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The Fujita KN9005 massage chair is packed with advanced technology like body scan and transforming rollers plus unique features like a head massage band. The only downside we see is its high price tag, but you can often find the chair deeply discounted.

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Value for the Money

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  • 3D point navigation system and infrared body scan technology
  • 3D air retraction roller technology
  • Two and four roller transformation technology
  • Full body air massage system
  • Additional therapeutic features: infrared heat and zero gravity


  • No music system
  • No Chromotherapy lights
Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who have the money for its high price tag and need frequent head massages.

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Unfortunately, the Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Fujita SMK9600 Massage Chair Review.

The Fujita KN9005 massage chair has a lot to offer, but it is really worth the high price tag?

We did the research to find out.

In this Fujita KN9005 massage chair review, we’re walking you through all of the features to help you decide if it is or isn’t a worthy investment. Let’s get started!

Features of the Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair

3D Point Navigation System and Infrared Body Scan Technology

Body scan technology is a feature you should expect on any high-end massage chair. Without it, the massage rollers move along a fixed range, which may or may not work with your unique height and shape.

On the Fujita KN9005, there are two advanced body scan technologies at work: 3D Point Navigation and Infrared body scan.

The 3D Point Navigation system uses pressure sensors in the backrest to map up to 200 square inches of your back. This allows the chair to determine your height (shoulder position) and the shape of your spine against the backrest so the rollers don’t hit too high or too low relative to your shoulders and keep consistent contact throughout the entire range.

Infrared body scan takes the scan a step further. Using infrared sensors it detects the shape of your body and the length of your spine which “tells” the rollers where to and where not to massage, keeping the rollers off of your bony areas and in the places you need massage the most.

The scan initiates before you begin any massage program on the Fujita KN9005. It lasts for about 30 seconds and then the chair au​tomatically adjusts the position and range of the rollers to give you a custom-fit massage treatment.

3D Air Retraction Roller Technology

Once the scan is complete, a roller massage begins. The rollers on the Fujita KN9005 are 3D, which means they move in three ways: up and down, side to side, and outward to penetrate into the muscle tissues.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review 3D Air Retraction - Consumer Files

The vast majority of massage chairs that feature 3D rollers utilize a technology that protrudes the entire roller mechanism from the track and into your muscles. The Fujita KN9005 massage chair, however, features air retraction technology that uses small airbags that inflate behind the individual rollers to protrude them deeper into the muscles.

The main benefit of the air retraction technology is that since the rollers are protruded individually (the left side is separate from the right side) you get a much more complex massage. So if the chair detects that you need more pressure on the left side of your spine than the right side, it has the capabilities to make those customized adjustments.

Two and Four Roller Transformation Technology

Another feature you rarely see on other massage chairs is roller transformation technology. The Fujita KN9005 has that, too.

With transformation technology, the rollers seamlessly change from two rollers to four rollers. Few other Fujita KN9005 massage chair reviews do this feature justice.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review 2D & 3D Roller - Consumer Files

So why does this transformation technology matter?

It matters because the number of rollers determines the feel of the massage. Two rollers produce a more pointed, focused, and pressured massage. Think two thumbs massaging your back. Four rollers produce a more diffused, gentle, and wider massage. Think fingers and palms massaging your back.

Let’s say you have a deep knot in your back, two rollers can focus in on the area with precision. Now let’s say you want a gentle, relaxing massage, four rollers increase the surface area of the massage and provide diffused, soothing pressure.

It’s also a good feature for households or businesses with multiple users since it allows folks to easily customize the massage feel to their individual preferences.

Full Body Air Massage System

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Full Body Massage - Consumer Files

In addition to roller massage, the Fujita KN9005 features head-to-toe air massage — literally. Let’s take a closer look…

  • Head Air Massage Band – One of the most distinctive features on the Fujita KN9005 is its head massage band. The band wraps around the head and inflates to gently compress the skull, while rubber nodes on the back of the band press into the base of the skull. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from headaches or hold a lot of tension in their head.
  • Shoulders – Airbags massage the sides of the shoulders and hold the upper body in place during the stretch program.
  • Arm and Hands –  Airbags line the arm massage wells and inflate to compress the forearms and hands.
  • Hips and Thighs – Airbags surround the hips and sides of the thighs. They inflate to gently shift the lower body from side to side and hold it in place during the stretch program.
  • Buttock – Airbags in the seat inflate to gently lift the body and twist the pelvis.
  • Calves and Feet – Airbags lining the ottoman inflate to compress the sides and back of the calves while airbags press the feet down onto rollers.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

A feature that is (surprisingly) often lacking on many high-end massage chairs, particularly those from Japanese brands, is mechanical foot rollers. But due to foot roller popularity in recent years, many massage chair manufacturers have been adding them to their models. Such is the case with the Fujita KN9005 massage chair.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Mechanical Foot Roller - Consumer Files

On the Fujita KN9005, the rollers are located in the foot portion of the ottoman and spin under the feet to stimulate reflexology points. The foot rollers can feel intense at first, but a thick pair of socks is a quick and easy way to adjust the pressure. Foot roller massage can be turned off or added to any program.

