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Equipped with high-end features like shoulder massage, arm massage, and reflexology foot rollers, the Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair is impossible to ignore. A great choice for users looking for a therapeutic massage chair under $3000.

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  • Premium features like shoulder and arm massage
  • Reflexology foot rollers for added comfort
  • Competitive price for the features offered
  • Positive overall review


  • Recommended user height 5’0″ to 6’0″
  • Maximum user weight 285 lbs
Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair

Recommended For: A great choice for users looking for a therapeutic massage chair under $3000.

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The Osaki OS 3700 massage chair is one of the few massage chairs priced under $3,000 to offer arm massage, shoulder massage, and foot roller massage. In most cases, manufacturers of massage chairs in this price range exclude these premium features to keep the price down. But somehow, Osaki managed to sneak these high-end — and very therapeutic — features into the OS 3700.

Too good to be true?

In this article, we’re going to walk you through every feature, detail, and function of the Osaki OS 3700 to help you decide if this massage chair is worthy of your dollars, or if it really is too good to be true.

Features of the Osaki OS 3700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Air Massage Technology

Osaki’s signature airbag massage technology makes up the core of the OS 3700 massage chair. 36 airbags throughout the chair provide therapeutic air compression massage to nearly every part of the body.

The airbags in the OS 3700 are Osaki’s new and improved “Next Generation” airbags that have been redesigned and engineered to offer more performance with fewer total bags in the chair. With fewer airbags in the chair, fewer valves and pumps are needed, resulting in lower energy draw and quieter operation.

Shoulder Air Massage

As mentioned above, shoulder massagers are generally reserved for chairs in higher pricing brackets. While the shoulder massagers on the OS 3700 aren’t as robust or adjustable as those found on Osaki’s higher-end models, they use the same Next Generation airbags found throughout the rest of the chair and deliver a very effective air compression massage to the shoulders.

When activated, either as part of an automatic massage program or operated individually in manual mode, the shoulder massagers inflate and deflate, pressing the shoulders back into the chair. This action gently massages and stretches the muscles in the shoulders and upper arms, relieving tension that often accumulates in these areas.

Arm Air Massage with New Armrest Design

The fact that the OS 3700 massage chair comes equipped with arm massagers makes this chair hard to ignore, especially for the price.

The arm massager uses Osaki’s Next Generation massage airbags to deliver compression massage to the forearms, wrists, and hands. The armrest on the OS 3700 has been completely redesigned and is something you won’t find on any other Osaki massage chair model.

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Armrest - Consumer Files

A unique aspect of the new armrest design is that instead of staying fixed in place, the armrest can move forward and back up to four inches. This movement of the armrest accommodates the movement of the chair when reclining, allowing the arms to remain in the perfect position in the armrest whether the chair is upright or reclined.

Buttocks Massage

Along both sides of the hips, there are sets of airbags that massage the hips and buttocks area. In addition to providing direct compression massage to these areas, the hip and buttocks airbags help keep the user in place while other massage actions are performed.

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Buttock - Consumer Files

During certain preset automatic massage programs, the buttocks and hip airbag massagers inflate, squeezing and holding your hips in place. Then, as you recline, the squeezing action of the hip and buttocks airbags keep your body in place while your upper body is massaged. This keeps you from slipping around in the chair and makes the upper body massage actions more effective.

Foot and Calf Massage

Airbag massagers inside the leg ottoman administer air compression to the calves, ankles, and feet. The compression and squeezing action of the airbags loosens up the muscles of the legs, relieves tension, and can aid in reducing swelling.

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Foot Rollers - Consumer Files

Foot Massage Rollers

Another premium feature, the OS 3700 has single-row reflexology massage rollers located under the feet. These rollers massage acupressure points on the soles of the feet. The foot and calf airbag massagers help press the feet down onto the foot rollers for an even more invigorating massage.

30-Inch Massage Roller S-Track

In addition to the full body air massage throughout the chair, the OS 3700 features a 30-inch massage roller track in the backrest. The massage roller track features Osaki’s S-Track design that gives the track a complementary “S” shape that closely matches the curves of the human spine.

