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The Titan Elite is a mid-range massage chair with the latest features and a ton of massage variety. This is ideal for casual hobbyists who like to customize their massages and people who suffer from chronic back, foot, and calf pain.

Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • S/L-track + 3D rollers for superior massage quality
  • Three Zero Gravity Positions for enhanced relaxation
  • 22 Auto Programs and 11 Massage Techniques for variett
  • Plenty of customization settings
  • Advanced technology for lifelike massage experience
  • Lumbar heat for added comfort


  • Expensive price
  • No heat in the footwells
  • May not accommodate larger body types
  • No memory function for saving preferences
  • Lack of foot/calf heating
  • Limited memory settings for user profiles

Is your back sore after sitting at a desk for hours? Do you crave a relaxing foot massage after running around? If so, a massage chair has the technology and expert programming to deliver blissful relief.

But how can you find the best model for your needs with so many options to choose from?

Our Titan Elite review offers an in-depth look at a mid-range recliner with advanced features for therapeutic benefits. Let’s dive in!

Titan Elite 3D Massage Chair Design Overview

Titan is a brand that makes owning a luxury massage chair possible since they import and distribute their products straight to the consumers.

Their line of recliners includes several sophisticated models with varying features fit for every type of user. They implement the latest massage technology to ensure a relaxing experience while keeping it affordable.

In today’s review, we’re looking at one of their mid-range models, the Titan Elite massage chair. It boasts a moderate feature set that is suitable for hobbyists and users looking for therapeutic benefits.

Titan Elite 3D Massage Chair with taupe PU upholstery and exterior, black base, and a remote holder on one side

The Titan Elite dimensions are 30 x 61 x 46 inches, so it is large, as is typical with most massage chairs.

But Titan made sure it could still fit in a smaller space and recline without the hassle by incorporating space-saving technology.

That means you can recline the Titan Elite and still have 2” of clearance between the backrest and the wall. This is on par with the top chairs, with 5” or less of clearance being the industry standard.

The Titan Elite also comes with an extendable footrest that can be pushed out an extra 6.5” to accommodate taller users.

The only qualm we have with this function is that it’s not automatic. You have to apply pressure with your feet and hold the extension in place, which may get tiring if you want to fully relax your legs during a massage.

Also, note that the max weight capacity of the Titan Elite is 260 pounds. It is standard for most chairs on the market, as many, unfortunately, do not support larger body types.

That leaves out an entire group of people who could benefit from the incredible features but can’t merely due to size.

Overall, the design of the Titan Elite is futuristic and cushy, with smooth synthetic leather and quilted padding. It’s an attractive addition to any household, with just the right amount of features to make it user-friendly and not overwhelming.


Next up, we’re breaking down the gears and cogs behind the leather exterior to see what the Titan Elite has to offer!

S/L- Track + 3D Roller System

The most important element of any massage chair is the track and roller system, as this determines the quality of the massage.

Titan Elite 3D Massage Chair with taupe PU upholstery, wired remote, and two remote holders on both sides of the seat

We’re happy to report that the Titan Elite takes it to the max, with a long S/L- Track that starts at the base of the neck and follows the curve of the spine, continuing underneath the seat to massage the thighs and glutes.

Advanced 3D rollers move along the track, applying techniques with precision like the hands of a professional masseuse.

These rollers can move away from the track. With a generous 5 levels of roller adjustment, range, and width, the user has all the control to perfect their deep tissue massage.

What’s special about the Titan Elite’s rollers is that you can adjust the rollers at any point during the massage, whether you’re in manual mode or auto mode.

You also get 5 levels of speed and intensity, making this one of the most diverse customizable systems we’ve seen.

Computer Body Scan

The Titan Elite enhances the massage experience by making it easier to adjust the rollers for improved accuracy.

Auto-scan is a common, handy feature on the market. It scans the user’s body and targets the main pressure points in the back. It will then automatically align the rollers to the user’s dimensions, ensuring every point is covered.

It’s always nice to see an auto-scan on a massage chair, but we’ll be honest—it’s rare that’s it’s always 100% accurate. Beware that you may still need to manually adjust the rollers after the scan.

Zero Gravity Seating

Astronauts know what it feels like to be weightless, and it certainly looks relaxing to be floating around in space! And now, massage chairs allow users to feel this same sensation.

Zero Gravity Seating is a concept inspired by NASA that releases gravitational pull from the body. The Titan Elite reclines to a specific angle that elevates the legs above the heart to make the user feel weightless.

This position offers many benefits, including improved blood circulation, deep relaxation, and pain relief for back pain.

The Titan Elite gives you even more options, with three different positions to choose from Initial Step, Comfort Step, and Deep Step.

This is excellent for a mid-range chair, as you typically see 2-3 positions offered, so you’re definitely getting substantial value with this popular feature.

Lumbar Heat

Heating pads in the lower back always boost the therapeutic value of a massage chair.

Combined with the deep kneading 3D rollers and Zero Gravity Seating, it feels subliminal for someone with chronic back pain, melting away soreness and tension.

Typically, low-range chairs only offer lumbar heat, and mid-range to high-range chairs have heating pads in more than one area.

We loved the great variety and customization offered by the Titan Elite, so it would’ve been nice to see heat provided in the footwells also. Still, this is by no means a dealbreaker, as the Titan Elite shines in other crucial ways.

Hand Acupuncture Pressure

The Titan Elite throws a bit of its own innovation into the mix with a unique hand and arm massage.

The designers added acupuncture material to the bottom portion of the arm massager. This material is lined with tiny rubber bumps that stimulate the surface muscles while airbags compress the arms and hands from every angle.

This is a nice touch that boosts the relaxation factor. It’s also rare to see a massage chair that focuses on the arms and hands so intently.


