In a Nutshell:

With only vibration and air massage features, the Omega Skyline doesn’t provide the level of massage quality and customization you’d expect from a massage chair that costs over $2,000. However, it does have Zero Gravity recline and looks more like an upscale recliner than a bulky robotic massage chair.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Modern look, unique design
  • Zero Gravity recline
  • Lower body vibration massage
  • Upper body air massage
  • Lumbar massage rollers
  • Full body heat therapy


  • No full-length roller massage
  • Limited airbags in the backrest
  • No arm massage
  • No calf and foot massage
  • Limited massage programs
  • Backrest and footrest linked, no independent adjustments
Omega Skyline Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a chair with vibration, air massage, and zero-gravity recline that looks more like an upscale recliner than a bulky robotic massage chair.

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Unfortunately, the Omega Skyline Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair Reviews.

You won’t find many chairs on the market quite like the Omega Skyline massage chair. Why?

First, unlike the vast majority of massage chairs available that look like they came off a 1980’s sci-fi film set, the Skyline looks more like an upscale recliner. Second, instead of using massage rollers, the Skyline uses vibration massage as its primary massage modality.


Omega Skyline


Omega Serenity


 Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

Roller massage

Roller track length




Lumbar masage rollers

Vibration massage

Number of vibration massage motors




Air massage

Number of airbags




Zero Gravity recline

Space saving recline

Heat therapy

Leg and foot massage

Foot rollers

Rotating footrest

Motorized backrest

Motorized footrest

Number of massage techniques




Number of automatic massage programs




Number of manual massage programs




Swivel base

Solid wood back

Upholstery material

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather

If you’re curious about everything else the Omega Skyline offers, this review discusses all of its features and components in fine detail. So if the chic look of the Skyline caught your eye, read on to see if it’s the chair for you.

Components and Features of the Omega Skyline Massage Chair

Vibration Massage System

On many massage chairs, they don’t utilize the vibration massage as extensively as on the Omega Skyline. At most, chairs might have one or two vibration plates in the seat or legs, but not the Skyline.

The Omega Skyline features a total of eight vibration motors throughout the lower portion of the chair: two for the buttocks, two for the thighs, two for the calves, and two for the feet.

Vibration massage is very different than roller massage but therapeutic in its own way. When active, the vibration motors buzz and pulsate, invigorating the muscles while stimulating the tissues and capillaries — an action which can help increase circulation.

Zero Gravity Recline

One of the most desirable features a massage chair can have is Zero Gravity recline. You may have noticed that most massage chair companies have at least a few models with Zero Gravity, and Omega is no exception.

So what’s the big deal?

Instead of the chair’s backrest simply dropping back, with Zero Gravity recline, the backrest reclines, the seat tilts back, and the leg rest elevates, bringing your body into a neutral position. This is known as the Zero Gravity position, aptly named for the “weightless” feeling it induces.

The main benefit of Zero Gravity is an even distribution of your body’s weight from head to foot. Basically, instead of the majority of your body weight bearing down on any individual area of your body — seat, legs, or back — it’s spread out evenly across all body parts.

This even body weight distribution allows your muscles and spine to deeply relax and decompress. Simply laying in the Zero Gravity position is therapeutic on its own, and even more so when you combine it with the other massage functions offered by the Omega Skyline.

Air Compression Massage


The other primary massage method offered by the Omega Skyline is air compression massage. Also quite different than roller massage, which is common on most massage chairs, air compression utilizes unique airbags that inflate and deflate. It compresses and massages the muscles gently.

The Skyline has seven airbags throughout the chair: three in the seat, two in the backrest, and two in the neck portion. So while you don’t get vibration massage for the upper body, you do get air compression massage.

There are three levels of air massage intensity available, allowing you to increase or decrease the strength of the massage. We’ll cover the automatic and manual massage programs that incorporate air massage in greater detail later on.

Lumbar Massage Rollers

Although the Omega Skyline lacks a full-length massage roller system, two fixed position rollers provide kneading massage for the lower back. The rollers rub and press into the muscles of the lower back along both sides of the spine, helping to reduce tension and stress in the area. It’s no question that these fixed position rollers aren’t as good full-length massage rollers. However, they’re better than nothing and do provide extra relief to the lower back.

