If you’ve got even one gun, then you need a gun safe. A quality gun safe provides an extra level of security and sense of peace of mind, as you know your guns are protected against theft and that curious young children are kept safe from your guns, too.

The type of gun safe you need will vary based upon the type of guns you have (handguns, rifles and/or shotguns, or tactical weapons) and how many you have.

Regardless, you don’t need to spend a fortune for a high-performance gun safe. To prove our point, and to help you with your next gun safe purchase, we’ve put together a list of gun safes, each of which can only be referred to as the best gun safe under 500 dollars. Our top pick is the Brute Pistol Safe by V-Line; keep reading to see our reasons.

Our Pick: Brute Pistol Safe by V-Line

When it came time to pick the best gun safe under $500, there was some pretty steep competition. But after seeing just how rugged the Brute Pistol Safe truly is, we knew this was hands-down the best. Although it is a pistol safe, this bad boy is made of heavy-duty 10-gauge steel that’s so tough you could drive a truck over this thing and not even dent it.

It’s a good sized pistol safe, with external measurements of 12.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches deep by 3.6 inches high. There are four mounting holes along the bottom that allow you to permanently and securely mount this safe on a shelf, inside a drawer, or beneath your bed.

However, you can also loop a security cable through the mounting holes and use this in your vehicle to securely hold your every day carry. In addition to the thick steel body, this gun safe features a unique clamshell design with a continuous hinge.

The lid has gas assisted struts that hold open this safe so you can easily retrieve your handgun. The lock is one of the best features of this gun safe and is exactly what you want to look for in regards to continuous dependability.

It’s a push-button mechanical lock with a clutch knob. Okay, so that doesn’t seem quite as impressive as a biometric gun safe or even a push-button electronic lock, imagine this scenario. It’s the middle of the night, you wake up to the sound of breaking glass, and you need your home protection now.

You place your thumb on the biometric safe reader or try to punch in your code and nothing happens: the batteries are dead. You’re locked out and now have to scramble in the dark for the keys -if you can remember where you put them.

But, this situation cannot happen with a mechanical push button lock. There are never batteries to replace, never keys to hang on to, you just need to remember the completely customizable code. Now that’s true security and dependability.

Runner-Up: Biometric Pistol Safe by Sentry

This gun safe was an easy choice for one of the best gun safes under 500 dollars. It features three different ways to access your gun, unlocking via a key code, fingerprint, or key -you do not need to use the key code and fingerprint.

The key pad consists of four large buttons running horizontally next to the biometric scanner, allowing for one handed opening of this safe. This is a very important feature if this gun safe’s primary use is to secure your home protection weapon. In this way, you can be retrieving your gun, keeping your eyes where they’re needed, and be dialing the police at the same time. This safe can store two fingerprints, which is a great way to ensure that the only people who have access to your gun are the ones that are supposed to.

This gun safe is made of heavy duty 12-gauge steel and has gas compression struts that open the safe effortlessly and silently, holding the door open for you to easily retrieve your gun. The stealthy access to this safe is heightened in that this safe gives no audible feedback for either entering the key code or for when it is unlocking, as some safes do.

These features all combine to make this a great gun safe to mount next to your bed, in your nightstand drawer, in your desk drawer, or to even mount in your vehicle for your everyday carry. This safe measures 3.2 inches high by 12 inches wide by 9.9 inches long externally, with internal measurements of 2.2 inches deep by 9.7 inches wide by 6.6 inches long. This provides enough room to comfortably hold a glock 27, two magazines, a gun lock, and a box of ammo, for example. This gun safe requires four AA batteries and weighs 12 pounds.

Also Great: Double Door Security Cabinet by Stack-On

This is a full-size gun safe that features two doors with separate locks, dividing the safe into two separate compartments. The right side is meant for holding rifles, shotguns, and tactical weapons and can hold as many as ten guns. There are extendable barrel rests that won’t deteriorate or compress with time, and barrel standoffs that attach to the barrel rests to give that extra room needed for scoped guns.

Black Color, Double Door Security Cabinet by Stack-On, Open View
Double Door Security Cabinet by Stack-On

The bottom of the safe, as well as the surface of all of the shelves, is padded to afford additional protection to your guns and valuables. The left side compartment has four removable shelves that are also adjustable, allowing you the perfect space for storing handguns, ammo, cleaning kit, and holsters. This is a key lock safe, with a three point locking system. The locking plate passes behind the frame at the top and bottom, with an additional locking plate at the center. This is an all steel constructed safe, with full length welds and staked piano hinges.

It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes at the back and on the bottom for permanent and secure mounting to a floor or wall. It also has additional mounting holes in the top to allow you to bolt down one of STACK-ON’s ammo or pistol gun safes. This gun safe measures 13.5 inches by 32 inches by 55.1 inches and weighs 117 pounds.

Honorable Mention: Mini Biometric Safe AX11620 by Barska

This gun safe is a great choice for someone looking for a secure way to store their handgun. It features a biometric lock that can store up to 30 fingerprints. That may seem like overkill, but it allows you to program in the fingerprints of all of the adults in your home that you trust with access to your gun, or if you want to program all of your own fingerprints into it, in case of extreme circumstances.

This also makes this gun safe a great choice for small businesses for locking up valuables or important documents, while still making sure all of your employees have access.​

This is an all steel constructed safe with concealed hinges for added security and a pry resistant door. It comes with two override keys and is powered by four AA batteries which should provide up to two years of life. Externally, it measures 12 inches by 8 inches by 7.75 inches, with internal measurements of 11.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 5.75 inches.

It features a two-point steel bolt locking system and comes with a carpet pad on the bottom interior to protect your handgun from scratches. It comes with all mounting hardware necessary to mount this gun safe on the floor, a shelf, or even a countertop. It weighs 15.8 pounds and comes with a one-year warranty.

What Is The Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars 2024?

In determining what it takes to be the best gun safe under 500 dollars, we based our decisions on affordability paired with great performance. We chose from some of the best brands available today, with trusted value and performance. Our pick for the best gun safe less than $500 is the Brute Pistol Safe by V-Line. This pistol safe rivals the durability and quality of construction that you normally don’t see in a gun safe this size. You never have to worry about being locked out of your safe in an emergency situation thanks to the mechanical push button lock. And thanks to that rugged design and secure lock, you can relax knowing that your kids are safe from your gun -and your gun and other valuables are safe from thieves.

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