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The Relaxonchair Rio is a convenient and functional massage chair that doubles as a recliner for home and office use. It’s suitable for small spaces, hobbyists who want to relax, and people with chronic back pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • S+L Hybrid track for comprehensive massage
  • Lumbar heat feature for added comfort
  • Zero-G seating position for relaxation
  • Lightweight & compact, suitable for smaller spaces
  • Doubles as a recliner for versatility
  • Suitable for home & office use


  • Limited feature set may not meet all preferences
  • No heat in the footwells for complete relaxation
  • Lack of foot/calf massage feature
  • Air massage might not be as satisfying
  • Not suitable for tall/large body types
Relaxonchair Rio Massage Chair

Recommended For: Small spaces, hobbyists who want to relax, and people with chronic back pain.

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A professional massage sounds heavenly, but not everyone can afford to visit a masseuse regularly, nor do they want to maneuver and assemble a heavy, bulky luxury massage chair.

At least one brand brings affordable massage to the masses, particularly those with small apartments and limited space.

Light, modern, and effortless– you CAN enjoy a quality massage without all of the bells and whistles. Our Relaxonchair Rio massage chair review proves it!

Rio Massage Recliner Design Overview

Relaxonchair is a brand that veers away from the traditional luxury massage chair with unique features that make massage less of a hassle and more affordable.

The highlight of Rio’s design is that it is a massage chair and recliner in one sleek little package. Its dimensions are 45 x 26 x 43 inches, and it weighs 132 pounds.

Rio Massage Recliner Chair Dimensions

That’s considerably lighter than most chairs on the market, making this a rare find for those with limited space.

And if that wasn’t enough, it also has Space Saving Technology with a 3.5” clearance between the backrest and the wall. That means it can wedge in anywhere and fully recline without knocking things over.

Not only is it lightweight compared to other low-range chairs, but you can flip the footrest and lay your tired feet on top when you just want to veg out and watch TV.

The fact that the Rio doubles as a recliner makes it multi-functional, so you can use this at home or as an office chair.

And when you want to enjoy a serious massage after a particularly stressful day, rest assured that Relaxonchair Rio is a registered medical device with the FDA, so the technology is top-notch.

Of course, there are drawbacks to the design. For instance, it can only accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and a height of 6 ft. That leaves taller/larger body types out of the picture.

The massage features are also limited, so you do get the essentials, but with less variety.

You’ll see what we mean in the next section as we get into the features!

Rio Massage Recliner Features

In our Relaxonchair Rio massage chair review, we note that this is a chair that can also be used as a recliner. It’s built for convenience, so the feature set is small.

With that being said, Relaxonchair made sure to include the industry-standard components for supreme relaxation.

Relaxonchair Rio S+L Hybrid Massage Track

S+L Hybrid Massage Track

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the Rio sports an extensive S+L massage track that follows the natural curve of the spine dipping underneath the seat to reach the thighs and glutes.

This ensures a full-reach neck, back, and upper legs massage. But please note there is no foot massage. While the footwells do hold up the legs, there are no mechanical rollers underneath the feet.

Auto Body Scan

You’ll find this with many chairs on the market, but it’s still a convenient feature that makes your job easier.

The chair uses sensor technology to automatically scan your body and locate the pressure points when you sit down. Then, it will adjust the rollers to align with your measurements.

The body scan is supposed to improve the accuracy of the massage rollers for an enhanced experience, but we do find that sometimes it can be off, and some manual adjusting is needed to get the rollers just right.

Rio Massage Recliner Chair Lumber Heat

Lumbar Heat

We were ecstatic to see that Relaxonchair included two built-in heating pads in the lower backrest of the chair.

This boosts the therapeutic value for those who suffer from back pain because come on- heat and a deep tissue massage? It’s the ultimate pain reliever.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer full back heating or any kind of heat for the thighs, which you can find with mid to high-range models. Still, this is a huge plus for a basic massage recliner such as Rio.

Zero Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity Seating is a popular massage chair feature that hobbyists rave about, and you’ll see it offered with many newer models.

This concept was inspired by NASA as a way to make the user feel weightless. This is achieved by reclining the chair to a specific angle, so the legs are slightly elevated above the heart.

Relaxonchair Rio Zero Gravity Seating

In this position, the pressure of gravity is released from the body, relaxing the spine and loosening tension. Blood can flow easily throughout the body, and pain is alleviated from the back.

It’s a highly therapeutic element, especially when combined with the lumbar heat and roller massage. With your back firmly pressed against the massage track in this position, the rollers can knead even deeper into the tissue.

The Rio has one Zero Gravity position, which we will admit is lackluster compared to other chairs that offer 2-3. Still, for the price and size of this chair, we’re happy to see it has this feature at all.

Rio Massage Recliner Chair Accessories

Besides the core features and massage programs, ergonomic recliners will offer additional accessories to help you fully relax and reach nirvana.

A glance at some of the more expensive models, and you’ll see stuff like air ionizers and essential oil diffusers built into the chair.

Not with the Rio- and the price proves it. You get the basic extras, but they are the ones that most customers deem essential.

