Osaki OS 6000 Massage Chair Review

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In the last few years, the popular massage chair brand Osaki has been busy upgrading and feature-enhancing some of their most popular models.  In this Osaki OS-6000 massage chair review, we’re taking an in-depth look at three of Osaki’s massage chair models, including the OS 6000, OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR  to learn what features they share and what unique benefits they offer.

Osaki OS 6000 VS
Osaki OS 7200H VS
Osaki OS 7200CR


Osaki OS 6000

Osaki OS 6000 review Brown 6000 - Consumer Files

Osaki OS 7200H

Osaki OS 6000 review Grey 7200H - Consumer Files

Osaki OS 7200CR

Osaki OS 6000 review Black 7200CR - Consumer Files

Adjustable Shoulder Massage

Air Massage Technology

Air Intensity Control

Air Massage: Arms

Air Massage: Foot and Calf

Air Massage: Shoulders

Air Massage: Lumbar and Hip Squeeze

Automatic Leg Scan

Automatic-Off Timer

Chromotherapy Lighting

Computer Body Scan

Dual Foot Rollers

Full-Sized Remote

Handheld LED Remote

Manual Operate Mode

Massage Programs (total number)




Massage Techniques (total number)




MP3 Port and Speakers

Number of Airbags (total number)




Roller Speed Control

Roller Length (in inches)




Shoulder Heat Therapy

Spring-Loaded Ottoman

Track System: L-Track

Track System: S-Track

Vibration Massage

Wireless Remote

Zero Gravity Recline

Osaki OS 6000

Osaki OS 7200H

Osaki OS 7200CR

We’ll start with the OS 6000, then work our way to the OS 7200H and finally, we’ll take a look at the most feature-rich model in the group, the Osaki OS 7200CR massage chair.

Let’s get started...

Connecting the Osaki OS 6000, Osaki OS 7200H and Osaki OS 7200CR

So, why are we reviewing these three models together?

Osaki OS 6000 review Black 6000 - Consumer Files

If you’ve spent much time researching Osaki massage chairs, chances are you’ve experienced some confusion about what makes these models different. And it’s true. These models have a lot in common.

Here’s why...

The Osaki OS 6000 is the model from which the other two models — the OS 7200H and OS 7200CR — were developed. That means all of the features offered on the OS 6000 are also offered on the OS 7200H and OS 7200CR.

With each new iteration, Osaki added more features. So, the Osaki OS 7200H has more features than the Osaki OS 6000 and the Osaki OS 7200CR has more features than the Osaki OS 7200H. Think of the features as building blocks, with each new model receiving a few more “blocks” than the previous model.

With that said, none of these models are considered basic massage chairs. Although seen as the first incarnation, the Osaki OS-6000 massage chair is a high-quality and feature-rich model in its own right.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get into the features…

Common Features of the Osaki OS 6000, Osaki OS 7200H and Osaki OS 7200CR

Auto Body Scan

Included on all three models, the auto body scan feature maps the unique curvature of your neck, back and lower back using the massage rollers and pressure sensors located in the backrest of the chair. By knowing the curves along your back and your height, these massage chairs auto-adjust their rollers to provide you with a custom-fit massage that keeps consistent pressure from your neck to your lower back.

Auto Leg Scan

Before you begin a massage on the OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR models, the auto leg scan feature initiates, extending the ottoman out past your feet before retracting back towards you. When the retracting ottoman touches the bottoms of your feet indicating a good fit, simply press down with your toes to stop the auto leg scan. This feature not only custom-fits the ottoman to your leg length, it ensures the massagers are aligned with the correct areas on your legs and feet.

Spine-Contouring S-Track System

The Osaki OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR all feature an S-track system.

So what is a track system?

In massage chair terminology, a track system refers to the mechanical track that allows the massage head rollers to move up and down the back. In general, there are two types of massage chair track systems: L-Tracks and S-Tracks. An L-Track is a linear track system that maintains a straight line from top to bottom, whereas an S-Track is a non-linear track system that curves along the back.

Osaki OS 6000 review S Track - Consumer Files
Why is an S-Track system important?

An S-Track system is important because, like your back, it curves. The main advantage of an S-Track system is that it accounts for the natural curve and shape of the spine which means it’s usually more effective than an L-Track at maintaining consistent pressure across the back especially in areas like the neck and lower back.

