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The RelaxOnChair MK-IV is an all-around great massage chair for the money. With features like an extended S-Track, three-stage Zero Gravity, arm and leg air massage, and a space-saving design, it has everything you need a massage chair to have.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

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  • Extended length S-track massage roller
  • 3 stage zero gravity recline
  • Deep air massage system
  • Lower back heat therapy
  • Space saving recline technology


  • Shoulder air massage
  • Hip air massage
  • Foot roller massage
  • Stationary remote
Relaxonchair MK-V Plus Massage Chair

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Unfortunately, the RelaxOnChair MK-IV have been discontinued. We recommend checking out the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus and the new MK-V massage chair.

The RelaxOnChair MK-IV is a popular massage chair that consistently receives high user ratings. And for less than $2,500, you get a lot of features for the money.

However, the problem is: RelaxOnChair is an up-and-coming brand that doesn’t have the same level of name recognition as more established brands in the industry like Human Touch or Osaki. There’s always some risk involved when purchasing products from a new or unknown brand, but in this case, the risk might be worth it.

To help you decide whether you should gamble on the MK-IV or play it safe with a more well-known brand, this RelaxOnChair MK-IV review details every component and feature of the chair to show you exactly what they offer. Let’s get started.

relaxonchair-mk-iv-review-icon-Consumer-Files RelaxOnChair MK-IVrelaxonchair-mk-iv-massage-chair-vs-osaki-os-4000-icon-Consumer-Files Osaki OS 4000
Extended S-Track
Computer body scan
2 Stage Zero Gravity
3 Stage Zero Gravity
Air Massage
Shoulder Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Hip Air Massage
Sliding Armrests
Leg and Foot Air Massage
Foot Roller Massage
Foot Massage Nodes
Lower Back Heat Therapy
Carbon Fiber Heating Element
Handheld Remote
Stationary Remote
Number of Massage Techniques56
Number of Automatic Massage Programs55
Space Saving Technology

RelaxOnChair MK-IV Massage Chair Features

When you look at the spec sheet of the MK-IV, it’s hard to find a chair with a better set of features for the price. Although lacking many of the “bells and whistles” found on modern massage chairs — built-in speakers, chromotherapy lights, etc. — the MK-IV has everything you need for a great massage experience.

Extended Length S-Track Massage Roller

Leftfront of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

In terms of massage quality, one of the most important components of a massage chair is its roller track. A roller track carries the massage roller heads across the length of the back as they perform several kneading and rubbing movements. Fortunately, the MK-IV features one of the better roller tracks among chairs in the price range.

The RelaxOnChair MK IV has what is known in the industry as S-Track. Instead of being flat or straight, an S-Track is curved to match the unique shape of the human spine.

It allows the massage rollers to apply even pressure throughout the entire length of the back. This includes the lumbar area, which is notoriously difficult to massage with a standard massage track.

While most S-Tracks stop at the base of the backrest, the MK-IV features an extended S-Track that goes from the top of the backrest all the way into the seat of the chair to massage the hips and buttocks.

Computer Body Scan System

Body Scan System of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

When you power on the MK-IV and select a massage program, the chair performs a computer body scan before the massage begins.

The primary purpose of the body scan function of the MK-IV is to measure the height of your shoulders. This is to adjust the vertical distance the massage rollers travel on your back.

Compared to other massage chairs with a computer body scan function, the ones in the MK-IV is relatively limited. More advanced chairs use the body scan function to customize the position of the massage rollers to match the unique body shape of the user.

That’s not the case with the MK-IV, and while it does improve the massage by fitting the rollers to the shoulder height, it does little else.

3 Stage Zero Gravity Recline

Three Stage Zero Gravity Recline of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

Zero Gravity is all the rage in robotic massage chairs these days, and the RelaxOnChair MK-IV keeps pace with the pack.

Actually, the Zero Gravity recline system of the MK-IV is slightly better than many other massage chairs with Zero Gravity. How so? The MK-IV has three stages of Zero Gravity instead of only one.

