The Takeaway:

1. Our Pick: Fort Knox

2. Runner-Up: Browning Arms Co.

3. Third Pick: Liberty Safe

4. Also Great: Rhino Metals Inc.

When considering purchasing a new gun safe, there are a lot of gun safes to choose from. One of the best ways to narrow down your options is to focus on who makes the best gun safe.

Top gun-safe manufacturers have been in the industry for several years if not decades. They will have a reputation for durable and solid gun safes that protect your gun collection and other valuables from burglars and the dangers of heat and fire.

While there are still many gun-safe manufacturers, we’d like to help you by offering our choice of the top four best gun safe manufacturers and looking at one of their best gun safes. Our choice for who makes the best gun safes is Fort Knox Vaults; keep reading to see if you agree with us.

Fort Knox: Vaults Protector P7261

An image of Fort Knox Vaults Protector P7261
Fort Knox Vaults Protector P7261

For 30 years, Fort Knox Vaults have raised the industry standard in gun safes with leading innovations such as rack and pinion locking system, superior fire rating, and customization options that allow you to not only choose shelving design and color choice but also give the option of increasing the security on an already tough safe. To demonstrate their clear dedication to being one of the best gun safe manufacturers around, consider the Protector P7261.

This gun safe is made of heavy-duty 7-gauge steel, almost twice as much steel as leading competitors. With this gun safe, you can choose from various shelving options that allow this gun safe to hold between four and 100 long guns. Of course, there is always the option to have this gun safe installed with just shelving inside to provide adequate storage space for even the largest handgun collection. 

There are numerous options for customizing the appearance and security of this gun safe, such as adding two layers of 10 gauge steel to the inside of the safe walls. This gun safe features a fire rating of 90 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit, with thorough testing done to ensure that the inside temperature of the safe never reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Qualities that distinguish the Protector Series (watch the video below).

Extra thick 1 1/2 inch diameter locking bolts provide excellent security, with various lock options and even the option of a redundant lock. The door comprises three layers to prevent unauthorized or forced entry: a solid steel plate, a UL-listed C-rated fireboard, and a folded ten gauge steel jacket. This is only the tip of the iceberg with this gun safe, and only taste of the superior quality and detail-minded security you’ll have in choosing a Fort Knox gun safe.

Browning Arms Co.: Hunter Series 22-43 Gun Safe GSHR37F

An image of Hunter Series 22-43 Gun Safe GSHR37F
Hunter Series 22-43 Gun Safe Gshr37F

Founded in 1879, Browning Arms Company is famous for its creation of the single-shot rifle. That same inventive spirit of the founder John Browning continues to permeate this company. With a commitment to gun safes that are both functional and beautiful, it has long backed its efforts to supply hunters with quality firearms and gun safes with supporting conservation efforts to help preserve wildlife and their natural habitats throughout the USA.

All Browning gun safes come with flexible storage solutions, with their AXIS storage system, consisting of adjustable shelving, drawers, drop-down file holders, and gun racks, to their DPX storage system on the back of the gun safe door, which includes storage for long guns, handgun holsters, as well as pouches, pockets, loops, and hooks for accessories and ammo. You can see these innovative storage systems in action in the Hunter Series 22-43 gun safe. It’s constructed of 11 gauge steel and features a duo-formed door with a scope saver that allows you to safely secure scoped rifles on the gun safe door without fear of damaging them.

This gun safe has 16 1 1/4 inch diameter locking bolts to provide excellent security, as well as a force deflector locking mechanism, tight tolerance door fit, and hardened steel pin lock protection. Like all Browning gun safes, this safe has a thermablock fire rating of 90 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit. This gun safe is also proudly made in the USA.

Liberty Safe: National Classic 22 Gun Safe CL25

An image of National Classic 22 Gun Safe Cl25
National Classic 22 Gun Safe Cl25

Liberty Safe has been around since 1988, from producing just a handful of gun safes daily to producing hundreds. They’ve repeatedly been the number one selling gun safe company in the entire country, having also achieved the distinction of being one of the most environmentally friendly safe manufacturers.

For example, by applying primer and paint through a process that electrically charges the paint to the steel safe, they have reduced volatile organic compounds by 95%.

They also offer exceptional fire ratings, as seen in the National Classic 22 Gun Safe, which has a fire rating of 110 minutes -nearly two hours. This gun safe is all new for 2015 and features a five-inch thick door and a 3/8 of an inch thick steel door plate. The body is made of 10 gauge steel with two inches of steel and a fireboard. It comes with a 12-inch dehumidifier rod to offer additional protection to your guns from corrosion and rust.

This gun safe has adjustable shelving and a door organizer with holsters for handguns and a variety of pouches and pockets for ammo and accessories. It is available in a wide range of colors and lock options. It has a velour interior and clear view wand lighting system that features an auto on/off motion detector to allow you the most convenient lighting option available in any gun safe.

Rhino Metals Inc: Ironworks 130 Minute Fire Rated Safe Series

An image of Who MRhino Ironworks 130 Minute Fire Rated Safe Series
Rhino Ironworks 130 Minute Fire Rated Safe Series

Rhino Metals Inc. encompasses both Rhino and Bighorn gun safes, producing some of the most uniquely designed and beautiful gun safes on the market.

They also carry a Rhino Extreme Protection Series of gun safes that offer extreme protection against fire and heat with a fire rating of 2.5 hours at temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Rhino Ironworks Series is an especially good example of the quality and unique appearance Rhino Metals Inc. The 35-gun capacity safe in the Ironworks Series has many features, as well as exhibiting the one-of-a-kind finishing that will make you want to place this safe in one of the main rooms of your house.

Each of these gun safes are hand-distressed to give them the appearance of an antique safe. This well-worn look is further complemented by a distressed faux suede interior resembling aged leather.

These safes are as beautiful as they are functional. They feature three adjustable shelves, one full-width fixed shelf at the top, and a door organizer featuring eight holsters for handguns, loops, pouches, and pockets for ammo and other accessories.

It also has specially designed holes to hold additional handguns on the shelf across from the long gun rack. The front of the door is also riveted, both aesthetic and functional. This gun safe also has a patent pending F-4 locking system, including an internal anti-tamper clutch and anti-punch and anti-drill bolts.

Thirteen 1-inch diameter locking bolts provide full-side protection. If the lock should be tampered with or removed, a spring-loaded re-locker provides additional security.

This gun safe measures 60 inches high by 40 inches wide by 25 inches deep externally, with internal measurements of 56 inches high by 34.25 inches wide by 20 inches deep. It’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, with free replacement or repair in the event of an attempted or actual burglary and free replacement or repair in the event of a fire. It weighs 750 pounds.

Who Makes the Best Gun Safe in 2024?

When looking for who makes the best gun safe, there are many options to consider, but few gun safe manufacturers are worthy of the distinction.

While all four of these gun safe manufacturers produce high-quality gun safes that will provide years of service, our choice for the best gun safe manufacturer is Fort Knox Vaults.  As you can see, The Protector has earned this distinction due to a dedication to providing high-end security with each of their safes. From one of the thickest steel bodies available to an impressive fire rating, a Fort Knox gun safe will provide you with everything you need in a gun safe.

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