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Besides its price, this extremely affordable massaging recliner has a few things going for it: comfortable, a variety of vibration massage options, and lower back heat therapy. But the fact that it’s from a no-name brand and only sold online raises some concerns about its quality and longevity.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Vibration massage
  • Separate ottoman
  • Heat therapy
  • Handheld remote
  • Swivel base
  • Leather-like PU upholstery


  • No air massage technology
  • No Chromotherapy lighting
  • No body scan technology
  • No Zero Gravity seating
  • No foot rollers
  • Only available online
T&D (Flash Furniture) Massaging Recliner

Besides its price, this extremely affordable massaging recliner has a few things going for it: comfortable, a variety of vibration massage options, and lower back heat therapy. But the fact that it’s from a no-name brand and only sold online raises some concerns about its quality and longevity.

T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner Review

​T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner VS ​Human Touch WholeBody 5.1


An Image of T&D Massaging Recliner Right View for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

​T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner

An Image of Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Right View for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

 ​Human Touch WholeBody 5.1

Air Massage Technology
Automatic-Off Timer
Chromotherapy Lighting
Body Scan Technology
Foot Rollers
Calf & Foot Massage (vibration) (paddle massagers)
Built-In Remote
Handheld Remote
Heat Therapy
Manual Operation Mode
Massage Programs (total number) (9 vibration modes) (3)
Massage Techniques (total number) N/A​​ ​(4)
Bluetooth Connectivity
Built-In Speakers
Roller Massage
Power Recline
Swivel Base
Vibration Massage
Zero Gravity

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable massage chairs available, you have found it in the T&D massaging recliner. But does this massaging recliner also offer quality features and components? We did the research to find out.

In this review, we’re walking you through all the features, showing you what this chair lacks, and comparing it to the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 massage chair so you can see what you can get for a few hundred dollars more. By the end, you’ll know whether this massage chair is a quality choice or simply a cheap chair.

Let’s get started!

T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner Features

T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner Features

​First things first, it’s important to know that the T&D massaging recliner is from a no-name brand and is only available online. From what we can gather, it’s a Chinese-made chair that’s not tied to any particular massage chair brand. That said, the chair has earned a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars from 356 reviews, 332 of which are Verified Purchase reviews on Amazon.

With so many folks taking an interest in this model, we dug a little deeper to find out what this chair has to offer. Here’s what we found…

An Image of T&D Massaging Recliner Black Massage Chair for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

Vibration Massage

Unlike other massage chairs, the T&D Massaging Recliner doesn’t use rollers, instead it uses vibration plates. These plates are spread out across the backrest, seat and ottoman, and treat the back, lumbar area, thighs, and legs. The four body areas can be activated individually or all together depending on the amount massage coverage you want.

While there aren’t technically massage programs, there are different vibration options. Specifically, the T&D massaging recliner features nine different vibration patterns, or “modes” as they call them, and five levels of intensity. Together, there are a total of 45 different mode and intensity combinations to enjoy — not bad for such an affordable massaging recliner. And the massage time can be set up to 30 minutes.

It’s important to mention that if you’re looking for a truly therapeutic massage — one that manipulates the muscle tissues — the T&D massaging recliner is probably not the one for you. Vibration massage won’t penetrate the muscles, but it does help stimulate local circulation and relax the muscles.

Separate Ottoman

The T&D Massaging Recliner also comes with a separate ottoman. The ottoman is padded and upholstered in the same PU fabric as the rest of the recliner. It has a vibration plate that massages the backs of the calves and feet, depending on your position. The ottoman is connected to the chair with a cord but it can be disconnected at any time if you’d rather forgo the ottoman.

Heat Therapy

A therapeutic feature you find on the T&D massaging recliner is heat therapy. Heat has been shown to increase circulation, decrease the perception of pain in the area it’s applied, and help muscles to relax. The heating pad is located in the lumbar area of the backrest and can be turned off and on or added to any vibration massage mode.

