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Recommended For: Anyone who can afford it. This chair has just about everything you could ever want in a massage chair.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
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  • 3D massage technology with S-track system
  • Computer body scan and zero gravity technology
  • 36 multi-layer airbag massagers
  • 6 massage styles with acupoint technology​
  • ​9 preset massage programs
  • ​LED chromotherapy lighting


  • No head massage rollers
Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who can afford it. This chair has just about everything you could ever want in a massage chair.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate massage chair, one that just about does it all, say hello to the OS 3D Cyber Pro by Osaki. To learn more about this impressive massage chair, this Osaki 3D Cyber Pro massage chair review will fill you in on everything you need to know. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Variants

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Red - Consumer Files
Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Black - Consumer Files
Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Cream - Consumer Files
Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Brown - Consumer Files

Core Features of the Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro

3D Massage Technology

Osaki’s 3D massage roller head technology is one of the distinguishing features of the OS 3D Cyber Pro. The 3D massage roller heads give you more control over your massage than any other rollers available. Not only can you control the speed of the rollers, you can control their width and depth as well. The massage rollers extend up to eight centimeters giving you increased massage pressure. This level of customization allows for a completely personalized massage experience rarely found in a massage chair.

S-Track System

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber uses an S-Track roller system that closely matches the shape of the human spine. The efficiency of the S-Track combined with the wide range of motion and customization of the 3D massage rollers gives you an incredibly lifelike massage.

Computer Body Scan

When you relax on the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair and begin a massage program, the chair first performs a computer body scan. The massage rollers trace the unique curves of your back, then use the information to automatically adjust the depth and width of the 3D massage rollers to keep the rollers in close contact with your body throughout the massage program.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Zero Gravity - Consumer Files

Zero Gravity Technology

To achieve the most therapeutic and beneficial massage possible, simply put the OS 3D Cyber Pro into zero gravity mode. When activated, the chair reclines back while simultaneously elevating the legs. In this position, the majority of your body weight rests on the backrest and you feel virtually weightless. Your spine can decompress and your back muscles can fully relax.

The Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro features two-stage zero gravity.The second stage is even more reclined than the first, giving you a deeper tissue back massage as more weight is transferred to the back massage rollers.

Air Massage Technology

36 multi-layer airbag massagers are located throughout the OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage chair. The multi-layer construction of the airbags makes them more versatile and able to achieve a wider range of massage intensity and more lifelike feel.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Air Massage - Consumer Files

Osaki reengineered their new airbags to cover more surface area than their previous designs while maintaining the same precise level of massage. Each bag’s increased surface area allows for fewer airbags to be used throughout the chair.

Fewer airbags may seem like a bad thing at first, but their special multi-layer design makes them just as effective, if not more effective. Also, with fewer airbags, there are fewer valves and pumps required which greatly reduces noise and allows the chair to operates more efficiently, providing a more peaceful massage experience that consumes less power.

Arm and Hand Air Massage

If you work with your hands or type on a computer all day, your hands and arms most likely need some extra massage attention. Luckily, the Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro has full enclosure arm massagers that deliver restorative air compression massage to the tops and bottoms of the forearms, wrists, and hands.

The arm massager is lined with spandex for long-term durability and the lower portion has small bumps that help hold your arm in place and add an invigorating feeling to the massage.

Calf and Foot Massage

The leg ottoman of the Osaki OS 3D is lined with several airbag massagers and dual-action foot rollers under the feet. The airbags and foot rollers work in harmony to give you one of the best leg and foot massages available from a massage chair.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

Two heating pads located in the lumbar portion of the chair provide a soothing heat that deeply relaxes the large muscles of the lumbar region. Heat therapy can be added to any of the preset massage programs or while using the chair in manual mode.

Massage Functions and Options

When you sit down in the OS 3D Cyber Pro, you’re greeted with a comprehensive menu of massage options, just like you might find at a spa.

6 Massage Styles with Acupoint Technology​

Using both the​ 3D massage rollers and air massage systems, the OS 3D Cyber Pro offers six different massage stylesSwedish, palm style, deep tissue, shiatsu, kneading, and combination.

Each massage style is designed to accurately target and massage different acupoints found throughout your body for maximum therapeutic benefit.

