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If you’re looking for a massage chair with head massage capabilities, the Fujita SMK9600 is an all-around great option. Plus, in addition to its head massage features, it also has an L-Track, full body air massage, and calf and foot rollers among other high-end massage features.

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  • Head air massage techniques
  • Zero Gravity seating position
  • Four roller massage system
  • Body scan technology
  • Full body air massage with 46 airbags


  • No S-Track massage style
Fujita SMK9600 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a massage chair with head massage capabilities, an L-Track, full body air massage, and calf and foot rollers.

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Fujita SMK9600 is one of the few massage chairs that offers head massage
Fujita SMK9600
Osaki 7075R is a powerful massage chair with a great set of unique features
Osaki OS-7075R
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Head massage
Four massage roller heads
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Full body air massage
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Infrared heat therapy
Number of massage techniques46
Number of massage programs86

If you struggle with excessive tension in your head, you might be doubtful that a massage chair can bring you relief. After all, most massage chairs only offer massage for the back and sometimes the arms, legs, and feet. Right?

But what if there was a massage chair that would massage your head too?

Well, if that’s what you’ve been searching for, today’s your lucky day because in this article we bring you a full review of one of the few massage chairs that offers head massage — the Fujita SMK9600.

In this Fujita SM9600 massage chair review, you’ll learn not only about its head massage system but everything else you need to know to help you decide if it’s the right chair for you.

Features of the Fujita SMK9600 Massage Chair

Head Massage Mechanism

The Fujita SMK9600 delivers tension-relieving head massage with a unique mechanism that’s worn on the head like a hat. Using a patented air pressure massage system, the scalp receives a combination of compression, kneading, and acupressure massage that’s designed to feel like a professional massage therapist’s hands.

When not in use, the head massage mechanism of the Fujita SMK9600 sits on top of the chair’s backrest out of the way. When you want to enjoy a head massage, the mechanism is placed on top of the head. Then, the small airbags in the mechanism inflate and deflate in specific rhythms and pulsations to soothe the scalp. This action is thought to increase circulation in the head and provide an overall relaxing sensation.

There are a few other massage chairs on the market that offer head massage, but we feel that the Fujita SMK9600 is by far one of the best. If you’re specifically looking for a massage chair with head massage capabilities, it’s hard to beat the Fujita SMK9600.

L-track Massage

Beyond head massage, the Fujita SMK9600 offers an excellent suite of massage components that deliver comprehensive full body massage. The most noteworthy of the bunch is the chair’s L-Track massage system.

Fujita SMK9600 massage chair L track extends from the top of the backrest and down through the seat

The L-Track of the Fujita SMK9600 extends from the top of the backrest and down through the seat of the chair, offering roller massage not only for the neck and back, but the buttocks and thighs as well.

Four Roller Massage System

Mounted to the chair’s L-Track, the Fujita SMK9600 features a massage roller system with four roller heads. The four roller heads work in harmony as they roll over the muscles of the back along the L-Track performing various therapeutic massage techniques — more on those later.

The mechanism on which the rollers are mounted allows for the rollers to remain flexible in order to adapt to the curves of the body. This creates a firm but gentle massage sensation more so than if the rollers were mounted on a rigid mechanism.

Life Power Body Scan

Greatly increasing the efficiency and therapeutic potential of the massage rollers, the Fujita SMK9600 features a special body scan system called Life Power Third Generation.

Using both the massage rollers and a series of sensors, the Life Power body scan accurately measures the size and shape of the user’s body. After the scan completes, the position of the massage rollers is adjusted throughout the duration of the massage based on the measurements taken during the scan. This effectively custom-fits the massage rollers to the individual user, to more accurately apply massage pressure to the correct locations.

Weightless Recline Technology

To get the most benefit out of a massage chair program, it’s important that your body is in an optimal position to become completely relaxed. In most cases, laying in a fully reclined position is the best for achieving complete relaxation to receive the full benefit of the massage — the Fujita SMK9600 achieves this with what’s known as Weightless Recline Technology.