An Image of T&D Remote for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

​Handheld Remote

All of the chairs functions — heat, vibration, area, timer — are easily adjusted using the handheld remote. It’s a simple push button remote and all of the functions are clearly labeled. The body areas, intensity, and mode sections have their own lights so you always know when settings are selected. And there’s a timer display that lets you see how much time you have left in your massage. When you’re finished making your selections, there’s a large pocket on the side of the chair for easy storage.

​Leather-Like PU Upholstery

Unlike the title suggests, the T&D massaging recliner is not genuine leather. Rather, it’s upholstered in a durable, leather-like material made of polyurethane called PU upholstery. This material is abrasion resistant and easy to clean. Wipe it down with a water-based cleaner or use the vacuum and you’re good to go. The only downside about this synthetic upholstery is that it can have a chemical smell right out of the box. However, the smell should dissipate over time.

​Functional, Lightweight Design

An Image of T&D Swivel Base Massage Chair for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

The executive-chair design of the T&D Massaging Recliner makes it a functional piece of furniture when not massaging. The backrest is double padded for comfortable sitting and many users report that it’s a lot more comfortable than a computer chair.

The chair is lightweight and only weighs 54 pounds. This is good news is you need to adjust the position of the chair or want to fit it into a small office or apartment. However, its compact size can be a drawback for heavier users and is not ideal for anyone over 250 pounds.

Another downside of its lightweight design is that some users have reported that the base of the chair is prone to breakage. The base is held together by two metal bars that are welded together. Over time (most commonly 2 to 3 years), the bars have been shown to break at the welded seams which renders the chair completely ineffective.

Swivel Base

On the other hand, a benefit of the base design on the T&D massaging recliner is that it swivels. This freedom of movement makes it easy to comfortably position the chair and less likely to have to be picked up and moved if you simply want to shift directions.

The swivel is a full 360-degrees and users report that the chair is sturdy enough to not move unless purposely moved. In other words, the chair won’t just start rotating when you’re in it unless you specifically move it.

Only Available Online

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing the T&D Massaging Recliner is that it’s only available online. So there’s no way to try the chair before you buy it.

This lack of physicality also brings up another issue… lack of company accountability and customer service.

A few users have stated that the T&D customer service is basically nonexistent and that getting replacement parts or other service repairs can be quite difficult. So if you want to know for sure that you’ll get the support you need if something happens to your product, the T&D massaging recliner may not be the most reliable option.

That’s about all there is to this affordable model!

T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner vs. Human Touch Wholebody 5.1 Massage Chair

What if you want a little more massage power without putting out a whole lot more money? That’s where the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 massage chair comes in. It has a similar executive style design as the T&D massaging recliner, plus a lot more features and perhaps even a little more bang for the buck. Let’s see how it compares…

Flexglide Roller Technology

Whereas the T&D massaging recliner is a chair that also massages, the WholeBody 5.1 is a massage chair through and through. By this we mean, it has the components necessary for muscle manipulation.

It performs massage using patented FlexGlide roller technology that moves the rollers in a seamless, gliding pattern that feels like a “warm oil massage,” as Human Touch describes it. The rollers massage from the top of the neck to the waist along a 27-inch S-Track.

So what’s an S-Track?

An S-Track is “S” shaped massage track that’s designed to replicate the natural curvature of the spine and helps the rollers keep consistent contact across curvy areas like the lower back. It’s the standard track type found on any high-quality massage chair because it works with the body’s natural shape.

An Image of WholeBody 5.1 Foot Massage for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

Figureeight Cirqulation Calf and Foot Massage

Additionally, the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 features an ottoman that’s equipped with patented FigureEight CirQulation paddle technology. So rather than using rollers or airbags in the ottoman, the WholeBody 5.1 uses rubber paddles that move in a wave-like pattern. The movement starts at the feet and rolls up the legs to move blood toward the heart.

But here’s the thing…

The WholeBody 5.1 has calf or foot massage, not both.

This is because the ottoman is open-toed. So to switch from a calf massage to a foot massage, you have to rotate the ottoman until it’s facing up. Then, you stick your feet in the massage wells and you’re ready to go.

When you’re finished with the ottoman, you can rotate it and retract it under the seat for a seamless luxury recliner look.

