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Recommended For: Casual espresso drinkers who want something to use at home.

Overall Rating



  • Compact size, saving kitchen space
  • Affordable price
  • Quick start-up and good quality espresso
  • Effective frother for foamed milk


  • Unhelpful customer service
  • Light and prone to tipping
  • Issues with hard water buildup
De'Longhi EC680M Espresso Machine

Recommended For: Casual espresso drinkers who want something to use at home.

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DeLonghi EC 680 Review – For an espresso machine available at a reasonable price, the DeLonghi Dedica EC 680 is a worthwhile investment for the casual espresso drinker who wants something to use at home.

Its small footprint and compact build make it ideal for kitchens with limited counter space. It has an elegant and sleek chrome exterior without being garish and would fit in nicely with any decor.

Overview of Delonghi EC 680

Delonghi EC 680 Review Pros

As stated, this machine is quite small and will save valuable space in the kitchen. If you’ve ever lived with minuscule kitchen spaces, you’ll know this is a huge plus. Cooking and cleaning in a cramped kitchen is a misery. Measuring only 13″ x 5.9″ x 13″, the EC680 takes up less than a square foot.

Widely available for nearly $300, it is also several hundred dollars under some of the higher-end machines. The EC680 sits in the middle range and combines quality and budget.

It starts up and runs quickly, producing good quality espresso. Many users report a decent layer of crema on every espresso shot and a taste rivaling far more expensive machines. If used properly, the frother is good at producing foamed milk to pair with the espresso.

Notes and Recommendations

Because it is a small device, you’ll either need to use espresso cups or shorter mugs when brewing so that they will fit under the spout. You should own a good grinder as it is essential to good espresso. The included tamper/scoop is made of lightweight plastic which will do in a pinch but is certainly not ideal in any terms. A good quality tamper will make quite a difference in the espresso brewed.

A steaming pitcher, thermometer, and knockbox are also not included with the machine. These are perhaps not necessary, but will streamline the use of the steamer and also of clean up.

It is highly recommended that one read the manual when troubleshooting, as this machine has a few operating quirks that make it easy to make mistakes during operation.

Delonghi Dedica EC 680 Cons

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Unfortunately, if the machine appears to display issues, the De’Longhi’s customer service is not known to be helpful regarding both repairs and troubleshooting. The customer often must pay the shipping to send machines in for repairs. The EC 680’s manual should be read in full, and assumptions avoided to prevent sub-par functionality.

On the flip side of its lovely small size, it is also quite light (less than 10 lbs) and cannot be operated confidently with one hand as it is liable to tip over. This problem can be circumvented by using a free hand to support the machine.

Be careful to avoid using hard water with this machine as it can lead to build-up and difficulties with cleaning. Some users report issues while trying to descale the machine. Using distilled water can help keep the machine in running order.

Final Thoughts for Our Delonghi EC 680 Review

The DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Machine is a no-frills home espresso machine that is certainly a worthwhile purchase for an espresso lover willing to spend a little more without breaking the bank. Of course, accessories can determine the experience, but it is an overall solid machine that will sit unobtrusively in any kitchen.

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