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The Omega Montage Premier massage chair is fully equipped with top-notch components that offer high-quality massage. However, it has room for improvement in terms of ease of use and customization options. Plus, it’s a little on the pricey side compared to other massage chairs with similar features.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Infrared body scan system
  • Full body heat therapy
  • Hip vibration therapy
  • Lower body traction function
  • Arm massage
  • Extra handheld remote for easy adjustments


  • No Zero Gravity recline
  • No massage roller intensity adjustment
  • No foot rollers
  • No L-track
  • Not very visually appealing compared to similarly priced massage chairs
  • Massage track is shorter than other high-end chairs on the market

Don’t let the less-than-exciting appearance of the Omega Montage Premier massage chair turn you away. Under the hood, this top-tier massage chair is loaded with technology and components designed to deliver world-class massage therapy.

In this Omega Massage Montage Premier review, we carefully examine every detail of the chair to help you decide whether or not it will meet your massage needs.

We’ll start by discussing the Premier’s features and components, then move on to cover its massage programs and customization features. In the end, we’ll give you a quick list of pros and cons to help you make the best buying decision possible.

Features and Components of the Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair

Full Back Roller Massage

A 30-inch massage roller track in the backrest of the Montage Premier delivers therapeutic roller massage from the waist to the neck. Four massage roller heads are mounted to the track and perform massage techniques designed to mimic the feeling of a professional massage therapist’s hands. We’ll cover those later.

The massage roller system of the Omega Montage Premier offers extensive customization features to adapt the chair to you. Furthermore, you can adjust the width, speed, and intensity of the massage rollers with a few clicks of the remote. In manual mode, the massage rollers can be positioned in different zones on the back or moved to specific points, giving you the ability to target the parts of your back that need massage the most.

Infrared Body Scan Technology


To enhance the efficacy of the massage rollers, the Montage Premier uses infrared body scan technology to adapt the rollers to the user. To enhance the efficacy of the massage rollers, the Montage Premier uses infrared body scan technology to adapt the rollers to the user.

Air Pressure Massage System

The Montage Premier features a series of airbag massagers throughout the lower portion of the chair. Airbags in the seat cushion massage the buttocks, thighs, and hips, while airbags in the footrest massage the calves and feet.

There are also airbags found in the armrest of the of the Premier — we’ll get into the specifics of that later.

Instead of pressing and kneading the muscles as massage rollers do, the airbags of the Montage Premier perform what is known as compression massage. The airbags operate in a cycle of inflation and deflation, squeezing, gripping, and releasing the muscles. This action is known to ease tension in the muscles, increase circulation, and reduce swelling.

Reflexology Foot Massage


One of the highlights of the Montage Premier massage chair is its elaborate leg and foot massage system. Using a combination of airbag massage, magnetic reflexology nodes, and heat therapy, the Montage Premier thoroughly massages every square inch of your calves and feet.

Airbags play a critical role in the Montage Premier’s leg and foot massager. A series of airbags in the leg slots apply compression massage to the calves, while simultaneously pressing the legs against the magnetic nodes.

Smaller airbags in the foot slots operate in a continuous wave-like rhythmic cycle. This action targets the arch and heel of the foot, relieving tension and stress.


While the Montage Premier lacks foot massage rollers, the soles of the feet still get lots of attention. When the foot airbags inflate, the feet are pressed firmly against the magnetic nodes, targeting the reflexology and acupressure points in the soles of the feet.

The bottom line is, if foot massage is important to you, the Omega Montage Premier won’t disappoint.


Full Body Heat Therapy

The Montage Premier is equipped with heating pads in the backrest, footrest, and seat. You can enjoy each heating zone individually or activate all at the same time for real full-body heat therapy.

Adding heat to any massage program is an excellent way to reduce tension in the muscles and accentuate the positive effects of the other massage techniques used.


Arm Massage

As an extra bonus, the Omega Montage Premier features airbag arm massagers mounted to the armrests. Although they look slightly out of place, the arm massagers do a great job massaging the forearms.

Arm massage can be enjoyed on its own or with any massage program, and four levels of massage strength allow you to adjust the pressure to your liking.

One of the only drawbacks to the Montage Premier’s arm massage system is that it doesn’t extend far enough to massage the hands. If you need a chair that offers wrist and hand massage, consider upgrading to the Omega Montage Pro.

