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The Osaki OS Champ Massage Chair is a budget-friendly model with a limited feature set geared towards relaxation. It’s suitable for casual hobbyists who don’t care for therapeutic benefits and for those who want a great deal on a quality recliner.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Affordable price
  • Two Zero Gravity positions
  • Plenty of manual customization settings
  • Suitable for petite/average body types
  • Bluetooth Speaker


  • Older massage technology
  • No Auto Body Scan
  • Limited to 5 auto programs
  • Foot rollers may be too intense
  • Not suitable for taller/larger body types
Osaki OS-Champ Massage Chair

Recommended For: Casual hobbyists who don’t care for therapeutic benefits and for those who want a great deal on a quality recliner.

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When you’re feeling sore and tense from life’s daily challenges, you can either pay big bucks to have a masseuse rub you down or invest in a luxury massage chair.

Massage chairs offer several health benefits, and with today’s technology, the massages feel incredibly life-like.

But how do you know which recliner is ideal for your needs?

We look at an affordable option in our Osaki OS Champ review! Let’s dive in.

Osaki OS-Champ Design Overview

Osaki is at it again, designing advanced massage chairs at affordable prices that make it possible for anyone to enjoy a quality massage at home.

The model we’re focusing on in this review is the OS Champ. It costs around $2,000, meaning you get a great deal and a limited feature set geared more towards relaxation instead of therapeutic benefits.

The model’s dimensions are 57.1″ x 29.5″ x 44.1″, and it weighs 234 pounds. This is a smaller chair designed to accommodate petite/average body types, even though it has an extendable 7.6” footrest.

OS Champ Massage Chair black and gray variant and its dimensions when sitting upright and when reclining

While this should suffice for taller users, Osaki OS Champ reviews do state that the spring-loaded footrest requires quite a bit of pressure to push out; otherwise, your legs are “scrunched” up in an uncomfortable position.

As well, this chair only accommodates a max weight capacity of 260 pounds, which leaves out larger body types that could benefit from this chair’s affordable feature set.

But for smaller households and apartments, the OS Champ is a viable choice due to its lighter frame.

Osaki even incorporated space-saving technology, so the chair has 9” of clearance from the wall when fully reclined. However, it’s tough for us to see this as “space-saving” since the top chairs can do 5” or less.

Nonetheless, this is a steal regarding what’s offered, and it’s an attractive chair to boot with a smooth synthetic leather finish and quilted padding for extra comfort.

OSAKI Champ Features

Ready to see what the Osaki OS-Champ can do? Let’s break down the features!

L-Track + 2D Roller System

Illustration of a man sitting on the OS Champ Massage Chair and the L-track that starts at the neck and ends under the thighs

One of the reasons why the Champ is affordable is because it utilizes older massage technology to administer basic techniques.

This technology consists of a massage track and rollers. The massage track is located in the backrest and is the base for the rollers to move and perform. There are three main tracks:

  • S-Track: This standard track follows the natural curve of the spine. It runs from the base of the neck to the lumbar region.
  • L-Track: This type of track doesn’t curve with the spine but is longer. It starts at the base of the neck and runs underneath the seat so the rollers can reach the glutes and thighs.
  • S/L-track: This is the longest, most advanced track on the market. It combines the S and L tracks, so you get a more accurate massage along the spine while enjoying more body coverage.

The OS Champ has an L-track, so while it’s not as short as the S-track, it’s still not as precise as the S/L-track. The user gets a glute and thigh massage, which enhances the full-body experience.

It utilizes 2D rollers, which is a step below 3D/4D rollers. What’s the difference, you ask?

3D and 4D rollers are considered the industry standard. These rollers move up and down the track and can also move away from the track (in and out) for a deeper massage. These types of rollers feel the closest to human hands.

Meanwhile, 2D rollers are a step below. They move vertically and horizontally in the shape of an X-axis, but they can’t move in and out to simulate deep kneading.

Therefore, with the Champ, you won’t get the most advanced massage on the market, but for the price, that is expected. The massage quality is still excellent, and if you add the lower back heat and Zero Gravity Seating, you’ll feel completely relaxed.

