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The Ootori N500 is an inexpensive ergonomic recliner that performs basic massage functions well and without the steep learning curve. It’s an ideal choice for hobbyists looking for a deal or for those who stand up for long hours and experience chronic foot pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Affordable price
  • Well-implemented fixed frame technology
  • Quality air massage
  • Customizable massage program
  • User-friendly design


  • No body stretch feature
  • No 3D body scan
  • Weak and non-adjustable heat function
  • Limited massage presets
Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists looking for a deal or for those who stand up for long hours and experience chronic foot pain.

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It’s amazing what some of those luxury massage chairs can do, but the truth is- not everyone can afford one.

Luckily, there’s a brand that’s giving people something affordable, with massage techniques that are indulgent enough to send you off into la-la land with a big ol’ smile on your face.

In our Ootori N500 review, you’ll learn all about this attractive Zero Gravity chair and how it’s winning hearts with sheer simplicity.

Design Overview of the Ootori R5 Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Rise and shine– it’s massage time! And today, we are setting our sights on the industry newbie, Ootori, and their cost-effective Nova N500.

Before you start dreaming of Chromotherapy and Yoga Stretch features as you’ve seen with other high-end (expensive) chairs, understand that there’s a reason for the low price of the N500. It’s as basic as it gets.

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Brown

Now, when we say basic, we mean that you will not see as much lux tech offered here. For example, the N500 is a fixed frame, while the industry standard is the S&L quad track with rollers that move up, down, and even away from the track.

We’ll get more into the fixed frame details later here in our Ootori N500 review, but that’s just to give you a taste of this particular Ootori design.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some hidden gems here. The N500 delivers an exceptional foot and calf massage that could go up against even the ritziest recliners on the market. It offers a few other indulgences that we believe make this a high-quality chair for the price.

The dimensions of the Ootori N500 are 48” x 31” x 44”, and its gross weight is 151 pounds. It’s a lofty chair that demands a spacious spot in your man or woman cave, so small apartment owners should consider the size.

For the holding capacity, the max height/weight is standard. The extendable footrest fits someone up to 6 ft tall and holds a max of 242 pounds. Larger folks might want to consider sinking into something a little wider, like the Kahuna SM9000.

When it comes to space-saving technology, the Nova N500 has a mediocre clearance, leaving 7.87” from the backrest to the wall when reclined. We say mediocre because we’ve seen plenty of other chairs with impeccable space-saving tech that renders a 5” or below clearance.

Aesthetically speaking, this is an attractive chair with a synthetic leather finish that makes cleaning fast and easy.

Granted, it’s not going to light up when it senses your approach like the OHCO M8 does, but you’re probably here for the massage quality and not the shiny (expensive) trinkets anyways.

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Black Color Side View
Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Brown Color Side View

Massage Chair Features

Can we get something off of our chest before diving into the features?

No Body Stretch or 3D body scan is offered with the Ootori R5 Nova N500 Zero gravity massage chair.

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Zero Gravity Black Color

This isn’t that big of a deal and may not take away from your massage experience (3D body scans have a reputation for being inaccurate, anyway). Still, it’s good to know that these features are the industry standard, while the N500 keeps it old school, impacting the price.

Fixed Frame 8-roller Track

Fixed frame? S-track? L-track? You might be confused about this massage tech terminology, but we will break it down in the simplest terms below.

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Black 8 Points
  • Fixed frame: This is what you’ll find in older massage chairs, and it’s what’s utilized for the N500. A rectangle of steel runs along the spine with stationary massage heads located at the main pressure points.
  • S-Track: This type of track follows the natural “S” curve of the spine, starting at the neck and ending at the lower back. The 3D rollers move up and down the track, applying massage techniques as they go to emulate the feel of human hands.
  • S&L-Track: This hybrid is the latest massage technology that features the S track, but then the track extends underneath the seat so that the glutes and thighs don’t miss out on the action.

As mentioned, the N500 features a fixed frame, which is outdated but exceptionally implemented for the price. It has eight rollers situated inside the backrest and mechanical rollers that massage the buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet.