Hip Vibration

Located in the seat of the Montage Premier, a vibration plate performs vibration therapy on the thighs and hips. This special treatment can be added to any automatic or manual massage program. Furthermore, it has the primary benefit of increasing circulation to the lower body by stimulating the capillaries of the thighs and buttocks.

Lower Body Traction Function

Using the gripping power of the airbag massagers in the footrest, the Montage Premier features a unique lower body traction function. The purpose of this feature is to elongate and stretch the lower body, gently increasing your flexibility.

Here’s how it works:

When activated, the feet and legs are held in place by the airbag massagers while the footrest remains in an elevated position. Then, the footrest slowly lowers, creating a gradual stretch up the legs and into the hips. The chair performs this sequence several times, thoroughly stretching the lower body.

Motorized Backrest and Footrest


As to be expected considering the price, the Montage Premier features a fully motorized backrest and footrest. Both can be operated individually for fine-tuning your recline position or can be operated in unison to get in position quickly.

Keep in mind that unlike other massage chairs in this price range, the Omega Montage Premier does not offer Zero Gravity recline. That means that while you can still recline far back, the seat doesn’t tilt and the footrest only lifts up 90 degrees — not quite high enough for real Zero Gravity. In terms of sensation, you won’t achieve that “weightless” feeling afforded by the Zero Gravity position, but you still have adequate range of recline and footrest adjustment to get comfortable.


Extendable Footrest

Users with long legs will benefit from the adjustability of the Premier’s footrest. In addition to raising 90 degrees, the footrest extends an extra four inches in length. This makes it easy for users of different lengths to get comfortable by making only a few quick adjustments.

Built-In Music System

To round out your massage experience, the Montage Premier comes with a built-in MP3 player, external speakers, and a pair of high-fidelity headphones. An included USB music stick allows you to upload your favorite songs directly to the Montage Premier and play them anytime you sit down for a massage.

To take any massage to the next level, activate the “Music Sync” program. This synchronizes the movement of the massage rollers with the rhythm of your music for a completely immersive experience.

LCD Push-Button Remote Control

The Omega Montage Premier uses a two-piece remote system. There is a primary remote mounted to the chair, and a secondary wireless remote that’s smaller and can be used from the recline position.

The primary remote is a full-sized control panel with a bright LCD screen. Its screen displays all the active massage programs, techniques, massage intensity, massage location on the body, and a countdown massage duration timer. With a quick glance, you can see the current state of the massage chair.

Buttons on the main panel of the primary remote control all the main features of the massage chair. Each automatic massage program and heat therapy zone have their own activation button, and simple controls change the position of the backrest and footrest. There are also music controls to skip through your song library and adjust speaker volume.

To the left of the display screen, the Premier’s manual mode controls are hidden under a flip-open cover. These buttons give you control over practically every feature and parameter of the chair to customize your massage to suit your needs. Select a massage roller technique; adjust the roller width, speed, and intensity; add air massage for the arms, hips, and calves; turn on hip vibration and adjust the vibration speed.

The secondary handheld wireless remote gives you control over the most frequently adjusted variables on the Premier. You can select an automatic massage program or select a manual mode massage technique. Furthermore, you can also adjust roller speed and air massage pressure, move the massage rollers up and down the back, and activate hip vibration.

Now that we’ve covered the hardware of the Omega Montage Premier massage chair, let’s get into how it’s used to deliver high-level massage therapy.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Omega Montage Premier

The quickest, easiest way to enjoy a massage in the Montage Premier is with one of the five automatic massage programs. Using a combination of back roller massage techniques and lower body air pressure massage, the programs are designed to provide thorough full-body massage, each with a different focus.

  • Relaxation — A gentle program based on Chinese massage techniques, designed to provide overall relaxation throughout the body.
  • Activation — A more vigorous program based on Thai massage techniques. Roller techniques are used in conjunction with air massage to knead and stretch the muscles, perfect for alleviating tightness and fatigue.
  • ​Vitality — A restorative massage program based on Japanese massage methods. A harmonious blend of the roller and air massage designed to leave the body feeling refreshed.
  • Night — A soothing full-body massage, perfect to incorporate into your bedtime ritual.
  • Morning — A lively massage program designed to invigorate the muscles and wake up the body.

Manual Massage Programs and Controls

In addition to the five automatic massage programs, the Montage Premier features a full suite of manual mode massage options that give you full control over your massage experience. In manual mode, practically every element of your massage can be customized and tuned to your liking. The first step is to choose from one of four roller massage techniques.

