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With advanced 4D massage roller and air massage technology, the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs offer the highest-level of massage quality available on the market. Each of the three models — the JP 4.0, JP 4S and OS-4D — offers a unique set of features. However, above all, the Japan Premium 4S offers the most customization options with its intuitive touchscreen remote. Made entirely in Japan, the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs are among the most expensive available, but you really do get what you pay for.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • 100% made in japan
  • 4D massage technology
  • 3D massage roller
  • Kiwami mecha dimensional kneading
  • S-Track massage roller track
  • Multilevel roller strength adjustment


  • High Price tag
Osaki Japan Premium 4S

Made entirely in Japan, the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs are among the most expensive available, but you really do get what you pay for.

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If you’re considering investing in an Osaki Japan Premium massage chair, there’s likely one question on your mind: Is it really worth such a high price? Here’s the deal…

Yes, the price tag can be a bit of a shock. But, when you take a close look at the meticulously designed components, the high-quality build, and the huge variety of massage techniques and programs, it’s obvious why Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs command top dollar.

To help you decide if an Osaki Japan Premium Zero Gravity massage chair is right for you, this article gives you a comprehensive overview of each model in the series. These are the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0, the Osaki Japan Premium 4S, and the Osaki Japan Premium OS-4D.

But before we get into the Osaki Japan Premium review, let’s go over the difference between Japanese and Chinese-made massage chairs. Also, some background information about the company that makes the Japan Premium line of chairs… (hint: it isn’t Osaki).

Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Variants and Features

JP 4.0
A small image of Osaki Japan Premium OS 4.0
A small image of Osaki Japan Premium JP 4S
A small image of Osaki Japan Premium OS 4D
3D Massage Roller


Roller Length 30”31”31”
Roller Speed Adjustment

Roller Width Adjustment

Double Sensing Body Scan

3D Point Navigation System Body Scan

Dimensional Kneading Technique

Kiwami Mecha 4D Kneading Ball System

Upper Shoulder Massage Roller Extension

Multilevel Strength Adjustment

✓ (9 Levels)

✓ (12 Levels)

✓ (5 Levels)

Triple Mode Air System

Air Massage

Number of Airbags 363444
Air Massage Intensity Adjustment

Shoulder Air Massage

Arm Air Massage

Lower Back Air Massage

Hip Air Massage

Buttock Massage

Calf and Foot Massage

Foot Acupressure Nodes

Stretch Massage

Twist Massage

Heat Therapy

✓ (Shoulders & Feet)

✓ (Lumbar & Feet)

✓ (Lumbar)

Auto Leg Extension

Auto Recline

Handheld Remote

Touch Screen Remote

Massage Techniques 164129
Auto Massage Programs 122110
Create Your Own Preset Programs

Manual Mode

Removable Back Pad and Pillow

Adjustable Ottoman

Adjustable Footrest

Auto-Off Timer

Japanese-made Vs. Chinese-made Massage Chairs: What’s the Difference?

The vast majority of massage chairs on the market are made in China. This includes the bulk of Osaki’s product line along with most of the massage chairs made by companies like Titan, Apex, Ogawa, Human Touch, and others.

Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs, however, are manufactured entirely in Japan. Why does this matter? It all comes down to quality.

In Japan, massage chairs are utilized as health-oriented medical devices more so than just pieces of furniture that help you relax. Therefore, they are designed and built to very high standards using the highest quality components, just like any other piece of medical equipment.

Chinese-made massage chairs are typically produced and marketed towards the more recreational massage enthusiast. On average, they cost significantly less than Japanese-made massage chairs. At the same time, they’re often equipped with unique features like built-in music systems, extra foot rollers, chromotherapy lights, and other things that add to the experience of the average massage chair user, but aren’t strictly “health-oriented.”

Japanese-made massage chairs certainly aren’t practical for everyone. But if you want a massage chair more for the health benefits, a Japanese-made chair like the Osaki Japan Premium 4S will serve you well for many years to come.

Who Makes Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chairs?

