In a Nutshell:

The Osaki 7075R is a powerful massage chair with a great set of unique features. Air massage headband, deep tissue massage, full-body stretching, and heat therapy makes it a one-of-a-kind model.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Powerful rollers for deep tissue massage
  • Massage headband for added comfort
  • Pivoting arms enhance massage coverage
  • Full-body heat feature
  • Suitable for tall users


  • Remote lacks a display screen and backlit buttons
  • Intensity may not be suitable for light massages
  • Not ideal for users shorter than 5’3″

If you’ve been researching the Osaki 7075R massage chair, chances are you already know it’s a high-quality massage chair. But if you still feel you don’t have all the information you need to make a comfortable decision one way or the other, look no further.

In this Osaki OS 7075R review, we’re taking an in-depth look at all the features, plus breaking down the positives and negatives of this popular massage chair.

Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair Models

Osaki OS 7075R Review Black - Consumer Files
Osaki OS 7075R Review Brown - Consumer Files
Osaki OS 7075R Review Taupe - Consumer Files
Osaki OS 7075R Review Rating - Consumer Files

Features of the Osaki 7075R Massage Chair

Infrared Body Scan

On the Osaki 7075R massage chair, infrared body scan technology scans the body to identify exactly where and how you fit in the chair before auto-adjusting its massage head rollers to provide you with a custom-fit massage.

By knowing your height and where your back curves along the backrest, the OS 7075R is able to deliver a precise massage that maintains consistent pressure across the natural curves of the neck, back and lower back. Plus, it makes it easy for households with users of different sizes to each enjoy a tailored massage experience.

Intelligent Ottoman

The leg and calf massager ottoman on the Osaki OS 7075R is adjustable to not only provide your legs and feet with a secure fit but also to ensure that the air massagers in the ottoman are treating the correct areas.

Spine-Contouring S-Track System

Tracks systems can get a little confusing, so let’s start with the basics…

A track system is the mechanism that allows the massage head rollers to move through the massage chair and along the back.

The Osaki OS 7075R features a 31-inch S-Track system — one of the longest on the market.

Osaki OS 7075R Review STrack - Consumer Files
So what is an S-Track system?

An S-Track system is designed to replicate the natural shape and curvature of your back and spine. With an S-Track system, the massage rollers are able to keep contact and maintain pressure across your entire back, especially in curved areas like your neck and lower back. And with the 31-inches of track available on the OS 7075R, you’ll enjoy consistent pressure from the top of your neck to your tailbone.

13 Powerful, Independent Motors

One of the most defining features of the Osaki OS 7075R massage chair is its powerful 13 motor system.

With 13 motors, you won’t have to worry about the massage chair delivering too weak of a massage. In fact, the OS 7075R is notorious for its deep tissue capabilities.

And since each motor is programmed to perform a single function, the 13 motor system puts less overall stress on the motors, improving chair reliability over time.

Quad Roller Massage Technology

On the OS 7075R, the quad massage rollers are specifically designed to replicate the feel of human fingers and hands, and deliver a lifelike, natural massage. Powered by the extensive motor system, the quad rollers provide massage from the head to the tailbone as they move along the spine-contouring S-Track system.

Osaki OS 7075R Review ZeroGravityPos - Consumer Files

Zero Gravity Recline

One of the most popular massage chair features, Zero Gravity, puts your body into an almost weightless position by supporting your body’s weight with the backrest of the chair.

Inspired by NASA technology, this therapeutic position reclines your body and raises your legs slightly above your heart, removing vertical pressure from your spine and lower back, and improving circulation.

Pivoting Armrests

In most massage chairs, when you recline, the chair goes backward, the ottoman goes up, but the arm massagers stay in the same position.

Why does this matter?

It matters because as you recline backward in the chair, your arms move back as well. From your new reclined position, your arms won’t be able to reach or get positioned within the arm massagers correctly, so if you want to enjoy an arm massage you have to be in an upright position.

Enter the pivoting arms on the Osaki 7075R massage chair.

The pivoting arms on the OS 7075R move with the chair as you recline so you can enjoy arm massage while in any position.

Foot Rollers

On the OS 7075R, foot rollers in the ottoman deliver a rolling reflexology massage to the feet.

In addition to the foot rollers, the ottoman includes a vibration massage plate and air massagers that deliver a gentle vibration massage and compression to the calves and feet.

