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The Quick Mill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine is as good as it gets when it comes to perfecting your espresso skills at home, thanks to its stainless steel design and advanced E61 dual exchange boiler. It is ideal for dedicated coffee drinkers who enjoy manually brewing and frothing.

Brew Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Best value for money with high-quality features
  • All stainless steel parts for durability
  • Finest E61 dual exchanger boiler system for efficient brewing
  • Anti-burn steam wand for safety
  • Brews any type of specialty drink for versatility


  • Takes 15-30 minutes to heat up the machine before use
  • Large and heavy machine may require ample space and effort for moving

Do you consider yourself to be a coffee purist? Do you take pride in crafting your espresso shot from start to finish? If so, a semi-automatic might be the perfect match for your needs.

But with numerous quality machines out there, it can be challenging to find one that you love.

Well, you may never need to purchase another espresso maker again if you like what you see in our Quick Mill Andreja Premium review!

Andreja Premium Espresso Machine Design Overview

The Quick Mill Andreja semi-automatic could easily be considered the “godfather of espresso machines.”

It would be an utter sin to call this a mere product, as its design is more so a work of art.

From the rugged traditional build to high-grade stainless steel parts and a world-class E61 copper heat exchange boiler, coffee purists can attest to this.

Quickmill Andreja with stainless steel body, temperature gauge, knobs, and water & steam valves

Outfitted from head to toe in silver metal, the Quickmill Andreja Premium is a stunning addition to any kitchen countertop.

Its dimensions are 16” x 11.5” x 17.5,” and it weighs 55 pounds, so it is rather heavy. That’s due to the stainless steel materials, but the upside of this is that it is a sturdy machine that should last for years.

The Andreja espresso machine is ideal not just for households but also for busy offices and small cafes.

Since this is semi-automatic, bear in mind that you won’t have any one-touch functions. Every step of the brewing process is performed manually, and you’ll need to invest in additional supplies, such as a grinder and metal tamper.

Therefore, if you’re after convenience or a casual coffee drinker, then you might be better off browsing the superautomatics.

No, the Andreja Premium by Quick Mill is on a different level of coffee mastery. This machine is for the passionate coffee drinker who likes to tinker with levers and knobs to perfect a unique brew recipe.

That’s why you should consider your objectives before purchasing the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo. It costs around $2,000. This is a big investment but also worthwhile for the right person.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine Features

The Quickmill Andreja Premium espresso machine has everything you need to brew any kind of specialty drink.

It’s a standard semi-automatic setup, so no surprises here—just quality features and dang good coffee.

3 Liter Water Tank

Andreja Premium by Quick Mill water tank

The first thing we always look at with any type of espresso machine is the size of the water tank. The smaller it is, the more time you’re going to waste refilling it.

With the Andreja Premium Evo, you’ll don’t have to worry about that. It comes with an extra-large 3 liter (100 oz) reservoir that ensures you won’t have to run to the water faucet for quite some time.

If you brew large quantities of coffee daily, you can also connect the tank to the main water line.

While this nixes refills, you will have to descale more often to prevent mineral build-up from the hard water, and that’s where refilling the tank yourself has a one-up.

There is no water filtration system in the tank, but you can pour pure filtered water into it to avoid frequent descaling.

With that being said, this machine does use up a lot of water, but it comes with magnetic sensor alerts to let you know when the water is running low.

When it’s on empty, the sensor will automatically shut off the power, but it will allow you to finish pulling a shot if you’re in the middle of the process.

Milk Frothing System

Quickmill Andreja Premium Steam Wand in stainless steel

The Quick Mill Andreja Premium 0980 features a professional-grade standard milk frothing system with anti-burn steel wands.

It is handy for when you’re grooving in the kitchen and accidentally brush your hand against the hot wand or if you have kids running around.

On top of being a no-burn zone, you also have everything you need to make cappuccinos, lattes, and microfoam art.

