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With the Panasonic EP30007, you get high-end features like Junetsu ultra kneading, trapezius massage, memory settings, 3D rollers, and a robust set of customization options — without the high-end price tag. But its affordable price comes with some missing popular features like foot rollers, zero gravity, and heat therapy. Even so, the Panasonic EP30007 is an excellent massage chair that delivers a quality massage and will last for years.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • 3D dual roller with real ultra pro massage technology
  • Advanced body scanning
  • 36 airbags for air massage
  • Rotating ottoman
  • Leather-like upholstery


  • No mechanical foot rollers
  • No Zero Gravity recline
  • No heat therapy
  • No comprehensive stretch programs
  • No built-in speakers

Unfortunately, the Panasonic EP30007KX Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Review

The Panasonic EP-30007 massage chair is a step up from the entry-level EP MA10, but much less expensive than the higher-end MA70 and MA73 models. It is a middle-of-the-road option that delivers both in terms of features, quality, and customizations. In this Panasonic EP30007 review, we’re walking you through each feature, plus showing you what’s missing to see if it is or isn’t a worthy investment. Let’s go!

Features of the Panasonic EP30007KX Massage Chair

Advanced Body Scanning

One of the major differences between entry-level massage chairs and mid-level massage chairs is their body scanning technology. While most massage chairs over $2000 feature some sort of body scan, it’s not always advanced and typically only detects your shoulder height.

On the Panasonic EP30007KX Real Pro Ultra, however, the body scan uses pressure sensors to “map” your back. With this data, the EP30007 then adjusts its rollers to your fit your height and the curvature of your spine — knowing what areas to massage and what areas not to.

Acupoints of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

The body scan on EP 30007 initiates once you select a massage program. For about 30 seconds, the rollers will move up and down your back and lightly tap on your shoulders. If the scan doesn’t locate the correct height of your shoulders the first time, you can manually adjust the position of the rollers using up and down arrows on the remote.

The Panasonic EP30007 best fits users 6 feet and under, though the body scan is rated to detect height ranges between 4’7″ and 6’8″.

Once the body scan is complete, the leg rest height will automatically adjust based on the results. Though, you can adjust the length of the leg rest up to an additional 5 inches. You can use the lever on the side of the seat and adjust the height using the remote.

3D Dual Roller with Real Ultra Pro Massage Technology

Inside the backrest of the Panasonic EP30007 are dual rollers that mimic the feeling of two thumbs and two hands. The rollers are powered by Panasonic’s Real Ultra Pro technology.

Junetsu of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

This uses a combination of intelligent sensors, a high-speed processor, and a brushless motor to deliver an intuitive, precise, and smooth “floating” roller massage.

This technology is what enables the rollers on the Panasonic EP30007KX to perform advanced massage techniques like neck gripping and Junetsu. The latter is a type of shiatsu massage that provides pinpoint treatment similar to the feeling of a thumb applying pressure.

The rollers move along a 30-inch massage track that extends from the top of your neck to your tailbone. But it’s on the sides of the neck and tops of the shoulders that the Panasonic EP30007KX massage chair really excels. Rather than skipping over these hard-to-reach areas, the rollers on the EP30007 actually extend outward and over the shoulders. This delivers one of the most comprehensive trapezius muscle massages available.

Air Massage

For the areas not treated with roller massage, the EP30007 uses air massage. There are 36 airbags, strategically placed throughout the chair, that provide over 450 square inches of massage coverage. And unlike its relative the EP MA10, the EP30007 has arm massagers.

Air Massage of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

The woodgrain arm massagers sit flat as armrests until you pop them up. Once up, you can slide your arms into the slots and enjoy compression massage on the tops and bottoms of your forearms and hands.

This feature, like other features on the Panasonic EP30007, helps the chair double as a luxury recliner when not in use and hides unsightly massage components.

The other areas treated with air massage are the shoulders, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet — a comprehensive air massage system considering the price.

Let’s take a closer look at the other air massage areas:

  • Shoulder Air Massage. On the sides of the shoulders are airbags that inflate to squeeze the body and hold it in place against the backrest. And as the airbags inflate, acupressure node plates with protruding rubber nobs are pressed into your shoulders.
  • Hip and Seat Air Massage. On the sides of the hips, thighs, and under the seat are airbags that inflate and deflate to compress and twist the lumbar and pelvic area.
  • Calf and Foot Massage. Airbags line the inside of the ottoman and inflate to squeeze the legs and feet. They also hold the legs in place during stretch programs and push the feet on to acupressure plates. Nodes on the plates protrude into the soles of the feet to treat acupressure points.