Although the name “Osaki” appears on the Japan Premium line of massage chairs, they are actually made by an entirely different company called Fujiriiyoki, also known as Fuji Medical Instruments.

Fujiriiyoki was the first company in the world to produce massage chairs as we know them today. In 1954, the company debuted the first commercially produced roller massage chair and had since made many significant developments in massage chair technology. Things like massage roller tracks and massage airbags are all thanks to Fujiriiyoki.

Now, Fujiriiyoki produces the highest quality massage chairs in the world, with every component made entirely in Japan. You can commonly find their massage chairs in hospitals and other wellness clinics throughout Japan, which speaks highly to the therapeutic benefits derived from the chairs. Thanks to Osaki, Fujiriiyoki massage chairs are available to individuals and businesses in the Western World seeking the very best massage chairs money can buy.

Let’s take a closer look at the core features of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs to give you a better idea of why you should consider investing in one of these 100 percent Japanese-made massage chairs.

Core Features of the Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Series: 4.0, 4s, 4d

The following features and technologies are found in all three of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs.

100% Made in Japan

All three massage chair models in the Osaki Japan Premium series are made entirely in Japan. As we touched on above, the quality of these Japanese-made massage chairs is much higher than you’d find in any Chinese-made chairs. The parts and components used are of the highest quality; the level of craftsmanship with which the chairs are built is impeccable. Furthermore, the massage programs and techniques are among the most health-focused you’ll find on any massage chair.

4D Massage Technology

Advanced massage roller head and track systems comprise the core of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs. All three models use four-dimensional roller systems that go far beyond the standard two-dimensional roller systems of lower-end massage chairs.

An image showing 4d Massage Technology

The four massage roller dimensions are:

  • Vertical – The massage rollers move up and down the backrest along the spine.
  • Horizontal/Width – The massage rollers move side to side horizontally, massaging muscles across the width of the back.
  • Depth – Beyond moving up, down, and side to side, the massage rollers also move in and out, pressing firmly into the back. This action is used in a variety of massage techniques that simulate the hands of a massage therapist including Shiatsu and realistic deep tissue.
  • Speed – Variable speed is what takes the massage roller system from 3D to 4D. In addition to the wide range of motion and massage coverage, the speed of the massage rollers can be adjusted either manually or as part of a preset massage program.

Each model in the series features different massage programs that take advantage of the 4D massage rollers in unique ways, which we’ll cover later.

3D Massage Roller

A term you see associated with the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs — and massage chairs in general — is “3D massage roller.” Obviously, we just covered the 4D massage roller system, so why bring up 3D?

Let’s clear things up. The massage rollers used in the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs are in fact “3D” rollers. But with the addition of roller speed control, they are marketed as “4D.”

While all of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chair models have 4D massage rollers, one of the models — the JP 4.0 — is marked as having a “3D” roller. A closer examination of the model shows that it does operate in all four dimensions — vertical, horizontal, depth, and speed — confirming that it is actually a 4D massage roller.

Kiwami Mecha Dimensional Kneading

The 4D massage rollers use special kneading ball roller heads designed to create the most lifelike massage possible. When you combine the kneading ball roller heads with the wide variety of kneading techniques, you get what Osaki calls the “Kiwami Mecha System.”

A rounded image of Kiwami Mecha Dimensional Kneading

The defining aspect of the Kiwami Mecha System is that the massage rollers extend outwards away from the chair up to 4.9 inches. A variety of kneading massage techniques uses this action designed to match the hand movements of a professional massage therapist closely.

Only one of the Japan Premium massage chairs — the Japan Premium 4D — explicitly states that it uses the Kiwami Mecha System. However, a closer examination reveals that both the JP 4.0 and JP 4S use the Kiwami Mecha kneading ball rollers. These models refer to the kneading system as “Dimensional Kneading Technique.”

S-Track Massage Roller Track

One element that makes the 4D massage roller system so effective is its “S” shaped track. This track shape mirrors the natural curves of the human spine, ensuring that the massage rollers stay in close contact with the body throughout the entire range.

