That long hike out to your secret hunting spot can take some time. Moving through the wilderness in the middle of winter and several inches of snow can make things twice as hard when you are carrying all that gear. You got up at O-dark thirty to take the long walk out to your stand where it will be just you and nature because no one else goes out that far and you know that this is where that trophy buck is.

But, carrying all that gear is a bit of a thing. When it comes to spotting scopes, you don’t need one that is going to add a whole bunch of weight to your hike.

Besides, if you get your trophy you have to haul everything back out or make multiple trips. You don’t need a beast of a scope dragging you down. In this review, we’ll help you find the best lightweight spotting scope on the market right now.

Our Pick: Kowa Model TSN-663-P Spotting Scope

This 66mm spotting scope was designed with hunters in mind. Built out of polycarbonate materials for a durable yet lightweight construction, this scope can take a beating. Weighing in at 2.3 pounds with a length of just over 12.2″ this makes this scope one of the best lightweight spotting scopes to take with you out on your day hunt.

88m Green, Kowa Model TSN-663-P Spotting Scope, Left View
Kowa Model TSN-663-P Spotting Scope

This rugged scope also has ED (extra low dispersion) glass to offer you the true color fidelity and crisp images. This scope is designed for foul weather, being not only filled with dry nitrogen gas, to keep it fog proof in the more extreme temperature changes, it is also waterproof to JIS class 7 protection standards. This means you can take this scope out on the hunt in the snow and the rain and use those great optics to see that trophy up close so that you know which one it is.

Kowa even carries a smart phone adapter (not included with the scopes) that allows you to connect your cell phone to your the scope and shoot amazing pictures and footage. See video below:

Runner-Up: Bushnell Elite Tactical Spotting Scope

Hunters know what Bushnell means: hunting, plain and simple. This is the kind of scope that if you’re hiking through the mountains in a rain storm, fall and roll 75 feet, when you get back up, this scope will still provide you clear, edge-to-edge detail of whatever you point it at. With 8-40x magnification and a 60mm objective lens, powerful scope also boasts ED (extra low dispersion) glass and fully multi-coated optics, giving you high color resolution that is true to life and perfect contrast even in low light conditions.

Its rubber armored aluminum body sports IPX7 waterproof standard and Bushnell’s patented rain guard HD lens coating, rendering this scope 100% waterproof, fog proof, drop proof, and able to provide your crisp, clean images even in the pouring rain. It’s 12.6″ in length and weighs a barely noticeable 2.8 pounds. This bad boy was not only designed to take a beating, but wants to be put through the toughest hunting conditions that you and Mother Nature can throw at it so that it can prove to you, every single time, that it is truly one of the best lightweight spotting optics available.

Also Great: Levenhuk Model 50914 Spotting Scope

This lightweight scope comes in at just 2.05 pounds, keeping the weight down. This waterproof 15-45X60mm optics should work great out in the stand on that all day hunt.

The great optics will also help you zero in your rifle before going out to the field. This spotting scope comes with a carrying case and a table top tripod, both of which would also be very useful out on the hunt.

The rubber armor will help keep it protected from those minor bangs and bumps. Being a nitrogen purged scope with fully multi-coated lens will help keep it from fogging on those cool mornings when the sun comes up and raises the temperature rapidly in the morning, which happens often depending on the location, as well as protecting it from the ever-changing weather that you will be facing out in the stand.

With its lightweight and relatively small size of only 15″ in length, you should have a great hunt with the model 50914.

Honorable Mention: Simmons Model 841101 Spotting Scope

Simmons is synonymous with great scopes, and the model 841101 is no different with its 20-60X60mm lens to give you great views with crystal clear precision optics. This very tough lightweight scope will do great on your all day hunt. The rubber armored, waterproof body should travel great.

The fully multi-coated lens and nitrogen purged housing will prevent fogging in most unstable temperature environments, such as the morning sun of the American high desert of the South West when you can’t figure out if you need to put on shorts, because the temperature is climbing rapidly, or a parka because it was just snowing.

The Simmons Model 841101 comes with a hard-shell aluminum case, soft carrying case, as well as a case just for the tripod that also comes with it. While weighing in at only 27.8 ounces and only 14″ in length, it should make a great companion on your next big hunt. This is definitely one of the best lightweight spotting optics available.

What is the Best Lightweight Spotting Scope?

The last thing you need on your next big day hunt is to be weighed down by needlessly heavy equipment. These are some of the best lightweight spotting scopes for hunting available on the market today, with the ruggedness and high performance you need. Compare them to the features you need most in a spotting scope and you’re sure to find the right scope to meet your needs and help you bag that next trophy.

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