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The Osaki Paragon 4D Massage Chair is a mid-range model packed with luxury features and advanced tech that gives it incredible therapeutic value. We recommend this model for those who suffer from chronic back, foot, and leg pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • 4D rollers and 49” L-track for comprehensive massage
  • Stretch function for added flexibility
  • Advanced foot/calf massage for relaxation
  • Heated rollers for warmth during massage
  • 12 auto programs for diverse options
  • Zero Gravity Seating for enhanced comfort


  • No intensity/speed adjustment during auto programs
  • Remote controller is not user-friendly
Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Massage Chair

Recommended for: Those who suffer from chronic back, foot, and leg pain.

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If you suffer from pain that sends you to the chiropractor frequently, then a massage chair could be just what you need to get therapeutic relief at home.

The challenge is finding the best recliner for your needs since there is a multitude of options that can make one feel dizzy.

In our Osaki Paragon review, we take a look at a moderately priced model that gives you variety and comfort in one package.

Osaki Paragon Design Overview

Osaki is a US brand known for producing functional and affordable massage chairs equipped with the most popular features on the market.

We love Osaki for a few reasons. First of all, they are reputed for utilizing advanced technology that delivers therapeutic results. Second, you can find a quality recliner by this brand, no matter your budget.

In this review, we’re focusing on one of their moderately priced models—the Osaki Paragon 4D massage chair.

At first glance, it checks all of the boxes. You get a sleek, luxe design with plush, quilted padding from top to bottom and a smooth synthetic leather finish.

Osaki Paragon 4D with beige PU upholstery, light beige exterior, and brand name on the side
Osaki Paragon 4D with silver PU upholstery, black exterior, and silver highlights
Osaki Paragon 4D with black PU upholstery, dark brown, black and cream exterior, & black base
Dark Brown
Osaki Paragon 4D with black PU upholstery, black base, and dark gray & silver exterior
Dark Grey

It comes in four neutral colors that complement any home interior. Furthermore, the leg ports extend and come with a cover to keep your tootsies warm when the weather gets chilly—a feature we rarely see on the market.

The leg ports extend up to 8.7” automatically, which we love because you don’t have to manually extend and hold it in place yourself.

The dimensions of the Osaki Pro Paragon are 59.8” x 31.3” x 37.6”, and it weighs 220.5 lbs. It’s a heavy chair, but so are the majority of massage chairs. It’ll fit in most homes, but be sure to measure out an area beforehand for a smoother installation.

Fortunately, Osaki incorporated space-saving technology into the design to make it more “small home-friendly.” You can fully recline the Osaki Paragon with a 3.15” between the wall and backrest, which is excellent—you want at least 5” or less for industry standard.

Osaki Paragon Massage Chair dark brown variant and its dimensions when upright and when reclined

The maximum weight capacity for this model is 280 lbs, and it accommodates a height of 6’2”. This is average compared to other chairs in this price range, so larger body types may have to look at other options.

As far as the features go, the Osaki Paragon offers many of the popular essentials that you’ll find with high-end chairs that cost around $10,000, except this model sports a much less expensive price tag.

From Zero Gravity seating to 4D heated rollers and voice activation—the technology is a little bit fancier than what you’ll find with low-range chairs.

But for all that it offers, the Osaki Paragon is a great deal. The real question here is how well it performs. We look at that next in our features section.

Osaki Paragon 4D Features

Next, we dive into the features of the Osaki Paragon 4D massage chair to see how well it performs and the therapeutic benefits it brings to the table.

L-Track with 4D Roller System

Every massage enthusiast knows that the track and roller system is one of the most important components of the chair because, well, this is what makes the massage magic happen.

Osaki Pro Paragon dark brown variant and an illustration of its L track and heated massage rollers

A phenomenal massage chair features rollers that feel as close to human hands as possible, and the longer the track, the better because that means more muscles are covered.

We are happy to report that the Osaki Paragon is equipped with a state-of-the-art system, although, to be honest, it’s not uncommon on the market.

A 49-inch L-track starts at the base of the neck and moves down the spine, curving underneath the buttocks, so the rollers can massage the thighs and glutes.

This isn’t as top-tier as an S+L track, which follows the natural curves of the spine, but it still covers a large area of the upper and lower body for a true full-body experience.

The roller system is something we are impressed with, sporting 4D rollers, which is considered the creme de la creme of roller technology.

What differentiates 4D from 3D or 2D is that they can change speed according to the area of the body that’s being massaged for a more realistic flow. The rollers also move vertically and horizontally, and they protrude in and out, allowing for deeper kneading that penetrates hard-to-reach tissue.

We give the roller system and track a gold star, although some reviews have mentioned that the neck and shoulder massage is subpar. This is preferential, though, so not necessarily a dealbreaker. But if your main area of focus is the upper body, this can be a disappointment.