The only other drawback of this system is that OS Champ massage chair reviews say it’s noisy. At least it’s equipped with Bluetooth speakers, so you can drown out the noise with your own music playlist.

Zero Gravity Seating

Osaki OS-Champ in zero gravity recline with the leg ports elevated above the heart

The Osaki Champ comes with Zero Gravity Seating, a popular feature found with most modern massage chairs.

Zero-G is a special recline angle that elevates the legs above the heart to make the user feel weightless—kind of like an astronaut in space.

It’s highly therapeutic because it releases the gravitational pull from the spine and joints. This is beneficial for people who suffer from back pain.

As the vertebrae decompress, the back is also pushed more firmly against the rollers for a deeper massage.

We give the Champ a gold star because it offers two Zero-G positions. Most chairs at this price don’t offer the feature at all, or they only have one position. Typically, mid to high-range chairs offer 2-3 positions.

Two positions give the user more options to find the recline angle that is most comfortable for them.

Lumbar Heat

Osaki Champ Massage Chair black and gray variant with twin heating coils in the lumbar area

Heating is another therapeutic benefit that helps loosen muscle tension and melt away soreness.

The OS Champ features a basic heating pad in the lower back with a single temperature setting. It’s always nice to see heating in the footwells, but you get what you pay for.

OS Champ Massage Chair Accessories

Generally, you’ll see low-range chairs that have a USB port for charging or even LED lights to calm the mind, but the OS Champ massage chair only includes the essentials.

The OS Champ comes with premium Bluetooth speakers that make it easy for the user to create a relaxing environment on their terms.

Does the neighbor’s dog bark nonstop? Do you live next to a busy road? Connect your smart device to the Bluetooth speaker, and let the crisp, soothing sounds of your own playlist enhance your massage experience.

The Champ also comes with a user-friendly remote controller. It can be stashed in its own pocket so it doesn’t get lost in the chair.

Osaki OS Champ Massage Programs

Osaki Champ massage chair with light gray PU upholstery and black hard shell exterior

Osaki keeps it simple with the Champ’s massage menu, further proving that this chair prioritizes ease of use and casual relaxation.

It comes with five auto programs, which is below average compared to other chairs that offer 6+ programs. But alas, that’s one of the pitfalls of 2D rollers.

However, the Champ does come with a manual mode and fully adjustable settings, so five programs should be satisfactory for those days when you want to push a button and start relaxing immediately.

Plus, fewer programs mean fewer buttons to master, making the learning curve a breeze.

The Champ’s five auto programs include:

  • Relax: This is for full-body relaxation that starts with slow kneading and heavy tapping that progresses to a neck and lower back massage.
  • Stretch: This program gently stretches the back muscles, hamstrings, and hands.
  • Upper Back: This program targets the head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Lower Back: This program targets the lumbar region.
  • Demo: Choose any program for a 5-minute demo to learn what it entails.
An illustration of Osaki Champ Massage Chair's five auto programs

Each auto program is automatically set for a 15-minute session, but you can change the duration manually by 5-minute increments that go up to 30 minutes total.

If you prefer to build your massage from scratch, hit the manual mode, and you have a diverse selection of customization settings to choose from.

The Champ can perform six techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling. This was a pleasant surprise, especially seeing two advanced techniques offered.

You can also choose the area of your body you want to be massaged. Instead of full-body, opt for partial mode if you only want a specific area and spot mode if you want to target a specific muscle.

There are four levels of intensity, three speeds, and 3 levels to adjust the roller width (narrow, normal, wide).

For a low-range massage chair, we were impressed with the manual mode and the number of functions that can be customized to suit the user’s needs. This is an excellent chair to consider if you prefer manual massages over auto programs.

Air Massage

Osaki Champ Massage Chair in black and gray with the airbags highlighted in blue

The Osaki OS Champ performs a full-body air massage with 18 airbags placed at the shoulders, arms, palms, lower back, glutes, thighs, calves, and feet.

You can adjust the intensity with four levels and independently control the body’s area where you want air compression.

The airbags inflate according to the selected intensity level, applying compression to the surface muscles. It’s stimulating for the senses, relaxes the muscles, and facilitates blood circulation.