You control the temperature, quality, and quantity, therefore making this ideal for perfecting your barista skills.

If you’re a beginner at frothing, you will have to practice a few times before getting it down. There’s no easy way out with the Andreja, just passion, time, and hard work if you’re serious about the art of espresso.

Stainless Steel Cup Warmer

The Andreja espresso machine comes equipped with a 10in x 9 in cup warming tray that is an essential asset when brewing coffee.

It keeps cups toasty up until it’s time for the shot to dispense, preventing heat loss that affects the overall quality of the espresso.

Brewing Capabilities

Quickmill Andreja Premium's accessories include two portafilters, scoop, and tamper

The boiler system is the crowning glory of the Quick Mill Andreja 0980, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one better.

It features an E61 copper exchange boiler that allows for simultaneous steaming and brewing, so there’s no waiting around between pulling a shot and frothing your milk.

There are single and double portafilter baskets, so you can pull one or two shots in a session.

It uses 15 bars of pressure to pull a shot with finesse, offering more momentum compared to the industry standard 9 bars of pressure found in other high-end models.

A high-functioning 52-watt Ulka vibratory pump works seamlessly compared to lower-watt pumps and with less noise to boot. Brass ends on the pump prevent leaks over time, unlike plastic ends.

A nifty thermo-couple protects the pump by automatically shutting it off if it starts to overheat. The boiler is also insulated to keep the internal components safe from excessive heat exposure.

Our only complaint with this machine is that it takes around 15 minutes to heat up and 30 minutes if you want optimal results.

It’s not a dealbreaker by any means, but if you’re in a rush, you might have to skip out on coffee at home and head to the cafe instead.

Quickmill Andreja Premium Setup & Operation

Setting up the Quickmill Andreja 0980 Evo before the first brew session will take some time, but it’s not much different from setting up any other semi-automatic machine.

The main focus is on the water hardness, flushing the system to remove debris, and warming up the machine.

Testing the Water Hardness

The Andreja comes with water hardness strips to test your water.

It’s simple and fast. Just place a strip horizontally into a cap of water filled from your faucet. Remove the strip after 15 seconds and check the number of grains that appear. Three grains or less means the water is soft enough to use.

If the water is too hard, it is not recommended to use as it can negatively impact the performance and even cause damage.

If you want to connect the main water line to your Andreja, you’ll want to consider a filtration system for your faucet. Or, as mentioned, you can refill the tank yourself using filtered water.

Flushing the System

Andreja Premium by Quick Mill in stainless steel and with knobs, valves, and a temperature gauge display

Before brewing coffee with the Andreja, running the system with just water a few times is recommended to flush out the brew head after it’s been sitting dormant. This is called backflushing and is necessary to clear out dust and debris.

You can follow the user manual, which has carefully outlined how to do this step-by-step.

Powering on the Machine

Once your tank is filled with water, plug it in and ensure all of the levers and knobs are in the “O” (this is off) position before powering on the machine.

Start by turning the knob to the “I” (fill) position, and the pump will take 60-90 seconds to fill the boiler.

After the boiler is filled, place your portafilter into the group head and lift the brew lever to activate the pump. Water should dispense, at which point you can lower the brew lever and switch the knob to the “II” (on) position.

Now the machine will start heating up. This can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Quickmill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine Cleaning Process

Semi-automatics require regular manual upkeep, so if you don’t have the time to keep with weekly maintenance, then a single-serve coffee machine or superautomatic offers more automatic cleaning functions to make the job easier.

Andreja Premium Espresso Machine's inner workings with wires and tubes

However, if you’re dedicated to your espresso, then you can expect a straightforward routine with the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Limited Edition 0980.

Basic tasks include emptying and rinsing the drip tray and removable water tank. Note these parts are not safe to wash in the dishwasher!

Wipe down the stainless steel body with a damp cloth to keep it sparkling and free of fingerprints.