You get the basic kneading, tapping, and rolling techniques that will give you a relaxing massage, but don’t expect miracles for therapeutic benefits. This chair was built for relieving tension and stress, not for treating chronic pain.

Zero Gravity Seating

One of the highlight features of the Ootori Nova N500 massage chair is the quality of the Zero Gravity Seating feature. This is a popular feature that many users seek, and many chairs deliver.

Zero Gravity renders a feeling of weightlessness, which takes the pressure off the joints and spine. This concept was developed by NASA and requires the knees to be elevated slightly above the heart. It’s said to offer therapeutic benefits, such as relief from back pain and improved circulation.

The N500 offers 3 Zero-G positions, while many high-end chairs only offer one. This is huge, considering the price of the chair. Good work on that one, Ootori!

Carbon Fibre Lumbar Heat

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Carbon Fiber Lumbar Heat

Heat is another prime lux feature that Ootori has added to the lumbar region of the N500. Honestly, it’s just not on the same level as other chairs that offer heating from head to toe, or at least in the leg wells like its cousin, the Ootori Nova N802.

Some N500 reviews have pooh-poohed this feature, saying the heat is weak. Plus, you can’t adjust the temperature whatsoever, which we feel is the real game-changer for heated massage chairs.

Seat Vibration

Since you learned the differences between the S, L, and Fixed track systems, you may be wondering what happens to your booty on the N500 since it’s a fixed frame.

That’s where Ootori comes in hot with a vibrating seat. It’s supposed to boost blood circulation throughout the lower abdomen, but honestly, that constant shaking is preferential. Some people are lulled into relaxation by the vibrations, while others feel jolted out of their skin, making it difficult to unwind.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; you won’t find any fun extras with the Nova N500 massage chair. Not even a single Bluetooth speaker or USB port to connect your music. Just focus on the price, and that will make you feel better.

And there is one benefit to being basic. The N500 is easy to learn since you don’t have to wade through a bunch of features on the remote. This is a user-friendly chair that lets you enjoy its massages in no time, without the learning curve headaches.

Massage Programs

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair 3D Graphics of Roller Massage

The name of the game is customization because you won’t find a multitude of presets with the N500.

There is one auto massage mode available. Simply push the POWER button, and it will automatically begin massaging. By selecting this, you can dive straight into a fast massage but bear in mind that you can’t adjust the intensity in this mode.

You can hit the AUTO button to stop and start the massage. It will stop on its own depending on the duration you choose. There are four different durations:

  • 15 mins
  • 20 mins
  • 25 mins
  • 30 mins

So no pre-programmed specialty programs with the N500, but as we said, you can build the custom massage that gives you the power to focus on one body region or multiple areas.

There are three basic massage techniques to choose from and one advanced technique. You can also adjust the speed and intensity by 3-levels each. This includes:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu

Don’t expect an out-of-this-world Shiatsu experience with a fixed frame, but still, the freedom to customize your massage is always a winner instead of having to press through a bunch of different programs.

The ability to choose your duration by 5-minute increments is a valuable detail that keeps you from having to stop and fiddle with your remote between sessions, like with some other expensive chairs.

Air Massage

Two massage options stand out with the N500, the first being the Air Massage. This is special because most fixed frame chairs don’t offer airbags at all. With the N500, you get 34 airbags strategically located around the neck, shoulders, arms, feet, and thighs.

This blissful type of massage uses air pressure to improve blood flow by applying compression to any area of the body. You can independently control where you want the air, and there are 3-intensity levels to choose from.

The freedom to customize is always a winner in our book, and the fact that you get a full-body Aircell massage for the price is an amazing perk.

Foot & Calf Massage

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Calf and Legs Roller

The second standout out massage offered by the N500 is the foot and calf massage.

You get mechanical rollers underneath the feet that are designed to target your acupuncture points, while airbags envelop the calves in a hug of blissful compression.