Lower-end massage chairs with linear tracks (not “S” shaped) often apply inconsistent pressure throughout the range — too much pressure on the upper back and not enough pressure on the lower back and neck. The S-track massage track on the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs overcomes this issue, providing even pressure all along the spine.

Multilevel Roller Strength Adjustment

With the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs, you get full control over your massage experience. And among the most critical areas of massage control is the chair’s robust multilevel roller strength adjustment feature.

Multilevel Roller Strength Adjustment

Depending on the model, there are between 5 and 12 levels of massage roller strength adjustment. This allows you to customize the massage programs to fit your needs with a fine degree of adjustment.

Body Scan Technology

Further optimizing the efficiency and therapeutic benefit of the massage roller system, the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs come equipped with body scan technology.

An image of Body Scan Technology

Body scan technology customizes the fit of the massage rollers by strategically mapping out the unique shape of your body, then adjusting the position of the massage rollers throughout the massage cycle to accurately apply pressure to correct muscle groups.

There are two types of body scanning technology used in the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs: Double Sensing Scanning and 3D Point Navigation.

The Double Sensing Scanning system uses two separate sensors — one along the spine, one along the shoulders — to detect the unique shape of your body. Using the scan information, the massage rollers are automatically adjusted to fit your body for optimal massage pressure throughout your session. The position of the massage rollers can also be manually adjusted with the remote when the scan completes for further customization.

Double Sensing Scanning is found on the Osaki JP Premium 4.0 and Osaki JP Premium 4S.

The 3D Point Navigation scanning system is similar to the Double Sensing System, but only uses one sensor along the spine to determine body shape instead of two. While you can manually adjust the roller position after the 3D Point Navigation scan, the range of adjustment is more limited than that of the Double Sensing System.

3D Point Navigation is only found on the Osaki Japan Premium 4D.

Air Massage System

In 1995, Fujiriiiyoki released the Royal Chair MC-133 — the industry’s first massage chair to incorporate air massage technology. To this day, they’ve continued improving the technology, which is evident in the advanced air massage systems of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs.

Specialized pump-operated airbags throughout the massage chairs inflate and deflate to deliver compression massage to the main parts of the body. The sensation and benefit of air massage are much different than that of the massage rollers, focusing more on compression and release which soothes the muscles and promotes proper circulation.

Air Massage System

Each model in the Japan Premium series features a different number of airbags (see chart), but generally, the massage chairs offer air massage to the following body parts:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Lower Back
  • Hips and Pelvis
  • Calves and Feet

The Japan Premium models are programmed so that whenever air massage and roller massage are used simultaneously, the two methods run in perfect harmony. This creates a very balanced and therapeutic massage treatment, combining the benefits of both air massage and roller massage.

We’ll cover how each model utilizes air massage in the individual massage chair reviews below.

Air Massage Intensity Adjustment

Just like the massage rollers, the intensity of the air massage can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Each Japan Premium model offers a slightly different range of air intensity and level of adjustment.

Foot Acupressure Nodes

None of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chair models have foot massage rollers, but they do have acupressure nodes for the soles of the feet. Using the airbags in the leg ottoman, the feet are pressed firmly onto the nodes, massaging and stimulating the main acupressure points of the feet.

Auto Recline

Fully powered automatic recline allows you to lower the backrest and elevate the leg ottoman with the push of a button. The degree of recline of the backrest and the height of the ottoman can be adjusted individually to fine-tune the chair’s position for maximum comfort and relaxation.


Stretch Massage

Using the airbags, the Japan Premium massage chairs feature unique “stretch massage” modes that stretch the body from head to toe. As the airbags inflate, the body is held in place at which point the chair reclines and extends, creating a gentle stretching sensation throughout the muscles of the body.

Adjustable Leg Ottoman

All three Japan Premium massage chair models feature adjustable leg ottomans. These cradle the legs during the massage and elevate the legs when the chair is reclined.

To accommodate users of all sizes, the leg ottomans can be either extended or retracted to fit the different lengths of any user’s legs. Depending on the model, this action is performed either by using buttons on the remote or by simply extending the legs.

