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RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus Massage Chair Review

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RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus

  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Massage Quality
  • Customization Options
  • Value for the Money


With all the components and features necessary for a great massage — L-Track massage, Zero Gravity, and full-body air massage — the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus delivers a lot of massage power for a low price. Everything on the chair works as it should, and the full-sized remote makes it easy to control and adjust.


The RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus is one of the most popular, highly-rated massage chairs available. And though it's relatively basic in design, it has all the features you'd expect to find on a modern robotic massage chair. The best part is it costs well under $2,000.

So what's the catch? Well, there really isn't one. And in this review, we'll fill you in on all the features and components that make the RelaxOnChair one of the best choices out there for an affordable, full-body massage chairs.

But first, a little bit about the company.

RelaxOnChair MK

RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus



Computer body scan

2 Stage Zero Gravity

More Specifications...

RelaxOnChair MK

RelaxOnChair MK-IV



Computer body scan

2 Stage Zero Gravity

More Specifications...


Kahuna LM6800



Computer body scan

2 Stage Zero Gravity

More Specifications...


RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus

RelaxOnChair MK-IV

Kahuna LM6800



Computer body scan

2 Stage Zero Gravity

3 Stage Zero Gravity

Air Massage

Arm air massage

Sliding armrests

Leg and foot air massage

Foot roller massage

Foot massage nodes

Lower back heat therapy

Leg heat therapy

Stretch functions

Full size remote

Number of massage techniques




Number of automatic massage programs




Space saving technology

About RelaxOnChair

Although headquartered in the United States, RelaxOnChairs are made entirely in China — just like most massage chairs on the market. The company only offers two massage chair models: the MK-II Plus and the MK-IV, and handles all customer support for the chairs directly. Both models receive consistently high user review ratings, which is always a good sign the company is doing something right.

Features of the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus

Three Stage Zero Gravity


These days, Zero Gravity recline is an incredibly popular feature among massage chair enthusiasts. Just about every major manufacturer has at least one model in their lineup featuring Zero Gravity, and RelaxOnChair is no exception.

But instead of standard Zero Gravity, the MK-II Plus features three stage Zero Gravity. In each stage, it reclines further back for more relaxation and deeper massage roller penetration.

The main benefits of Zero Gravity are spinal decompression and muscle relaxation, as well as improved blood circulation throughout the body. This effect is achieved by cradling the body in such a way that the body weight is evenly spread out and supported from head to toe. This gives your muscles and spine a chance to release any built up tension and thoroughly relax.


Unlike most massage chairs on the market, especially the more affordable models, the MK-II Plus features an L-Track that extends the length of the backrest and into the seat. The L-Track allows the chair's massage rollers to massage the entire length of the back as well as the hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Most other massage chairs in the same price range as the MK-II Plus feature shorter massage tracks that only allow the massage rollers to cover the back. The extra length afforded by the MK-II Plus's L-Track add to the chair's bottom-line value, making it a great deal for the money.

Computer Body Scan

Thanks to a computer body scan system, the roller massage functions of the MK-II Plus are very efficient. When powered on, the chair first performs the computer body scan to determine the dimensions and shape of the user's body. During a massage program, the chair uses the scan information to adapt the movement and position of the massage rollers to contact all the right places of the body throughout the massage.


Air Massage System


In addition to roller massage, the MK-II Plus offers full-body compression massage through a system of airbag massagers. Compression massage is very different than roller massage. While the massage rollers apply pressure as they pass over the muscles, airbags inflate to squeeze and compress the muscles before deflating and releasing. This squeeze and release action is known to stimulate blood circulation as well as release tension in the muscles.

On the RelaxOnChair MK II Plus, airbag massagers are located next to the shoulders, in the armrests, alongside the hips, and in the leg ottoman. Each area massages the corresponding body part during the automatic massage programs or manual mode functions.

Calf and Foot Air and Roller Massage

The MK-II Plus features a full-service leg and foot massage system. Using a combination of airbags and foot rollers, the legs and feet get much-needed massage treatment.

The airbags in the leg portion of the ottoman massage the calf muscles directly using squeeze and release compression movements. The airbags in the feet portion of the ottoman massage the feet in a similar manner. It also helps press the soles of the feet onto the spinning foot rollers for more pressure and a deeper foot massage.

Foot massage rollers are another feature rarely found on massage chairs in the sub-$2,000 price range, giving the MK-II Plus another leg up on many competing chairs.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

A heating pad in the lumbar portion of the backrest adds heat therapy to any of the massage programs of the MK-II Plus. Using heat therapy in conjunction with the chair's other massage treatments can significantly enhance the overall massage experience.

Heat is known to dilate blood vessels within the muscles, which helps increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area. This helps heal and repair damaged tissues in the lower back. 

Full-Size Remote Control with LCD Display

Controlling the massage functions of the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus is very easy thanks to its LCD remote control.