Relaxonchair Rio Built-in Remote Pad
Built-in Remote Pad
Relaxonchair Rio Phone Pocket Charging Port
Phone Pocket Charging Port
Relaxonchair Rio Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth speakers are built into the headrest so you can connect your favorite playlist and tune out of real life.

There is a conveniently located cell phone pocket with a USB charging port so you can place your smartphone in a safe spot while it charges.

One thing to note is that the Rio doesn’t come with a separate remote controller. It features a button pad on the armrest, which means you’ll have to reach over and fiddle with buttons to change the settings.

This can be annoying, but on the flip side, you don’t have too many settings to wade through, so the learning curve is not steep.

Rio Massage Chair Programs

To start, Rio massage recliner chair has eight auto programs. That’s a nice amount for a massage recliner with minimal features.

The auto programs are fab because you can jump right into the seat after a long day, push a button, and you’re off to the races (or should we say clouds?).

Rio Massage Recliner Chair Leftfront

The programs combine various speeds, intensities, and massage techniques to deliver an exceptional session that lasts up to 30 minutes.

The techniques can also be used manually, with two intensity levels (which we will admit isn’t much of choice). These include Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping Combo, Shiatsu & Rolling Mode.

Two massage features caught our eye. One is the fact that they included an advanced technique to give users a deep tissue option with Shiatsu.

The second feature we love is the Spot Massage mode. With this, you can target a specific area of the body that needs more attention, and the Rio will focus its efforts on that spot until you’re ready to move on.

As mentioned, we were sad to see that there is no foot massage. This usually includes a system of acupoint rollers under the soles of the feet and airbags around the calves.

You won’t get any of that with the Rio, which you can find with other chairs for around the same price. If you are a person who spends long hours on your feet and needs a massage chair that can alleviate foot/leg pain, you might want to look elsewhere.

Relaxonchair Rio Frontview

Air massage

There are six airbags located at the hips and thighs that deliver a relaxing compression massage.

Admittedly, we were not impressed with this, even for the price. There are plenty of other low-range massage chairs that have over 20 airbags throughout the chair.

Plus, there are only two intensity levels, which doesn’t give the user much to work with.

Relaxon Chair Rio Pros vs. Cons


  • S+L Hybrid track
  • Lumbar heat
  • Zero-G seating
  • Lightweight & compact for smaller spaces
  • Doubles as a recliner
  • Suitable for home & office


  • Limited feature set
  • No heat in the footwells
  • No foot/calf massage
  • Lackluster air massage
  • Doesn’t accommodate tall/large body types

The Relaxon Chair Rio is a minimalistic ergonomic recliner that gives you a tiny taste of what a luxury massage chair offers while also doubling as your TV throne.

Sadly, the footrest doesn’t have rollers, but it can flip over to become the perfect place to elevate your tootsies after a long day.

It’s also one of the lightest massage chairs we’ve seen, with a 3.5” wall clearance that makes it ideal for the smallest spaces.

The Rio comes equipped with a lengthy S+L track, Zero-G seating, and lumbar heat. These are the industry standard features, and for a low-range chair, we were delighted by the robust offering of eight auto programs.

Other than that, massage types are limited. As mentioned, there’s no foot/calf massage, and the air massage only targets the hips and thighs.

We also weren’t feeling the intensity. With only two intensity levels to choose from, it’s just not enough flexibility.

Still, the Rio isn’t geared towards beating out the top luxury massage chairs with therapeutic prowess. It’s a modern recliner fit for home or office, adept at making sure you’re always relaxed.

We recommend the Relaxon Chair Rio for

  • Small apartments, offices, and TV rooms
  • For petite/average body types
  • People who suffer from chronic back pain

Warranty Information

Relaxonchair offers a Limited 3-Year Warranty from the date of purchase. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

If you’ve gotten to this point in the review, you either love the Rio, or you’re starting to think this may not be the recliner for you.

Never fear- we’ve listed a few similar models to consider, all falling into the same low price range as Rio.

Bosscare GR8526 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Small homes or apartments. A compact, lightweight massage chair with a sleek, narrow design.

Check Latest Price

For under $1000, you can get a budget-friendly, lightweight recliner that offers many of the same features as the Rio, including an S+L track, lumbar heatand an aesthetically pleasing “moon” design.

For around the price of $1000, you can get a similar model with a little more bang for your buck. The OFAN massage chair has a full-body air massage and a roller foot massage. It also turns into a rocking chair!

This little number costs around $800 and is suitable for home and office. It has an exceptional full-body air massage and foot/calf massage, and is highly rated for its massage quality.

Relaxonchair Rio Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The Rio is an attractive low-range massage chair that doubles as an everyday recliner. It’s made to look good in your home and to feel good when you need those kinks worked out of your back. It accomplishes this with its S+L hybrid track, Zero-G seating, lumbar heat, and eight auto programs.

To conclude this Relaxonchair Rio massage chair review, this isn’t meant to be a therapeutic wonder, although it can benefit people who suffer from chronic back pain. It lacks a foot/calf massage, and the air massage is not full body. Still, this is a functional choice for small living areas and offices.

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