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The AmaMedic R7 is an affordable massage chair with a basic feature set geared towards providing a relaxing experience. It’s ideal for casual hobbyists and people who want a reliable, budget-friendly recliner.

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  • Affordable price
  • Easy armrest control panel
  • Two Zero-G positions
  • Yoga Stretch feature
  • Air massage with six auto programs


  • Fixed rollers; older technology
  • Lack of massage variety/customization options
  • May not accommodate larger body types
AmaMedic R7 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Casual hobbyists and people who want a reliable, budget-friendly recliner.

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If those aches and pains start to take a toll on your life, a massage chair might be just what you need. The thing is, many of the chairs on the market ain’t cheap, leading massage enthusiasts to believe they can’t afford one.

Until now…

The Osaki company is one of the few brands manufacturing high-quality, affordable massage chairs. We look closely at one of their standard models in our AmaMedic R7 review.

Amamedic R7 Massage Chair Design Overview

The AmaMedic R7 massage chair is one of the Osaki Brand’s low-range models, costing under $2,000.

You get a moderate selection of luxury features for this price, although the massage technology is not the industry standard.

However, if you’re a casual hobbyist, this just might be the answer to your therapeutic prayers. The AmaMedic R7 aims to deliver relaxation at an affordable price, accomplishing this with features such as Zero Gravity Seating, a heating element, and air massage.

AmaMedic R7 with dark brown PU upholstery, black hard shell exterior, and white highlights

But don’t expect much variety or customization—you’ll have to spend a bit more for that variety.

The good news is that since the AmaMedic R7 isn’t jam-packed with features, installation isn’t terrible. It also means this chair is light.

The AmaMedic R7 dimensions are 53.3 x 28.9 x 40.6 inches, and it weighs a featherlight 161.9 pounds. That’s nothing compared to some of the 300-pound beasts on the market!

The numbers mentioned above make the AmaMedic R7 suitable for small apartments, but do note that it only accommodates a maximum of 260 pounds. It screams “average body types only,” which unfortunately leaves out larger people who could benefit from its features.

At least taller users weren’t left out. With its 4” extendable footrest, someone with a height of 6’4” can comfortably fit in this chair.

Now at this point, you may be wondering how much room the AmaMedic R7 eats up when reclined with the extended footrest. The answer lies in the space-saving technology that promises a 20” clearance from the wall.

While we are happy to see that Osaki incorporated space-saving tech, 20” isn’t impressive compared to other models with 5” of clearance or less. But for the price, it’s to be expected.

Alright, ready to jump into the features? Let’s see what the AmaMedic R7 can do!

AmaMedic R7 Massage Chair Features

Easy like Sunday morning…that’s the best way to describe the humble AmaMedic R7 and its simple setup.

Without a multitude of features and settings to struggle through, you can jump right into the chair and start relaxing immediately.

8-Fixed Massage Rollers

You won’t find an extensive L-track or even a spine-hugging S-track. You won’t find industry-standard quad rollers either.

The AmaMedic R7 features eight fixed rollers that run down either side of the spine from the neck to the lower back.

We find the rollers just so-so, and AmaMedic R7 reviews attest to this. They knead the surface tissue but lack the sophistication to speed up, slow down, move along a track, or move away from the track.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, this isn’t the ideal setup for therapeutic benefits, although you will feel relaxed as the fixed heads loosen tension.

But if you want a more human-like massage experience, look for 3D or 4D rollers designed to mimic the movements of a masseuse.

Zero Gravity Seating

AmaMedic R7 Massage Chair in zero gravity recline with the legports slightly elevated

Osaki made sure to include Zero Gravity Seating, one of the market’s coveted therapeutic features.

If you’re not familiar with Zero-G, it’s a reclined angle that elevates the legs above the heart. In this position, the gravitational pull is released, allowing the joints and spine to decompress.

There are many health benefits associated with this NASA-inspired concept, including improved blood flow, pain relief, and a feeling of calm.

It’s particularly beneficial for people who suffer from back pain. The user’s back is pressed more firmly against the fixed rollers for a deeper massage in this position.

The trick with Zero Gravity Seating is to look at how many positions are offered. Low range chairs typically have one, while mid to high range offers 2-3 positions.

The AmaMedic R7? We were pleasantly surprised to see that it has two positions, giving you more choices to find the best recline for your comfort.

Lumbar Heat

Heat in a massage chair is always a welcome treat, especially if you have sore muscles or want to recover after a workout.

For the price, we are happy to see that the AmaMedic R7 offers heat at all. Of course, it’s bare-bones. You only get lumbar heat, and there’s only one heat setting. So, if it’s not hot enough for you—tough.

While subpar heat isn’t a dealbreaker by any means, don’t expect full-body heat—you’ll have to pay more for that.


The AmaMedic R7 keeps its accessories minimal, but that only makes it easier to use, and they include the essentials, anyway.

Bluetooth speakers are nestled into the headrest for premium sound while you lose yourself in massage ecstasy.

