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The Osaki OS Monarch Massage Chair is a budget-friendly, standard recliner with well-implemented features. It is suitable for hobbyists who want a reliable chair for relaxation or for those with chronic back pain who can benefit from lumbar heat.

Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Affordable price with premium features
  • L-track and 3D roller system
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • 9 auto programs
  • Bluetooth and USB connection


  • Not suitable for taller/larger body types
  • Only one Zero-G position
  • No heat in footwells
Osaki OS-Monarch Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists who want a reliable chair for relaxation or for those with chronic back pain who can benefit from lumbar heat.

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We all want to get the best bang for our buck. Like shopping for a car, each offers unique features that correspond with our needs.

The same can be said about massage chairs. You can find one that is affordable and reliable; you just need to know what you want out of it.

That’s where our Osaki Monarch massage chair review can help! Could this be the recliner for you? Read on to find out!

Osaki OS Monarch Massage Chair Design Overview

Meet the Osaki Monarch OS massage chair. What’s special about it? Not much when you compare it to high-end recliners on the market.

But the lower price reflects that, and most importantly, it’s the quality and reliability that matters more than a boatload of sparkly features.

Black Osaki Os Monarch Massage Chair facing to the front

That’s why this older model (it was released in 2017) is still so popular. For those who want standard and functional, the Osaki Monarch has got your back- literally.

It’s on the lighter side of the massage chair spectrum, with dimensions 60 x 32 x 51 inches and 200 pounds weight.

The size reflects the weight capacity as well. Taller/larger body types may not feel comfortable in this chair. It only accommodates up to 260 pounds.

That weight capacity is common on the market, though, as it’s rare to find chairs that accommodate the bigger crowd. So, that’s hardly a deal-breaker.

One detail we smiled at was the space-saving technology. As the Monarch reclines, the seat moves forward to give it an impressive 1″ clearance from the backrest to the wall. That’s as good as it gets, and you won’t even see many high-range chairs with that kind of clearance.

The overall size, weight, and space-saving tech make this recliner a gem for small households and apartments. It’s sleek like a sports car that will slide into the garage, but it’s a two-seater with a tight fit that’s not for everyone.

OS Monarch Features

It’s time to go behind the upholstery of the Monarch and take a look at the technology this bad boy has to offer. The number of features can be described as average as best, with a few high-tech treats that offer some serious therapeutic value. Let’s take a look here in this section of our OSAKI Monarch Massage Chair review.

L-Track + 3D Roller System

Black Osaki OS-Monarch Massage Chair facing to the left

We were ecstatic to see that the Osaki OS-Monarch features an extensive 48″ L-track, which is rare to see with lower range chairs.

Usually, for this price, you get an S-track, which only covers the length of the back. High-range chairs feature an S+L-track hybrid, which is the industry standard.

The Monarch settles just above average with the L-track, which massages the entire back plus the glutes and thighs.

The real star of the show is the 3D roller system. This is cutting edge and offers the most lifelike massage experience on the market.

For comparison, most low-range chairs will have either fixed rollers or dual rollers. While fixed rollers don’t move along the track, dual rollers only move up and down.

But 3D rollers take it to the next level by moving up, down, horizontally, and in/out away from the track. This more accurately simulates kneading for an incredible deep tissue massage that fixed, or dual rollers just can’t accomplish.

Monarch aced their roller system by adding 4 levels of 3D intensity control. The more customization, the better, we always say.

To sum it up, this massage technology is top-of-the-line and adds immense value.

Zero Gravity Seating

Another popular feature in modern massage chairs is Zero Gravity Seating. But what is it?

No, it’s not a function that has you levitating out of the chair. That doesn’t exist (yet).

The Osaki OS-Monarch Massage Chair on a Zero Gravity position

Instead, this is a highly therapeutic recline angle that elevates the legs above the heart. It’s a concept inspired by NASA, which invokes a feeling of weightlessness and relieves the pressure of the joints.

Receiving a massage while reclined at this angle is great for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Your spine is pushed firmly into the massage track, so those 3D rollers can get in there and knead those sore muscles.

It’s also wonderful for facilitating blood circulation and relieving stress.

We would’ve liked to see more than one Zero-G position offered, as numerous chairs offer at least two positions (high range will have 2-3 positions). But for the price, we’re content with the fact that the Monarch has Zero Gravity Seating.

Lumbar Heat

Heat is always a delight when a massage chair offers it, and people with back pain will be excited to know that the budget-friendly Monarch has two heating elements in the lumbar region of the backrest.

The heat helps loosen up tight muscles for a divine massage experience, although we are going to gripe a bit and ask why there isn’t heat in the leg wells like other chairs…

But we can’t have it all, right?

Osaki Monarch Massage Programs

Don’t expect a ton of massage options or advanced techniques with the Monarch, but we will say you get more than the basics.

Head pad of the OS Monarch

That’s because they offer a robust 9 auto-program selection and 4 manual massage styles to pinpoint a specific area of your body.

The 4 manual styles include:

  • Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu (the only advanced technique for deep tissue)

Here is an in-depth look at the 9 auto programs:

  • Recovery: An intense full-body massage that uses rollers and air simultaneously to loosen cold muscles.
  • Pain Relief: This is a mid-high intensity massage focused on the upper back. It pinpoints painful areas and administers a deep tissue massage to melt pain.
  • Stretch: A customer favorite that uses airbags and rollers to hold and stretch various body parts.
  • Sleeping: When you want to calm the body and mind before bed, this soothing massage lulls you into deep relaxation.
  • Experience: This is a mix of all massage modes for a thorough full-body experience.
  • Athlete: A mild massage designed to help the body cool down after a strenuous workout.
  • Shopaholic: A full day walking around the mall means sore feet and calves, so this leg massage focuses on relieving the aches of the lower extremities.
  • Neck & Shoulder: Tight muscles and stress in your neck? This will put your worries to rest after a long day at the office.
  • Back & Waist: This is ideal for lower back pain, especially if you add the lumbar heat.

