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The Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair is high-end in every way. It has a built of quality components that deliver exceptional massage therapy. Furthermore, it has a touchscreen remote that makes the chair extremely easy to use, and plenty of customization features to tailor the massage to meet your specific needs.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Two-stage Zero Gravity recline
  • Full body air massage
  • Arm and hand massage with sliding armrests
  • Reflexology calf and foot massage system
  • Full body heating system
  • Extendable footrest (8 inches extra length)


  • Shorter roller track than other high-end chairs
  • No L-track feature
  • Fingertip remote controls may be confusing to operate

The Omega Montage Pro massage chair holds nothing back. As Omega’s top-of-the-line model, it’s decked out with practically every feature you could want on a massage chair. But does that mean it’s right for you?

To show exactly what you can expect from the Montage Pro, this review delves into every feature, benefit, and detail of this high-end massage chair. Let’s get into it!

Features and Components of the Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Full Back Massage Roller System

The primary massage method of the Omega Massage Montage Pro Zero Gravity Chair is roller massage. A 30-inch roller track in the backrest equipped with four massage roller heads extends from the neck all the way down to the tailbone. The rollers are very adaptable, offering speed, intensity, and width adjustments.

In the chair’s manual mode, which we’ll cover later, the rollers perform four individual massage techniques, each providing a unique therapeutic benefit. These roller techniques are also used in the chair’s automatic massage programs in conjunction with air pressure massage, heat therapy, and reflexology foot massage.

Infrared Body Scan

When you sit down in the Montage Pro and select a massage program, the chair performs an infrared body scan. This technology measures the height of your shoulders and curvature of your back in order to adjust the massage rollers to the unique shape of your body.

The result? An entirely custom-fit massage with the rollers operating in all the right places.

Air Pressure Massage System

The Montage Pro is the only massage chair in Omega’s lineup that offers full-body air pressure massage. 30 airbag massagers located throughout the upper and lower portions of the chair deliver compression massage to the back, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet.

Unlike roller massage that kneads and presses the muscles, air compression massage typically involves a squeeze-hold-release type of movement. While this action does massage the muscles to a certain extent, the more noticeable benefit of air massage is increased circulation throughout the body parts being compressed.

Air Massage of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

The airbags compress the muscles, temporarily squeezing blood out of the area, then when released, new blood rushes back in. Then, the muscles relax and rejuvenate, and the tissues and cells replenish with nutrient-rich blood.

Shoulder Air Massage

The Montage Pro is Omega’s only model that features shoulder air massage. The shoulder massage is incorporated into many of the automatic and manual massage programs.

Technically speaking, the Montage Pro uses a particular style of shoulder massage known as “lateral compression.” When activated, the airbags inflate and press firmly against the shoulders. This provides compression massage to the muscles of the shoulders and upper arms, while also holding the upper body in place as the massage rollers move up and down the back. Therefore, this results in more massage roller pressure and an overall more effective massage.

Arm and Hand Air Massage

Shoulder Massage of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Concealed within the large side panels of the Montage Pro, the airbag-lined armrests provide therapeutic compression massage to the forearms, wrists, and hands. Arm massage can be enjoyed during any automatic or manual massage program. If you work with your hands or type on a computer all day, you’ll find the feature a welcome bonus.

One of the most user-friendly aspects of the Montage Pro’s arm massage feature is that when the chair reclines, the armrests slide back as well. This allows your arms to remain in the perfect position for arm massage, even when the chair is fully reclined.

Reflexology Foot and Calf Massage

Perhaps the most complex system of the entire Omega Massage Montage Pro Zero Gravity Chair is the foot and calf massager. A combination of airbags, massage rollers, and magnetic reflexology nodes work in harmony to provide one of the most thorough and dynamic foot massages on the market.

Leg Massage of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

A series of airbags within the leg slots provide compression massage to the legs and feet while also holding the legs in place. When the airbags inflate, the magnetic nodes are pressed firmly into the soles of the feet, targeting reflexology trigger points. The airbags also help keep the feet in contact with the foot rollers, which spin and pulsate, massaging the soles of the feet with three levels of intensity available.