The clever implementation of this technology is enough to relieve tired, aching legs after a long day of running around. If this sounds like you, know that this chair hangs with the big dogs when it comes to a world-class foot and calf massage- but for a much lower price!

Ootori N500 Vs. Ootori N500 Pro

The Ootori N500 pro massage chair builds upon the N500 with enhanced features that will turn heads, especially with its 10-stage Zero Gravity recline.

The specs between the two models are only slightly different in that the N500 Pro can hold up to 265 pounds of weight instead of 242 pounds like the N500. It shares the same tasteful design and faux leather exterior but with the quilted headrest of the N503.

As mentioned, the Zero Gravity seating offers ten different recline positions to find the optimal weightless position that suits your personal preferences.

Another difference is that there are only 16 airbags in the N500 Pro, located at the shoulders, arms, seat, and legs.

You still get the same outstanding foot and calf massage technology, and with the Pro, they’ve implemented 3 Auto programs for more diversity.

The Ootori N500 Pro massage chair goes a bit further with newly added Bluetooth speakers, so you can enjoy your fresh playlist while getting that well-deserved foot massage.

Ootori Nova N500 Vs. Ootori Nova N503

When comparing the specs and features of these two chairs- they are virtually the same. The biggest difference is that the Ootori N503 shows off a lovely quilted pattern on the headrest.

Other than the aesthetics, the performance capabilities are only slightly different due to the parts. The N503 has the same fixed frame design as the N500, but the massage heads are more flexible, giving them more range for a life-like feel when kneading the muscles.

The heads are still fixed in place, so it doesn’t compare to the S&L- quad roller track by any means, but some may prefer the feel of the new roller equipment of the N503 over the N500.

Ootori Nova N500 Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Affordable
  • Well-implemented fixed frame technology
  • Quality air massage
  • Freedom to customize your massage program
  • User friendly


  • No body stretch
  • No 3D body scan
  • Heat is weak and not adjustable
  • Limited massage presets
Ootori Nova Front N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Front

The Ootori Nova N500 isn’t a superstar massage chair, but what it does do, it does well. It unabashedly flaunts its 8-roller fixed frame track, and while this technology is outdated, it still delivers a yummy back massage that can help you relax after a long day.

Plus, not many fixed frame chairs offer an air massage, which gives the N500 something unique for budget shoppers to take a shine to.

While there’s no 3D scan, it’s not needed with a fixed frame, and yea- there’s no Yoga Stretch, but the ability to fully customize your massage is nice, too.

There’s no Bluetooth Surround Sound System or a diffuser blowing essential oils in your face, but not everyone wants that stuff. That’s why the N500 is recommended for

  • A hobbyist who wants an inexpensive massage chair for leisure use.
  • Someone who is on their feet for long hours and wants a quality foot and calf massage.
  • People who are of average height and build, weighing under 242 lbs.

If you’re looking for a massage chair to treat chronic back pain or give you therapeutic benefits that will reduce your trips to the chiropractor, then you might want to consider the Inada or Novo Human Touch. 

You’ll have to pay the big bucks, but you’ll get the world-class massage and features that give you more bang for your buck.

Ootori Warranty Information

This brand offers customers a 3-year warranty on its recliners.

During the first year, they’ll cover all repairs and maintenance.

During the second and third year, they’ll cover free shipping of replacement parts, but not the cost of labor or the cost of parts.

Don’t forget to register your Nova N500 within the first month of purchase to validate your warranty!

Ootori N500 Review Conclusion

Everyone deserves a massage, and thankfully there are a vast array of massage chairs on the market to find your perfect match. By looking at the price tags, it’s easy to feel down. Some of those chairs cost as much as a used car, for crying out loud!

But that’s where recliners like the Ootori N500 swoop in to save the day. Attractive, affordable, and user-friendly– it gives hobbyists a reason to celebrate and partake in some serious relaxation.

To conclude this Ootori N500 review, sure, it lacks many industry-standard features, but what it does offer is well-implemented, so 5-stars for value! If you want to dip your toes into the world of ergonomic recliners, this is a great standard option.

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