Heat Therapy

Heating pads are incorporated into the design of the Japan Premium massage chairs, adding an extra dimension of therapy to any massage program. We’ll cover the specific locations of the heating pads in the individual model sections as there are variations between the models.

Handheld Remote

All three Osaki Japan Premium models feature intuitive handheld remotes that are easy to use. There are some significant differences in remote design and usability across the individual models, and we’ll discuss each in depth below.

Auto-Off Timer

Another universal feature of the Japan Premium chairs is an auto-off timer. This ensures that the massage chair turns off after the completion of a massage program. So, in case you fall asleep, you aren’t over-exposed to massage that could damage your muscles.

Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 Special Features

The Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 massage chair model is one of the newer additions to Osaki’s Japan Premium line. It features much of Fujiriiyoki’s latest massage technology and has a contemporary appearance that would look great in any modern home or business.

You’ll notice that the Japan Premium 4.0 and the Japan Premium 4S share many of the same features — the difference comes down to the number of airbags, the number of massage techniques and programs, and the remote. Regarding price, the Japan Premium 4.0 is sold for around $1200 less than the Japan Premium 4S on average.


Using simple control buttons on the remote, the intensity of the massage rollers can be set to nine levels of intensity.



The JP 4.0 features 36 pump-driven airbags throughout the chair engineered to cover more surface area and operate with greater efficiency than previous airbag designs. This allows for fewer airbags to be used throughout the chair without sacrificing air massage coverage or quality.


Strategically located airbags provide compression massage to the shoulders, arms and hands, hips and pelvis, and calves and feet. The airbags are also used to perform the various stretch massage modes included in the chair.


The JP 4.0 uses a new armrest design that keeps the arm massage airbags hidden when not in use. To use the arm massage feature, the user must insert the arms into the armrest from behind. This design encloses the arms, allowing for maximum contact with the airbags for a more comprehensive arm massage.



Every function, setting, and customization of the JP 4.0 is controlled from a push-button LED remote. While it’s not as robust or high-tech as the touchscreen remote of the JP 4S, the remote is still well laid out. Also, once you get accustomed to where all the buttons are, it makes controlling the massage easy.



The JP 4.0 has the shortest massage roller track of the three Japan Premium models. While 30 inches is plenty of length for most users, taller users may benefit from a slightly longer massage track.


Featuring the Double Sensing Body Scan system described above, the JP 4.0 measures the length of your spine and the width of your shoulders to customize the position of the massage rollers.



The Triple Mode Air System is unique to the JP 4.0 and JP 4S models. Unlike most airbags that only inflate and deflate, the Triple Mode Air System provides three unique air massage styles: Hand Kneading, Pulse, and Normal.


Each air massage mode uses a different inflation/deflation pattern, offering more variety than most chairs equipped with air massage.


The Osaki JP 4.0 has two separate heating pads: one behind the shoulders and one under the soles of the feet.



When you initiate a massage program, the leg ottoman automatically extends and retracts, stopping at the particular length of your legs. The length of the leg ottoman can also be manually adjusted using arrow buttons on the remote. This allows users of various heights to enjoy the massage chair with minimal effort required to make size adjustments.


Massage Techniques and Preset Programs of the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0


16 Massage Kneading Techniques

Kneading is the primary massage action of the JP 4.0. 16 different kneading techniques performed by the 4D massage rollers give you a wide range of therapy options, with each one optimized to provide a particular therapeutic benefit.

The kneading techniques can be used individually with the chair’s manual controls, in conjunction with Triple Mode Air massage, or as part of an automatic massage program.

12 Preset Auto Massage Programs

The preset massage programs of the Osaki JP 4.0 give you the luxury of sitting down, selecting a program, and relaxing as the chair does the rest.

While you can make adjustments to the chair’s settings during an auto program, once you make your selection, the program runs its course without any additional input required.