Specialty Massage Programs

Some massages are more in-demand than others, so we’re going to talk about what the OS Monarch has for the hobbyists down below. This includes air cell massage, foot/calf massage, and body stretch.

Overall, this is typically what most mid-high range chairs offer, as these are the most popular massage programs. So again, you’re getting great bang for your buck here.

The body stretch is an especially attractive feature that you won’t see on many low-range chairs.

Air Massage

There are 24 airbags strategically placed throughout the chair to administer a full-body compression massage. This includes the shoulders, arms, feet, and calves.

This is a lighter, relaxing massage that increases blood flow and relieves pain.

Foot/Calf Massage

This is a favorite for those who are on their feet for long hours and have chronic foot pain. The Monarch offers special reflexology rollers that knead the feet, stimulating pressure points. At the same time, airbags compress the legs and feet.

If they would’ve added heat, this would’ve been one of the best foot massages on the market.

Body Stretch

We already touched on the stretch program above, but to divulge a bit more, this is akin to the feeling you get from yoga.

The rollers will close in on a muscle and hold it in place while the airbags compress and pull.

Osaki OS-Monarch Massage Chair Accessories

We love that the Monarch doesn’t try to show off with fancy LED lights or aromatherapy. Instead, it included the accessories that are the most functional and cutting edge for massage chairs while keeping the price low.

There is a USB port so you can use your smartphone or tablet while getting a massage. There are also built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can play those soothing nature sounds and get lost in tranquility without distraction.

Osaki OS Monarch Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Affordable.
  • L-track and 3D roller system.
  • 1” of wall clearance.
  • Bluetooth and USB connection.
  • Reflexology foot massage.
  • 9 auto programs.


  • Not suitable for taller/larger body types.
  • Only one Zero-G position.
  • No heat in footwells.

For a standard ergonomic recliner, you couldn’t ask for more premium features at this low price. Just read the Osaki OS Monarch reviews, and you’ll see that the quality is superb, and the feature set is carefully hand-picked for popularity and effectiveness.

For example, the massage track and roller system is arguably the most important element of a massage chair, and the Monarch went all in by including an L-track with 3D rollers.

As well, the inclusion of massages like the full-body air massage, body stretch, and special reflexology foot rollers make this chair a steal for the price.

Granted, there are subpar details, like only one Zero-G position and no heat in the footwells, but these are minor complaints that most people may not care about anyways.

Probably the biggest drawback is that this chair can only accommodate slim, shorter people. Not everyone can use the Monarch and enjoy the therapeutic bliss it offers.

We recommend the Osaki Monarch Massage Chair for…

  • Those looking for a good deal on a high-quality recliner
  • Those who suffer from lower back pain
  • Those with a small house or apartment with limited space
  • Those who want to a hobbyist chair just to relax and de-stress

Osaki Monarch Warranty

Titan Chair LLC manufactures the Osaki OS Monarch massage chair. They offer a solid 3-year warranty that covers all parts, labor, and framework of the chair.

  • Year one: Parts and labor are fully covered
  • Year two: Parts are covered at no cost
  • Year three: Structural framework is covered for select models

Comparable Products

If you’ve gotten this far in our Osaki Monarch massage chair review, you might wonder if other models are similar but more suited to your tastes.

Perhaps you want more features, or your main priority is Zero Gravity Seating. Not to worry, we’ve listed four different models for you to compare.

Ideal Massage Chair by Forever Rest

Recommended For: Hobbyist users who just want to experience quick massages daily.

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For another excellent budget option, check out the Ideal Luxury Massage Chair. It’s also standard but with a few high-tech features that make this a steal for the price. You get an S+L hybrid track, 3 Zero-G positions, and plenty of customization options.

Real Relax Favor-03 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists looking for a good deal on a standard recliner or for those who suffer from foot/leg pain.

Check Latest Price Read Detailed Review

If you’re looking for an exceptional foot/calf massage, Favor-03 has got it- with heat in the footwells. It’s also budget-friendly and accommodates larger/taller body types with a max weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Mynta Massage Chair

Recommended For: Value seekers and hobbyist users. Can only accommodate users who weigh up to 260 pounds.

Check Latest Price Read Detailed Review

For a mid-range recliner with more features on offer, check out the Mynta. It boasts the industry-standard S+L Hybrid track and three Zero-G positions, which is optimal for people with chronic back pain.

If you love the Titan brand, then you may want to check out the Titan prime 3D. It’s a budget-friendly chair built for comfort with extra padding and calf rollers for an enhanced leg massage.

This is a high-end option that you’ll have to shell out the big bucks for, but the Titan Pro has everything you need for therapeutic benefits, such as full-body heat, 44 airbags, and a 53″ L-track.

Osaki Monarch Massage Chair Review Conclusion

You can’t go wrong with a standard massage chair that’s reliable- it’s the best deal you can get without the fancy features. That’s where the Titan brand excels, with massage chairs that work well and spoil users with just the right amount of special features.

To conclude this Osaki Monarch Massage Chair review, the price is hard to beat. With features such as the extensive L-track, 3D rollers, Zero Gravity Seating, and massage variety- you get incredible bang for your buck.

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