The remote fits nicely in your hand and has buttons for all the chair's features. The LCD display allows you to quickly see the programs, features, and settings that are currently active. This includes:

  • Computer body scan info
  • Backrest recline and footrest position adjustment
  • Heating function enabled/disabled
  • Massage technique selected
  • Massage roller direction
  • Massage roller width adjustment
  • Air massage intensity level
  • Massage roller zone adjustment
  • Massage roller position on body
  • Countdown massage timer
  • Automatic massage program selectedSmall-Space Friendly Design

Although the RelaxOnChair MK II Plus is a full-size, full-featured robotic massage chair, it has a smaller footprint than most. But even though it doesn't take up much floor space, it doesn't sacrifice any roominess or comfort in the seat.

3-Year Limited Warranty

When you purchase a RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus, the chair is covered by a 3-year limited warranty. During the first year, the company covers the cost of parts and labor, as well as transportation costs to and from an authorized repair center. During the second year, only defective parts and components are covered — no labor or transportation. During the third year, only the main structural frame of the chair's body is covered under warranty.

As with any major purchase, be sure to study the specifics of the warranty before making your purchase.

Massage Programs and Techniques of the RelaxOnChair MK-II

Now that we've covered all the chair's components, let's take a look at how they are used to deliver massage therapy in the form of massage techniques and programs.

Manual Mode Massage Programs

One of the best ways to get a fully customized massage with the MK-II Plus is by using the chair's manual mode functions.

The first step to enjoying a manual mode massage is to choose one of the five available roller massage techniques. Each technique moves the massage rollers in a specific way — rubbing, pressing, pulsating, etc. — to generate different therapeutic effects. It might take some experimentation to find out which techniques work best for you.

Roller massage techniques available:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Combination Kneading and Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling

After you've chosen a technique, you have the option to add air massage. All of the air massage zones — shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet — can be activated at the same time, or individual zones can be selected. This allows you to adapt the massage session to your specific needs of the day.

Keep in mind that with the manual mode controls, you can make changes at any time during your massage session and as frequently as you'd like.

Once you've selected a roller massage technique and air massage zones, you have several other layers of control. You can:

  • Select the zone in which the massage rollers operate
  • Choose to run the massage rollers in a particular spot on the back or thighs
  • ​Adjust the speed of the massage rollers with three levels available
  • ​Change the width of the massage rollers
  • Adjust the intensity of the airbag massagers with three levels available

Automatic Massage Programs

For times when you want to simply relax without having to choose what the massage chair does, the MK-II Plus offers four automatic massage programs. On the remote, the automatic massage programs are labeled I, II, III, and IV, but in the manual, they have more descriptive names:

Deep Massage — A full-body deep tissue massage that focuses on the acupressure points in the back. The massage rollers alternate between all five techniques and all air massage zones are active including the calves and feet.

Comfort — A semi-fixed position massage in which all five roller massage techniques are used. Instead of moving across the entire back, the rollers focus on smaller zones for extended periods of time before moving. In addition to roller massage, all air massage zones are active.

Recovery — A full-body massage using all five roller techniques. While the rollers are performing, the backrest and footrest simultaneously recline and incline back and forth to gently stretch. This gives the body a boost of energy and promotes improved circulation.


Decompression — A full-body program alternating between all five roller techniques. While the rollers massage the back, the backrest of the chair reclines to its furthest position. Then, the footrest slowly lowers to provide a stretch throughout the muscles of the legs and back. This action helps the entire body decompress.

How Does it Compare?

Now that we've covered all the components, features, and massage programs of the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus, let's see how it compares to other chairs on the market.

First up is RelaxOnChair’s other, higher-priced model, the MK-IV.

RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus vs. RelaxOnChair MK-IV

Although from the outside the two chairs look very similar, practically every component of the RelaxOnChair MK-IV is an upgraded version of what's on the MK-II Plus. This makes perfect sense considering that the MK-IV costs between $600 and $1,000 more than the MK-II Plus.

Space Saving Design


One of the most visually noticeable differences between the two chairs is that the MK-IV's base is much larger than that of the MK-II Plus. The larger base is a critical component to the space-saving design of the MK-IV.

Instead of reclining directly back, the MK-IV slides forward as it reclines, allowing the chair to be placed only 3 inches from the wall.

If you plan on setting up your new massage chair in a small room or office, spending the extra money to get the MK-IV over the MK-II Plus might be worth the additional floor space gained.

S-Track vs. L-Track

While the MK-II Plus boasts an extended length L-Track, it isn't as ergonomically designed as the S-Track of the MK-IV.

The "S" shape of an S-Track allows the massage rollers to stay in close contact with the body throughout its entire range.

An L-Track, however, is substantially flat and doesn't account for the curves of the human spine like an S-Track does. So while you still get many benefits of roller massage with an L-Track, the rollers will apply more pressure in some areas and less in others.