Rotating Ottoman

Like the pop-up arm massagers, the ottoman too has a way of hiding itself. Pull a lever on the side of the ottoman, and it flips over to reveal a smooth cushion. With the massage wells hidden, you can use the ottoman as a footrest or retract it under the chair to keep it out of view.

Leather Upholstery of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

Leather-Like Upholstery

On the outside of the Panasonic EP30007KX black massage chair is leather-like polyurethane upholstery, though the roller track is covered with linen.

The leather-like upholstery is durable, and stain and abrasion resistant, which makes it easy to and keep clean. The EP30007 comes in one color: black.

Massage Techniques and Auto Programs on the Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra

Now that we’ve covered the massage components and technology, let’s look at the techniques and programs on the EP30007 massage chair.

Massage Techniques

The EP30007 has eight massage techniques, including:

Reecline Position of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair
  • Ultra Kneading/Junetsu. A Panasonic-exclusive technique, Ultra Kneading performs circular motions on a small area.
  • Shiatsu. Meaning “finger pressure” in Japanese, Shiatsu applies vertical pressure to relieve muscle knots.
  • Kneading. Performs deep circular motions to stretch and compress the muscles.
  • Swedish. Performs gentle rubbing strokes over a wide area.
  • Stretch. Slowly presses into and across the back to stretch the muscles.
  • Tap. Performs light tapping with alternating right and left-side strokes.
  • Grasp. The rollers open and close to grasp and loosen stiff muscles.
  • Full Roll. Stretches the full back along the spine.

This is a well-rounded group of techniques that covers the fundamental movements of shiatsu style massage and offers a variety of intensities. For example, shiatsu is strong and Swedish is gentle. Plus, it includes advanced techniques like Junetsu and grasping which make the EP30007’s comprehensive and powerful neck and shoulder massages possible.

Massage Programs

Using different techniques, the Panasonic EP 30007 massage chair offers five auto programs. The auto programs are fully automated. If you want to press a button and have the massage chair take care of the rest, the auto programs are for you.

Each auto massage session lasts for 15 minutes, except for the Quick program which is 5 minutes. Each program has a theme or focus. For example, Stretch.

The auto programs are:

  • Shiatsu. The most intense auto program that mainly uses the shiatsu technique to loosen deep knots and tension. Panasonic recommends this massage for severe tension and stiffness.
  • Deep. The second most intense program that mainly uses kneading to manipulate and loosen muscles. Panasonic recommends this massage for mild tension and stiffness.
  • Swedish. A gentle and invigorating massage that uses the Swedish technique to stimulate the muscles and skin as well as promote circulation. Panasonic recommends this massage for stress and fatigue.
  • Stretch. Slowly stretches the muscles and joints mainly through compression massage. Panasonic recommends this massage for a refreshing stretch.
  • Quick. Treats all areas using a variety of massage techniques in 5 minutes. A good massage program for demoing techniques or if you’re in a time crunch.
Acupressure Points of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

While not a large number of auto programs, they are diverse covering a variety of techniques and intensities.

Self-Programs and Manual Mode Options on the Panasonic EP30007KX Massage Chair

When you want to skip the auto programs and create your own custom massages, flip down the covers on the remote and you’ll see a variety of options. In fact, the level of customization on the Panasonic EP30007 is downright impressive compared to other massage chairs in its price range. Let’s look at what’s available.

Self Programs

Massage Techniques of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

This is a not-so-common feature, but exciting for those who really want to control the intensity of their massage. Self Programs allow you to create a massage where you determine the time and intensity in the neck, shoulders, back, and lower back. You can have it simultaneously or independently. Also, you can customize the intensity and time up to four levels from zero (no massage) to three (longest and most intense.)

To create a Self Program, select the “Self Program” button on the remote. Then, you’ll be prompted to set the time and intensity for neck, shoulder, middle, lower, or full back (to set the levels for all body areas at the same time.) Press “OK” and your massage will begin after a body scan.

During a Self Program you don’t choose the massage technique per se, however, the level intensity you choose determines the type of technique used.

