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The Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair is one of the best chiropractic massage chairs for people on a budget. Despite having a smaller number of airbags compared to other chairs in its price range, its user-friendliness and the quality of massage it delivers more than make up for it.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Extended massage roller s-track
  • Adjustable width rollers
  • Calf and foot air massage
  • Zero gravity auto recline
  • Computer body scan with LED chromotherapy
  • Adjustable spring-loaded leg ottoman


  • No full body air massage
  • No shoulder massage
  • No arm massage
  • No foot rollers

If you’re shopping for a moderately priced massage chair, our Osaki OS 3000 review will introduce you to one of the most user-friendly and therapeutic massage chairs available for under $3000. We’ll go over the core features of the OS 3000, the various massage techniques and programs it offers, along with all the other features that make this chair such great buy.

Core Features of the Osaki OS 3000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Extended Massage Roller S-Track

One of the most distinguishing features of the Osaki OS 3000 is its extended massage roller track. Measuring 36 inches, the massage rollers not only massage the neck and back but extend all the way into the seat area, massaging the thighs and buttocks.

In addition to the increased length of the massage track, it features Osaki’s signature S-Track design. The S-Track is engineered to closely match the natural curvature of the spine, keeping the massage rollers in close contact with your back throughout the entire massage range. With this highly ergonomic design, any soreness, tight spots, or knots in your back will be worked out with remarkable efficiency.

Adjustable Width Rollers

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Extend - Consumer Files

Adjustable width rollers increase the massage range and versatility of the OS 3000 even more. With the adjustable width rollers, it’s easy for users of all sizes to experience a custom-fit massage. They also allow you to target different areas on the back that would typically be out of reach with non-adjustable rollers.

Calf and Foot Air Massage

16 airbags inside the leg ottoman deliver therapeutic compression massage to the lower legs and feet. The intensity of the calf and foot air massage can be adjusted to your liking with five different levels of pressure to choose from.

Zero Gravity Auto Recline

Like many massage chairs in Osaki’s product line, the OS 3000 offers Zero Gravity recline technology. When you activate Zero Gravity mode, the backrest automatically tilts back while simultaneously raising the leg ottoman, bringing your body into a very therapeutic position.

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Recline - Consumer Files

The Zero Gravity position supports the majority of your body weight with the backrest of the chair, which helps you achieve a deeper massage while your back muscles and spine relax and decompress. Plus, with your legs slightly elevated above your heart, this position encourages better blood circulation throughout your body.

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Body Scan - Consumer Files

Computer Body Scan

Delivering a personalized massage is something that Osaki has refined and perfected in their massage chairs, and the OS 3000 is no exception. Using computer body scan technology, the massage rollers in the OS 3000 methodically map out the unique curves of your spine and adapt the massage rollers accordingly. This ensures that the massage rollers apply pressure in all the right places for a balanced massage.

Removable Intensity Backrest Pad

While this feature isn’t very high-tech, it’s very effective in giving you more control over how your massage feels. The backrest of the OS 3000 features a removable memory foam pad that, when removed, increases the pressure of the massage rollers for a more intense massage.

Adjustable Spring-Loaded Leg Ottoman

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Chromotherapy - Consumer Files

If you plan on sharing the OS 3000 massage chair with others, especially those who are either taller or shorter than you, the adjustable leg ottoman will come in handy on a regular basis. While sitting on the chair with your feet in the ottoman, simply push your legs out and it extends to accommodate the specific length of your legs. Then, when you get out of the chair, the leg ottoman will spring back into place, ready for the next user.

LED Chromotherapy

On the side panels of the Osaki OS 3000, you’ll find strips of LED lights that illuminate a soft blue light when the chair is powered on. In low-light or dark rooms, the blue light is gently cast on the walls creating a very peaceful setting in which to enjoy your massage.

Auto-Off Timer

The Osaki OS 3000 comes equipped with an auto-off timer that can be set from five to thirty minutes in five-minute intervals. Simply set the timer for however many minutes you can squeeze into your busy schedule, and completely relax knowing that when it’s time to go the chair will automatically shut off.

The auto-off timer also serves as an important safety feature for those times when you get so relaxed during a massage that you actually fall asleep. If the massage chair were to keep running for several hours while you slept, your muscles could potentially be damaged from overexposure to the massage rollers. But thanks to the auto-off timer, you can fall asleep in the comfort of the massage chair without worry.

