 can be enjoyed anytime you’re using the chair — during automatic or manual massage programs, or simply on its own without any massage functions active.

Extendable Legrest

To make the massage chair usable by people across a wide range of heights, the USJ 9000 features an extendable legrest. Adjusting the legrest to fit your height is as easy as pressing your feet into the foot wells.

While adjusting the extendable legrest is easy enough, it’s surprising that the USJ 9000 doesn’t have an automatic adjusting legrest as found on other high-end massage chairs. When you’re paying around $7,000 you would expect everything on the chair to be at the top of its class, and the lack of an automatic adjusting legrest seems like a minor but definite shortcoming.

Built-In Music System

In an attempt to take the massage experience to the next level, the USJ 9000 massage chair features a built-in music system. However, given the new technologies available — e.g. Bluetooth — we feel that the music system of the USJ 9000 leaves much to be desired.

A pair of compact speakers are located in the headrest of the chair, projecting music towards your ears for a surround-sound experience. A USB input located on the backside of the chair is used to add MP3 song files to the chair which can then be selected and controlled using the remote.

While the system certainly is functional, it makes you go through the inconvenient and somewhat time-consuming actions of transferring song files to a USB thumb drive from your desktop or laptop computer. Then, once you have the USB drive inserted into the chair, you have to sort through your songs using basic “skip track” buttons to make your selections.

Many of the best high-end massage chairs with built-in music systems on the market today use Bluetooth technology allowing you to wirelessly connect your smartphone or MP3 player to the chair and stream your favorite songs directly from the device. And since the USJ 9000 is priced so high, it leaves us wondering why a more advanced music system wasn’t added to the chair.

Control Panel-Style Remote

Every massage function and program of the USJ 9000 is selected and adjusted using a control panel-style remote control that’s mounted to the armrest of the chair. An LCD screen on the remote gives you a visual representation of the active programs and settings currently running, making it easy to see what you need to adjust to dial in the massage to your liking.

The buttons on the face of the remote give you instant control over the chairs features whether you want to activate Zero Gravity mode, adjust the legrest angle, or select an automatic massage program. All the controls are laid out in a way that’s easy to navigate, but at the same time, it isn’t anything special.

Compared to other high-end massage chairs on the market, the remote of the USJ 9000 is very basic and unimpressive. When you have similarly priced chairs such as the Ogawa Smart 3D that use full touchscreen tablet remotes with custom designed apps, it’s hard to get excited about a basic control panel push button remote.

While it does get the job done, we feel that given the huge price tag of the USJ 9000, a more advanced touchscreen remote is a much-needed improvement.

Automatic Massage Programs of the US Jaclean Massage Chair USJ 9000

We covered all the features that provide the massage functions of the USJ 9000. Now it’s time to see how the chair puts those features to use in its various automatic massage programs.

Here’s a quick rundown of each of the four automatic massage programs:

  • Recovery — A comprehensive massage program that’s perfect for relieving muscle soreness and built-up tension after exercise and physical activity. During the program, the chair enters the Zero Gravity position while the airbags in the seat move and twist your hips from side to side. The calf muscles also receive a gentle compression massage.
  • Refresh — A more invigorating massage program in which the massage rollers and airbags are used in harmony to warm up the muscles and promote blood flow. During the program, the airbags in the seat are used to twist and swing the hips from side to side while rapid knocking and rolling massage techniques are applied to the back.
  • Relax — The lowest intensity massage program of the USJ 9000 that’s designed to reduce stress and induce calming relaxation. The program starts by bringing the body into a deeply reclined position and proceeds to conduct various roller massage techniques and airbag compression massage across the entire back and body while the hips are swung and twisted. 
  • Extend — A program centered on inversion therapy in which a deep stretch is created throughout the lower back, improving flexibility and reducing tension. During the inversion, the shoulder airbags are used to hold the upper body in place while the legrest is lowered to pull the legs down and induce a stretch.

Each of the massage programs can be enjoyed for various amounts of time with a maximum time of 45 minutes.

Massage Techniques and Manual Mode Massage Options of the USJ 9000

While the automatic massage programs offer a convenient and comprehensive way to gain the full benefits of the chair, the USJ 9000 also can be used in manual mode for a more customized experience.

Using manual mode is simple — simply choose your preferred massage technique along with several other options and enjoy. You can make any adjustments you’d like during the massage to perpetually adapt the massage actions to your current state and preferences.

Here are the massage techniques and manual mode options available:

Massage Techniques

Every manual mode massage begins by selecting a roller massage technique. The USJ 9000 has six techniques available:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Sync
  • Rhythm

Body Section Selection

After a massage technique is chosen, you can then choose which area of the body the technique is performed.

There are three body section options and you can select one, two, or all three at once. They are: Upper Body, Arms/Shoulders, and Legs.

Massage Range

After you’ve selected the body section in which you want to enjoy a massage, you can then choose the massage roller range.

There are three options:

  • Whole — Massages the whole back.
  • Partial — Constricts the massage rollers to a small, focused area that can be moved up and down the back using arrow buttons on the remote. 
  • Point — Maintains the massage rollers at a single fixed point on the back that can be moved up and down using arrow buttons on the remote.

Massage Roller Speed

During your manual mode massage, you can change the speed of the massage rollers with six levels of speed available.

Roller Width

Along with roller speed, you can also change the width of the massage rollers with three widths available.

Massage Roller Strength

For additional control over the massage rollers, you can change the intensity of the rollers with five levels of strength available.

Keep in mind that while you can adjust the strength of the rollers of the USJ 9000, they are not true 3D rollers. This means that the rollers do not extend out from the backrest of the chair, so strength adjustments aren’t as significant. If you want more control over the strength and intensity of your massage, look into a massage chair with 3D rollers like the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber.

If you’re curious about some of the other massage features available, be sure to check out the USJ 9000 massage chair manual.

Final Thoughts on the US Jaclean USJ 9000 Massage Chair

We have mixed feelings about the USJ 9000. On one hand, it does have a lot of high-end features that equate to an exceptional massage — things like inversion therapy, Zero Gravity, an S-shaped massage track, body scanning technology, and triple reflexology foot massage rollers.

But on the other hand, the USJ 9000 costs around $7,000, and for that price, we’d expect a lot more. Its music system is weak, it has a remote that’s functional but slightly clunky, and has a relatively limited selection of automatic massage programs and customization features.

When you boil it down, the most appealing aspect of the US Jaclean USJ 9000 massage chair is its inversion therapy features. You don’t often find inversion therapy on massage chairs, and since there are such a high number of therapeutic benefits associated with inversion therapy, it might be worth your while to overlook the shortcomings of the USJ 9000.

However, for such a high price there are many other high-end massage chairs that offer a lot more — the Ogawa Smart 3D and the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer to name a few.

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