Each Zero Gravity stage of the MK-IV reclines progressively more than the previous stage. In stage one, the chair back slightly reclines while raising the legs so that the knees align with the chest. Then, in stage two, the chair back reclines even further, and the legs are brought even higher. In stage three, the chair reclines all the way, so the spine is nearly horizontal with the floor while the legs are elevated to a position higher than the heart.

This deeply reclined position with the legs elevated is very therapeutic and restorative. It allows the body to relax thoroughly from head to toe. Blood flow increases, muscles and tissues release tension, and the spine can decompress.

Deep Air Massage System

Like most robotic massage chairs on the market, the RelaxOnChair MK-IV features an air massage system. Specialized air bags are located throughout the chair in key positions providing compression massage therapy to specific body parts.

While the air massage system of the MK-IV isn’t truly “full body” — no airbags for the shoulders, back, or hips — it features air massage for two areas: arms and hands, and legs and feet.

Arm Air Massage

The armrests of the chair have special arm wells that are lined with airbag massagers. You place your arms in the wells, and when activated, the airbags inflate and squeeze the forearms, wrists, and hands.

Air Massage of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

Leg and Feet Air Massage

Remote Control of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

The leg ottoman of the chair has 20 airbags that provide compression massage for the legs and feet. One of the only complaints from users is that the airbags of the leg ottoman are very powerful, squeezing the legs and feet too tight. This could be a positive trait if you appreciate strong massage pressure. However, if your legs and feet are sensitive, it could be unbearable.

In addition to the airbag massagers within the leg ottoman, the MK-IV features specific nodes under the soles of the feet that RelaxOnChair calls a “Shiatsu foot plate.”

When the airbags inflate, the feet are pressed against the nodes, stimulating the acupressure points on the soles of the feet.

While the nodes don’t provide as comprehensive of treatment as the mechanical foot rollers found in other chairs, they offer significantly more relief for the feet than if they weren’t there.

Full-Size Remote

The RelaxOnChair MK-IV features a full-sized remote designed for easy one-hand operation. An LCD screen displays all the relevant information about the massage functions currently active on the chair. This includes massage intensity, massage roller height, roller width and speed, and the specific massage techniques in use.

A series of buttons below the screen gives you complete control over every feature and function of the chair. You can select an automatic massage program, adjust the manual mode controls, activate air massage, turn on lower back heat therapy, and use the chair’s memory functions.

Sliding Armrests

Sliding Armrests of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

When you recline the MK-IV into a Zero Gravity position, the armrests automatically slide back. This allows you to keep your arms in the correct position within the armrests even in the most deeply reclined chair position.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

Inside the lumbar portion of the backrest, a carbon fiber heating pad provides heat therapy to the lower back. As a heat source, carbon fiber heats up quickly and remains stable throughout the duration of use, more so than other materials used for heating systems in other massage chairs.

Space Saving Recline Technology

Space Saving Technology of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

One of the main selling points of the MK-IV, and what sets it apart from RelaxOnChair’s lower priced chair model, is its space-saving recline technology.

Thanks to a unique recline track, instead of moving straight back when the chair reclines, the front of the chair actually moves forward.

This reduces the amount of space needed between the chair and the wall for the chair to fully recline, saving significant floor space in your room. While most massage chairs need several feet to recline, the MK-IV needs only 3 inches.

Massage Programs and Options of the RelaxOnChair MK-IV

Now that we’ve covered the components of the MK-IV, let’s go over how the chair utilizes its hardware to deliver massage therapy.

Manual Mode Massage Controls

The MK-IV features a comprehensive set of manual mode controls, allowing you to adjust every feature of the chair to meet your massage therapy needs. The chair’s settings can be changed at any time during a manual massage in no specific order. But, for the sake of illustration, here’s the general process for using the manual mode controls.

1- First, decide whether you want to enjoy your massage in the upright position or in one of the three Zero Gravity positions.

2- Next, select a roller massage technique. Each technique offers a different movement and massage action, which you can change at any point during your massage. The MK-IV features five unique massage roller techniques:

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Combination Kneading & Tapping
  • Knocking
Massage Options of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

3– Once you’ve selected a massage roller technique, you can adjust the speed and width of the massage rollers using the “speed” and “width” buttons on the remote. Both speed and width have three incremental levels of adjustment available.