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Remote - Consumer Files

Handheld Remote Control

Tucked away in a convenient compartment on the side of the chair you’ll find the handheld LCD screen remote control of the OS 3000. The remote gives you full control over every feature, function, and setting of the OS 3000. You can select from one of the preset automatic massage programs, adjust the intensity of the massage rollers and calf and foot airbags, adjust the width of the rollers, activate Zero Gravity mode, turn on the LED chromotherapy lights, and run the chair in manual mode.

The remote is connected to the chair with a cord that is long enough to use while the chair is reclined. And, since it’s wired (not wireless), you won’t have to worry about the batteries running out.

Massage Techniques and Preset Programs of the Osaki OS 3000 Chiro

6 Massage Styles

The Osaki OS 3000 offers six different massage techniques to choose from, each with a different therapeutic benefit. They are:

  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Dual Action
  • Buttock Rolling Massage (UNIQ)

The UNIQ massage technique is found only on the OS 3000 and utilizes the extended S-Track massage roller to deliver a buttock and thigh massage while in the Zero Gravity reclined position.

4 Preset Massage Programs

The Osaki OS 3000 has four preset massage programs to choose from. Each program uses a combination of the six massage techniques listed above to create distinct massage sessions that target specific areas of the body. They are:

  • Classic I
  • Classic II
  • Neck
  • Feet

Vibration Massage

High-frequency vibration plates in the leg and seat portion of the OS 3000 add an extra dimension of massage therapy to your session. Vibration massage is activated using the remote control and can be enjoyed on its own or in conjunction with any of the preset massage programs and massage techniques.

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Vibrational - Consumer Files

Manual Mode

While the preset programs of the OS 3000 give you a great massage at the touch of a button, manual mode gives you access to the chair’s full potential. In manual mode, you can select the massage technique, the intensity, and the area of your body you’d like massaged. Manual mode is great if you have areas on your body that are particularly sore and need extra attention such as your neck or lower back.

What It’s Missing

When shopping for a massage chair, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting… and not getting. The Osaki OS 3000 Chiro massage chair is a great massage chair for the money, but even so, there are certain features that it’s missing. To help you make the most informed buying decision, here are all the features that are NOT found on the OS 3000.

Full Body Air Massage

The Osaki OS 3000 does feature air massage for the calves and feet, but it does not have airbag massagers throughout the chair as found on other Osaki massage chairs.

It appears that Osaki decided to forego the additional airbag massagers throughout the chair in order to provide the extended 36 inch massage roller track without skyrocketing the price of the massage chair. So, while you don’t get full body air massage, you get a massage roller track system that is much longer than any competing massage chairs.

Shoulder Massage

The majority of massage chairs that offer shoulder massage do so with air massage technology. As we covered above, the OS 3000 does not have airbag massagers in the upper portion of the massage chair and therefore does not have shoulder massage capabilities.

Arm Massage

Quality arm massage is generally only found on chairs in the $3,000-plus range. Given the OS 3000’s mid-range price point, the chair does not feature arm massagers. If this is a deal breaker for you, check out Osaki’s higher-end chairs such as the OS 4000 series to find a massage chair with arm massage capabilities.

Foot Rollers

As mentioned, the Osaki OS 3000 Chiro does feature calf and foot air massage, but it does not have foot rollers. Finding a massage chair with foot rollers in this price range can be difficult, but if it’s a must for you, check out the Osaki OS 3700.

Dimensions of the Osaki OS 3000 Chiro

Chair dimensions (upright)58″L X 29″W X 28″H
Chair dimensions (reclined)74″L X 29″W X 28″H
Recommended maximum user weight265 lbs
Recommended user height5’0″ to 6’4″
Chair weight165 lbs

Available Colors

The Osaki OS 3000 Chiro is available in four colors:

osaki-os-3000A-chiro-massage-chair-Consumer Files
osaki-os-3000B-zero-gravity-massage-chair-Consumer Files
osaki-os-3000C-massage-chair-review-Consumer Files
osaki-os-3000D-massage-chair-review-Consumer Files

Osaki OS 3000 Massage Chair Review Conclusion

It’s safe to say that the most attractive feature of the Osaki OS 3000 Chiro massage chair is the extended massage roller track with adjustable width rollers. The additional range of the roller provides a great massage for the thighs and buttocks, which is something few other chairs in this price range can offer. All the other features we covered in this Osaki OS 3000 massage chair review round out the chair in what we feel is one of the best massage chairs for the money.

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