Full Body Heat Therapy

The Omega Skyline features a series of heating pads located throughout the backrest, seat, and footrest of the chair. These heating pads gently warm up and relax the muscles of the body, softening tissues and increasing blood circulation. Using heat therapy in conjunction with the chair’s other massage functions results in a more beneficial massage therapy session overall.

Solid Wood Chair Back

The Skyline’s appearance is one of its strongest attributes. It simply doesn’t look like many other massage chairs on the market. One of the main components that gives the Skyline its one-of-a-kind look is a solid wood back. The stained wood contrasts with the synthetic leather upholstery, creating a stylish modern look. If you’ve been looking for a massage chair that doesn’t look like a massage chair, the Omega Skyline is a great option.

Built-In Remote Control

Every feature of the Omega Skyline Zero Gravity massage chair is controllable using an easy-to-use remote built right into the armrest. With it permanently fixed in place, you’ll never have to worry about losing or misplacing the remote. It’s always right at your fingertips.

As you’ll discover in the next section covering the chair’s massage programs, the Skyline has a relatively limited number of massage options compared to other similarly priced chairs. As such, the remote of the Skyline is very simple, featuring a total of 14 buttons that control every aspect of the chair.


If you like to keep things simple, the Skyline is for you. But if you like having plenty of options, a chair with a more robust set of massage options might better suit you.

Built-In MP3 Player

The built-in MP3 system of the Omega Skyline should be thought of as a bonus. It doesn’t directly contribute to a more thorough massage, but it does enhance your massage experience as a whole.

What’s unique about the Skyline’s music system is that instead of relying on an external device to play music, it features a fully self-contained built-in MP3 player. Simply use the included USB stick to transfer song files to the chair, plug in the included high-fidelity headphones, and enjoy your favorite tunes while you relax.

Listening to relaxing music while enjoying a massage is an excellent way to help calm your mind, which can have a positive effect on helping your body relax and be more receptive to massage therapy.

Note: The user manual of the Omega Skyline states that music should not be played while using the vibration massage functions. The vibration motors create a large amount of electromagnetic interference which interrupts the music signal. This results in distorted sounds and may cause the music system to malfunction.

Massage Programs of the Omega Skyline

Something you won’t find on the Omega Skyline is a robust set of massage programs. But the programs it does feature give you a few options and variations with which to enjoy the chair’s two primary massage methods: vibration massage and air massage.

One of the key limiting factors of the Skyline’s massage programs is that its vibration and air massage functions are operated and controlled independently.

While this is a good thing in terms of making adjustments to each, the chair’s programs offer either vibration massage or air massage — not both. That means if you want to enjoy both vibration and air massage simultaneously, you have to select two different programs manually.

If you’re a fan of set-it-and-forget-it functionality, you may be frustrated by the lack of massage program options offered by the Omega Skyline. That said, if you’re interested in buying a chair that looks great in your living room or office that also happens to have some massage features, the limitations of the Omega Skyline may not be that big of a deal.

Either way, let’s go over the massage programs that the Omega Skyline does offer.

3 Automatic Vibration Massage Programs

When you sit down for a massage in the Omega Skyline, there are three vibration massage programs available. 

Each program offers a slight variation of vibration pattern, speed, and intensity.

Since the vibration motors are only located in the lower body portion of the chair, these programs work the buttocks, thighs, and legs and feet.

Three Automatic Air Massage Programs

To massage the upper body and seat area, the Omega Skyline offers three automatic air massage programs. 

Each program performs air massage for the neck, back, and buttocks, using variations of inflation and deflation patterns.

Once an automatic air massage program has been selected, the intensity of the airbags is adjustable with three levels of strength available.

3 Manual Vibration Massage Programs

Instead of massaging all of the lower body at once, the three manual vibration massage programs operate the vibration motors in individual zones of the chair: buttocks, thighs, or legs and feet.

Pros and Cons of the Omega Skyline Massage Chair

Before we assess how the Omega Skyline compares to two other similar massage chairs, let’s go over its pros and cons.