Auto Body Scan

The auto body scan is a convenience feature that utilizes sensor technology to map out the acupoints of the back and then adjust the rollers accordingly.

Illustration of a man sitting on the Osaki Paragon black variant with the spine highlighted in red

This improves the accuracy of the massage movements, ensuring a customized routine that aligns with your specific dimensions.

The thing is, many massage chairs from low to high range come with a body scan, so it’s not unique or “luxury.” Also, don’t expect to always get a perfect adjustment. You may have to manually adjust the rollers after the scan.

Zero Gravity Seating

This is one of the more sought-after features on the massage chair market. The chair automatically reclines to an angle that elevates the user’s legs above the heart.

Osaki Paragon 4D dark brown variant in zero gravity recline with the legports elevated slightly above the heart

This takes immense pressure off the spine, rendering a “weightless” sensation that is effective for facilitating blood circulation and relieving joint pain.

It used to be the hot feature, but nowadays, the majority of massage chairs have Zero-G. The key here is to see how many positions are offered. Top-tier chairs typically have two to three, allowing the user more flexibility.

The Osaki Paragon has three Zero-Gravity options. Pressing the button for the first two times will reposition the massage chair into levels one and two, and pressing it for the third time will enable ‘sleeping mode.’ For a mid-range chair like this, having multiple options is always great, especially if you suffer from back problems and need therapeutic relief.

Heated Rollers

Nothing adds a bit of spice to your life like a massage chair that warms you up while kneading your tired, sore muscles.

Illustration of the Osaki Paragon black variant's massage rollers and a pair of masseuse's hands

The thing is, most chairs utilize stationary heating pads, typically found in the lower back, which means the rest of the body misses out on the extra pampering.

That’s not the case with the Osaki Paragon, with innovative heated rollers that warm the body as the 4D rollers move along the spine doing their thing. It’s a winning combo and one we’ve only seen with high-end luxury chairs.

The heat is a fantastic therapeutic feature, especially if you’re sitting for long hours and your back is feeling the burn. Heat loosens tense muscles, allowing the rollers to work deeper and easily smooth out any kinks.

Better yet, the user can adjust the heat temperature, which is a rare function that we are often surprised not to see—even with high-end chairs. Therefore, the Osaki Paragon wins major brownie points for bringing the heat.

Osaki Paragon Massage Chair Accessories

Another area where the Osaki Paragon wins at life is with their goody bag of included accessories. If you love gadgets and extras, then you’ll probably be satisfied with what you get here.

Osaki Paragon 4D dark brown variant with speakers on both sides of the headrest and a Bluetooth symbol on top

Multiple Bluetooth speakers are strategically placed in the headrest to ensure that no matter what you want to play, you’re transported to your world of zen that’s not disrupted by screaming kids or the neighbor’s yappy dog.

There’s also a USB port, so you can charge your smart devices without any interruptions.

Osaki takes the VIP treatment one step further with a voice activation feature that allows you to control the chair with nine different verbal commands.

But don’t get too dazzled yet because oftentimes, when a chair has this, it can be complicated to get it up and running or for the technology to interpret the commands correctly.

The controller is also tricky. The Osaki Paragon comes with a standard LED remote, with lots of buttons that some reviews have mentioned take time to master.

However, there is an app you can download to control chair functions, which is reportedly more user-friendly than the controller.

Osaki Paragon Massage Programs

Moving right along in our Osaki Paragon review, we take an in-depth look at the massage programs this chair can perform.

Osaki Paragon dark brown variant's pouch for the wired remote with a small screen and buttons

The system is standard. You have 12 auto programs, which simply means the massage techniques and settings are already planned and ready to go with the push of a button. This is perfect when you want a quick massage without having to put forth any effort.

The auto programs include:

  • Recover
  • Relief
  • Stretch
  • Soft
  • Renew
  • Calming
  • Special
    – Refresh
    – Energy
    – Revive
    – Active
    – Relax
    – Healing

If you enjoy customizing your massage from start to finish, then you’ll be stoked to know that there is a manual mode with a robust selection of settings to configure your dream massage.

The Osaki Paragon can administer five different massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, knocking, kneading + tapping, and Shiatsu.

Osaki Paragon 4D dark brown variant and a woman's hands holding an iPhone and using Osaki's app

Admittedly, for a mid-range chair, it would’ve been nice to see at least two advanced techniques, such as a Swedish massage, but Shiatsu alone is still standard on most chairs, even high-end ones.

There are four different levels of intensity and five-speed levels.

The massage duration can also be set in 5-minute increments, up to 30 minutes. This is also standard across the market, so if you want a longer massage, you’ll have to manually reset the session once the max is reached.

Going back to the auto mode, 12 programs are above average for a mid-range chair, so rest assured, you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck here. The only complaint we have is that you can’t adjust the speed or intensity of the massage in auto mode.