For example, if you select a level three massage you’ll get a massage that mainly uses the shiatsu technique. However, if you choose a level one massage, you’ll get one that primarily uses the Swedish technique.

Manual Massage

If you want even more control over your massage or to build your own, the manual mode options on the Panasonic EP30007 give you plenty of choices. These options are essential because if you happen not to like the auto programs or have specific body areas that require treatment, they give you the ability to dial-in a massage to fit your needs.

For a massage chair in the $3000 to $5000 price range, the Panasonic EP30007KX has a lot to offer in terms of customization features. We’d say it’s comparable to much more expensive chairs and leaves entry-level models like the MA10 in the dust.

To begin a manual mode massage, select “Manual” from the remote. When you do, here’s what’s available:

1. Massage Location

You can select where on your body you want a massage to focus: neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back, or full back.

If you choose “Full Back,” you can use the “Full Roll” technique combined with any other massage technique.

2. Massage Technique

Now that you’ve selected location, it’s time to choose your massage technique. Select from one of the eight techniques above. However, “Full Roll” will only work with full back and “Grasp” can only be chosen for the shoulder area.

3. Technique Variations

After you’ve selected the technique, you can customize it further by adding tapping, regional rolling, or auto width. Select from two tapping varieties that adjust the intervals and movements of the taps.

During “Tapping 1,” the tapping will gradually increase and decrease. Then, during “Tapping 2,” the tapping will shift from fast to slow reciprocally.

By selecting “Regional Roll,” the rollers will move vertically within the massage area. And by selecting “Auto Width,” the rollers will move horizontally by 1.5 inches.

4. Massage Speed

At any point during your manual massage, you can adjust the roller speed up to five levels. Speed adjustment doesn’t work for the auto programs or the self-programs.

5. 3D Massage Intensity

You can also adjust the intensity of your manual massage. The fact that the Panasonic EP30007 has intensity adjustments means it’s a 3D massage chair.

With the 3D massage, the rollers move in three ways: up and down, side to side, and protrude outward.

On the Panasonic EP30007, the intensity (or level of protrusion) can be adjusted up to five levels for the manual massage.

Although, the adjustable range varies depending on technique and body area. For the auto programs and self-programs, the intensity can be adjusted up to three levels from light to strong.

6. Fine Roller Location Adjustment

Using the arrow dial on the remote, you can adjust the location of the rollers both vertically and horizontally. Each direction — up, down, left, and right — can be adjusted twice. These adjustments are “fine” in that they move in small increments from 0.4 to 2.4 centimeters. It gives you more control over the precise location of your massage.

7. Air Massage Adjustments

On the Panasonic EP30007, air massage for the arms, seat, shoulders, legs, and feet are automatically turned on during the auto programs. However, during manual massages, they’re automatically turned off.

To add air massage to your manual session, select from arm and hand, shoulder, leg and foot, and seat to turn the areas off and on. You can adjust the intensity of your air massage up to five levels.​

Once you have the manual mode options dialed-in, you’ve successfully built your very own custom massage! But, let’s face it, you’re probably not going to want to adjust settings each time you use your massage chair. Fortunately, on the Panasonic EP 30007 massage chair, you won’t have to. Here’s why….

Memory Settings

On the Panasonic EP30007, memory settings let four users save up to six custom massages — 24 massages total. With your manual massages saved to memory, they’re no longer manual but are automatic. Which means that the total number of auto programs you can enjoy on the EP30007KX is actually 29!

LCD Remote with Pedal Stand

All of the chair’s functions and features are easily controlled using the remote. An LCD screen displays all of the current settings, so you always know what’s going on.

Also, the buttons are clearly labeled so you won’t have to memorize the remote or use the manual each time you want to select a setting.

Remote Control of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair

The manual mode options are located under flip down covers on either side of the remote. And the remote comes with a pedestal that keeps it next to the chair at arms reach but out of the way.

Voice Guidance

If you ever get confused about a setting, the Panasonic EP30007 has Voice Guidance that “talks” you through each feature. The Voice Guidance is optional so you can turn it off at any time. This is a unique feature few massage chairs offer.