Roller Massage Techniques

Kneading — The massage rollers perform rubbing and squeezing movements that feel like the thumbs and fingers of a professional massage therapist. These rollers operate simultaneously on opposite sides of the spine, working any tension out of the muscles.

Pressing — Using an inward pressing movement, the massage rollers travel up and down the back, massaging the muscles close to the spine. This action gently stretches the ligaments and connective tissues between the cervical disks, relieving pressure in and around the spine.

Tapping — The massage rollers move up and down the spine, tapping in rapid succession. This repetitive movement penetrates the muscles, easing tension and inducing relaxation. Also, it is particularly beneficial for the tender muscles of the neck.

Combination Kneading & Tapping — The massage rollers combine the pressing and rubbing action of the Kneading technique with the rapid movement of the Tapping technique. The result is a comprehensive technique with a broad range of therapeutic applications.

Back Massage Courses

Once you’ve chosen a roller massage technique, next, you need to decide where you’d like the rollers to operate.

Enter the back massage courses. Each back massage course focuses the movement of the massage rollers to a particular zone on your back. You can change the courses at any time during a manual mode massage session.

  • Whole Back — This course covers the entire back with the massage rollers from the waist to the neck. A great starting point for a manual mode massage, perfect for warming up the muscles throughout the back.
  • Shoulder/Thoracic — Focuses the movement of the massage rollers to the shoulders and upper back.
  • Middle Back/Cervical — Focuses the movement of the massage rollers to the middle of the back.
  • Lumbar/Waist — Focuses the movement of the massage rollers to the lower back and waist.

After you’ve selected a massage technique and chosen a particular back massage course, your manual mode massage will begin.

Air Massage Programs

To complement the roller massage, you can add air massage to any manual mode massage program. There are three air massage programs available, each targeting a different area of the body.

Hip air massage

Calf/foot air massage

Arm air massage

Customization Controls

At any time during a manual mode massage, there are several customization options available to fine-tune your massage session. These customization features can be adjusted using the manual mode controls located under the flip-cover on the left side of the primary LCD remote. A few of the controls are also found on the secondary handheld remote for easy adjustment while laying in the reclined position.

Massage Roller Position

While the back massage courses focus the massage rollers to a specific zone on the back, the position of the massage rollers can be adjusted further with the remote’s Up/Down arrows. This allows you to pinpoint the location of the rollers within the chosen zone to target sore muscles and any areas that need extra massaging.

Massage Roller Width

In addition to the specific zone and pinpoint location of the massage rollers, the width of the roller heads can be adjusted with four settings available. This helps you customize the rollers to fit the unique size of your back, and also target sore muscles further away from your spine as needed.

Massage Roller Speed

The final massage roller adjustment is speed. Four levels of speed adjustment are available when using the Kneading, Tapping, or Kneading & Tapping massage techniques.

However, it is not available when using the Pressing massage technique. A visual representation of the chosen roller speed is shown on the display of the primary remote.

Air Massage Pressure Intensity

The pressure of the airbags in the arm massager, seat, and footrest can be adjusted with four levels available. The air pressure in each zone can be set independently.

Dimensions of the Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair

Chair dimensions (upright) 33”W X 45”D X 47”H
Chair dimensions (reclined)33”W X 71”D X 33”H
Chair weight 185 lbs
Maximum user height 6’5”
Maximum user weight300 lbs

Pros and Cons of the Omega Montage Premier

To give you a final overview of the Omega Montage Premier, here’s a quick pros and cons list to help you decide if you should buy or pass.


  • Infrared body scan system
  • Full body heat therapy
  • ​Arm massage
  • ​Hip vibration therapy
  • ​Lower body traction function
  • Extra handheld remote for easy adjustments


  • No Zero Gravity recline
  • ​No upper body air massage
  • ​No foot rollers
  • ​No massage roller intensity adjustment
  • ​No L-track
  • Massage track is shorter than other high-end chairs on the market
  • Not very visually appealing compared to similarly priced massage chairs

Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair Review – Conclusion

The Omega Montage Premier would make a great purchase if you’re looking for a chair that offers excellent roller massage, arm massage, and foot massage with plenty of customization options to fine-tune your experience. But if you want a chair with a more modern appearance or sleeker lines, consider looking elsewhere.

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