​Stretch Mode

In stretch mode, the chair uses the airbags to pull and stretch various parts of the body. To stretch the arms, the airbags in the arm massagers inflate to hold the arms in place, then the chair pulls the arms down creating a nice, deep stretch. For the legs, the airbags in the leg ottoman inflate, holding the legs in place as the chair pulls on the legs creating a stretch.

whole body stretch is created by inflating the airbags near the legs, arms, and shoulders, holding your entire body in place. Then, the chair extends all the way out stretching your body from head to toe.

​Squeeze and Twist

Similar to stretch mode, the chair uses the airbags to squeeze and twist your body. The airbags in the mid and upper portion of the chair are programmed to inflate independently, gently twisting and rotating the body.

​Air Intensity Adjustment

There are five levels of air massage intensity to choose from ranging from medium to intense.

​9 Preset Massage Programs

The OS 3D Cyber Pro offers nine different preset massage programs to choose from: deep press, comfort, energy, relax, stretch, full air, de-stress, music sync, and demo.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, simply make your selection, lay back and the OS 3D Cyber Pro will do the rest.


Just about every element of the OS 3D Cyber Pro can be customized to you meet your preferences and needs.

3D Massage Intensity

The 3D massage rollers operate at five different levels of intensity. You can extend the heads for a more intense massage, or retract them for a less intense massage.

​Auto Leg Scan

To ensure that the airbags in the calf and leg massagers contact the correct locations on the leg, the chair performs an auto leg scan at the beginning of every session.

First, the leg ottoman fully extends then slowly retracts. Then, when the ottoman reaches the proper length, firmly press down with your toes and it stops in position. This feature makes it easy for users of different heights to use the chair one after another.

Message Speed Control

The 3D massage head speed can be adjusted with five different speeds to choose from ranging from moderate and gentle to fast and vigorous.

Additional Features of the Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro

Full-Size Remote

All of the amazing features of the OS 3D Cyber Pro are operated with the intuitively designed full-size remote. The large, two hand style remote is held in place with a pedestal mount on the side of the chair and can be removed for use in the reclined position. The LED screen is the largest of any Osaki massage chair remotes and it shows exactly what programs and settings are currently in use.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Remote - Consumer Files

Alongside the screen, you’ll find the preset massage program buttons. The 3D roller heads are controlled by a toggle in the right-hand corner of the remote that couldn’t be easier to use. Everything else you need is right at your fingertips including zero gravity mode, air massage intensity controls, auto timer, and LED chromotherapy.

On the lower edge of the remote, there is a panel that flips open revealing the manual mode controls. Using the manual mode controls, you can pick and choose from the six massage styles, pinpoint specific locations on your body, and create an entirely custom massage experience.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review mp3 - Consumer Files

​MP3 Connection and Built-In Speakers

Thanks to a built-in MP3 player connection and built-in speakers, you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying your massage. The MP3 cable is located next to the head pillow and there’s a small compartment to tuck your device away while in use. The speakers are located just above the shoulder massagers and directed towards your ears for increased sound clarity.

​LED Chromotherapy Lighting

On the outside panels of the chair, there are two LED lights. When activated, the lights emit a blue tone that softly colors the surrounding walls in a low-light room, adding to the ambiance of your massage session.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Chromotherapy - Consumer Files

Auto-Off Timer

As a safety precaution, the OS 3D Cyber Pro is equipped with an auto-off timer that can be set from 5 to 30 minutes. The timer can be set while using the preset massage programs and while the chair is in manual mode. This ensures that if you fall asleep during a massage that the chair will shut off after 30 minutes or the specified time so that your muscles aren’t injured by excessive massaging.

What It’s Missing

Truth be told, there isn’t much missing the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber zero gravity massage chair. The only thing that it’s missing that you’ll find on some of the other Osaki massage chairs is head massage rollers. The chair is equipped with a robust shoulder and neck massager, but there are no rollers specifically designed to massage your head.

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Dimensions

Chair Dimensions (upright)57.1″L X 35.4″W X 51.2″H
Chair Dimensions (reclined)72.8″L X 35.4″W X 36.6″H
Recommended Maximum User Weight265 lbs
Recommended User Height5’2″ to 6’4″
Chair Weight251.2 lbs

Osaki OS 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair Review Conclusion

As you can see from our Osaki 3D Cyber Pro massage chair review, this chair has just about everything you could ever want in a massage chair: 3D massage rollers, air massage throughout, dual-action foot rollers, heat therapy, built-in MP3 connection and speakers… the list goes on. If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy from the comfort of your own home, get the Osaki 3D Cyber Pro and you won’t be sorry.

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