Osaki OS 7075R Review FootBagsRoller - Consumer Files

As a side note, foot rollers have been very popular in Osaki massage chairs, so much so that in the last few years, Osaki has been upgrading many of their already-popular models to include the addition of foot rollers.

Air Massage

The Osaki OS 7075R has 46 airbags throughout the chair, offering head-to-foot air massage.

Let’s take a closer look at the air massage areas….

  • Head Air Massage – Placed on the crown of the head, an air massage headband inflates to apply pressure to the forehead and the lower neck — an ideal combination for headache relief. Special nodes in the headband provide targeted pressure that feels like palms pressing on the base of the skull. The addition of heat to the headband makes it one of the most interesting and exciting features the OS 7075R has to offer.
  • Shoulder Massage –The OS 7075R features adjustable airbags next to the shoulders that inflate and deflate to compress and squeeze the front and sides of the shoulders. For a more customized shoulder massage, simply adjust the airbags until they fit snug against your shoulders.
  • Arm and Hand Air Massage – Airbags on the tops and bottoms of the arm massagers squeeze, stretch and compress the forearms and hands.
  • Pelvis and Waist Air Massage – On the OS 7075R, airbags next to the hips inflate and deflate to squeeze, compress and rotate the pelvis and lower back.
  • Thigh and Buttocks Massage – Airbags in the seat of the chair inflate and deflate to massage the buttocks and thighs.
  • Calf and Foot Air Massage – In the ottoman, rows of airbags squeeze and provide compression massage to the legs, calves, and feet.

Heat Therapy

Most of the Osaki massage chair models that offer heat therapy have heating pads in the lower back or upper back of the chair. The Osaki OS 7075R, however, offers a full-body heating system, delivering radiant heat to all of the major muscle groups throughout the body.

Color-Changing LED Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is the practice of using color to stimulate healing in the mind and body.

On the OS 7075R, LED chromotherapy discs on the sides of the chair emit soft hues onto the walls surrounding the chair in a dark room. Rather than using one color, the disc rotates between a sequence of colors, including green, blue, purple, pink and red.

Handheld Remote Control

The handheld remote on the Osaki OS 7075R fits into a remote-shaped cutout in the arm of the chair. Stand it up, pull it out, or slide it back into the armrest out of view. The remote gives you access to all of the chair’s features and is easy-to-use, but its design can leave you wanting.

Whereas many of Osaki’s other massage chair models have remotes with LED screens displaying the chair’s active programs, the OS 7075R’s remote does not. Although it feels a little less advanced than other remotes, light up buttons on the Osaki OS 7075R’s remote get the job done and let you know what programs are active.

Osaki OS 7075R Review Control - Consumer Files

Massage Programs and Techniques on the Osaki OS 7075R

4 Massage Techniques

The OS 7075R offers four massage techniques, including:

  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu

6 Massage Program Presets

The OS 7075R offers six massage program presets, including:

  • Weightless – The Weightless preset program, intended to relax the whole body, provides a full-body treatment using a combination of massage techniques and air massage. The default program on the chair, Weightless is automatically activated when you power on the OS 7075R. This can be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to adjust. Once the Weightless button light on the remote turns red, you can select to activate any other preset program or manual mode option.
  • Whole – Another full-body program, Whole, uses a combination of massage techniques and air massage to provide a relaxing massage to the whole body.
  • Night Time – A great before-bed massage program, Night Time, provides a soft and gentle massage intended to ease exhaustion and melt away stress.
  • Pelvis Swing – Like the name implies, Pelvis Swing uses airbags in the lower back, hips, and seat of the chair to swing and rotate the pelvis, creating a gentle stretch of the lower spine and releasing tension in the waist.
  • Neck and Shoulder – Combining air massage and roller massage, Neck and Shoulder, delivers a revitalizing massage treatment to the neck and shoulders.
  • Stretching – One of the most interesting massage programs on the OS 7075R, Stretching, also referred to as Thai Stretch, provides a full-body stretch combining air massage and roller massage.
Osaki OS 7075R Review FFace - Consumer Files

Let’s take a closer look at the stretching program…

During the Stretching program, first, the shoulder airbags inflate across your chest to hold your back in place while the calf and foot airbags inflate to hold your legs in place. While your position is held in the chair, it begins to recline back and forth, pulling and stretching the body. Airbags in the seat and along the hips also inflate to swing and rotate the waist, while massage rollers deliver rolling massage along the back and spine.