Fujita SMK9600 features weightless recline technology for complete relaxation to receive the full benefit of massage

Very similar to Zero Gravity recline that’s become increasingly popular in massage chairs, the Weightless Recline Technology of the Fujita SMK9600 places your body in a cradle-like position. The chair reclines almost completely horizontal while the legrest raises simultaneously to bring the legs slightly higher than the heart.

In this “weightless” position, the body’s center of gravity is transferred to the hips which allow the muscles of the back and spine to completely decompress and relax. This position also brings more body weight over the massage rollers in the backrest of the chair, resulting in increased massage intensity from the downward pressure of the body.

The Weightless Recline position can be enjoyed while using any of the chair’s manual massage techniques or automatic massage programs. Or, if you want a relaxing position to read a book or watch TV in, the Weightless Recline position can be used without any massage programs active.

Full Body Air Massage — 46 Airbags

In addition to the L-Track and four roller massage mechanism, the Fujita SMK9600 is complete with a full body air massage system comprised of 46 airbags.

The airbags are located in key positions throughout the chair delivering compression massage for the shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, legs, and feet. The pressure of the airbags can be adjusted with three levels of intensity available, allowing you to customize the massage to your liking.

Fujita SMK9600 features full body air massage system

Among the areas in which air massage is offered on the Fujita SMK9600, the most notable are the outer shoulders and the arms and hands. The outer shoulder airbags are designed to simulate Thai massage techniques, performing a variety of massage actions that relieve the shoulder muscles and relax the chest.

The arm and hand massage mechanisms are U-shaped to provide optimal massage efficiency while reducing any discomfort. Each armrest on the chair has a three-section airbag that is used to perform specific massage sequences to increase blood flow throughout the arms and hands while relieving tension and minimizing hand numbness.

Three Roller Foot Massage

Inside each foot well of the Fujita SMK9600, you’ll find a three-row foot massage roller. The rollers spin under the soles of the feet, providing a stimulating massage from heel to toe.

Along with the foot rollers, the foot wells of the Fujita SMK9600 also feature airbags that apply pressure to the ankles of tops of the feet. When the airbags inflate, they press the feet down onto the rollers for even more stimulation and more intense massage pressure.

Calf Roller Massage

While many massage chairs on the market have foot rollers, only a select few feature rollers for the calf muscles — the Fujita SMK9600 happens to be one of those chairs.

Located in the leg well of the leg rest, a series of rollers perform both finger pressure and vibration massage on the muscles of the calves. This action is combined with the airbags in the legrest to provide comprehensive massage therapy for the legs.

Infrared Heating Technology

Another special feature on the Fujita SMK9600 is heat therapy. But unlike most massage chairs that use simple heating pads, the Fujita SMK9600 uses infrared heaters to deliver soothing radiant heat to three distinct areas — the waist, knees, and ankle joints.

Using infrared heating in conjunction with the chair’s other features and programs is a great way to help your muscles rel​ax quickly and deeply to get the most benefit out of the massage rollers and airbags.

Massage Techniques of the Fujita SMK9600

Using the chair’s long-range L-Track and four-head massage rollers, the Fujita SMK9600 offers four distinct massage techniques. Each technique offers a unique therapeutic benefit and can be enjoyed on its own in a manual mode massage or during one of the chair’s automatic massage programs.

Here’s an outline of the four massage techniques of the Fujita SMK9600.

Fujita SMK9600 offers four massage techniques
  • Kneading — A slow-moving technique in which the rollers apply deep kneading pressure followed by a quick release in order to simulate the action of a massage therapist’s hands.
  • Tapping — A rhythmic pulsing technique in which the rollers make a series of quick tapping actions with various speeds and intensities.
  • Knead up/down — A combination of kneading and tapping techniques performed with small up and down movements along the back.
  • Shiatsu — A focused massage technique in which the rollers are used to produced finger-pressure-like movements.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Fujita SMK 9600

While the massage techniques outlined above can be used on their own in a manual mode massage, the automatic massage programs of the Fujita SMK9600 offer a more comprehensive massage full body experience.

