In these Best Lever Espresso Machine Reviews, we evaluated some of the best rated, recommended and qualified products on the market today, narrowing our field to one single top pick: the La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Lever Espresso Machine

Our criterion included functionality, versatility, and capacity, but aesthetics matter, so some points were awarded to finalists for style. Here are our top picks:

Our Pick: La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Lever Espresso Machine

La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Lever Espresso Machine provides the best overall mix of features we were looking for, in a single, durable, long-lasting, high-quality machine that will serve you well for years to come.

Best of all, it has an impressive sixteen cup capacity, so you won’t have to stop to refill and reload all the time, making it ideal for a wide range of uses from day to day operation for you and your family to intimate dinner parties and similar gatherings.

Silver Color, La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Lever Espresso Machine, Leftfront
La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Lever Espresso Machine

The lever is rated 15-bar (9-bar is the minimum needed for espresso, and this machine easily exceeds that). That, combined with La Pavoni’s master craftsmanship approach and legendary reputation for quality and beauty, makes it our top choice overall.

Runner-Up: Bezzera Unica Kitchen Lever Espresso Machine

The Bezzera Unica Lever Espresso Machine is a brute of a machine, with the highest capacity of any that we reviewed, boasting an impressive 3-liter water tank. Its greatest strength and feature, however, also proved to be why we ultimately could not name it as our top pick.

It’s such a large machine that it almost verges on being commercial grade. A capacity of that size is just overwhelming for a significant percentage of the market, which makes it more machine than most people want or need. On the other hand, if you regularly throw large parties, or are looking for added features like the passive cup warmer, then this machine would be perfect for you.

Make no mistake, it’s a great unit with tremendous functionality, even if it loses a few points for style and attractiveness. Even so, we could not name it as our top pick overall.

Also Great: The Elektra Art Microcasa Lever Espresso Machine

Hands down the Elektra Art Microcasa Lever Espresso Machine is the most stylish and attractive of all the lever espresso machines we reviewed; this one would make a handsome addition to any kitchen. It almost has a “Steampunk” look and feel to it, with old world styling and gauges.

Its 61-ounce capacity is certainly adequate for most home use needs, but ultimately, for us at least, where it falls short is that Elektra spent perhaps too much time on styling, and not quite enough on function.

Style absolutely matters, but our preference runs more toward raw functionality. Opinions will differ on this point, and if you’re looking for a stylish, functional lever espresso machine to meet day to day needs, this one will certainly serve you well, though in some circumstances (dinner parties or other gatherings) you’ll find yourself chafing under the 61-ounce capacity limit.

Excellent for day to day use, though, if it’s just you and your family. There’s more than enough capacity to meet those needs. It came close to grabbing top honors but wasn’t quite what we were looking for.

Honorable Mention: Pontevecchio

Red Pontevecchio Lever Espresso Machine - Consumer Files
Pontevecchio Lever Espresso Machine

Ponte Vecchio makes great products, and this simple, designed-for-home-use lever coffee machine is no exception. The Pontevecchio Lever Espresso Machine is sturdy, well designed, and attractive.

The best feature about the Pontevecchio is the simplicity of design. It’s an almost minimalist machine that anyone can master in a matter of minutes. That’s actually a fairly important consideration because there are a number of coffee drinkers out there who are mystified by the world of espresso machines, and this would be a great way for them to step into that world.

The only real drawback of the machine is its low capacity. It’s fine for a small household, or casual coffee drinkers, but if you are a power coffee drinker or throw even occasional dinner parties, or have people over on a regular basis, you’re going to want a machine with a higher capacity than this.

What Is the Best Lever Espresso Machine In 2024?

There are a number of fantastic lever espresso machines on the market today. Any of the ones we reviewed above would make an excellent addition to your home or venue, but having looked at all of them, our pick for the best lever espresso machine overall is the La Pavoni PC-16 Lever Espresso Machine. It is a perfect blending of form and function that won’t disappoint.

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