There are basically two kinds of coffee drinkers. Power drinkers, who guzzle the stuff by the pot, and sippers, who enjoy smaller amounts, but throughout the day. Those two different kinds of coffee aficionados need two different coffee makers.

In the case of the all-day sipper, what you really want is to find the best coffee maker with thermal carafe. This will help you keep your favorite drink hot, even long after the warmer automatically shuts down. Below, you’ll find a reviewed list of the best coffee makers with thermal carafes, of which the Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus was the best-rated and our picked winner.

Our Pick: Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus EC-YSC100-XB

This is the best-rated coffee maker with thermal carafe on our list. The one problem? You’ve likely never heard of Zojirushi, and may be somewhat skeptical. Don’t be. The Fresh Brew Plus EC-YSC100-XB is a well-designed, beautifully made coffee maker with 24-hour programmability, easy fill, easy clean, and easy pour features built in, and durable enough to last you for years.

In fact, we’re not including a “what others are saying” section here because 100% of purchasers give this machine high marks (4 or 5 stars) – they have nothing bad to say about this coffee maker! It is a little pricier than the other models on this list but has impeccable reviews, making it an exceptional addition and well worth your consideration!

With a list price of $190.00, this is the most expensive coffee maker with a thermal carafe on our list. When this analysis was written, we found it on sale for $149.90, representing a solid 20% plus savings.

Runner-Up: Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 Thermal Coffee Maker

Let’s start with a name that almost everyone in America is familiar with. You probably currently own or have owned a coffee maker by Mr. Coffee, so you know they’re pretty good machines, and the BVMC-PSTX91 Optimal Brew is no exception.

It’s well-designed, has a decent capacity, comes in both black and stainless steel, so it will make an attractive addition to almost any kitchen; and even though it’s at the lower end of the price scale for this type of coffee maker, it comes with enough features to make it an attractive option.

Black/Chrome, Removable water reservoir, Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker
Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

Here, you’ll get things like a removable water reservoir, a built-in filtration system, and a brew timer, so you can set the coffee to start before you crawl out of bed so it’s hot and waiting for you when you need it. Even so, remember that this machine was designed more for those on a bit of a budget, so it won’t have a wide range of bells and whistles.

It’s a good, solid coffee maker, though, and if you’re looking for an entry-level best-in-class thermal carafe coffee maker, then this one would be an excellent choice. Regularly priced at $89.99, at the time of this review, we found it online for $69.99, representing a 22% savings off of MSRP.

What Others are saying…

This model gets reasonably high marks, four stars out of five overall, with 68% of customers rating it four or five stars and 26% rating it one or two stars. Of the low-rated reviews, the chief concerns cited were the relative lack of features as compared to more expensive coffee makers and problems with cracked or broken components, which seems more like a shipping issue, so unfair to blame the machine itself. All in all, then, with a solid four-star rating, this machine is recommended and will serve you well.

Also Great: Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Carafe

Cuisinart is another well-known name brand in the world of kitchen appliances, and the DTC-975BKN Thermal 12-cup Model is one of the best 12 cup coffee makers with a thermal carafe on the market. An excellent value for the money. You won’t find a ton of features here, except for the most important ones.

The main reason you’ll get this machine is because of the 12 cup capacity and the thermal carafe, but the unit itself doesn’t offer too much in the way of advanced features beyond its 24 hour programmability.

That’s okay, though, because what you’re really interested in is a good cup of coffee that will stay hot for hours, and that’s exactly what Cuisinart delivers.

It’s normally priced at $185, but as of this review, we found it on sale for $70.04, representing over 55% savings off the normal list price, making it a hard deal to pass up.

What Others are saying…

This model is quite favorably reviewed, getting high marks (four or five stars) from 68% of purchasers and low marks (one or two stars) from 25% of purchasers. The low marks tend to focus on the unit’s shortcomings, which include its relative lack of advanced features, the absence of a filter basket (this is inexpensive but sold separately for some reason), and the fact that the machine struggles with very finely ground beans. Word of warning, if you decide to purchase this model, don’t grind your beans too finely! You’ll be fine if you use store-bought, pre-ground coffee. All in all, a well-rated, reliable coffee maker that makes a good cup of your favorite drink.

Note: Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. 

What Is The Best Coffee Maker With Thermal Carafe 2024?

So what is the best coffee maker with thermal carafe? The answer is, “it depends.” Mostly, it depends on what your budget is and what you’re looking for, but any of the above will serve you very well indeed.

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