What’s Missing the Panasonic EP 30007 Massage Chair

Now that we’ve covered all of the features on the Panasonic EP30007, it’s time to look at what you won’t find on it. Of course, for the price, it’s not going to include every massage chair feature available. However, there are a few you might expect or can find on other similarly-priced massage chairs, including:

Mechanical Foot Rollers

There are no foot rollers — a popular feature in recent years. Rather than being stagnant, foot rollers are mechanical and spin under the soles of your feet. They typically have nodes that treat acupressure points on the feet as they spin. Many other massage chairs in the same price range or less have them, including the Osaki OS 4000LS and the Apex Ultra.

Zero Gravity Recline

Another popular feature you won’t find on the Panasonic EP30007KX is Zero Gravity recline. In Zero Gravity the chair back reclines while the legs are elevated to shift the body’s weight to the backrest. Therefore, the weight is evenly distributed, and vertical pressure is removed. It’s a very therapeutic position many massage chair companies have been quickly adding to their models. Additionally, it increases the intensity of your massage as the body’s weight pushes against the backrest.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a common massage chair feature that uses heating pads (Osaki OS 4000LS), heated air (Human Touch WholeBody 7.1), or heated rollers (Panasonic EP MA70) to warm the body. Heat therapy has many benefits including increased circulation and muscle relaxation. Plus, it offers the massage-friendly benefit of helping the rollers to penetrate deeper as the muscles relax. Unfortunately, the Panasonic EP30007 doesn’t provide any form of heat therapy.

Comprehensive Stretch Programs

The Panasonic EP30007 offers a stretch program, but it’s not quite the same as what you find on other massage chairs. For example, like the Human Touch HT-275 ThermoStretch or the Kahuna LM6800, which feature full-body stretch programs that use the entire chair to stretch your body. On the Human Touch HT-275, the calf, and feet are held in place by the ottoman while the back of the chair reclines (until it’s nearly parallel to the ground) to provide a deep full-body stretch.

Built-In Speakers

Although not technically a massage feature, built-in speakers are popular. Most massage chairs that feature them usually have an aux port that allows you to connect your mp3-compatible device directly to the chair’s speakers. Other massage chairs like the Apex AP-Pro Lotus offer Bluetooth connectivity for wireless operation.

With built-in speakers, you’re able to enjoy your favorite massage directly in the chair. The speakers are usually positioned above or next to the ears which give them a surround-sound quality.

Panasonic EP30007KX Massage Chair Specifications

Chair dimensions (reclined)28.3”H x 33.1”W x 76.8”D
Chair dimensions (upright)47.2”H x 33.1”W x 50”D
Recommended maximum user weight264 lbs
Recommended user height5’0″ to 6’1″
Required Recline Clearance16”
Power Consumption395W
Chair weight181 lbs

About Panasonic

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic was founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan by an electrician and renowned industrialist, Konosuke Matsushita. Matsushita’s first product was an electrical socket which he invented himself.

Eventually, the socket became a success laying the foundation for a series of successful products like a battery-powered bicycle light and a clothing iron.

As Matsushita’s business grew, he developed a “people before profits” philosophy. And in 1929, he outlined Panasonic’s business mission “to devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business.” He believed this could be achieved by producing high-quality electronic goods at a low price.

Therefore, it enables people from all economic backgrounds to have products that would enhance their lives. Matsushita’s vision still guides the Panasonic company. Today, they provide some of the world’s most advanced electronic goods and technology like microwaves, digital cameras, televisions, and massage chairs.

The first Panasonic massage chair was introduced in 1969. Their chairs were the first to be recognized by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), the largest chiropractic organization in the world, as being credible supplements to chiropractic treatment.

And while the massage chairs are still designed and engineered in Japan, today, they’re manufactured in China.

Now that we’ve covered the Panasonic company, let’s get into the features of the EP30007. This massage chair is a mid-level one in the $3,000 to $5,000 price range (it can be found deeply discounted on sites like Amazon).

Panasonic EP30007KX Review Final Thoughts

The EP30007 is one of the most popular Panasonic models, and it’s easy to see why. With the advanced technology and quality of a high-end massage chair, comprehensive air massage, a robust set of customization options, 24 memory settings, and an affordable price point, the Panasonic EP30007 is a compelling buy.

Even though it lacks popular features like zero gravity, heat therapy, and foot rollers, the fact it’s from a reputable brand with a quality known to last for years and years might just outweigh what it’s missing. We hope our Panasonic EP30007 review made your decision process a little easier.

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