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With features like a 30-inch roller track, lower body air massage, and full-body heat therapy, the Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair delivers excellent massage quality. Also, thanks to a secondary handheld remote, it is easy to use. Although it has a generally good set of customization options, it lacks massage roller intensity adjustments. Overall, the Montage Elite is a smart purchase for anyone in the market for a reliable massage chair.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • 30-inch massage roller track
  • Lower body air massage
  • Foot and calf massage
  • Infrared body scan
  • Extra handheld remote for easy adjustment
  • Full body heat therapy


  • No arm massage
  • No foot rollers
  • No Zero Gravity feature
  • No massage intensity adjustment

If you’re searching for a high-end chair with an emphasis on massage quality, the Omega Montage Elite massage chair should be on your shortlist. Although understated in the looks department, the Omega Montage Elite is built on a strong foundation of high-quality components and technology. In this Omega Montage Elite review, we cover all the details and nuances of this chair to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Features and Components of the Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

Full Back Roller Massage

All of the upper body massage action on the Montage Elite comes from a set of four specially designed massage rollers. It mounts on a 30-inch track. The rollers travel up and down the back, from the neck to the hips, performing various massage techniques. We’ll cover more in detail later in the review.

Roller Massage of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

The massage techniques are used both in the automatic massage programs as well as in the manual mode programs. The rollers offer several levels of adjustability, including roller width, and massage intensity. Also, its roller speed allows you to dial-in the action of the rollers to suit your preferences and make quick changes as needed.

Infrared Body Scan

To get the most out of the massage rollers, the Montage Elite uses an infrared body scan system. This customizes the position of the rollers to the individual user.

It works like this: When you power on the chair and select a massage program or manual mode technique, it performs a body scan before the program begins. The system measures the height of your shoulders to adjust the maximum height the massage rollers travel on the body.

Rightfront of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

This also maps the curvature of your back to adapt the position of the massage rollers. The process is throughout the duration of the massage program so that it contacts all the right places.

If the Montage Elite didn’t have this body scan feature, the chair would necessarily provide the same massage to all users without any adaptation to their unique height or body shape. However, with the body scan, the Elite delivers a much more effective roller massage for every individual user.

Reflexology Foot and Calf Massage

The Omega Montage Elite has a robust foot and calf massage system, on par with the best massage chairs on the market. While many massage chairs only offer air massage for the legs and feet, the Elite adds heat therapy and magnetic reflexology nodes to the mix. This feature leaves no part of your feet or calves un-massaged.

The soles of the feet receive further treatment with the Elite. An arrangement of small airbags around and under the feet inflate and deflate in a rhythmic pattern, applying compression massage to the heels and arches of the feet. As the airbags inflate, the feet are pressed against the magnetic nodes, stimulating the reflexology trigger points on the soles.

The calves are treated with a series of airbags in the leg slots that compress and release the muscles. This action helps promote proper circulation in the legs and is known to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Turn on the heat in the footrest and make your foot massage even more enjoyable. It’s the perfect system for anyone who spends long hours on their feet every day.

Lower Body Air Pressure Massage

In addition to roller massage, the Montage Elite offers air compression massage for the lower portion of the body. Airbag massagers are located throughout the seat of the chair as well as the legs and feet.

Air massage is enjoyed as part of the various automatic massage programs. Or, it can also be operated individually in the chair’s manual mode programs. We’ll go into greater detail about these programs later on.

Heat Therapy System

Many massage chairs have some sort of heat option, but few can compete with the full body heat therapy system of the Montage Elite. With heating pads in the backrest, seat, and footrest, any automatic or manual massage program can be enhanced by the addition of soothing heat.

Heat Therapy System of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

If you struggle with excessive tension or soreness in your muscles, activating the heating pads of the Montage Elite will help you relax more easily and get the most out of your massage. Heat therapy is especially beneficial for athletes or anyone who performs strenuous workouts that leave the muscles feeling sore, tight, or wound up.

Hip Vibration

While not technically a massage feature, the Montage Elite is equipped with a vibration plate in the seat that administers vibration therapy to the hips, pelvis, buttocks, and thighs. In terms of therapeutic benefit, adding vibration to an automatic or manual massage program helps the body relax and release tension. It also helps increase circulation by stimulating capillary vessels.

Lower Body Traction

In addition to calf and foot massage, the footrest of the Montage Elite is used to perform Lower Body Traction. Here’s how it works:

Lower Body Traction of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

When you press the “Traction” button on the remote, the airbags surrounding the calves and feet inflate to gently grip the legs while the footrest is in an elevated position.