While you can adjust the speed of the rollers with all five techniques, you can only change the width of the rollers when using the shiatsu, tapping, and knocking techniques.

4– Next, you can select the particular area in which the massage rollers operate using the “Back Stretch” button. Your options are:

Back Stretch of RelaxOnChair MK-IV
  • Spot – The massage rollers stay in one spot on your back which can be moved using the arrow buttons.
  • Partial – The massage rollers move within a particular zone on the body which can be moved using the arrow buttons.
  • Whole Body – The massage rollers move up and down the entire back continuously for a full upper body massage.
  • Neck to Upper Torso – The massage rollers move across the neck and upper portion of the back.
  • Torso to Waist – The massage rollers move across the lower back and into the waist.

The name of this feature (“back stretch”) is very misleading, especially when compared to other massage chairs with stretching functions. Majority of massage chairs that have stretching functions perform stretching actions by using the airbags of the chair to squeeze the legs and shoulders.

It usually holds the body in place while the chair moves the backrest and footrest up and down to pull and stretch the body. But with the MK-IV, the back stretch button simply allows you to select the area in which the massage rollers operate.

5– After you’ve made your massage roller selections and adjustments, you can add air massage to your session. There are three air massage options:

  • Full Air – Activates both the arm/hand and leg/feet air massage systems.
  • Arm Air – Activates only the arm/hand air massage system.
  • Leg Air – Activates only the leg/feet air massage system.

With the air massage system enabled, you can use the “Air Pressure Intensity” button to adjust the strength of the air massage. There are three levels of strength available, and unfortunately, the air pressure intensity for the both the arm/hand and leg/feet adjustments are linked.

This means that adjusting the air pressure intensity changes both areas simultaneously. If you want a stronger massage on your arms but weaker for your legs, you’re out of luck.

6– With the roller massage and air massage functions selected and activated, your massage session is fully underway. At this point, you can turn on heat therapy if you’d like to add a warm sensation to your lower back.

That’s it! In manual mode, you can change any of the techniques or settings at any time, and the massage can last as long as you’d like. When you’re finished, simply press the “Power” button to end the massage.

Programmable Memory Buttons of RelaxOnChair MK-IV

Programmable Memory Buttons

While the manual mode controls of the MK-IV give you tremendous control over your massage session, going through the motions every time you want to enjoy a massage can get tedious. That’s where the chair’s programmable memory buttons come into play.

On the remote, there are three programmable memory buttons (labeled M1, M2, and M3) that allow you to save specific massage functions and sequences for easy use in the future. You can also change or replace this at any time.

Keeping a massage sequence with the memory buttons is seamlessly integrated into the operation of the chair. To store a massage sequence, just perform a manual mode massage like normal, then when done with your session, press the “Power” button to end the massage.

The LCD screen will then display the message “SA memory” at which point you can press any of the three memory buttons to save the sequence.

The next time you use the chair, pressing the memory button that you used to save your massage sequence will automatically replay the sequence exactly as originally performed. Very convenient!

Automatic Massage Programs

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of performing and saving a manual mode massage, the MK-IV features five automatic massage programs that are essentially hands-off.

Each automatic massage program incorporates a combination of the five roller massage techniques and zones, along with air massage to offer full body massages at the press of a button. They are:

Roller Massage Techniques of RelaxOnChair MK-IV
  • Relax – A full body massage that deeply massages the acupressure points across the back for complete relaxation.
  • Comfort – A gentle full body massage using roller techniques to soothe and relax the body.
  • Recovery – An intense full body massage that uses tapping and rolling movements to increase blood flow and invigorate the muscles.
  • Neck and Shoulder – A comprehensive full body massage with extra emphasis on the neck and shoulders.
  • Back and Waist – A full body massage with an additional focus on the lumbar area and waist.

All five automatic massage programs are set to run for 20 minutes. After the time is up, the massage will end at which point you can restart the massage if you’d like. Pressing the power button will incline the chair to its original position allowing you to exit the chair easily.

How Does it Compare? RelaxOnChair MK-IV vs. Osaki OS 4000

To give you a more definite understanding of the value delivered by the RelaxOnChair MK-IV, we compared it side-by-side with one of its most famous and well-known competitors: the Osaki OS 4000.