Additional Therapeutic Features: Infrared Heat and Zero Gravity

In addition to its massage components, the Fujita KN9005 offers additional features that enhance the effectiveness of the treatments, including heat therapy and Zero Gravity recline.

Heat therapy has been used for centuries to increase circulation, relieve pain, and relax muscles. On the Fujita KN9005, you get access to those benefits in a powerful way: through infrared heat. Infrared heat is different than surface heat because it’s able to penetrate deeper into the tissues. The deeper it goes, the more powerful its effects.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Zero G - Consumer Files

Another feature that increases the effectiveness of the massage is Zero Gravity. In this position, the body’s weight is shifted to the backrest while the legs are elevated. This removes vertical pressure from the spine and the lower body, helps the muscles and joints to decompress, and holds the body on top of the rollers for a deeper massage.

The Fujita KN9005 has two stages of Zero Gravity, with each stage offering a different level of recline.

Massage Techniques and Programs on the Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair

Now that we’ve covered the technology at work in the Fujita KN9005, it’s time to see how it combines it all into massage techniques and programs.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Front - Consumer Files

There are six massage techniques performed on the Fujita KN9005, including:

  • Kneading performs small motions to bunch and stretch the muscles.
  • Tapping performs alternating rhythmic strokes on either side of the spine.
  • Kneading and Tapping combine the circular motions of Kneading and rhythmic movements of Tapping.
  • Rubbing performs pressured up and down motions.
  • Shiatsu performs downward pressing deeply into the muscles.
  • Roll performs long up and down sweeping motions.

Additionally, the Fujita KN9005 (thanks to its advanced roller technology) is able to perform technical movements such as:

  • Sideways Kneading that massages around the shoulder blades.
  • Neck and Shoulder Pressure that gently grabs the neck and presses down on the tops of the shoulders to treat the trapezius muscle.

Automatic Massage Programs

Using a combination of roller techniques and airbags, the Fujita KN9005 performs six automated massages. These programs are pre-programmed massage routines that focus on producing a specific benefit, for example, relaxing. The six programs are: Relax, Rejuvenate, Waist & Hip, Dynamic, Stretching, and Night Time.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Recline - Consumer Files

The most notable program of the bunch is Stretching. This program performs a full-body stretch using the airbags to hold the shoulders and legs in place as the chair reclines and inclines.

Manual Massage Programs

  • Massage Location – Choose from six focus areas, including Full, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Lower Back, and Point. Each location tells the rollers where to focus and point parks them on a specific spot which is beneficial for working out deep knots.
  • Massage Technique – Select from one of the six massage techniques mentioned above.
  • Massage strength – There are five levels of massage strength.
  • Roller Width – Select from three widths to focus or diffuse the rollers.
  • Air massage location – Select which areas you want the airbags to massage, including shoulders, arms and hands, lower back, and calves and feet.
  • Air Massage Intensity – Select from three air massage strengths.
  • Fine-tuned adjustments – A set of up and down arrows allow you to make fine-tuned adjustments to the position of the rollers.

What’s Missing on the Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair

While the Fujita KN9005 is loaded with advanced technology and features, there are a few things you won’t find it. Let’s take a closer look…

Music System

Unlike many other massage chairs in the same price range, the Fujita KN9005 doesn’t have a music system or built-in speakers. It’s true that a music system won’t directly affect the quality of your massage but it can enhance the experience.

Chromotherapy Lights

Another massage enhancing feature you won’t find on the Fujita KN9005 is chromotherapy lights. Chromotherapy is a form of color therapy that uses specific hues to promote healing in the mind and body. On massage chairs with chromotherapy, there are typically lights on either side of the chair that cast hues onto the walls surrounding the chair in a dark room.

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Iyashi Chromotherapy - Consumer Files

So if you imagine yourself not only enjoying a massage but also a spa-like experience, you may want to check out a chair that offers these massage-enhancing features like the Infinity Iyashi.

To learn more about the Infinity Iyashi, check out our full review.

Color Variants of Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair

A smaller image of Fujita KN9005 in Black color
A smaller image of Fujita KN9005 in Olive Gray color
Olive Gray

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Specifications

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 57″L X 35″W X 52″H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 74″L X 35″W X 52″H
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 240 lbs
  • Colors: Black and Olive Gray
  • Warranty: Five-year limited warranty that includes one-year in-home service, three-years parts, and five-year structural.
  • Power Consumption: 1200W
  • Chair weight: 287 lbs

Fujita KN9005 Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

The most standout features on the Fujita KN9005 are its advanced technologies like air retraction and roller transformation. These technologies combined with the robust body scan essentially guarantee a chair massage of the highest quality.

Add in its head-to-toe air massage with its special head band and the Fujita KN9005 is a compelling option for any massage chair enthusiast.

Plus, you can often find this high-end model deeply discounted on sites like Amazon. Whatever you need up choosing, we hope our Fujita KN9005 massage chair review helped you along the way.

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