Then, the footrest slowly lowers while the upper body and upper portion of the legs remain stationary. This action creates a gradual stretching sensation all throughout the legs.

Although not a full-fledged massage program, Lower Body Traction is complementary to all the other features of the Montage Elite. It’s the perfect way to end a massage session, especially if your legs are feeling sore.

Motorized Backrest and Footrest

Motorized Backrest of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

Both the backrest and the footrest of the Montage Elite move up and down automatically with the push of a button. A set of intuitive controls on the remote makes it easy to quickly make adjustments to the backrest and footrest, even when you’re fully reclined.

While the Montage Elite does offer substantial backrest recline and 90-degree footrest lift, the chair isn’t capable of achieving the real Zero Gravity position. Zero Gravity not only requires that the backrest reclines and the footrest raised, but that the seat tilts back as well — a necessary action to shift more body weight to the backrest.

If a lack of Zero Gravity is a deal breaker for you, consider checking out Omega’s higher-end model, the Montage Pro. With the Pro, you get everything on the Elite. Plus, it also has real Zero Gravity recline among other features like full-body air pressure massage and a touch screen remote.

Extendable Footrest

Beyond raising up 90 degrees, the footrest of the Montage Elite extends an additional four inches. This allows taller users to climb in the chair, make a quick adjustment, and achieve a comfortable fit without feeling cramped.

Built-In Music System

Think of the Montage Elite’s built-in music system as a bonus feature. It doesn’t affect the actual massage performance of the chair. However, it does add an extra dimension of relaxation and enjoyment to the massage experience.

Remote Control of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

Unlike other massage chairs that require the use of an external music playing device, the Montage Elite features a built-in MP3 player that you can upload music to. A USB music stick drive is included, which is used to transfer music files from your computer to the chair. Once uploaded to the chair, songs can be selected using the remote control.

Note: Omega states that the USB stick drive is only compatible with PC’s operating Windows 2000 or XP.

Your favorite songs play through a pair of external speakers mounted on the outside of the chair’s side panels. If you want to keep your music to yourself, the chair also includes a set of high-fidelity headphones. The headphones feature volume adjustment on the cord for easy adjustments.

One of the coolest aspects of the Elite’s built-in music system is the Music Sync function. When selected, the movement of the massage rollers synchronizes to the rhythm of the music. This does not only create an immersive sound and massage experience. The movement of the massage rollers can also extend beyond the pre-programmed massage techniques, opening up new possibilities for therapeutic massage.

Push-Button LCD Screen Remote Control

Now that we’ve covered all the components of the Montage Elite, let’s go over how you can control them all.

Remote Control of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

The Montage Elite uses a two-remote system. A full-sized push-button remote is mounted to the armrest of the chair and controls all of the automatic and manual mode massage programs, as well as auxiliary functions like heat and vibration therapy. A handheld wireless remote docks to the primary remote and offers controls for the most frequently used operations of the chair.

On the primary remote, a large LCD screen displays all the settings and programs currently active on the Montage Elite. Directly below the screen, a row of five buttons control the automatic massage programs. On the bottom edge of the remote, you’ll find buttons to adjust the position of the backrest and footrest, music functions, heat therapy zones, and massage timer.

To the left of the display screen, a flip-open cover conceals a suite of manual mode massage controls. These give you complete control over practically every massage function and setting on the Elite. We’ll go over the specifics of manual mode in a later section.

The handheld wireless remote is a like a simplified version of the primary remote. It allows you to remain in the reclined position. Also, it easily makes changes to the massage programs, roller position and speed, air massage zones and intensity, backrest and footrest position, and hip vibration.

Massage Programs of the Omega Montage Elite

Now that we’ve covered all of the components of the Montage Elite, let’s take a look at how they are used to deliver a therapeutic massage. When you sit down to enjoy a massage in the Montage Elite, you have two primary options: using the manual mode controls to create your own massage experience, or selecting from one of the five preset automatic massage programs.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Omega Montage Elite

The automatic massage programs are the easiest and quickest way to enjoy a massage. Simply sit down, make your selection, and let the Montage Elite do the rest.

  • Relaxation — Based on Chinese massage methods, Relaxation provides a gentle full-body massage designed to help your muscles relax.
  • Activation — Based on Thai massage methods, Activation is an invigorating program, incorporating more intense roller techniques and complementary air massage.
  • Vitality — This Japanese-based massage program is restorative in nature, gently massaging the entire body with roller massage techniques and air massage.
  • Night — A soothing program combining the roller techniques and air massage to help you unwind at the end of the day.
  • Morning — The perfect way to start your day, Morning features lively massage roller techniques to wake up and activate the body.