Dimensions and Specs of the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 30″ W X 46.6″ L X 48″ H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 30″ W X 78.7″L X 27.6″ H
  • Chair weight: 164 lbs
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs
  • User height range: 5’0″ to 6’3″

Osaki Japan Premium 4s Special Features

As the flagship model of the series, the JP 4S has more features than the other two Osaki Japan Premium models. If you want the ultimate in high-end, 100 percent Japanese-made massage chairs, look no further than the JP 4S.


The massage rollers of the JP 4S have an additional range of extension in the upper portion of the chair, providing roller massage to the shoulders — a feature rarely found on other massage chairs.


​During certain massage programs, the massage rollers move to the very top of the roller track, then extend far to the right and left, pressing firmly into the shoulder muscles.


The JP 4S reclines all the way back to a horizontal position. Except for increased leg elevation, the full body recline of the JP 4S is similar to the Zero Gravity position found on many of Osaki’s other models such as the OS 4000T.


Laying down in the fully reclined chair helps relieve pressure on the spine, and provides more downward pressure on the massage rollers for a deeper massage.


Unlike the other Japan Premium massage chairs, the JP 4S has unique shoulder massage airbags that enclose the shoulders from the sides. This creates further contact between the shoulders and airbags, providing a more thorough massage. The shoulder airbags are also used to hold the upper body in place during the chair’s stretching programs.



Heating pads in the lower portion of the backrest and footrest provide heat therapy for the lumbar region of the back and the soles of the feet. Heat therapy is an excellent way to soften and relax the muscles and can be added to any massage program.



The JP 4S also features the upgraded armrest design used on the JP 4.0. While not in use, the armrest looks like a standard armrest. But when you want to enjoy an arm massage, simply slide your hands and arms into the armrest from behind where airbags surround them.



At 31 inches, the massage roller track of the JP 4S is a full inch longer than that of the JP 4.0. While one inch might seem insignificant, it gives taller users more massage roller coverage.


Like the JP 4.0, the JP 4S uses the Double Sensing Body Scan System to accurately measure the unique shape and contour of the user’s back and shoulders, adjusting the massage rollers accordingly to provide the most efficient massage possible.


The Osaki Japan Premium 4S massage chair also uses Triple Mode Air massage, just like the JP 4.0.



34 airbags throughout the chair provide air compression massage to the shoulders, outer shoulders, arms and hands, hips and pelvis, buttocks, and calves and feet.



The JP 4S gives you incredible control over the intensity of your massage with more levels of roller strength adjustment than the other chairs in the series. With 12 levels of massage strength, you can fine-tune the pressure of the massage rollers to accommodate your changing massage therapy needs.



On the backrest of the chair, a removable back pad and pillow give you an extra layer of cushion and offer additional control over the intensity of your massage. Removing the back pad and pillow puts your back muscles in direct contact with the massage rollers heads for more massage pressure and deeper kneading.



Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Osaki Japan Premium 4S massage chair is the handheld touchscreen remote. While there are several push buttons on the remote, you may control the majority of the massage chair’s functions with the touchscreen.


When you turn on the remote, the home screen allows you to choose from preset massage program categories, manual mode controls, and general chair settings. After you make a selection, the chair performs the Double Sensing Scan before your chosen program begins. During the scan, the screen displays a visual representation of the results and gives you the option to make adjustments to the roller positions if needed.

Once a massage program is underway, you can use the remote to change and customize nearly every aspect of the experience. Modify the chair recline, activate heat therapy, change the roller positions, adjust air massage pressure, and much more. And although the remote has too many features and settings to list here, it’s designed to be very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Massage Techniques and Preset Programs of the Osaki Japan Premium 4S

The large number and variety of massage techniques and programs set the JP 4S apart from the other Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs. And unlike many other massage chairs on the market, with the JP 4S, you can create and save your own preset massage programs.


41 Massage Techniques

The 4D massage rollers are used to perform 41 unique kneading techniques. On the remote, they are organized into five different categories: Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Neck/Shoulder, Back/Waist.

Basic 1: Knead Up, Knead Down, Tapping, Wavelet, Relax Knead Up, Relax Knead Down, Push & Knead, Palmar Knead Up, Palmar Knead Down.