A USB port makes charging your smart devices a breeze. When you’re mid-massage and want to switch up a setting, just tap the buttons on the armrest remote—no need to fiddle with a remote controller.

Massage Programs

If you expect tons of fancy auto programs and customization settings, better shift those expectations quickly. There’s only so much fixed rollers can do.

Of course, relaxation is the goal, and the AmaMedic R7 is reliable enough to get you dreaming you’re holding a coconut rum on the beach.

There are 6 auto programs for when you want to sink into the chair and jump into tranquility on a whim.

You can adjust the levels of intensity, along with the massage duration. An auto-timer lets the user choose between 15/20/25/30 minutes.

The auto programs include:

  • Refresh: This is the primary mode that invigorates a tired body with intense roller action and soothing airbag compression.
  • Relax: When the kids drive you crazy, veg out with a medium intense roller flow with air massage.
  • Yoga: Gentle stretching that increases range of motion and loosens tight muscles.
  • Neck & Shoulder: This is a partial massage targeting the neck and shoulder region.
  • Waist & Back: A partial massage targeting the waist and back area to relieve pain.
  • Dream: This gentle, full-body massage is perfect for calming the mind.

That’s about all you’ll get, and as you can see, there aren’t a lot of customization options. Still, it couldn’t be easier to use if your primary goal is to relax.

There are also two specialty programs to shake up your at-home session.

Air Massage

If you’ve always wanted to bear-hug a cloud, now’s your chance.

A woman sitting on the R7 massage chair in a living room with white walls, tiles, light olive green sofa, and an indoor plant

Air massage is a hobbyist favorite when those rollers get too hardcore. Inflated airbags compress the surface muscles for a less intense full-body experience.

The AmaMedic R7 has 16 airbags located at the shoulders, arms, waist and pelvis, and calves.  It is a solid setup for the price, ensuring your body is adequately covered. You can also adjust the intensity of the airbags to your liking.

Foot/Calf Massage

For a low-range chair, the footwells on the AmaMedic R7 will suffice if you’re on your feet for long hours and need relief.

It’s got the basic setup with mechanical rollers underneath the feet and airbags that compress the calves. Heat would’ve been a nice touch, but once again, you get what you pay for.

Amamedic R7 Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Affordable
  • Easy armrest control panel
  • Two Zero-G positions
  • Yoga Stretch
  • Air massage


  • Fixed rollers; older technology
  • Lack of massage variety/customization options
  • Does not accommodate larger body types

There’s nothing complicated about the AmaMedic R7 massage chair. As far as features go, it’s as basic as it gets for a low-range chair.

While the massage track and roller system is arguably the most important feature, they went with fixed rollers, which don’t come close to feeling like human hands.

There are things to love about the AmaMedic R7, though, such as the Zero Gravity Seating with two positions, full-body air massage, and six auto programs.

Sure, the manual settings are minimal, and you’ll have to be content with the single-temperature lumbar heating pad, but you still get incredible bang for your buck with this feature set.

We can say that the quality of this brand ensures you can relax in the comfort of your home and soothe away stress after a long day at work.

We recommend the AmaMedic R7 for…

  • Casual hobbyists who want to relax
  • Small homes or apartments with limited space
  • Taller body types

Amamedic R7 Massage Chair Warranty

Osaki offers a 3-year standard warranty on parts and labor from the date of purchase. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

Still not sure if the AmaMedic R7 is the right recliner for you? No worries, we’ve compiled a shortlist of similar massage chairs that fall within the same price range.

iRest SL A303 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users weighing up to 330 pounds and want to experience updated technology.

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This model is only slightly more expensive, but you get updated technology, such as mechanical rollers that move along an extensive S/L-massage track. It comes with three Zero-G positions and an auto body scan, and we love that it can accommodate a max weight of 330 pounds.

Mynta Massage Chair

Recommended For: Value seekers and hobbyist users. Can only accommodate users who weigh up to 260 pounds.

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Another popular low-range option is the MYNTA. This chair features industry-standard 3D rollers that can move away from the massage track to replicate human hands. You also get the basics, such as Zero-G seating and more customization options.

Real Relax SS02 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who weigh up to 400 pounds and want a rocking function in their massage chair.

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You can get the same feature set for around the same price, plus more advanced massage technology. It includes 3D rollers, a yoga mode, and a unique rocking mode that simulates a rocking chair. This recliner can accommodate up to 400 lbs max.

AmaMedic R7 Review Conclusion

If you’re just dipping your toes into the massage chair market and want a reliable, budget-friendly option, the AmaMedic R7 is a worthy choice. For under $2,000, you get a relaxing experience with therapeutic features such as Zero-G Seating and air massage.

To conclude this AmaMedic R7 review, this model is ideal for casual hobbyists who want to sit back and relax with stimulating movements meant to make you feel dang good. Don’t expect miracles, though; it’s got the basic setup that might not be suitable for people with chronic pain.

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