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Best Scope for Long Range Shooting

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Our Top Picks - Best Scope for Long Range Shooting In 2023

SWFA SS 3 Tactical

Primary Arms PA416X

A smaller image of Nikon Monarch 6775

Nikon Monarch 6775

Vortex  VPR-M-06MD

When you are in the market for the best optics for long range shooting, quality and price, combined with what you need out on the range, are good starting points for determining which of the many scopes available is the right one for you.

You are going to need a scope that not only can see clearly out to the target but also has the ruggedness for those times when you're out in the mountains and on the next ridge over is that big horn. That is not the time for the scope to be out of adjustment, and can happen with less rugged long range optics. So let’s take a look and discover which is the best scope for long range shooting.

Winner - Swfa Ss 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope

The SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope is one of the best long range rifle scopes for the money. This rifle scope will work whether you're on the range or storming the beach, as this impressive scope is built to NATO standards. It has an operational temperature range of -50 degrees to the way too warm temperature of over 130 degrees, with an operational altitude of over 30,000 feet above sea level and is even able to handle salt water depths down to 15 feet below.

This scope is truly amazing, able to handle any conditions you throw at it, and could still be around for your grandkids to fool around with. This waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof rifle scope will zero and hold on target in countless conditions, and is perfect for the survivalist or prepper. This is a great scope for nearly any range and great for hunting. With clear optics in low light conditions, this is a great scope for the money and one of the absolute best scopes for long range.

Primary Arms 4-16x44 Illuminated Mil-dot Rifle Scope

The Primary Arms Illuminated Mil Dot PA416X Rifle Scope really holds its own with a four-inch eye relief and one-year replacement warranty. The red illuminated Mil-Dot will help you take on those targets or game late in the day or early morning when lighting is variable. With its FOV (field of vision) of 6.98 feet at 100 yards, when cranked up to X16, you should have no problem finding your target.

Well, that might be a little too close sometimes, but at X4 the FOV is 26.19 at 100 yards, still allowing you ample enough visibility to see your target and take it down. This could be an issue if you are doing a lot of shooting under twenty-five or so yards, as this is one of the best long range optics for the money, but isn't really designed for close shooting. This is a good choice as it is also nitrogen purged, making it fog proof, less likely to freeze, and waterproof. This long range rifle scope should not disappoint.

Black, Shockproof, fog proof, Primary Arms Classic Series 4-16x44mm SFP Rifle Scope

Primary Arms PA416X Illuminated Mil-dot Rifle Scope

Nikon Monarch BDC Rifle Scope 4-16x50 6775

The Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope's 95% light transmission makes it a great scope form long range shooting with crystal clear optics. The quick focus eyepiece and as much as a four-inch eye relief makes target acquisition easy and fast, which makes this also a great hunting rifle scope. The spring loaded zero reset turrets allows for making adjustments as necessary easy, should the need arise.

This scope is also waterproof and fog proof, keeping your scope in operation even in inclement weather. It is also shockproof, giving this scope the toughness to stay zeroed on the range or out in the field while mounted on a variety of firearms. This is one of the best long range optics which should be seriously considered, as it is an affordable option.

Black, Ultra ClearCoat Optical System,

Nikon Monarch BDC 6775 Rifle Scope 4-16x50

Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50 PA Rifle Scope With Mil-Dot Reticle

When looking for one of the best long range optics for the money, the Vortex Viper VPR-M-06MD PA Rifle Scope is a serious consideration. Its Mil-Dot reticle is accurate to 14X will help you out with windage and elevation for those times when you need to make adjustments on the fly. This high powered scope makes long range shooting, with its clear optics, easier and more on you then you fighting your sight picture.

With as much as 95% light transmission as well as being waterproof and fogproof, this scope makes sure you're going to be able to get the shot in a variety weather conditions. The fact that this scope is also shockproof makes it a good choice for many high powered rifles. These factors combined with the durability of this scope not only makes it one of the best scopes for long range shooting but also a great hunting rifle scope.

Final Thoughts on Best Scope for Long Range Shooting 2023

When choosing the best long range optics you are looking for clarity, ease of use, and, of course, range. So, if you're out at the range or out in the field hunting, don't let yourself down. Make sure that you have the proper equipment to get the job done. These scopes are built tough so their applications should satisfy many varying uses, from tactical shooting ranges to long range shooting. They are all built to be used for hunting, making them all very versatile when looking for the best scopes for long range shooting.

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