Both chairs cost around $2,300 to $2,400, have similar features, and both are made in China. Let’s take a closer look to see how they stack up:

Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair

Computer Body Scan System

Both chairs have a computer body scan system, but the system of the Osaki OS 4000 is considerably more comprehensive. Instead of measuring only the height of the shoulders, it conducts a more thorough scan.

It also adjusts the position of the massage rollers to match the unique contours of the user’s body throughout the duration of the massage. The result is a more custom-fit massage experience.

The OS 4000 also features an auto leg scan function that automatically adjusts the leg ottoman to easily accommodate users of different heights.

Advantage: Osaki OS 4000

S-Track Massage Roller Track

Like the MK-IV, the OS 4000 features an S-Track, but it only extends to the bottom of the backrest. As we covered, the S-Track of the MK-IV covers the entire length of the back plus extends past the hips to massage the buttocks and thighs.

Advantage: MK-IV

Zero Gravity Recline

Both chairs feature Zero Gravity recline, but the OS 4000 only has two stages, while the MK-IV has three. The additional Zero Gravity stage of the MK-IV gives you slightly more adjustability over the depth of the chair’s recline.

Advantage: MK-IV

Air Massage System

Unlike the MK-IV, the OS 4000 has true full body air massage. In addition to air massage for the arms and legs, the OS 4000 features airbag massagers for the shoulders and hips.

Advantage: OS 4000

Armrest Design

As mentioned, both chairs offer air arm massage, but the OS 4000 uses a top and bottom armrest design that provides more contact between the arms and the airbags. This gives your arms and hands a more thorough compression massage.

However, the MK-IV does have a slight advantage in terms of armrest design as it features sliding armrests while those of the OS 4000 are stationary. So while the OS 4000 provides a more thorough arm massage when the chair is upright, the MK-IV maintains consistent arm massage contact even when the chair is deeply reclined.

Advantage: TIE

Leg and Foot Massage System

The leg and foot massage system of both chairs are very similar. Both use airbag massagers as well as foot nodes. The main difference between the two systems comes down to massage intensity and pressure: the MK-IV is known to produce a leg massage that is very powerful, almost unbearable; the OS 4000 is more gentle and offers better pressure adjustment.

Advantage: OS 4000

Lower Back Heat Therapy

While both chairs feature heating pads in the lower back, the MK-IV uses a carbon fiber heating element that heats up faster and remains more stable than the conventional heating element of the OS 4000.

Advantage: MK-IV

Vibration Therapy

Something the OS 4000 features that the MK-IV does not is vibration therapy. A high-frequency vibration plate located in the seat of the OS 4000 vibrates the seat and back of the legs, stimulating the muscles.

Advantage: OS 4000

Space Saving Recline Technology

The OS 4000 does not feature space saving recline technology like the MK-IV does, which means the chair requires significantly more space between the wall to recline fully.

Advantage: MK-IV

Remote Control

The remote control of the OS 4000 is more elaborate than that of the MK-IV. Instead of using a simple handheld remote, the OS 4000 features a large stationary remote mounted to the armrest. It has a large display screen and many buttons that give you control over the chair’s many features. For easy control in the reclined position, the OS 4000 also features a secondary wireless handheld remote.

Advantage: OS 4000

Massage Programs and Techniques

Both massage chairs offer very similar massage techniques, manual controls, and automatic programs. There are slight differences, but these are mainly due to the differences in hardware between the two chairs.

Advantage: TIE


As you can see, both the RelaxOnChair MK-IV and the Osaki OS 4000 are very similar, each having a slight advantage over the other in different ways. Although Osaki is a more established brand with more name recognition, both chairs receive positive user reviews. The choice between the two comes down to slight differences which are largely a matter of personal preference.

RelaxOnChair MK-IV Review – Conclusion

It’s no wonder the RelaxOnChair MK-IV receives so many great reviews. It has all the features you could want a massage chair to have, it’s well designed and aesthetically pleasing, and its price is hard to beat. If you were on the fence, we hope our review gave you the confidence you need to choose or pass on the RelaxOnChair MK-IV massage chair.

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