L-Tracks, on the other hand, are effective at providing a longer massage. So, you’ll find many massage chairs with L-Tracks offering massages that extend from the neck all the way past the tailbone to the buttocks and thighs.

The Osaki OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR models each boast 31-inch S-Track systems, so you can enjoy consistent pressure from the top of your neck down to your lower back.

Osaki OS 6000 review 7200CR Heat Therapy - Consumer Files

Quad Roller Head Massage Technology

A feature often reserved for high-end massage chairs, at the press of a button, you can enjoy the benefits of a head massage thanks to the quad roller head massage technology featured on the Osaki OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR massage chairs. The quad rollers are specially designed to replicate the feel of human thumbs, providing a relaxing and natural massage to the back of the head.

Choose from three roller width settings and five massage strength settings to customize your head massage. Or, remove the head pillows to increase the massage intensity even more.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity Recline

Osaki OS 6000 review Zero Gravity - Consumer Files

One of the most interesting features found on the Osaki OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR, is the Zero Gravity recline position. Inspired by NASA technology, Zero Gravity reclines your body into a therapeutic position that allows your body’s weight to be supported by the backrest of the chair, removing stress from the back and spine, elevating the legs for increased circulation and reducing overall tension in the body.

Zero Gravity has two stages. In the first stage, you are reclined back until your thighs are level with your heart. In the second stage, you are reclined back even further until your legs are above your heart.

Air Massage

Osaki OS 6000 review Airbags - Consumer Files

All three massage chairs have top-to-bottom air massage capabilities, but it’s the number of airbags each chair has that creates some variation among the group. Both the Osaki OS 6000 and Osaki OS 7200H have 51 airbags while the Osaki OS 7200CR only has 48. We’ll explain why the OS 7200CR has fewer airbags later in the article.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the air massage areas….
  • Outer Shoulder and Neck Air Massage - All three models have airbags in the head pillow and next to the shoulders that inflate and deflate to squeeze and provide compression massage to the neck, tops of the shoulders, and sides of the shoulders.
  • Arm and Hand Air Massage - Airbags located along the top and bottom of the arms deliver compression massage to the forearms and hands.
  • Pelvis and Hip Air Massage - On the OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR, airbags next to the hips and pelvis inflate to squeeze and compress, helping the muscles to release tension.
  • Calf and Foot Air Massage - Although all three massage chairs offer calf air massage, only the Osaki OS 6000 and Osaki OS 7200H models offer foot air massage. On the OS 6000 and OS 7200H, a robust network of airbags in the ottoman provide compression massage to the legs, calves, and feet, while pressure point nodes target acupoints on the feet.

While the Osaki OS 7200CR massage chair doesn’t offer air massage to the feet, it does come with an added feature: dual foot rollers.

Osaki OS 6000 review Sound - Consumer Files

MP3 Port with Built-In Speakers

Built-in speakers located on each side of the headrest on the OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR deliver high-quality sound as you enjoy your massage. Plug in your MP3-compatible device to the MP3 port located behind the remote, select your favorite playlist, set the volume, place your device in the convenient holder behind the remote, and you’re ready to relax away to the soothing sounds.

Blue LED Chromotherapy

On the OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR, blue LED chromotherapy lights on the sides of the chairs cast a soft blue hue onto the walls surrounding the chairs in a dark room. The color blue is used in chromotherapy, or color therapy, to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and relieve generalized pain in the body.

Osaki OS 6000 review Remote- Consumer Files

Handheld LED Remote Control

All three massage chair models feature a handheld remote located on a stand next to the chair. The remote has a bright LED screen that illuminates the active programs on the chair. On the remote, you’ll also find all of the preset massage programs and manual mode buttons. Under a flip down cover, the manual mode options let you adjust massage intensity, speed, style, air massage, and location among others.

Auto-Off Timer

The auto-off timer, standard on all Osaki models, lets you set your massage interval from 5 to 30 minutes. This safety feature does two things: it protects the chairs from overheating and protects you from overuse. In the event that you fall asleep during a massage, you can rest assured the chair will automatically stop massaging once the time you set is reached.

