The Takeaway:

1. Our Pick: Barska Model AD11114

2. Runner-Up: Konus Spotting Scope Model 7124

3. Value Pick: Celestron Model 52228 Spotting Scope

You are out on your next hunting trip with your family or buddies, and it comes time to take out that new piece of gear that you got a great deal on. Only when you take it out to use it, it fails.

Everyone has experienced this at one time or another. It happens, sometimes, when you’re looking for the best value, and instead, you end up with cheap. 

Finding the best value-spotting scope on the market can be difficult, and you could be putting your next hunting trip on the line. This is what this review is about, taking a closer look at some of the best spotting scopes where value is the primary concern.

Our Pick: Barska Model AD11114

Our Pick

The Barska Blackhawk is a serious consideration on this list of some of the best value spotting optics. First, it is a Barska and this is a name of quality. That high level of quality comes through even in this value-priced model. The fully armored housing makes this spotting scope waterproof and fog proof, giving this set of optics some toughness and durability which makes this a great hunting and range scope for many years of use.

It has great optics with its 18-36X50mm multi-coated lens which will let you see your target. This should be a great spotting scope to take to the range or out to the field, letting you find your target or just count the tines on that next big buck to tell whether or not he is a shooter. This model from Barska also comes with a soft case and its own tripod which will be useful in the stand. This is a very good spotting scope for the money.

Runner-Up: Konus Spotting Scope Model 7124

Konus Spotting Scope 7124

A great buy for the features and the value.

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This model is a great buy for the features and the value. It has a 15-45X60mm lens that will definitely let you see your objective. Konus also gave this scope a rubber-armored housing, giving it some added protection from the bumps and bangs that are often unavoidable when out in the field. This makes a great range scope or a good stand scope as it does come with a small tabletop tripod.

However, it also has a FOV (field of view) of 164′ at 1000 meters, which is big, true; but then again, how often do you take shots out to a thousand meters? And if you are taking shots out that far, it is your rifle scope that is going to require a tighter field of view, not the spotting scope. This is about value for the money, which is one spotting scope that should be considered.

Value Pick: Celestron Model 52228 Spotting Scope

Value Pick
Celestron 52228 Spotting Scope

A great valued spotting scope that should give you years of service.

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The Celestron 15-45X50mm refracting lens will give you a great view of your targets on the range and help you locate that next trophy buck. It is waterproof and fog proof, which is nice during those temperature changes or foul weather conditions that often happen while out hunting.

This refractor spotting scope comes with its own tripod, which is handy on the range or the stand. It should travel well as it comes with an aluminum hard case and a soft case that also carries the tabletop tripod for taking long hikes into the wilderness.

Its light weight makes this a great scope for lugging around out in the field. This is a great-valued spotting scope that should give you years of service.

Also Great: Simmons Model 841102 Spotting Scope

Also Great
Simmons 841102 Spotting Scope

A lot of value is packed into a small price.

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The Simmons name is synonymous with quality, and these 20-60X60mm fully coated optics will give you a high-quality image and view of the field. Whether you are looking for that next trophy or watching your buddy miss at the range while blaming the high-priced scope, they have never really figured out, this scope will do the job for you.

The set comes fully rubber armored and is 100% waterproof, fog proof, and nitrogen purged with O-ring seals making this a high value combined with toughness and the quality of Simmons. The built-in sunshade helps reduce glare, and the tabletop tripod will be useful at the range and on the stand.

It comes with a soft case for carrying ease in the field and a hard aluminum case for those long trips to that unique hunt. The Simmons Model 841102 has much value packed into a small price, so it made the list of the best spotting optics today in this review.

What is the Best Value Spotting Scope 2024?

Our pick for the Best Value Spotting Scope is the Barska Blackhawk (AD11114) due to its pure value and quality for the money. 

Not everything that is a great value has to be cheap. Yes, sometimes you must give up a few features to get what you’re after for the price, but this is usually a minor inconvenience that many don’t even notice.

It will work when you need it without having to file another mortgage to get something that will work. Hopefully, this helps in trying to find the best valued spotting scope for your next hunting trip or trip out to the range.

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