A set of smaller airbags along the foot portion of the calf and foot massager inflate and deflate in a rhythmic pattern. This movement is intended to relieve aches and soreness in the heel and arch of the foot.

Calf and foot massage can be enjoyed on its own or as part of any automatic or manual massage program.

Zero Gravity Recline

As the only Omega massage chair with Zero Gravity recline technology, the Montage Pro really is the total package. Zero Gravity is a massage chair industry term used to describe a neutral posture position. The backrest reclines, the seat tilts back, and the footrest elevates. The massage chair essentially cradles your body.

Zero Gravity Recline of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

In this position, your body weight is spread out and balanced across the horizontal plane, allowing your muscles and spine to decompress and relax. The result is a weightless feeling, hence the name “Zero Gravity.”

In addition to the relaxation-inducing quality of Zero Gravity recline, the position also places more of your body weight directly over the massage rollers of the chair. This results in more downward pressure on the massage rollers, providing a deeper, more intense roller massage.

While most Zero Gravity massage chairs offer only one Zero Gravity position, the Montage Pro has two. In the first position, the chair reclines a moderate 130 degrees, and the footrest elevates slightly.

In the second position, the backrest reclines nearly 180 degrees, and the footrest lifts up, bringing the legs and feet above the heart. The first position gives you a taste of the benefits of Zero Gravity, but if you want to maximize the health benefits of your massage, the second position is for you.

Full Body Heating System

With heating pads in the backrest, seat, and footrest, the Montage Pro features full body heat therapy. Applying heat to the muscles softens and loosens the tissues, thus enhancing the therapeutic effects of the chair’s roller and air massage functions.

You can control each heating zone individually. Furthermore, you can choose to operate one zone at a time, or all of them at once.

Hip Vibration

The Montage Pro features a special vibration plate in the seat of the chair that delivers vibration therapy to the hips. When activated, the vibration stimulates the blood vessels in the thighs and buttocks, improving circulation to the area.

Motorized Backrest, Seat, and Footrest

Just about everything on the Omega Montage Pro Zero Gravity chair is automatic, including a fully motorized backrest, seat, and footrest — no manual levers to mess with.

While many high-end massage chairs have motorized backrests and footrests, the Montage Pro goes one step further with a motorized adjustable seat. This function is a critical component of the chair’s Zero Gravity mode. Not only does the backrest recline, but the seat also tilts back as well.

Control Panel of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Best of all, you have control over all three components in order to dial in the most comfortable recline position.

Extendable Footrest

Extendable Footrest of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

In addition to the elaborate reflexology foot massage system, the footrest of the Montage Elite is highly adjustable. The footrest extends an additional eight inches in length, allowing for tall users to fit comfortably in the chair.

The calf massage portion of the footrest also widens an extra four inches, as does the foot section. These factors combined allow users of all sizes to hop in and make a few quick adjustments, adapting the chair to their unique body dimensions.

Head Pillow with Pressure Point Nodes

In addition to the massage rollers that extend to the neck, a pair of pressure point nodes in the head pillow apply extra pressure to the muscles of the neck. As the shoulder massagers inflate, pushing your body firmly against the backrest of the chair, the pressure nodes gently press into the neck, helping to dissipate any built-up tension.

Built-In Music System

The icing on the cake of the Montage Pro is its integrated music system. While most massage chairs with music systems require you to plug in a device — like an iPod or smartphone — to play music, the Montage Pro has a built-in MP3 player that stores and plays music without any external devices.

Speaker System of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Included with the chair is a USB music stick, which is used to transfer music from your computer to the chair’s built-in MP3 player. The one drawback is that the music stick is only compatible with Window’s computer systems including XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Sorry, Mac users.

Also included with the chair is a set of high-fidelity headphones. The headphones feature volume controls on the cord, so you don’t have to move from the reclined position to change the volume. If you don’t want to use the headphones, the chair is equipped with external speakers on the outside panels.