Note that there are two strength settings for the Stretching preset program.

Combined Massage Programs

Osaki OS 7075R Review SideFacing - Consumer Files

On the Osaki OS 7075R, you can select from roller massage or air massage or combine the two with the combined massage program panel on the remote. You can even choose which part of the body you want the massage to treat by selecting from three location settings.

For air massage, select from full body, upper body and lower body. And for roller massage, select from neck and shoulder, back and waist.

Under the location buttons, customize your massage experience even more by selecting from three air massage strength settings: low (blue light), medium, (purple light) and high (red light).


​Manual mode gives you additional customization options to help you dial-in the perfect massage. Select from four different massage techniques, adjust massage strength and roller width — all at the press of a few buttons.

To customize your air massage location in manual mode, choose from head, hands, shoulders, waist, hips, legs and feet.

Here, you can also choose to active the foot rollers and heat therapy.

Osaki OS 7000 vs. Osaki OS 7075R

If you’ve done much research on the Osaki OS 7075R, chances are you’ve also seen the Osaki OS 7000.

So what’s the difference?

First, it’s important to know that the Osaki OS 7000 is the model from the which the OS 7075R was developed. In essence, the OS 7075R is an upgraded version of the OS 7000.

All of the features offered on the Osaki OS 7000 massage chair are also offered on the Osaki OS 7075R with the exception of one feature: foot rollers.

As mentioned above, Osaki has been upgrading some of their popular massage chair models to add foot rollers and the OS 7075R is no exception.

Pros and Cons of the Osaki 7075R


  • Powerful rollers deliver deep tissue massage.
  • Massage headband.
  • Pivoting arms.
  • Full-body heat.
  • Chair height makes it a great option for tall users.


  • Remote (no display screen, manual mode buttons aren’t backlit).
  • Massage intensity (if light and gentle massages are your preference).
  • Since the chair is tall, it might not be the best model for users shorter than 5’3″.

What You Won’t Find on the OS 7075R

The Osaki OS 7075R has a robust set of features. That said, there are a few features that are found on some of Osaki’s similarly priced models that aren’t found on the OS 7075R. And since choosing a massage chair is a big investment, it’s important to know what you are and what you’re not getting.

MP3-compatible with built-in speakers

A few of Osaki’s mid-level massage chairs are MP3-compatible and have built-in speakers. This feature allows you to connect an MP3-compatible device, select your favorite music and listen to it all from the massage chair. These chairs also offer a special preset program that will sync your massage to the rhythm of your music.

Space-saving technology

Space-saving technology is available on a few other Osaki models. This technology allows the chair to recline while also moving forward, reducing the amount of space needed behind the chair for it to fully recline to about 4 inches. If space is a premium in your home or office, total space needed is important to consider before purchasing a massage chair.

Who Will Benefit the Most from the Osaki 7075R Massage Chair

Based on the Osaki 7075R’s unique features, this massage chair is a fantastic option for people who want a head massage option especially for headache-related pain and stress, people who need or value a comprehensive stretching program, people who want full-body heat as part of their massage therapy treatment, and those who enjoy deep tissue massage.

Although there are people who might benefit more from this massage chair than others, the comprehensive air massage capabilities and high-powered quad rollers make this chair a great option for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a high-quality massage chair.

Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair Specifications

Chair Dimensions (upright)57″L X 34″W X 52″H
Chair Dimensions (reclined)74″L X 34″W X 28″H
Recommended Maximum User Weight265 lbs
Recommended User Height5’2″ to 6’4″
Power Consumption150W
ColorsBlack, Brown, Taupe, Ivory
Chair Weight230 lbs

Osaki OS 7075R Review Final Thoughts

The Osaki OS 7075R is an excellent massage chair with a unique set of features you don’t often find on mid-level models, if at all. The deep tissue massage capabilities, full-body heat therapy, robust Thai stretching program and air massage headband set the Osaki OS 7075R apart from any other massage chair on the market.

We hope our Osaki OS 7075R review gave you an in-depth look at the features and benefits of this massage chair and helped make your decision process a little easier.

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