  • Modernized look; doesn’t look like a typical massage chair
  • Zero Gravity recline
  • Lower body vibration massage
  • Upper body air massage
  • Lumbar massage rollers
  • Full body heat therapy
  • Built-in MP3 player
  • No full-length roller massage
  • Small number of airbags in the backrest
  • No arm massage
  • No calf and foot massage
  • Backrest and footrest are linked, no independent adjustments
  • Limited number of massage programs
  • Limited customization options

How Does it Compare?

To give you a complete view of the Omega Skyline, we compared it with two other similar massage chairs worth considering.

The first chair, the Omega Serenity, is made by the same company and features a similar design aesthetic and practically identical massage features. The second chair, the Human Touch 7.1, is a very popular model that’s more of a conventional massage chair, though still has a contemporary look.

Omega Skyline vs. Omega Serenity


Don’t be surprised if the Omega Serenity pops up when researching the Omega Skyline. The problem is that although the two chairs are different models, they have so many similarities that understanding the difference can be confusing — especially considering that the Serenity is about $400 more.

Here’s the deal:

Both the Omega Skyline and the Omega Serenity share identical components and massage features. That means both chairs feature air massage, vibration massage, Zero Gravity recline, full body heat, a built-in remote, and a built-in MP3 player.

The only difference between the two chairs is their appearance. While both chairs have solid wooden backs, the Skyline has four chrome chair legs whereas the Serenity has a solid wood rotating swivel base.

The side panel designs of the chairs are also different – with the Skyline having more of a squared design, while the Serenity is more rounded. Other than those few distinctions and the price difference, the chairs are practically identical. Choose whichever you find more attractive.

Omega Skyline vs. Human Touch 7.1

The Human Touch 7.1, however, is different than the Omega Skyline in practically every way. It also happens to be $400 less than the Omega Skyline.

Massage Components and Features

The primary differences between the Omega Skyline and the Human Touch 7.1 are rooted in the technologies and methods used to deliver massage. Unlike the Omega Skyline, the Human Touch 7.1 features an advanced massage roller system as its primary method of massage treatment.

A 25-inch roller track equipped with Human Touch’s signature FlexGlide massage rollers spans the length of the back from the neck to the waist. The massage rollers perform four unique massage techniques, each with a distinct therapeutic benefit. It also features five automatic massage programs that give you set-it-and-forget-it functionality.

While the air massage system of the Omega Skyline does deliver a certain degree of massage therapy, it’s nowhere near as effective as the massage roller system of the Human Touch 7.1. Air compression massage has its place in the massage chair world, but if you’re seeking the most bang-for-your-buck massage, you’ll be much happier with the roller massage system of the Human Touch 7.1.


Leg and Foot Massage

Another key difference between the two chairs is that the Human Touch 7.1 features a leg and foot massage system, while the Omega Skyline doesn’t.

It’s true that the leg and foot massage system of the Human Touch 7.1 isn’t as comprehensive as other chairs on the market. It uses an open-toe rotating design which only allows you to enjoy foot or leg massage, not both. But using Human Touch’s FigureEight CirQlation paddle massagers, it provides a very effective massage for the legs and feet.

Instead of just compressing the legs like most air-massage-based leg massage systems do, the paddle massagers move continuously up the leg with a wave-like action.

The Omega Skyline does have vibration motors in the leg rest that provide vibration massage to the legs, but it’s not quite the same as having your legs enclosed with paddles kneading your sore muscles.


Both the Omega Skyline and the Human Touch 7.1 are more interior-design-friendly than your average robotic massage chair. While different, both chairs would look great in spaces wherein a conventional massage chair would look out of place. They’re both a lot less bulky that typical massage chairs, making them great choices for smaller spaces.

The Winner Is…

While style is important, you might agree that massage performance is even more so. For that reason, we feel if you want to buy a massage chair that will deliver a great massage, the Human Touch 7.1 is a better choice over both the Omega Skyline and Omega Serenity.

Final Thoughts for the Omega Skyline Massage Chair Review

In a world full of big, bulky massage chairs weighed down with bells and whistles, the Omega Skyline massage chair is a welcome change. But much of its appeal ends with its appearance. While the air massage and vibration massage systems do provide some massage benefits, there are better massage chairs out there for the money. Buy the Omega Skyline for its good looks; skip it for its less-than-ideal massage capabilities.

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