An added bonus of Osaki’s auto-off timer is that once the massage has ended it won’t automatically move the chair back into the upright position. Instead, it simply stops the massage, giving you the freedom to relax in the reclined position for as long as you need.

Massage Programs and Techniques

Osaki OS 6000 review Quad Rollers - Consumer Files

6 Massage Techniques

The OS 6000, OS 7200H and OS 7200CR each offer six massage techniques, including:

  • Kneading
  • Swedish
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping and Kneading

8 Massage Program Presets

Osaki OS 6000 review Front - Consumer Files
  • Stretching - A perfect post-workout program, Stretching uses the chair’s airbags to gently stretch the body.
  • Anti-Stress - The Anti-Stress massage program uses a combination of rolling, tapping, kneading, Swedish and shiatsu techniques to relieve tension in the neck.
  • Quick - The Quick massage program combines air massage with multiple massage techniques to provide a revitalizing massage.
  • Recovery - A great after-work massage, Recovery features a combination of massage techniques focusing on the neck, the upper back, and the lower back.
  • Full Air - The Full Air massage program delivers head-to-toe air massage to the head, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, arms, thighs, calves, and feet.
  • Muscle Relief - Starting with slow kneading and powerful tapping before transitioning into a deeper massage, the Muscle Relief massage program provides targeted treatment to the neck and lower back.
  • Music Sync - Synchronize the rhythm of your massage with your favorite massage music with the Music Sync massage program.
  • Wake Up - Using light tapping, the Wake Up massage program refreshes and enlivens the body.

If you’d rather enjoy a location-specific massage, there are two preset massage programs that can help: Upper Back and Lower Back. Using a combination of tapping, rolling, and air massage, Upper Back treats the shoulders, neck, and head, while Lower Back treats the calves and lower back.

Manual Mode

To customize your massage experience even further, manual mode gives you all the options you need to dial-in the perfect massage. Select from different massage techniques, make quick adjustments and even select the point or zone on your body you want the rollers to focus on.

Osaki OS 6000 vs. Osaki OS 7200H vs. Osaki OS 7200CR

Now that we’ve covered all of the common features shared between the Osaki OS-6000, Osaki OS 7200H, and Osaki OS 7200CR massage chair models, there’s one last thing to cover…

What are the differences?

Unique features of the Osaki OS 7200H Massage Chair

Heat Therapy Pads

Both the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR feature two heating pads behind the shoulders, while the Osaki OS 6000 does not. In fact, it doesn’t offer any heat therapy at all.

The heating pads on the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR radiate heat to the upper back, helping the muscles to release tension for a better massage of the area.

Unique features of the Osaki OS 7200CR Massage Chair

Osaki OS 6000 review Dual Foot Rollers - Consumer Files

Dual Foot Rollers

The Osaki OS 7200CR features dual foot rollers and the Osaki OS 6000 and Osaki OS 7200H do not. Dual foot rollers provide a comprehensive foot massage that targets and treats acupoints under the feet.

The Number of Airbags

The OS 7200CR only has 48 airbags, while both the OS 6000 and the OS 7200H have 51 airbags. This is because the OS 7200CR has foot rollers instead of airbags on the feet.

There’s not much that differentiates these models other than a few features and aesthetic upgrades, but if features like heat therapy and foot massage are important to you, investing in the OS 7200CR might be the best fit for your treatment needs.

Osaki OS-6000 Specifications

Chair Dimensions (upright)

58.3"L X 35.4"W X 48"H

Chair Dimensions (reclined)

74.8"L X 35.4"W X 45.3"H

Recommended Maximum User Weight

285 lbs

Recommended User Height

5'2" to 6'4"

Power Consumption


Chair Weight

231.5 lbs


Black, Brown, Charcoal, Cream

Osaki OS 6000 Review Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a high-quality mid-level massage chair, the Osaki OS 6000, Osaki OS 7200H, and Osaki OS 7200CR models should be at the top of your list. In terms of value for the money, these chairs offer many of the same features you find on high-end chairs, but without the high-end price tag. But if you’re trying to choose between these three models, consider whether heat therapy or foot rollers are important to your massage treatment needs. We hope our Osaki OS-6000 review helped shed light on these three impressive models and made your decision process a little easier.

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