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The Osaki OS 1000 packs an amazing punch for its price point. Affordable; impressive massage quality, both for relaxation and therapy; great build quality; highly customizable controls and a vast amount of features.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Four roller system with S-Track
  • Comprehensive AIR MASSAGE feature
  • Neck and Lower back massage
  • Vibration massage
  • 170 degrees of recline


  • No arm massage
  • No Zero Gravity reclining
  • Computer body scan technology
Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for an affordable massage chair. It has impressive massage quality, both for relaxation and therapy; great build quality; and customizable options.

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The Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair is one of the best and most affordable massage chairs available today. But, the fact that it’s affordable doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made. If you’re curious about the high-quality components and features that make this one such a great buy, our Osaki OS 1000 massage chair review will fill you in on everything you need to know.

Core Features of the Osaki OS 1000

Four Roller System with S-Track

Osaki is known for producing some of the most well-designed massage roller systems on the market. The OS 1000 features an intelligent four roller system built on Osaki’s signature S-Track roller track.

The S-Track is designed to match the natural shape of the human spine to produce the most realistic and stress-free massage possible.

The four roller system features adjustable massage heads that conform and adjust to the unique contours of your back. This creates better contact between the rollers and your body, resulting in a more therapeutic and restorative massage experience.

The massage rollers cover an impressive 29-inch massage range that extends from high up in the neck all the way down to the tailbone. Few other entry-level massage chairs offer such an extensive massage range.


In addition to the massage rollers, strategically positioned throughout the lower section of the chair are a total of 20 airbag massagers.


These airbags inflate and deflate providing compression massage to the buttocks, thighs,legs, calves, ankles, and feet. Compression massage helps promote better circulation, which is especially beneficial in the lower extremities.

Neck Massage

Have a sore neck? If so, the Osaki OS 1000 has you covered. Neck-specific massage heads are positioned in the upper portion of the chair, providing a much-needed massage for your neck.

These heads are designed to specifically target the “tsubo points” in your neck for maximum relief.

Lower Back Massage

The massage rollers extend all the way down to the tailbone, providing a targeted massage for your lower back. You can adjust the settings of the chair to give your lower back extra attention if needed.

Vibration Massage

A high-frequency vibration plate in the lower portion of the chair vibrates and massages the back of the thigh sand calves. Vibration can be added to any of the preset massage programs or operated individually.

170 Degrees of Recline

Like many of the other chairs in Osaki’s extensive lineup, the OS 1000 offers a full 170 degrees of recline. The backrest of the chair reclines independently of the leg ottoman, giving you additional control of your body position.


Reclining the chair is one of the best ways to get a deeper, more intense massage. Using the remote, you can control how far back the seat reclines, and the further back you go, the more intense the massage will be.

Massage Functions and Options of the OS 1000

5 Preset Auto Massage Programs

When you relax into the OS 1000 massage chair, you’ll have many options at your fingertips. There are five automatic massage programs to choose from, and each offers a unique massage experience.

The five preset auto massage programs are:

  • Healthcare
  • Full body relax
  • Therapy
  • Neck/shoulder
  • Back/lumbar

4 Massage Styles

Each of the five preset massage programs incorporates a combination of the four different massage styles that the chair offers. You can also choose from the various massage styles while the chair is in manual mode.

The four massage styles are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading and tapping
  • Tapping and rolling

Manual Mode

In manual mode, you have full control over the chair’s massage capabilities and settings. You can select the massage style, the intensity level, the particular area of your body you would like massaged, and the chair’s recline.

Massage Customization

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a massage chair is the level of customization and adjustment offered. To get the best massage possible, you need to be able to customize the chair’s settings to meet your specific needs. Luckily, the OS 1000 has several customization features allowing you to do just that.


Manual Speed Control

The manual speed control setting allows you to change the actual speed of the massage roller heads.

Adjustable Air Massage Intensity

The OS 1000 offers three levels of air massage intensity, from weak to strong. If you feel the massage is a bit too intense, a quick adjustment will lessen the pressure for a more enjoyable massage.

Three Width Settings

This unique feature allows you to control the width of the massage roller heads. Changing the width of the roller heads allows you to target different areas and muscle groups in your back. Having the ability to adjust the width of the rollers also comes in handy if you are sharing the massage chair with others in your household who might have different body sizes.

Adjustable Leg Ottoman

The OS 1000 features a spring-loaded adjustable leg ottoman. By just pushing the ottoman out with your legs, you can find the perfect length that’s comfortable for you. This also enables users of different heights to enjoy the chair with minimal adjustment.

Additional Features of the Osaki OS 1000

Remote Control

The OS 1000 comes equipped with an easy-to-use handheld remote control. The remote is held on a stand mounted to the side of the chair, so it’s always within reach.

A screen on the remote displays all the settings and programs that are currently active on the chair. Buttons below the screen allow you to select one of the five preset massage programs quickly.

There are also buttons that allow you to recline the chair, raise the leg ottoman, and activate seat and leg vibration.


A flip-open cover gives you access to the manual controls of the chair. With the manual controls, you can select one of the four massage styles, change the roller head speed, and modify the roller head width.

You can also adjust the air massage intensity, choose the massage location, recline the chair, and raise the leg ottoman with these controls.

Easy-Roll Caster Wheels

At 185 pounds, the OS 1000 is one of the lightest massage chairs made by Osaki. Still, that much weight can be difficult to move around. Luckily, the chair has caster wheels that glide over the floor with ease.

What the OS 1000 is Missing

For the price, you can’t beat the this one. But, if you’re shopping around for a massage chair, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting, and what you’re not getting. Here are a few things that the OS 1000 does not have that you’ll find on Osaki’s higher-end models.

Arm Massage

As you can see, there are only arm rests on the OS 1000 and no arm massagers. You can find arm massagers on chairs in the $2,000 and up range.

Zero Gravity Reclining

If you investigate Osaki chairs for any length of time, you’ll inevitably come across the term “zero gravity.” Zero gravity reclining is a special type of reclining found in many of Osaki’s massage chairs.

It positions the body so that the backrest supports all the body weight and the legs are elevated slightly above the heart. The OS1000, however, does not have zero gravity reclining. But, it does have 170-degree reclining that is similar to zero gravity but not quite the same.

Computer Body Scan Technology

Another feature found on Osaki’s higher-end chairs is computer body scan technology. This feature uses the chair’s massage rollers to scan the back and automatically make adjustments to the massage rollers for a custom-fit massage. The OS 1000 lacks this feature, but the unique four roller system with S-Track technology provides a similar effect.


OS 1000 Massage Chair Dimensions

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 49″L x 30″W x 44″
  • Chair weight: 185 lbs
  • User height range: 5’0″ to 6’0″
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 265 lbs

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for an affordable massage chair that delivers a relaxing and therapeutic massage every time you climb in, the OS 1000 should be high on your list. As you can see from our Osaki OS 1000 massage chair review, this is a well-made chair, loaded with great features, and at a price that you can’t ignore.

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