Some people describe it as being embraced by a cloud, as the compression feels less intense than deep kneading rollers.

Foot Roller Massage

OS Champ Massage Chair black and gray variant's leg ports with airbags for the calves and feet and foot rollers

Two spinning reflexology rollers massage the bottom of the feet within the footwells, kneading into the pressure points for soothing relief.

A unique ankle grip holds the feet in place for stability, ensuring the rollers and inflating airbags work out every kink—even if it tickles a bit.

This is a quality setup for a foot massage if you’re on your feet for long periods, although the calves do get left out of the roller action.

If your feet are sensitive, be aware that the Champ’s foot rollers have a reputation for being too intense, with many Osaki OS Champ reviews claiming that it’s too painful.

Osaki Champ Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Affordable
  • Two Zero Gravity positions
  • Plenty of manual customization settings
  • Suitable for petite/average body types
  • Bluetooth speaker


  • Older massage technology
  • No auto-body scan
  • Only 5 auto programs
  • Foot rollers may be too intense for some
  • Not suitable for taller/larger body types

The Osaki OS Champ massage chair is a prime example of the new wave of affordable recliners, making it possible for anyone to experience luxurious relaxation at home.

Now bear in mind that even though the price is a breath of fresh air compared to mid-high range models, you get a limited feature set geared more towards casual use and less therapeutic value.

This is evident when we look at the massage track and roller technology. The Champ utilizes an older 2D roller setup, which can’t deliver the same deep tissue movements as 3D or 4D rollers.

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that Osaki is known for its quality. If you’re not suffering from chronic back pain, then this type of system will feel phenomenal when you’re tired after work.

There were a few nice surprises, such as two Zero Gravity positions instead of one and a robust customization menu for manual massages.

These surprises make up for the fact that there are only five auto programs, as it’s rare to see a low-range chair with this much manual freedom.

As far as drawbacks go, probably the biggest gripe is that the Champ is only designed for petite/average body types.

Although it has an extendable footrest, users have still complained that the design isn’t comfortable or accommodating for taller folks.

Another big gripe was that the foot roller massage was too intense, which might not be the best choice if you have sensitive feet.

The bottom line is that the OS Champ is a high-quality, affordable option with just enough features to give users a relaxing time while not being too much of a hassle to learn.

We recommend the Osaki OS Champ Massage Chair for…

  • Casual hobbyists who want a standard massage chair for relaxation
  • People who suffer from back pain who want a budget-friendly chair
  • Users who prefer manual massage over auto programs

Osaki OS Champ Warranty

Osaki offers a 3-year standard warranty on the OS Champ massage chair from the date of purchase.

Parts and labor are covered at no cost for one year, while parts are only covered for years 2 & 3. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

Before you go, we’ve included a shortlist of similar massage chairs to the OS Champ that also falls within the same price range. Take a look and see how they stack up.

Yitahome Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who want advanced massage technology at an affordable price.

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This recliner has advanced massage technology for a less expensive model to give you an intense, deep tissue massage. It comes equipped with an S/L-track and 3D rollers, Zero-G seating, six auto modes, and six manual modes.

Ideal Massage Chair by Forever Rest

Recommended For: Hobbyist users who just want to experience quick massages daily.

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If you prefer more auto programs, this model offers 10 programs, with an extensive massage track and Zero Gravity Seating. It can perform six different techniques for a full-body experience.

iRest A306 Massage Chair

Recommended For: People with back pain or for hobbyists who want a good deal on a quality ergonomic recliner.

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This hefty recliner can hold a max weight of 330 pounds, making it a comfortable, affordable option for larger body types. It comes with neat features, such as AI voice control, foot roller massage, air massage, and 12 auto massages to give you plenty of variety.

Osaki OS Champ Review Conclusion

The Osaki OS Champ massage chair gives hobbyists on a budget the chance to experience luxurious features, such as Zero Gravity Seating, lumbar heat, foot/calf massage, and full-body air massage.

To conclude this Osaki OS Champ review, this is a solid design with a limited feature set, which we feel is fair for the price. This massage chair is suitable for casual users who just want to relax at home, people with back pain, and those who want a quality model for a decent price.

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