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The Osaki OS Pro Maxim Massage Chair has numerous massage options and is completely easy to use with its high-tech touch screen tablet remote. While it does provide an overall great massage quality, a lot of other chairs on the market deliver a better air massage. A lot of other features are worth checking out, too – the 47-inch SL-Track Roller System, Bluetooth system, and excellent preset programs – to create an incredible massage experience.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • S-Track + L-Track massage track design
  • Computer body scan
  • Auto leg scan
  • Two stage Zero Gravity
  • Space saving recline technology
  • Full body air massage system


  • Only has 22 airbags
  • Price is relatively high
Osaki OS Pro Maxim Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for an easy-to-use massage chair that has a 47-inch SL-Track Roller System, numerous massage options, and Bluetooth capability.

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Are you ready to invest in a serious massage chair for your home or business? If so, you should not miss the Osaki OS Pro Maxim massage chair. It’s loaded with top-of-the-line hardware such as an extended length roller track for a world-class, full-body massage. It also features high-tech components like a touch screen tablet remote and integrated Bluetooth music system.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Well, that’s just the start of it. We’ve pored over every function, feature, and detail of the OS Pro Maxim massage chair. Plus, in this article, we share it all to help you decide if you should purchase or pass.

Core Features of the Osaki OS Pro Maxim

Touch Screen Tablet Remote

One of the first things that stand out on the OS Pro Maxim massage chair is the remote. And you won’t find any buttons, dials, or knobs here. With the OS Pro Maxim, you get a sleek touch screen tablet that controls every function and setting of the chair.

The remote sits in a holder mounted to the armrest perfectly positioned for easy access to the controls. Furthermore, the remote can be removed from the holder so you can adjust the chair’s settings from a reclined position.


When you power on the remote, a home screen greets you with a real-time view of the programs and settings that are currently activated. On the home screen, you can select any of the preset massage programs, set the duration of the massage, and adjust commonly used settings like massage roller pressure, speed, and width.

Three other pages on the remote give you access to auto-recline and zero gravity settings, manual massage controls, and general settings such as screen brightness and language. While it may seem like a lot to grasp, the remote is designed to be intuitive and is very simple to navigate.

S-Track + L-Track Massage Track Design

While the touch screen remote is seriously cool, you shouldn’t buy a massage chair just because it has a fancy remote. You should purchase a massage chair because it gives you a therapeutic, spa-like massage experience. And the OS Pro Maxim massage chair does just that thanks to the S-Track and L-Track massage roller tracks.


The S-Track portion of the roller track is located in the backrest of the chair and is designed to match the unique shape of the spine. Meanwhile, the L-Track portion of the roller track extends through the seat of the chair and provides roller massage to the buttocks and thighs.

With the S- and L-Track massage roller tracks combined, the OS Pro Maxim gives you a full 47 inches of massage roller coverage. This massage track system is roughly 17 inches longer than the majority of the massage chair tracks on the market.

Computer Body Scan

Taking the massage roller system one step further, the OS Pro Maxim also features computer body scan functionality. This customizes the action of the massage rollers to fit your body better.


When you initiate a massage program, the massage rollers travel up and down your back, scanning the unique curves of your body. The chair uses the information gathered from the scan to adjust the starting and stopping points of the massage rollers to ensure that the rollers contact the correct locations on your body.

The nice thing about computer body scan is that it allows any person to sit down and enjoy a therapeutic massage tailored to his unique body shape. No fussing with settings to get the fit right; the chair does it automatically.

Auto Leg Scan

Adding more personalization to the massage experience, the OS Pro Maxim features auto leg scan functionality. Similar to the computer body scan, the leg ottoman fully extends, then slowly retracts until it matches the length of the user’s legs. This allows users of various heights to enjoy the massage chair without feeling cramped.

Two Stage Zero Gravity

One of the most therapeutic features of the OS Pro Maxim massage chair is a unique recline function called two stage zero gravity. In stage one zero gravity, the backrest of the chair reclines most of the way back while the leg ottoman rises, bringing the legs slightly higher that the torso. Through this position, the majority of your body weight is supported by the backrest, and your legs are slightly elevated, promoting total relaxation.


Furthermore, in stage two zero gravity, the backrest reclines all the way back until your back is parallel to the floor. Meanwhile, the leg ottoman lifts up higher than in stage one, positioning the legs slightly higher than the heart.

This position facilitates deep relaxation of the back muscles and allows the spine to decompress. Pressure and tension are significantly reduced from the legs, allowing the muscles and veins to relax, circulation to improve, and swelling to decrease.

Space Saving Recline Technology

If you plan on adding your new massage chair to a small room, or a room with furniture — living room, master bedroom, etc. — space requirements of the massage chair may become an issue. Osaki, however, took space requirements into consideration when designing the OS Pro Maxim by using space saving recline track technology.