Beyond the ability to listen to your favorite tunes while relaxing in the Montage Pro, the chair features a special Music Sync program. When Music Sync is activated, the action of the massage rollers synchronizes with the rhythm of your music.

Instead of being limited to the massage techniques pre-programmed in the chair, Music Sync allows for nearly infinite possibilities regarding massage performance. Therefore, instead of choosing your favorite technique, you choose your favorite song.

LCD Touchscreen Remote + Fingertip Controls

The Omega Montage Pro massage chair is unique in that its controls are split up between a touchscreen remote and a pair of fingertip controllers located in the armrests.

Remote Control of Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

The primary massage functions and settings are controlled using the touchscreen remote. A bright LCD screen displays all of the chair’s current massage functions as well as roller and air massage intensity levels, massage zones, and recline settings.

Located to the left of the screen, music controls allow you to skip songs, make volume adjustments, and activate the Music Sync massage program. To the right is where you’ll find controls for the Montage Pro’s basic functions like foot roller massage, hip vibration, heat therapy, and massage timer.

Five touchscreen buttons that control the automatic massage programs are located below the screen, along with controls for air massage zones and intensity levels.

Settings that require more frequent adjustment are found on the armrest fingertip controls for easy access. This includes customization features like backrest incline and recline, footrest ascend and descend, and a one-touch Zero Gravity button.

Since the customization functions are distributed between the left and right fingertip controls, it may take some time to memorize the layout. But once you do, you’ll be able to make quick adjustments to the chair no matter what position you’re in.

Omega Montage Pro Variants

A small image of Omega Montage Pro in Grey color
A small image of Omega Montage Pro in Brown color

Massage Programs and Customization Features of the Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Now that we’ve covered all the mechanical components of the Montage Pro, let’s go over how they are utilized in the massage programs. When you’re ready for a massage, you have two options: choose an automatic massage program or use the manual mode functions to create your custom massage experience.

If you want to climb into the chair and simply relax, an automatic massage program is the quickest way to experience all that the Montage Pro has to offer.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Omega Montage Pro

The Montage Pro has five automatic massage programs. Each program uses a combination of roller massage and air massage to deliver a comprehensive treatment from head to toe.

  • Relaxation — A mellow Chinese-style massage that helps the entire body relax.
  • Activation — A more vigorous Thai-style massage that thoroughly massages the muscles of the back, hips, and legs.
  • Vitality — A restorative Japanese-style massage that soothes the muscles with a gentle roller and air massage sequence.
  • Night — A calming full-body massage, a perfect way to unwind before sleep.
  • Morning — A lively massage combining various massage roller techniques and air massage, an ideal program to help you get your day started.

Fully automated and essentially hands-off, automatic programs aren’t very flexible in terms of customization. You cannot make adjustments for the roller width, roller intensity, and roller position cannot while an automatic massage program is active.

Manual Massage Programs and Controls

Unlike the automatic massage programs, the manual mode controls are very flexible. You can change any setting at any time during the massage, and different massage functions can be added and layered until you find the perfect combination.

If you have specific areas of your body that are sore or aching, manual mode is an excellent way to target areas in need. After turning on the chair, the first step to enjoying the Montage Pro in manual mode is to select a specific massage technique.

Massage Techniques

The following techniques are performed by the massage rollers of the Montage Pro, each offering a different massage action and therapeutic benefit.

A basic massage roller technique designed to feel like the fingers and thumbs of a massage therapist gently squeezing the muscles. The rollers massage the muscles on both sides of the spine simultaneously, slowly moving up and down the back. This technique is especially effective at loosening up stiffness in the shoulders and neck.
The rollers perform an outward pressing movement, penetrating into the muscles of the back. The rollers move up and down the back massaging the muscles on both sides of the spine. This technique is designed to gently stretch the ligaments connecting the cervical disks to help your spine decompress.
A rapid technique imitating the action of two hands performing rhythmic tapping along the spine. A great technique to target the neck muscles or to conclude a massage session.
Combination Kneading & Tapping
As the name implies, this technique combines the squeezing action of the Kneading with the rapid pulsing of Tapping. A very comprehensive and invigorating technique, perfect to loosen up stiffness throughout the back and neck.