Basic 2: Shiatsu, Shiatsu Stretch, Para Spinal, Rolling, Wave Rolling, 3D Knead Up, 3D Knead Down, 3D Tapping, 3D Wavelet.

Basic 3: Loop Knead Up, Loop Knead Down, Loop Tapping, Loop Wavelet, Stretch, Stretch Knead Up, Stretch Tapping, Stretch Wavelet.

Neck/Shoulder: Neck Relax, Neck Shiatsu, Neck Palmar Knead, Neck/Shoulder Extreme-Knead, Neck/Shoulder Extreme-Tapping, Shoulder Tapping, Upper Shoulder Press.

Back/Waist: Waist Extreme-Knead, Waist Extreme-Tapping, Waist Shiatsu, Waist Palmar, Buttock, Shoulder Blade Line, Rhomboid, Shoulder Blade Open.

The individual massage techniques are primarily accessed through “manual mode” from the home screen of the remote. After you select a particular technique, the chair performs a Dual Sensing Scan to align the massage rollers with your body. Once the massage technique begins, you can control the width, speed, and motion range of the massage rollers to customize the technique to your liking.

Using the controls, you can move the massage rollers to specific points on your back for isolated massage treatment with the chosen technique. Or, you can select a specific zone in which the rollers will operate. If nothing is selected, the rollers will perform the selected technique across the whole body or the specified area of the technique, as is the case with the “Shoulder Tapping” technique.


20 Preset Auto Massage Programs

The auto-massage programs of the JP 4S are for those times when you want to lay back and have the massage chair take care of the rest. Each massage program features a unique combination of the massage roller techniques and air massage. Some of the program names are repeated, but they are specific to the category and area of the body.

The 20 programs are organized into five categories: 30 min PRO, Whole Body, Neck/Shoulder, Waist, and Stretch.

30 Min PRO: VIP, Sommelier, Slow Stretch, Air Relax.

Whole Body: Extreme Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Relax, Soft.

Neck/Shoulder: Extreme Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Relax.

Waist: Extreme Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Relax

Stretch: Extreme Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Air.

Other than the 30 minute PRO massage programs, both the manual mode massage techniques and the preset automatic massage programs run for 16 minutes. When the massage ends, the rollers move to the storing position, and if the chair is reclined, it automatically returns to the upright position.

Eight Seven-Minute Mini Massage Courses

In addition to the 20 full-length massage programs, there are eight mini massage courses that run for only seven minutes total. Instead of covering the entire body, the mini courses perform a quick, focused massage on a specific area of the body.


The mini-courses are organized into two categories as follows:

Short Program: Neck Focus, Shoulder Focus, Shoulder Blade Focus, Waist Focus, Sciatic Focus.

Stretch: Neck Stretch, Back Stretch, Waist Stretch.

Memory Feature – Create Your Own Preset Massage Programs

If you find yourself constantly adjusting the settings of the auto programs, the JP 4S features a “Memory” mode that lets you record and save your own customized programs. This is something you won’t find on many other massage chairs, including the JP 4.0 and JP 4D.


  • Chair dimensions (upright): 48″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 79″ L X 34″ X 28″ H
  • Chair weight: 164 lbs
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs
  • User height range: 4’10” to 6’4″

Osaki Japan Premium 4D Special Features

As the oldest model in the series, the Osaki Japan Premium 4D, otherwise known as the OS-4D, isn’t as feature-rich as the other two models but is still a very high-quality Japanese-made massage chair.

31-Inch Massage Roller Track

Like the JP 4S, the OS-4D has a 31-inch S-track that supports the 4D massage rollers.

44 Airbags

With 44 airbags located throughout the chair, air compression massage is provided to the shoulders, arms, hips and pelvis, buttocks, calves, and feet. While the OS-4D doesn’t use the same Triple Air Mode as the other Japan Premium massage chairs, it does offer three different air massage modes: Pelvis, Stretch, and Rhythm.


​You can adjust the intensity of the air massage from soft to hard, with two separate controls: one for the upper air bags, and one for the lower.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Heating pads in the lower portion of the backrest apply gentle heat therapy to the lumbar region.


