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Browning Gun Safes for Sale Review

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If you're looking for Browning gun safes for sale, we've got you covered. We're going to take a look at some of the latest Browning gun safes, ranging from the practical Pistol Vault to the extreme Hell's Canyon 65 gun capacity safe.

We'll also take a look at some of the Browning gun safe accessories that you can add to nearly all of their gun safes.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the Browning safes for sale, so if one of these top end safes doesn't meet your needs, Browning is sure to have another that does.

Top Pick for Browning Gun Safes for Sale

Hell's Canyon 65 Gun Safe GSHC48



The Hell's Canyon 65 Gun Safe GSHC48 is easily the granddaddy of all gun safes, holding an incredible 65 guns with the included premium DPX storage system. It can hold 41 long guns, with two racks inside and one rack across the back of the door. It also includes two hanging pistol racks and two pistol holsters on the back of the door.

Adjustable shelving allows you to customize the interior of this safe to your liking and to best fit your needs. Plus, with Browning's Pistol Racks (which we'll take a look at later in this review) you can increase the gun capacity of this safe easily and affordably as they come at a discounted price if your order them with the safe. There are also numerous pockets, pouches, and loops located along the back of the door to provide additional storage for ammo, valuables, and hunting accessories.

This gun safe comes standard with a dial lock, however, it is available with an electronic lock at an additional cost. It's made of 11 gauge steel with a full inner plate to protect against drill attacks and forced entry. There are eight 1.25 inch diameter chromed live action bolts, with six dead bolts. This gun safe isn't just fire safe, but it is also heat protected for 90 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit. This gun safe is also made in the USA.

Silver Prosteel Series 11-29 Gun Safe GSSR26F

The Browning SR26F Silver Prosteel Series Gun Safe is available with a lot of customizable options to make this safe truly one of a kind and truly yours. You can choose between nine different colors, 13 door designs, three different lock types, and three different lock finishes.

Aesthetics aside, this gun safe has a lot of value and would make a great gift for the hunting enthusiast in your life. It's made of 11 gauge steel and features a beige carpeted interior (color not customizable.)

It features Browning's DPX storage system with adjustable shelves and two handgun pouches on the interior wall of the safe. The backside of the door can also securely store long guns and has two handgun pouches, as well as pockets and hooks for other accessories.

The door has a full sized 10 gauge plate to protect against drill attacks with 10 1 1/4 inch diameter chromed live action bolts with six dead bolts. This gun safe also features thermablock protection against fire and heat with a fire rating of 100 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit.


Factory installed LED lights running along door frame provides adequate lighting throughout the safe, unobstructed by shelving. Like all Browning Prosteel Gun Safes, the Silver SR26F carries the UL Residential Security Rating (watch video below).

This gun safe can be further customized with AXIS pistol rack, which attaches beneath a shelf, or the pistol rack so that you can increase storage capacity to hold even more handguns, taking the already 11-29 gun capacity to new levels.

Tactical Gun Safe Mark IV GSUS26F


The Browning Mark IV US26F Tactical Gun Safe is specifically designed to handle the most intricate needs of properly storing tactical guns and their many accessories.

Constructed of 11 gauge steel, this safe features Browning's AXIS adjustable shelving system that has fully adjustable shelves that come complete with hanging pistol racks. The backside of the door features Browning's DPX door storage that has long gun storage, handgun holsters, and numerous pockets, pouches, and loops to store all of your supplies.

This 29 gun capacity safe comes with all of the top end security features you would expect from Browning: full 10 gauge steel inner plate to protect against drill attacks, 10 1 1/4 inch live action bolts, six dead bolts, and thermablock protection against fire and heat for 100 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit.

This gun safe also has DPX loops for short barrel guns, four handgun pouches on the door, two carbine barrel loops, a storage basket on top of the safe to store gear on top, and an accessory rack to hang additional accessories from the outside of the safe. 

This tactical gun safe measures 60 inches high (add 4 inches for the basket) by 30 inches wide by 25 inches deep externally, with internal measurements of 54 inches high by 26 inches wide by 20 inches deep with an internal capacity of 26 cubic feet. It weighs 730 pounds.

Pistol Vault GSPV500 - Browning Safes for Sale

When looking for Browning safes for sale, not everyone is aware that Browning also offers compact gun safes for handguns. The Pistol Vault GSPV500 gun safe is made of 10 gauge steel, which is twice the amount of steel as other gun safes.

It features a four button keypad, with the buttons tactfully arranged for easy unlocking even when your eyes need to be kept elsewhere -this is an important feature if you're relying on a pistol safe for your home defense. The door is spring assisted to open quickly and to remain open so that you can access your handgun with ease.

This gun safe also features interior LED lighting so that you can acquire your gun and ammo with one less obstacle. Thick foam inside offers protection and holds everything securely inside. Two live action bolts, recessed lid, and heavy duty exterior hinges provide solid security.

This gun safe has pre-drilled holes to allow it to be securely and permanently mounted inside of a drawer, on a shelf, or even on a counter top. It measures 4.5 inches by 11 inches by 14.5 inches and weighs 29 pounds.


6 Gun Pistol Rack 164136


The 6 Gun Pistol Rack 164136 is simple in design but for the extra storage capability it adds to any gun safe it is a definite consideration. This wire rack allows for faster acquisition of handguns as they'll be stored in a stable, upright position rather than laying precariously on their side.

This wire rack is rubber coated to protect against damage to your handgun and is available in either a 6 gun capacity or a 4 gun capacity. This pistol rack fits neatly atop any gun safe shelf and is able to hold handguns of various sizes due to its design.

Zerust Protectant 154011


The Zerust Protectant 154011 is a simple yet innovative way to provide a little extra protection to your guns. This small capsule attaches to the carpeted interior of any gun safe. There, it emits invisible vapors known as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors that form a corrosion and rust resistant barrier on all metal surfaces. One capsule will protect your guns for up to one year and will service a safe up to 30 inches wide.

Browning Gun safes For Sale Review Conclusion

In business since 1927, Browning has created a reputation for top quality products that will provide you with years of service. This is one of the best reasons to be looking for Browning gun safes for sale, as you know that your gun safe will be beautiful, functional, and will keep your guns secure and protected against burglary, fire, and heat.

These gun safes only represent a small portion of the numerous high-end gun safes you can expect when you purchase a Browning gun safe, with many more gun safes to choose from.

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