After you’ve chosen one of the massage roller techniques, the next step is to select a back massage course.

Back Massage Courses

The back massage courses of the Montage Pro focus the movements of the massage roller techniques to particular areas of the back. Keep in mind that throughout the duration of a manual mode massage, which can go on as long as you like, you may end up changing the back massage course multiple times.

Whole BackWhen selected, the chosen roller technique is carried out across the entire back from neck to tailbone. A great starting point for any manual mode massage.
Shoulder/ThoracicThis course focuses the massage rollers in the upper back region and into the shoulders.
Middle Back/CervicalTargets the middle range of the back.
Lumbar/WaistIsolates the massage rollers to the lumbar region of the back.
PointInstead of limiting the massage rollers to a certain zone on your back, Point lets you move the massage rollers freely around your back. Massage roller position buttons on the right-hand armrest fingertip controller are used to move the rollers up and down your back. This option gives you the most control over your massage, allowing you to seek out sore spots and knots on your back and hold the massage rollers there as long as needed.

Air Massage Programs

To take full advantage of the Montage Pro massage chair, air massage can be enjoyed along with the various roller massage techniques and back massage courses. You also have the option of using only air massage without the roller techniques. In manual mode, the choice is yours.

AutoThis program conducts air massage throughout the entire body. A great complement to the Whole Body back massage course
Shoulder/ThoracicActivates the shoulder airbag massagers as well as those in the armrest. This adds arm and wrist massage to any back massage course.
Hip/WaistApplies compression air massage to the lower back, hips, and waist.
Feet/CalvesConducts compression massage on the calves and feet as we covered earlier under “Reflexology Foot and Calf Massage.”

Massage Customization Controls

At any point during a manual mode massage, you can further customize your massage with the following options.

Massage Roller WidthThe position of the massage rollers has a huge effect on whether or not all your sore spots get the attention they need. Luckily, the Montage Pro offers three levels of width adjustment: narrow, regular, and wide.You can manually change the width of the rollers yourself using the fingertip remote in the left armrest, or you can allow let the chair do it for you with the infrared body scan.​
Massage Roller Strength AdjustmentThe strength of the roller massage pressure can be adjusted with five levels of intensity available. Just press the “Strength” button on the fingertip remote in the left armrest to cycle through the five levels of intensity until you find the ideal amount of pressure.
Air Pressure Strength AdjustmentThe air massage strength can also be adjusted with five levels intensity. To do so, use the “Air Level” touchscreen button on the main remote to cycle through the strength options for whichever air massage program currently active.​For example, if the Shoulder/Hand air massage program is active, pressing the “Air Level” touchscreen button will adjust the air pressure strength in the shoulder and arm airbags.
Massage DurationYou also have full control over the length of your massage session. Continuous massage can be enjoyed from 5 to 30 minutes using the massage timer, which you can adjust in five-minute increments.

Dimensions of the Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Chair dimensions (upright)35”W X 51”D X 48”H
Chair dimensions (reclined)35”W X 77”D X 46”H
Chair weight253 lbs
Maximum user height6’5”
Maximum user weight300 lbs

Pros and Cons of the Omega Montage Pro

To wrap up our Omega Montage Pro massage chair review, here is a quick pros and cons list to help you further decide if this is the chair for you, or if your search will continue.


  • Two stage Zero Gravity recline.
  • Full body air massage.
  • Shoulder massage.
  • Arm and hand massage with sliding armrests.
  • Reflexology calf and foot massage system.
  • Full body heating system.
  • Extendable footrest — 8 inches extra length.
  • Built-in MP3 player.
  • LCD touchscreen remote.


  • Roller track is shorter than other high-end massage chairs.
  • No L-track.
  • Fingertip remote controls might be confusing to operate.

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair Reviews – Conclusion

The Omega Montage Pro massage chair offers a heap of great features that together deliver high-level massage therapy. Though expensive, the Montage Pro keeps pace with other high-end massage chairs on the market and is a smart choice for anyone seeking a do-it-all massage chair.

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