LED Push Button Remote

The remote of the OS-4D is very basic compared to the JP 4S, but is well organized and easy to make quick selections and adjustments.


The OS-4D uses the 3D Point Navigation Body Scan system that detects the unique shape of the user’s spine. It doesn’t, however, have the additional sensor that detects shoulder position like the Dual Sensing System on the JP 4.0 and JP 4S. While it still does an excellent job adjusting the massage rollers to hit all the right places, it isn’t as precise as the Dual Sensing System.


Armrest Design

The OS-4D features an older armrest design that is very effective but not as aesthetically pleasing as the newer design on the JP 4.0 and JP 4S. It is an open top armrest that the arms are placed in from above. Inside, airbags apply compression massage to the forearms, wrists, and hands.

Adjustable Foot Rest

The foot rest of the OS-4D is spring-loaded, allowing for further adjustments in length by simply extending the legs. This is much different than the leg ottoman design on the JP 4.0 and JP 4S which fits the user’s legs automatically.



29 Massage Techniques

Taking full advantage of the Kiwami Mecha 4D massage roller system, the OS-4D features 29 kneading massage techniques. The techniques are divided into four main categories, with an additional “rolling” category.

Basic: Knead Up, Knead Down, Tapping, Wavelet.

Mode: Hand Knead, Loop, 3D, Stretch.

Upper Body: Knead, Tapping, Neck Relax, Grab Knead.

Lower Body: Knead, Tapping, Hip, Shiatsu.

Rolling: Whole, Part (partial body).

The kneading massage techniques are activated from the front panel of the remote. You can run the various techniques on their own, or combine them with the air massage techniques for a more holistic massage.

Once a massage technique is chosen, the chair runs the 3D Point Navigation body scan to determine your body shape. Then, you can make manual adjustments to the roller position and width, change the massage intensity, and add heat therapy.

10 Preset Auto Massage Programs

There are five basic automatic massage programs available on the OS-4D. There’s also an “Ex-Mode” button that transforms any of the basic massage programs into “Extreme” versions of the program, bringing the total number of automatic programs to 10.


The automatic programs are:

  • Whole body + Extreme Whole Body
  • Shoulder + Extreme Shoulder
  • Waist + Extreme Waist
  • Stretch + Extreme Stretch
  • Relax + Extreme Relax

As with the individual roller technique programs, you can make any adjustments you’d like while running an automatic program. Change the roller position, width, and speed, adjust the massage roller and airbag intensity, and activate heat therapy.


  • Chair dimensions (upright): 51″ L X 32″ W X 48.5″ H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 81″ L X 32″ W X 31″ H
  • Chair weight: 198 lbs
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs
  • User height range: 4’8″ to 6’3″

Choosing the Right Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair for You

As you can see, the Japan Premium line of massage chairs have a lot going for them. They are some of the most expensive massage chairs on the market, but the high-quality components and construction, and health-oriented massage techniques and programs are well worth the price for those seeking a high-performance chair that will hold up for decades.

So which model will you choose?

  • If you want the very best, we highly recommend the Osaki Japan Premium 4S. It is equipped with the most advanced massage technologies and the highly user-friendly touch screen remote takes the chair to the next level. Fujiriiyoki also reports it as being the number one best selling massage chair in Japan. Of course, it is the most expensive option of the three.
  • If you don’t have as much flexibility in your budget, the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 is the next best option. It has most of the same massage technologies as the JP 4S — 4D massage roller, triple mode air massage, etc. — but doesn’t have as many massage techniques or automatic program options. Also, it only has a basic push-button remote. But it’s still much higher quality than any of the Chinese-made massage chairs you may be considering, and will last for years and years.
  • The Osaki Japan Premium OS-4D is still an excellent 100 percent Japanese-made massage chair with some of the best massage roller technology in the industry, but it doesn’t offer nearly as many desirable features as the other two Osaki Japan Premium massage chair models — especially considering that its price is similar.

We hope our review of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chair models helped you get a better idea of what these high-end Japanese-made massage chairs have to offer.

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