One function that stood out to us is the stretching function that gently pulls the joints to relieve pain. The Osaki Paragon applies this technique well, boosting the therapeutic benefits in an area we don’t commonly see with other chairs in this price range.

Air Massage

Air massage is another popular feature that renders a lighter massage geared towards relaxation more than therapeutic bliss.

Osaki Paragon Massage Chair black variant and its airbags highlighted in blue

The system consists of airbags that are placed throughout the chair to target different areas of the body. The Osaki Paragon has a total of 42 airbags, with a generous five intensity levels to compress the full body, upper body, waist, and seat, or legs and feet.

This is a great supplement to the rollers, and we like the robust selection of options Osaki gives to tailor the air massage to your unique preferences, so extra points are awarded here.

Foot/Calf Massage

The massage that gets rave reviews above all with this chair is the foot/calf massage. It utilizes reflexology rollers, heat, and air compression to deliver a subliminal experience that melts away the pain and soothes muscles tired out from long hours of standing.

Osaki Paragon beige variant and an illustration of the airbags and rollers for the calves and feet

First of all, there aren’t many chairs on the market that have heating in the footwells, although this is the area where users can benefit greatly from heat. So, you’re getting your money’s worth for this rare feature.

There are also a plethora of advanced foot/calf techniques that we don’t normally see with chairs of this caliber. This includes goodies such as the rolling reflexology foot massage, toe air compression, back ankle grab, and kneading calf massage.

We also need to point out there are calf rollers that focus on the back of the calves to ensure the legs get a top-notch massage. Generally, you only see chairs offering rollers on the feet.

Osaki Paragon Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • 4D rollers and 49” L-track
  • Stretch function
  • Advanced foot/calf massage
  • Heated rollers
  • 12 auto programs
  • Zero Gravity Seating
  • Plenty of accessories


  • No intensity/speed adjustment during auto programs
  • The remote controller is not user-friendly

The Osaki Paragon is a mid-range massage chair that comes with many of the same features and accessories as luxury models, except for a much more affordable price.

It follows the trends closely to give you the best tech on the market, including 4D rollers, an extensive L-track, Zero Gravity seating, and air massage.

The accessories are top-notch, with Bluetooth and USB, plus newer technology such as voice recognition to control the chair by simply speaking.

The stand-out features for us are the heated rollers, stretch function, and foot/calf massage. Osaki got innovative with these elements, covering details that many other chairs lack to improve the overall massage experience.

Sure, it has its faults too, but they are small complaints that we won’t say are dealbreakers.

For one, the remote has far too many buttons to poke through when all you want to do is lay back and relax. At least you can download an app that makes it much more convenient to operate the chair.

But honestly, for what you pay, you’re getting a massage that has a lot more to offer than many other chairs for around the same price. The important thing is that you have plenty of options to find what you like, especially with the manual settings and foot/calf massage.

We recommend the Osaki Paragon 4D Massage Chair for:

  • People with chronic back pain
  • People with chronic foot/leg pain
  • People who want a lot of customization options

Osaki Paragon Massage Chair Warranty

Osaki offers a 5-year free Warranty that includes three years of full service and an additional two-year warranty on parts. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products to Consider

We’ve listed some similar products to compare if you’re still on the fence about whether the Osaki Paragon is the right model for you.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who want a highly customizable massage chair experience.

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If you have an open budget and love the Paragon but wish it was more luxurious, then the Maestro may be the right one for you. It’s expensive but comes with 4D rollers, a longer 52” L-track, and more settings to finetune your massage. This includes eight 4D adjustments, five strength adjustments, five intensity adjustments, and five speed adjustments for the rollers.

Osaki Titan Summit Flex SL Track Massage Chair

Recommended For: People who suffer from back, leg, and foot pain.

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For a budget-friendly option that packs a therapeutic punch, the Osaki Titan is a worthy opponent to take on the feature set of the Paragon. You don’t get fancy voice recognition, but do you really need it? Instead, the Titan keeps things practical with a flex SL-Track, 48 airbags, two Zero Gravity positions, lumbar/calf heat, and rollers for the feet.

Kahuna LM 9100 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Casual hobbyists who can afford it and people who suffer from chronic back pain, foot/calf pain.

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The Wondrous is another excellent option with slightly different features for around the same price as the Paragon. It comes with 4D rollers, heat, Bluetooth, and voice recognition, plus a memory function to save your favorite massages, 21 auto programs, and a rare leg twisting massage technique.

Osaki Paragon Review Conclusion

The Osaki Paragon 4D massage chair is a mid-range model with a robust feature set that includes advanced 4D rollers, back and foot/calf heat, and an advanced foot/calf massage that benefits those with leg pain.

To conclude this Osaki Paragon review, we definitely think you get plenty of bang for your buck with this model, as it comes with many of the same features that you see with a luxury chair that costs thousands more. It’s ideal for people who suffer from back, foot, or leg pain.

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