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Our Verdict: The Adventurer could very well become your favorite go-to scope with its steady performance.

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  • Wide magnification range
  • High-quality optics
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile and functional
  • Includes tabletop tripod


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Opticron Adventurer II

Our Verdict: The Adventurer could very well become your favorite go-to scope with its steady performance. 

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While we normally like to compare a number of spotting scopes to each other, today, in these Opticron Spotting Scope Reviews, we’re going to take an in-depth look at an Opticron spotting scope: The Adventurer.

Reviews of this company are pretty solid, with their commitment to their customer base in providing products that accurately meet people’s needs a strong point for them.

Opticron: a Look at the Company Behind the Product

Opticron has been in business since 1970 and now operates out of the USA and the United Kingdom (where it was founded.) This company is built on the maxim of “smaller, lighter, brighter, and sharper” and is the driving force behind all of their products.

As a family owned company, Opticron still maintains that feel of a small corner shop with dedicated customer service. In the event that you should need a repair to any of their products, they have a specialized team to figure out exactly what is wrong and then expertly repair it.

You can even speak directly to the person repairing your Opticron product throughout the process. That focused attention on the customer’s needs is evident in each of their products and the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each one.

The Adventurer

This is a great all-purpose spotting scope, as well as providing exceptional performance for use out in the field with its lightweight and smaller size. The Adventurer is the type of scope that begs to tag along on that afternoon hike or on that long weekend trek out to the wilderness to search for a trophy buck. It has a zoom eyepiece with a magnification range of 15-45x that provides a field of view at a thousand yards of 102 feet. It has a 60mm objective lens size that lets in a good amount of light to help bring in every last detail of whatever you point it at.

Black, Fully rubber armored, Adventurer
  • The 45 degrees angled eyepiece allows for more comfortable use and will be appreciated especially by birder and nature observers.
  • It features fully coated optics, a front-facing focus knob, and a retractable lens shade that can really make a difference in bright light.
  • It measures 12.8 inches long and weighs just under 2 pounds.
  • It also comes with a tabletop tripod measuring 9.3 inches tall and weighing just under 9 ounces, and a soft carrying case with an adjustable shoulder strap and two side handles.
  • Like all Opticron Fieldscopes, the Adventurer allows you to become a real artist with its compatibility and ease of digiscoping (see video below).

Pros and Cons Opticron Spotting Scope

The light weight makes this a great scope to take out in the field, whether you’re tracking down that elusive trophy buck through the scrub brush or hiking through the mountains in search of that last bird on your list. The rugged rubber armored housing helps to protect it against the bumps and bangs that seem to go standard with field use, as well as provide shock absorption for use at the shooting range. The magnification range is wide enough to provide a lot of versatility in use but doesn’t zoom in so much that the image would just be distorted as happens with many higher powered spotting scopes. The 60mm objective lens lets in plenty of light to provide a bright image.

Final Thoughts on Opticron Spotting Scope Reviews

This Opticron Spotting Scope review found this scope to provide everything that a beginning hunter or birder could need in a scope.

It has a wide enough magnification range to see at a distance while still offering solid performance at closer ranges, as well.

The light weight, while offering the high-quality optics of a full-size spotting scope, really set this scope apart from the competition. 

The price point makes this a relatively affordable scope, yet the quality optics and rugged construction clearly set this scope apart from entry level scopes.

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While it’s also a great choice as a backup scope, as it can perform well for a variety of applications, the Adventurer could very well become your favorite go-to scope with its steady performance

The included tabletop tripod also makes this scope fully functional from the start if you want to use this scope while hunting prone, say if you’re on the high plains eyeing up pronghorn, or if you wanted to use this spotting scope at the shooting range.

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