Massage Techniques and Automatic Programs

Thanks to its roller technology, the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 offers a variety of massage techniques, including:

An Image of WholeBody 5.1 Flexglide Roller for T&D Massaging Recliner Review
  • Stretch kneads the sides of your spine in a circular motion.
  • Tone combines circular kneads motions and rapid tapping strokes.
  • Flex performs rapid taps along the spine to stimulate spinal muscles and joints.
  • Glide gently rolls up and down to warm the muscles.
An Image of WholeBody 5.1 Remote for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

Using a combination of massage techniques, the WholeBody 5.1 performs three automatic programs. These programs are automated massages and are activated with the press of a button. Each massage session is 15 minutes. The programs are called Full, Upper, and Lower.  And each program focuses on a specific body area, for example, Upper treats the upper back and neck.

If you’d rather skip the automatic programs and customize your own massage, the WholeBody 5.1’s manual mode options give you everything you need to dial-in a custom program. You can manually adjust the position of rollers to focus on specific sore spot or knot. Or, focus the rollers on a particular 6-inch zone. To diffuse or focus the pressure of the rollers, you can adjust their width by three levels.

Handheld Remote & Power Recline

Like the T&D Massaging Recliner, the WholeBody 5.1 features a simple handheld remote. It has push buttons that are clearly labeled and small lights that indicate which functions are active.

From the remote, you can also control the backrest and ottoman positions. That’s right, the recline and ottoman are fully powered, so you don’t have to mess with a manual lever. There are dual motors, so the backrest and ottoman positions can be adjusted independently.

The only remote feature that the WholeBody 5.1 lacks is a timer. Since it doesn’t display massage time, you have to guess how much time remains in your massage.

Lightweight Design and Swivel Base

The Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 weighs in at 107 pounds. Although heavier than the T&D massaging recliner, it’s still considered lightweight compared to the majority of massage chairs on the market. According to Human Touch, the chair fits users up to 285 pounds and between 5’0” and 6’2” in height.

Like the T&D massaging recliner, the WholeBody 5.1 also features a swivel base that makes it easy to reposition the chair without picking it up and moving it.

Reputable, Well-Known Brand

The WholeBody 5.1 is produced by Human Touch, a popular and well-known brand in the massage chair industry. Human Touch massage chairs are available online and in brick and mortar retailers, so if you want the option to try before you buy that may be available to you.

But perhaps the most notable aspect of Human Touch’s big brand identity is that if something goes wrong with your massage chair, you can get on the phone with their US-based customer support team. And all of their massage chairs come with some sort of warranty, though the less expensive the chair, the more limited the coverage.

Which Massage Chair is Better?

An Image of Recliner Black Color Chair Left View for T&D Massaging Recliner Review

At the time of this review, the T&D massaging recliner is about $800 less than the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1. That’s a big difference, but there’s also a big difference in the massage quality and components between these two models.

The T&D massaging recliner is more of a recreational massage chair. It’s comfortable, has a classic recliner look, and offers a nice variety of vibration massage and includes heat.

The WholeBody 5.1 is more of a therapeutic massage chair. It offers true muscle manipulation with massage rollers, offers a variety of techniques and programs, includes calf and foot massage, and looks like a high-end executive chair.

So what massage chair is better?

It’s come down to your budget and wellness needs.

If you simply want an affordable chair that can also massage, the T&D Massaging Recliner is a good choice. However, if you want a true massage chair for health-related benefits that isn’t too expensive, the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 won’t disappoint.

To learn more about affordable models, check out our review of the best massage chairs under 500.

Specifications & Dimension of Massaging Recliner

Chair dimensions29.2 x 46 x 42 inches
Chair weight54 lbs

T&D Massaging Black Leather Recliner Review Final Thoughts

​While the T&D massaging black leather recliner seems like a bit of a gamble in terms of quality and longevity, the majority of users who’ve taken the plunge seem to enjoy the chair.

So if you want a recliner that is comfortable and also offers features like vibration and heat, the T&D massaging recliner is an ultra affordable option that just may be what you’re looking for.

However, if you want a true massage chair that also acts like a standard recliner, we recommend checking out the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1. Regardless of what you choose, we hope our review helped make your decision process a bit easier.

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