Instead of reclining straight back, the OS Pro Maxim uses a special recline track that moves the front of the chair (leg ottoman) forward as the chair reclines. Most massage chairs require at least 2 feet of space behind the chair to recline fully. Thanks to space-saving recline technology, the OS Pro Maxim needs only 4 inches of space between the wall and the back of the chair.

Full Body Air Massage System

Along with the massage roller system, the OS Pro Maxim massage chair features 22 specially designed airbags throughout the chair that give you full-body air compression massage.

While the massage rollers knead, pulsate, and tap to massage the body, the airbags in the OS Pro Maxim inflate and deflate, compressing and releasing the muscles. This action stimulates and softens the muscles, promoting numerous health benefits including improved circulation, the release of toxins, and deep relaxation.


Air massage is an integral part of the overall massage experience of the OS Pro Maxim and covers the following body parts:

  • Shoulders. Special airbags alongside the upper portion of the backrest wrap around the shoulders and upper arms.
  • Arms. The armrests of the OS Pro Maxim feature top and bottom airbag massagers that massage the forearms, wrists, and hands.
  • Lower back and hips. Airbags located in the lower portion of the backrest and next to the hips inflate and deflate creating a squeezing action that massages the lower back and hips. These lower airbags also assist in keeping the body in position to enhance the effect of certain preset massage programs.
  • Calves and feet. Airbag massagers line the inside of the leg ottoman, giving the calves, ankles, and feet a restorative air compression massage. Heat therapy to a massage program is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow to the lower back. This, in turn, delivers additional nutrients that aid in repairing damaged muscle tissue.

Vibration Massage

A high-frequency vibration plate in the seat of the chair gives you the option to add vibration therapy to any massage program.

LED Chromotherapy Lighting

The edges of the Bluetooth speakers are made up of LED chromotherapy lights. When turned on, the lights radiate a calming blue light, and paired with the music, create your own little zone of comfort to completely relax and unwind.


Bluetooth Music System

Located just above the shoulder massage modules, you’ll find a set of high-quality speakers directed towards the ears. The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled which means you can connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-compatible devices to the OS Pro Maxim. You can now listen to your favorite tunes as you enjoy your massage.


Massage Techniques and Preset Massage Programs of the OS Pro Maxim Massage Chair

When you climb in the Osaki OS Pro Maxim massage chair and power on the touch screen remote, you’ll have many massage styles and programs to choose from.

5 Massage Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Using the massage rollers, the OS Pro Maxim massage chair produces five distinct massage techniques.

  • Swedish
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Clapping
  • Rolling

12 Preset Massage Programs

Using a combination of the five massage roller techniques and full body air massage, the OS Pro Maxim offers twelve unique preset massage programs. Each program has a different focus and therapeutic benefit.

  • General: Features every massage roller technique plus air compression massage, massaging the entire body.
  • Recovery: Uses tapping and kneading roller massage to massage the hips and waist.
  • Wake Up: Focuses on the back using the stimulating action of knocking and tapping massage techniques.
  • Sleeping: A soothing program featuring light kneading and tapping.
  • Healthy Regimen: Highlights the lower torso and thighs using multiple massage techniques plus air compression massage.
  • Stretch: Uses the airbags to firmly hold the ankles, arms, and shoulders while the chair gently pulls the legs creating a stretching sensation throughout the body.
  • Health: Focuses on the lumbar region using a combination of vigorous tapping and light kneading.
  • Beauty: Focuses on lumbar region using a combination of massage techniques including shiatsu, rolling, and kneading.
  • Vitality: Massages the entire back with gentle tapping and kneading.
  • Vigor: Thoroughly massages the lumbar region using every massage technique.

Manual Massage Controls

Manual mode gives you total control over every feature of the massage chair. This allows you to create a completely customized massage program that’s easily changed and adapted depending on your needs that day.


Once you’ve navigated to the manual control screen on the touch screen remote, you can select the massage style, the area of the body you’d like massaged, and the intensity of the massage among many other settings. You will be completely satisfied with the preset programs.

However, if you ever need a little extra attention for your neck, lower back, or anywhere, the manual massage controls of the OS Pro Maxim have you covered.

Dimensions of the Osaki OS Pro Maxim Massage Chair

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 63″L X 31.1″W X 45.3″H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 78.7″L X 31.1″W X 35.4″H
  • Chair Weight: 285.3 lbs
  • User Height Range: 5’0″ to 6’5″
  • Recommended Maximum User Weight: 285 lbs

Osaki OS Pro Maxim Massage Chair Review – Conclusion

It’s hard to imagine a massage chair with a more complete set of features than the Osaki OS Pro Maxim massage chair. With full body air massage, an extended 47-inch S- and L-Track roller system, and an intuitive touchscreen tablet remote among many other features, the OS Pro Maxim Zero Gravity massage chair is the ideal one for those looking for a high-end chair that’s built to last and guaranteed to deliver an incredible massage.

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