If you’re looking for the best tactical bipod, there are a few features that stand out the most. You need a bipod that’s lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand successive shots and remain stable. Adjustable legs also offer convenience, although stability is definitely the most important.

After looking at numerous bipods, we selected these four as the best tactical bipods. Our choice for the best of the best is the ARMSTAC Tactical Bipod, but you’ll have to read to the end to find out why.

Our Pick: Armstac Tactical Bipod

This strong and durable aluminum constructed bipod has adjustable legs for a total height of between 9 inches and 11 inches. The legs are also spring powered and have a posi-lock to keep them at the perfect length. This is a rail mount bipod.

Black, Comfortable Rubber Feet Stands, Foldable for Portability, ARMSTAC Tactical Bipod
ARMSTAC Tactical

Pros and Cons

The higher profile allows for comfortable use with larger capacity magazines. In addition to the sturdy construction, this best shooting bipod is also backed by a lifetime warranty. It mounts tight to your gun so there isn’t any wobble when firing. This bipod does not come with a swivel stud adapter, nor is there one available.

What people are saying…

Out of the total buyers, 84% gave this bipod a rank of four stars or higher. The quality construction and tight mounting were widely proclaimed as amazing. Many buyers said that this was a great bipod with a great price. There were very few complaints, and they centered on the bipod being difficult to open the first time or the legs being too easy to adjust.

Runner-Up: Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Rifle Best Bipods

This bipod is made of premium aircraft grade aluminum that provides stability and strength. It can swivel 20 degrees in either direction and comes with a rail adapter to mount to either Picatinny or weaver rails.

It weighs less than one pound and has spring lock legs as well as leg notches to allow for more precise positioning, the legs adjust between 6 inches and 9 inches.

Black, Notched locking legs, Ade Advanced Optics
Ade Advanced Optics 

Pros and Cons

This is a lightweight bipod that folds up parallel with the gun barrel. The swivel top allows you to correct for uneven terrain without having to readjust the legs or reposition the entire bipod.

The included rail adapter means that this shooting bipod is ready to go regardless of what kind of gun you have. The prongs that go into the stud hole are smaller than some other bipods, but this does not seem to effect the performance any.

What people are saying…

This bipod was ranked four or more stars by 89% of total buyers. The quality and strength were frequently applauded as being right up there with higher priced brands. The ease of use was also cited as a strong point with this bipod. The few complaints mentioned having difficulty keeping the rail adapter attached to the bipod, but that they were able to correct the issue by replacing the screw with a larger screw. Most buyers stated that it performed well, however, with many saying they were going to purchase another.

Also Great: Ohuhu Adjustable Sniper Best Bipod

This bipod is made of heavy duty hardened steel and anodized aluminum to provide stability and prevent wobbling when you shoot. The legs have five adjustments between 6 inches and 9 inches and can be folded forward or backward along the barrel of your gun. It’s lightweight at 11.5 ounces.

Black, Compact and light weight, Ohuhu Adjustable Sniper
Ohuhu Adjustable Sniper

Pros and Cons

This tactical bipod has a front stud mount only and does not come with an adapter for Picatinny rail or weaver rail mounts. It also does not swivel or tilt.

The steel mounting platform, springs, and screws contribute to the toughness of this bipod. There are two rubber pads to prevent damage to your gun, and this bipod does have a ring to attach your sling to.

What people are saying…

87% of total buyers gave this bipod four or five stars. There were many comments on how sturdy it was and how the gun did not wobble at all, even on uneven terrain. A few buyers did comment on how it didn’t come with instructions, but that it was so easy to install and use that they didn’t need any.

Honorable Mention: UTG TL-BP28SQ New Gen Shooter Bipod

This is a medium-profile bipod with legs that offer only small adjustments, extending from 6.2 to 6.7 inches. The legs are spring locked to provide tension against the folding mechanism. This is a fixed bipod, it does not swivel or tilt. It offers very stable performance and comes with a swivel stud mount adapter.

It also has posi-lock control for the folding legs, and the mounting platform and lever lock can be reversed to allow this bipod to fold either forward or backward along the barrel of your gun.

Pros and Cons

This bipod comes with a built-in Picatinny rail mount but comes with a swivel stud adapter that makes this a versatile bipod. It does not swivel or tilt, so it holds rock solid when firing.

The legs only adjust 3/4 of an inch, allowing for small adjustments on uneven terrain but nothing too major. It has a patented quick detachable lever lock that allows for the easiest and fastest mounting possible.

What people are saying…

This bipod for shooting got four or five stars from 83% of all buyers. The solid all metal construction was cited as being one of its strong points, as was its light weight and how well the quick detach lever worked. The only complaints were that the legs weren’t truly adjustable and that this was too short for that buyer’s purposes.

What Is the Best Tactical Bipod 2024?

When looking for the best bipods available, there are many options to choose from. As for the best tactical bipod out there, our top pick was the ARMSTAC Tactical Bipod. While it only has a rail mount platform, this solid bipod performs way beyond what you’d expect for the price. The solid all-metal construction provides a tight fit, and it holds rock steady when firing. Frankly, you can’t ask for much more than that.

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