The brew group can be washed by running a backflush cycle once a week. To do this, you’ll fill the puck with the recommended cleanser, reattach it to the unit, and activate the pump multiple times to flush out any coffee grounds and oils.

You’ll also need to descale the machine periodically to remove mineral deposits leftover from the water. This needs to be carefully adhered to by following the instructions laid out in the Quick Mill Andreja Premium manual.

Andreja Premium Espresso Machine Pros vs. Cons


  • Best value for money
  • All stainless steel parts
  • Finest E61 dual exchanger boiler system
  • Anti-burn steam wand
  • Brews any type of specialty drink


  • Takes 15-30 minutes to heat up the machine
  • Large, heavy machine

The beauty of the Quick Mill New Andreja Premium 0980 is that it provides everything you need to brew any type of coffee drink that’s just as delicious as the best cafe in town.

But like with any semi-automatic, you need to have the passion and dedication to make the magic happen. This espresso machine isn’t for the faint of heart. Expect to put in practice to get your skills down, which takes patience.

With the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo 0980, you can count on high-performance features to make all of your espresso dreams come true—right down to the powerful anti-burn steam wand.

The E61 dual exchanger boil system is high caliber, ensuring you can go through the motions of brewing and steaming simultaneously without a single hiccup.

A fully stainless steel machine is also hard to find. While it does make the Andreja heavier, it puts the stamp of approval on reliability and durability.

Yes, it’s an expensive model, but that’s because it should last for years performing at the same professional level you’d expect.

We recommend the Quick Mill Andreja Premium 0980 E61 for…

  • Passionate coffee drinkers
  • Professional baristas
  • Budding enthusiasts who are dedicated to the art of espresso
  • Large households, office buildings, and small cafes

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Warranty

Quick Mill recommends that customers register on their website to gain access to a list of spare parts and prices for purchase.

Comparable Products

There are two other espresso machines in the Quick Mill Andreja series, including the Andreja Profiles, Andreja De, and the Andreja Limited Edition.

We compare them below so you can see the differences between each model in the series to help you make the most informed buying decision.

Quick Mill Andreja Profiles

Recommended For: Users who look for convenience in a household with multiple coffee drinkers.

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With the Andreja Profiles 1, you get the same beloved brew technology and stainless steel design as the classic Andreja Premium, but with more programming.

This professional semi-automatic comes with an intuitive touchscreen display that lets users program their settings and then save their favorite recipes with 5 user profiles.

Profiles 1 is geared towards households with multiple coffee drinkers. Not everyone knows how to pull an espresso shot, as well not everyone has the same preferences for coffee.

This model provides a bit of convenience so every member of the family can get their coffee and get out the door in the mornings.

Quick Mill Andrea De – Discontinued

Quick Mill Andrea De with stainless steel body, temperature gauge displays, portafilter, and water & steam valves

The only difference we can see between the Andreja Premium espresso machine and the Andreja De is the control panel.

While the Premium model keeps it old school with levers and knobs, the restyled model comes with an electronic keyboard for easier programming.

Andreja Premium Limited Edition

Recommended For: Coffee aficionados who want the luxurious design and exclusivity of this limited edition machine.

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If you’re feeling fancy, this semi-automatic provides the same feature set as the Andreja Premium, except the body is styled out of solid Walnut “Canaletto” wood. The parts are made of stainless steel.

Each espresso machine comes with a certificate of exclusivity and warranty.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Review Conclusion

For those who want good coffee without lifting a finger, there’s the superautomatic. But when you’re a coffee nut who enjoys taking the time to learn the process and controlling every aspect of your shot, there’s the Andreja Premium espresso machine.

This model has everything you need to brew any kind of specialty drink as well as or better than the cafe in your neighborhood. The Stainless steel parts and E61 dual exchange boiler ensure top quality and long-lasting operation.

To conclude this Quick Mill Andreja Premium review, this is an expensive semi-automatic, but it is worth the price. You won’t find a more world-class espresso machine than this to perfect your barista skills.

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