In the long run, spending the extra money on the MK-IV is worth it for the added benefit of its S-Track. But, if you can't stretch your budget, the L-Track of the MK-II Plus still does a great job.

Sliding Armrests vs. Fixed Position Armrests

The MK-IV features armrests that slide back as the chair reclines. This helps keep your arms in the ideal position within the armrests even when you're in the deepest Zero Gravity position.

With the MK-II Plus, the armrests stay in a fixed position, so your arms might slide back as the chair reclines. You'll still be able to enjoy some arm massage while in Zero Gravity. However, you might lose some of the arm massager's range in the upper portions of the forearms.

Foot Nodes vs. Foot Rollers

Something that the lower-priced MK-II Plus has that the MK-IV doesn't is a pair of foot rollers in the leg ottoman.

In place of foot rollers, the MK-IV features foot nodes, which RelaxOnChair calls "shiatsu plates." These apply pressure to the soles of the feet when the airbags in the footrest inflate and press the feet down. While they do stimulate the acupressure points on the feet, they don't provide the same depth of massage treatment as the foot rollers of the MK-II Plus.


5 Year Warranty vs. 3 Year Warranty

The final difference between these two chair models is that the MK-IV is covered by a 5-year limited warranty while the MK-II Plus only has a 3-year limited warranty.

The first three years of the warranty are the same for both chairs — year one parts, labor, and transportation to the repair facility are covered; year two, only parts and labor are covered; year three, only the structural frame of the chairs are covered.

For the MK-IV, years four and five of the warranty are simply an extension of the third year of the warranty, covering only the structural frame of the chair. Still, the additional coverage is a nice perk of spending the extra money on the MK-IV.

Bottom Line: MK-II Plus or MK-IV

If money isn't an issue, the upgraded features of the MK-IV make it clearly a better purchase. But to be fair, the MK-II is a solid chair in many ways and would make a great purchase in its own right. If you want to save some money, get the MK-II Plus. However, if you want a more advanced chair with the added benefit of space-saving recline, go with the MK-IV. Either way, you'll end up with a great massage chair for the money.

RelaxOnChair MK II Plus vs. Kahuna LM6800

To give you a better understanding of what the MK-II Plus really offers, let's compare it one of its top direct competitors, the Kahuna LM6800.

The Kahuna LM6800 is not only similar in price to the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus, but it has many of the same features as well as a similar aesthetic. So what's the difference and which chair is a better buy? Let's look at some specs to find out.



The RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus and Kahuna LM6800 share many of the same core components including:

  • Computer body scan
  • L-Track roller massage
  • Full body air massage
  • Arm massage
  • Calf and foot massage
  • Foot rollers

But the chairs have several distinct differences that are important to consider when it comes time to make a buying decision.

Two Stage vs. Three Stage Zero Gravity

Both chairs offer true Zero Gravity recline, but the MK-II Plus offers three stages while the Kahuna LM6800 only offers two. The difference here is minimal, but if you like to have more options regarding body position, the MK-II Plus has the advantage.

Different Armrest Design

Both chairs feature airbag-lined armrests providing arm and hand massage, and both function relatively the same. The difference between the two is primarily aesthetic.


The armrests of the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus appear to be separate from the rest of the chair, sitting on top of the chair's side panels. However, the armrests of the Kahuna LM6800 are fully integrated into the side panels, creating a more seamless design. While there's minimal difference in functionality, the armrest design of the Kahuna LM6800 gives the chair an overall more streamlined look.

Back and Leg Heat Therapy vs. Lower Back Only


More heat is always a good thing when it comes to massage therapy, and the Kahuna LM 6800 offers just that. While the MK-II Plus features a heating pad only in the lower back region, the Kahuna 6800 has heat therapy for the calves in addition to the lower back.

Space Saving Technology

The final difference between the two chairs could be the decision maker — the Kahuna LM6800 feature space saving recline technology while the MK-II Plus does not.

A special track in the base of the chair allows the Kahuna LM6800 to fully recline with only 5 to 6 inches of space between the wall.

Which is the Best Chair Overall?

In many ways comparing the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus to the Kahuna LM6800 is like comparing apples to apples. Both chairs are equipped with components that will give you a great massage, but with a space-saving recline track, the Kahuna LM6800 has a slight advantage over the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus.

Of course, if you have the extra money to spend, the RelaxOnChair MK-IV is better than both the MK-II Plus and the Kahuna LM6800 in every way, but it's in a higher class of its own.

RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus Review - Conclusion

There’s a reason why the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus has earned so many positive customer reviews. It has all the desirable features you’d expect to find on a massage chair. Some of which are the Zero Gravity, L-Track roller massage, and full-body air massage including arms, legs, and feet.

Aside from that, it's highly affordable by massage chair standards coming in under $2,000. If you have extra money in your massage chair budget, both the Kahuna LM6800 and the RelaxOnChair MK-   IV will make great upgrades. However, if you’re simply looking to get a great massage chair for an affordable price, the RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus comes highly recommended.

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