Manual Massage Programs and Controls

While the automatic massage programs are perfect for general massage therapy needs, the manual massage programs unlock the full potential of the Montage Elite. It’s true that the manual mode massage programs require more user involvement than the auto programs, but they give you complete control over every function of the massage chair.

The first step to getting the most out of the Montage Elite’s manual mode is to select a massage roller technique:

Massage Techniques

Massage Techniques of Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair
  • Kneading — The most fundamental massage roller technique of the Montage Elite, Kneading performs rubbing and squeezing movements simultaneously along both sides of the spine. Think of it like a massage therapist using their fingers and thumbs to massage the muscles of your back.
  • Pressing — This technique is great at relieving pressure along the spine by lightly stretching the connective tissues between the vertebrae.
  • Tapping — Using a rhythmic pulsing movement, Tapping helps relieve tension in the muscles throughout the back. Ideal as a finishing massage.
  • Combination Kneading & Tapping — Using alternating movements on both sides of the spine, the massage rollers combine quick tapping and slower squeezing actions to invigorate the muscles and alleviate soreness.

Back Massage Courses

After you choose a massage technique, the next step is to select a back massage course to specify the zone in which you’d like the massage rollers to operate. Back massage courses can be changed at any time during a manual mode massage session.

  • Whole Back — Unlike the other back massage courses, Whole Back covers the entire back instead of an isolated zone. This course is great if you aren’t sure where you want to focus the massage rollers and instead want to massage the whole back.
  • Shoulder/Thoracic — This course isolates the movement of the massage rollers to the upper back, neck, and shoulder area.
  • Middle Back/Cervical — Focuses the massage rollers in the middle section of the back.
  • Lumbar — Restricts the movement of the massage rollers to the lower section of the back extending into the waist area.

Air Massage Zones

In addition to roller back massage, air pressure massage can also be incorporated into a manual mode massage. Since the Montage Elite only has airbags in the lower portion of the massage chair, there are only three zones you can choose: buttocks, thighs, and foot & calf.

Customization Options

After you’ve selected a massage roller technique, back massage course, and air massage zone, you have an array of customization options to fine-tune your massage.

Massage Roller Position

While the back massage courses allow you to control the general zone in which the massage rollers operate, using the Up/Down arrows on the remote you can further adjust the position of the rollers. This allows you to zero-in on sore spots on your back to give those muscles the massage attention they need.

Massage Roller Speed

When using the Kneading, Tapping, and Kneading & Tapping massage techniques, you can manually adjust the speed of the massage rollers. There are four levels of speed available, which are visually displayed on the screen of the remote.

Note: roller speed adjustment is not available with the Pressing technique.

Massage Roller Width

To cover more horizontal range on your back, the width of the massage rollers can be changed with four levels of adjustment. This allows users of various sizes to choose the width that best fits them, or extend the rollers to target sore muscles away from the spine.

Air Massage Intensity

While you can’t adjust the intensity of the massage rollers, you can adjust the intensity of the airbag massagers. Each air massage zone — buttocks, thighs, and feet and calves — can be adjusted separately with four levels of strength available.

Massage Duration

A massage duration timer with 5-minute intervals allows your massage session to last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. At the end of the timer, the Montage Elite will automatically shut off.

Dimensions of the Omega Montage Elite

Chair dimensions (upright)33”W X 45”D X 47”H
Chair dimensions (reclined)33”W X 71”D X 33”H
Chair weight185 lbs
Maximum user height6’5”
Maximum user weight300 lbs

​Pros and Cons of the Montage Elite Massage Chair by Omega

To help you make your final decision about whether or not the Montage Elite massage chair is right for you, here’s a quick list of pros and cons to recap everything we covered in this review.


  • 30-inch massage roller track
  • Lower body air massage
  • Foot and calf massage
  • Infrared body scan
  • Extra handheld remote for easy adjustment
  • Full body heat therapy
  • Built-in music system
  • Lower body traction function


  • No arm massage
  • No foot rollers
  • No massage intensity adjustment
  • No Zero Gravity

Conclusion for Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair Review

The Omega Montage Elite massage chair offers an impressive set of features that deliver a broad range of massage therapy benefits. Although lacking nice-to-haves like arm massage and foot rollers, the Montage Elite is a solid offering from Omega that deserves further consideration in your massage chair quest.

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