Some users love the bells and whistles that come with a massage chair, while it’s not a big concern for others. Nonetheless, you’ll find that the Titan Elite offers an interesting assortment for the price.

Titan Elite 3D with taupe PU upholstery, black base, a wired remote, and a remote holder

You get premium Bluetooth speakers in the headrest, so you can connect your smartphone and listen to your favorite tunes during a massage.

It also comes with Intelligent Voice Control, which we’ve only seen on a handful of chairs. A tiny microphone is located near the armrest shortcut pad, which you can speak into to control the chair’s features.

It reacts to 15 different commands using voice recognition software to learn the user’s voice.

Massage Programs

The area where you get the most bang for your buck with the Titan Elite is with the robust massage menu and customization variety.

There are 21 auto programs, which is above average compared to other chairs of this caliber.

We were also impressed with the fact that this recliner can perform 11 different massage techniques. This includes:

  • Kneading (7 different kneading modes)
  • Tapping (Tapping I, Tapping II)
  • Kneading and Tapping combo
  • Shiatsu (Shiatsu I, Shiatsu II)
  • Shoulder Lifting
  • 3D (3D I, 3D II, 3D III, 3D IV)

The manual mode lets the user customize their massage as much as they desire, with 5 modes to focus on a particular body area and the ability to adjust the duration between +10min, +5min, -5min, and -10min.

You can choose to focus on your full back, upper back, lower back, one area, or a specific point of the body.

As we said, the variety is top-notch with the Titan Elite, and you can count on never being bored with this chair and the number of massages you can build from scratch. Now, if only there were a memory function to save your favorite settings!

Air Massage

One of the specialty massage programs the Titan Elite offers is a full-body air massage.

Note that this is a common feature found throughout the market, but it’s essential because it offers a less intense, deeply relaxing experience.

Thirty airbags are located throughout the Titan Elite from head to toe. These airbags can be inflated with five adjustable intensity levels.

The bags compress the muscles, invigorating the surface muscles and facilitating blood circulation. There are also 4 different air modes, which is a rare function that gives the user more flexibility with their compression massage.

Foot/Calf Massage

The Titan Elite doesn’t leave out those with aching feet and calves, boasting a high-tech system of spinning rollers designed to target the sensitive points on the bottoms of the feet. There are also rollers located behind the calves that knead into the muscles.

As the airbags inflate, they push down on the rollers to intensify the massage, working out kinks and pain for refreshed feet that are ready to take on a new day.

Titan Elite 3D Pros vs. Cons


  • S/L-track + 3D rollers
  • Three Zero Gravity Positions
  • 22 auto programs
  • 11 massage techniques
  • Plenty of customization settings


  • Expensive
  • No heat in the footwells
  • Does not accommodate larger body types
  • No memory function for saving massage preferences

The Titan Elite massage chair is a mid-range recliner that offers enough features for users who want to relax and get relief from aches and pains.

Titan Elite 3D massage chair taupe variant in zero gravity recline with the legports elevated above the heart

Of course, you’re going to pay a few thousand more for this model compared to a low-range chair, but we will say that you get your money’s worth with the Titan Elite.

That’s mainly thanks to the great massage variety and customization settings it provides. With 21 programs, 11 techniques, and an incredible amount of manual options, there’s no shortage of massage combinations you can enjoy.

Plus, the advanced S/L-track and 3D rollers ensure your massages are implemented with the foremost quality, replicating the precise movements of human hands.

Add in the warmth of the lumbar heat and the Zero Gravity recline, and you’ve got one lean, mean therapeutic machine.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks, but they are minimal and shouldn’t affect the massage quality.

For example, it would’ve been nice to have more heating pads for greater relief and a memory function to go along with all of those customization settings.

Our final verdict of the Elite Titan? It gives you a lot for the price, with top-of-the-line technology to make your experience feel as life-like as possible.

We recommend the Titan Elite massage chair for…

  • Casual hobbyists who like a lot of variety
  • People who suffer from chronic back pain
  • People who suffer from chronic foot pain


Titan offers a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. Year One includes both parts and labor. Years 2 & 3 covers parts only. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

Are you curious about how the Titan Elite massage chair compares to other models on the market?

We included a few similar recliners that fall into the same price range, so you can see how things stack up.

Real Relax Favor 06 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who need a massage chair that can accommodate up to 400 pounds and is offered at an affordable price.

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This model also offers incredible variety for an affordable price, with the same 3D roller technology that promises a realistic massage. One neat function is the touchscreen remote control with colorful, clear graphics that make it easy to operate. This chair also accommodates up to up to 400 pounds.

Relaxonchair Ion 3D Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who have limited space in their homes. Rated for 320 pounds user weight capacity.

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This massage chair has a similar feature set to the Titan Elite, including fully customizable massage settings. You also get the auto body scan, S/L-track, and Zero Gravity Seating. This recliner also accommodates larger body types up to 320 pounds.

Forever Rest FR-9KS Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists users. With various massage options and space-saving technology, this chair can be a wonderful addition to any home for daily use.

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For a sensational foot/calf massage, check out this feature-rich recliner. It comes equipped with 3D rollers, Zero Gravity Seating, and heat that covers the back and calves. It can also perform 11 massage techniques, with 10 auto programs to choose from.

Titan Elite Review Conclusion

The Titan Elite massage chair offers plenty of therapeutic value for a moderate price, from the extensive S/L-track to 3D rollers and Zero Gravity Seating.

Users can especially benefit from the large variety of massage programs and customization settings, which gives you plenty of freedom to build a perfect massage.

To conclude this Titan Elite review, we recommend this recliner for casual hobbyists who want to relax and people looking for pain relief without having to visit the chiropractor as often. This is a high-quality chair with well-implemented features at a great price.

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