All massage features of the Fujita SMK9600 are incorporated into the automatic massage programs including roller massage, air massage, calf and foot roller massage, and if desired, heat massage can be added as well.

Here’s an outline of the eight automatic massage programs offered on the Fujita SMK9600 massage chair:

  • Shoulder blade massage — A full body massage program that focuses specifically on the muscles along the shoulder blade line.
  • Upper shoulder press massage — An automatic program in which the massage rollers apply deep pressing kneading on the tops of the shoulders and along the base of the neck.
  • Side knead — A full body massage program in which the massage rollers operate on their widest setting to massage the sides of the body, particularly the waist, with broad movements.
  • Neck relax — In this program, the massage rollers are used to grip and stretch the neck to provide muscle relief, reduce tension, and increase circulation around upper back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Loop kneading/tapping — This program massages a wide range on the back using a combination of kneading and tapping techniques as well as up and down roller movements.
  • Kiwami knead/Kiwami tapping — In this automatic program, special Kiwami massage techniques are used to provide deep tissue massage to the upper shoulders while also providing relief to the trapezius muscles.
  • Shoulder tapping — A full body massage program in which the roller tapping technique is performed along the line of the shoulders.
  • Kiwami hip massage — In this program, the massage rollers are used to perform a special Kiwami massage throughout the seat in conjunction with the airbags to massage the hips and thighs.

How Does it Compare? Fujita SMK9600 vs. Osaki OS-7075R

As we mentioned before, there are only a handful of massage chair models that feature head massage in addition to the typical roller and air massage features. While we still believe that the Fujita SMK9600 is one of the best, if you’re specifically searching for a massage chair that offers head massage, you should also take a close look at the Osaki OS-7075R.

Osaki OS 7075R has 46 airbags throughout the chair

These two chairs are very similar in appearance and share many of the same features. Both chairs are priced right around the $4,000 mark, so your buying decision will come down to a few small details.

To help you decide which is the better chair for you, here’s a quick breakdown the similarities and differences between the Fujita SMK9600 and the Osaki OS-7075R.


  • Head air massage
  • Zero Gravity (labeled “Weightless Recline” on the Fujita 7075R)
  • Four roller massage system
  • Body scan system
  • Full body air massage with 46 airbags
  • Infrared heat therapy

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between the two chairs…


L-Track vs. S-Track

As mentioned, one of the defining factors of the Fujita SMK9600 is its extremely long L-Track that carries the massage rollers from the neck, down the entire back, and into the seat to massage the buttocks and thighs. The Osaki OS-7075R, however, has an S-Track which only provides massage for the neck and back.

So if roller massage into the seat is important to you, the Fujita SMK9600 is the way to go. But, it’s important to note that when it comes to S-Tracks, at 31 inches the S-Track of the Osaki OS-7075R is on the longer side and provides excellent coverage.

Calf Rollers vs. No Calf Rollers

Both massage chairs have spinning foot rollers, but where the Fujita SMK9600 takes the lead is the addition of calf rollers. The Osaki OS-7075R does have air massage for the calves but doesn’t offer nearly the same level of massage depth.

Osaki OS 7075R features multiple air bags that are place in the calf and foot portion

While both massage chairs do offer great leg and foot massage, if you work on your feet all day and come home with sore or swollen legs, the Fujita SMK 9600 will likely offer you more relief.

The Bottom Line: Which is Better?

As you can see, it’s a close call between these two massage chairs, both of which offer head massage as their key features. However, all factors considered, we feel that with the addition of L-Track and calf rollers the Fujita SMK9600 offers slightly more bang for your buck.

Fujita SMK9600 Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

Massage chairs have long been favored for their abilities to deliver therapeutic massage for the back, arms, legs, and feet. But up until recently, it was hard to find a quality massage chair that offered relief for users who struggle with tension in the head.

Now, with the Fujita SMK9600, automatic head massage in the comfort of your home is a reality. Just climb in the chair, slip on the head massager, choose a massage program, and enjoy a high-level massage. We hope our Fujita SMK9600 massage chair review gave you the insight you needed to decide whether or not this is the chair for you.

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