The main benefit of the S-Track is that it keeps the massage roller heads in close contact with the body throughout the entire massage range.

Massage chairs that don’t have an S-Track often have “linear” tracks that are notorious for applying too much pressure in the upper back and not enough pressure in the lower back. Thankfully, Osaki outfitted the OS 3700 with a full S-Track system to deliver the most effective roller massage possible.

Full Powered Recline

While the OS 3700 doesn’t have Zero Gravity recline like many other Osaki massage chairs, it does feature full-powered recline. Using the remote, you can recline the chair all the way back until your back is parallel with the floor.

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Recline - Consumer Files

Heat Therapy

Located in the lower portion of the backrest on the OS 3700 there are two heating pads. When activated, the heating pads warm up the lower back area, helping the muscles to relax for a more therapeutic massage experience.

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Heat Therapy - Consumer Files

The heating pads can be used on their own or in conjunction with any of the preset massage programs.

Vibration Massage

Osaki added a high-frequency vibration plate beneath the seat of the OS 3700. When used, the vibration plate administers a pleasant vibration massage to the buttocks and hamstrings on the back of the legs.

Like heat therapy, vibration massage can be activated on its own or in conjunction with the preset massage programs of the Osaki OS 3700.

Intuitive Handheld LCD Remote

The remote of the Osaki OS 3700 massage chair is very easy to use and gives you full control over every function of the chair. The bright LCD screen shows you every setting and function that is currently active on the chair.​

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Controller - Consumer Files

Massage Techniques and Preset Massage Programs of the Osaki OS 3700

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Cream - Consumer Files

5 Therapeutic Massage Techniques

The massage rollers in the backrest of the chair produce five distinct massage techniques. You can enjoy these massage techniques individually with the chair in manual mode or as part of the preset massage programs. They are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading and Tapping
  • Shiatsu and Rolling
  • Kneading and Shiatsu

6 Preset Massage Programs

Each of the six preset automatic massage programs is made up of a combination of the roller massage techniques mentioned above plus full body air massage and foot roller massage. Each program offers a different massage experience and therapeutic benefit, giving you plenty of options to choose from depending on what you want your massage to be that day.

  • Deep Tissue: Uses the massage rollers to provide a deep, intense massage.
  • Body Stretch: Uses the airbag massagers and the chair’s recline function to gently stretch the muscles of your back and legs.
  • Calm: Uses a combination of massage rollers and air compression massage to provide a gentle, relaxing massage.
  • Full Air: Utilizes all of the chairs airbags to provide air compression massage to the entire body.
  • Calves Air: Uses the airbags in the leg ottoman, focusing on massaging the calf muscles.
  • Arms Air: Uses the airbags in the armrest to provide a thorough arm massage.

Massage Intensity Control and Customization of the OS 3700

Massage customization is an important factor to consider when choosing a massage chair. You don’t want to end up with a massage chair that is way too intense, or worse, one that doesn’t provide enough massage pressure.

Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair Side - Consumer Files

Thankfully, the Osaki OS 3700 has three features that allow you to adjust the intensity of the airbag massagers as well as the speed and width of the massage rollers.

  • Air Intensity Adjustment – The strength and pressure of the airbag massagers can be adjusted between five levels of intensity.
  • Massage Roller Speed Control – The speed of the massage rollers can also be adjusted with five speeds to choose from.
  • Massage Roller Width – The width of the massage roller heads can be adjusted to accommodate users of different sizes or to target different areas of the back.​
  • Chair dimensions (upright): 61.4″L X 29.5″W X 46.1″H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 77.2″L X 29.5″W X 27.6″H
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs
  • Recommended user height: 5’0″ to 6’0″
  • Chair weight: 269 lbs

Available Colors

The Osaki OS 3700 is available in three colors:


Final Thoughts on the Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair

As you can see from our review of the Osaki OS 3000 massage chair, this chair stands out among the many massage chairs on the market in this price range. Premium features like shoulder massage, arm massage, and reflexology foot rollers make the OS 3700 hard to pass up, but ultimately the choice is yours. We hope our review of the very respectable Osaki OS 3700 brought you one step closer to finding the perfect massage chair.​

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