When you are sitting on the edge of a cornfield or on the side of a mountain, this is a time that you may need to use a spotting scope. Perhaps spending hundreds of dollars on a single scope would be great, but how often do you really use it? That one time a year during deer season?

There are great options out on the market that let you have that spotting scope that really makes a difference that one time when it’s just you and that bird or game. This is the moment when that spotting scope is going to really matter and you don’t want to be sitting there wishing you had bought one.

In this review, we are going to look at some of the best affordable spotting scopes that are perfect for those hunters or birdirs who only need a spotting scope that one time a year, but need a scope that will still get the job done.

Our Pick: Celestron 52322 Landscout Spotting Scope

The light weight of the Celestron 52322 Landscout makes this a great range and hunting spotting scope for the avid hunter and outdoorsman who needs its compact design. Its 12-36X60mm lens and the fully coated lens will give you crystal clear views and will help you in getting the shot you’re after.

It also comes with a tripod, which is great because then you can set it upright in your stand and use its full rotation to scan the area for your next shot. This is one of the best affordable spotting scopes for hunting, which even comes in green, and would make a good addition to your gear for your next hunting trip.

Runner-Up: Firefield Model 11018K Spotting Scope

Considered by many of its owners to be the best spotting scope for the price, the Firefield 11018K, with its 20-60X60mm fully multi-coated lenses will give you great views even at long-range. It is nitrogen purged, which will help prevent fogging. The large, adjustable tripod works well on a bench or table top and fits in both the hard case and the soft nylon case, both of which come with shoulder straps for easy carrying.

The built-in sunshade will help you see your shot impacts on the range and keep the glare down in the field. This is a bit of a heavier scope, combined with the hard case and the included tripod, but you get a lot for your money-making this one of the best affordable spotting optics.

Also Great: Barska Model CO11216 Spotting Scope

The Barska Colorado has adjustable 20-60X60 optics that have quick focus so you can get to see your target as opposed to fiddling with excessive zoom controls. After all, you’re not out hunting to be fighting with your gear, you’re there to get your next trophy. The Colorado has fully coated optics and comes with a tripod, soft nylon carrying case, lens cap, and dust cap. It also is waterproof and fog proof, and has a rubber armored housing making this a great addition to any hunter’s gear.

With its included neck strap, you won’t even have to mess around with the tripod in those situations where time is of the essence and your gear needs to work. This is one of the best affordable spotting scopes for hunting and also comes with the Barska limited lifetime warranty.

Other Products to Consider

Sightmark Model SM11027K Spotting Scope

The Sightmark SM11027K is a great kit for those who really want to get the most for their money. Take this one to the range and to the stand to scope your shots. The built-in sunshade and filters help to keep the glare down and being waterproof, fog proof, and nitrogen purged help you make the shot every time. You could also take this, one of the best affordable spotting optics, out to the American West with the kids.

Putting on the clear filter will help protect the fully muli-coated lens from the blowing dust. You can mount it on its tripod or onto your car or truck’s window and take out some prairie dogs for some long-range shooting fun with its 15-45X60mm lens. This spotting scope comes with a hard and soft case and has a limited lifetime warranty.

What is the Best Affordable Spotting Scope?

When it comes to the best affordable spotting scopes, these are some of the best for the money and should not fail you in the field or at the range. They all have some of the same features and all are very affordable spotting scopes. For the money, these are hard to beat as they have all the features you need whether you are in the marshes after whitetail or in the ever-changing temperatures of the American South West after muleys. The value of any of these affordable optics in the field becomes quite apparent when you’re able to count the times that you were able to know which one was a shooter.

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